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Dinner Mate: Episode 5-6 Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 5-6 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hae-kyung leaves his house (or job?) to head somewhere. He hops in his car and starts it up.

Elsewhere, No-eul sits with the mad who asked her out. He tells her that he has a girlfriend, she should have a boyfriend with her face and body. She looks annoyed. He says that he is not narrow minded. We can just have each other when we want each other, you know.

She tells him she doesn’t know about that. He asks if she is innocent or dumb? She hits her hand on the table and stands. She tells him that she will see him at the office.

He asks if she is okay? She tells him that he can only get a refund at the office. I will give you one so shut up and leave. Then she sighs and mutters, I tried to handle this business but it is dirty. What a waste of lunch.

She grabs her things and leaves.

She drives her car up the road right past Do-he who is driving up. She asks Byung-jin. Is he here? Is he not here? You better be telling the truth. I am serious.

Byung-jin keeps repeating that he is not here, really! Not here! So he starts to walk her up the hallway and to his office. He is really not there.

So Do-hee asks, when is he coming back! Byung-jin tells her, frustrated, I don’t know, who knows that?

Do-hee tells him that he is his secretary, you should know his schedule. He tells her that he heard she is a PD. She confidently says yes. he says, you should know that even if I know his schedule, I cannot tell you about it.

She starts to turn on her aegyo and tells him that she really needs to meet him. Can you tell me where he is? Byung-jin puts on his glasses and says he is a nurse from now on. So Do-he tells him, Mr. Nurse secretary, please?

Byung-jin gets a call and tells his boss that he will tell him. Do-hee asks, is that Dr. Kim? Where is he? Byung-jin tells her, I don’t know. I have to leave. he starts to put what he wrote in a folder. 

She asks, what is that? He tells her it it lunchtime. So she feigns her disinterest and says okay. She heads out looking like she doesn’t care but hops in her car and starts to look up what she saw on the sign. She could just make out “Moon River” but there are several of these places.


Jae-hyuk shows up at 2N Box but no one is there but a sleeping Jin-kyu who is wearing the same clothes as always and smells. Jae-hyuk tries to politely get his attention to wake him up. Jae-hyuk asks where Do-hee PD is.

Jin-kyu asks who he is?

He is about to answer, but then the boss comes walking in and immediately see Jae-hyuk and recognizes him. She does not look pleased.

Cut to them talking in her office.

AY – What did you say?

JH – I want to get back with Do-hee.

AY – Hey, Do-hee has a boyfriend. He has a cafe in Jeju island, they will get married soon.

JH – Sunbae, I know that she broke up with him.

AY – You made Do-hee a cripple when you went to America, how dare you.

JH – It was first love. Do-hee and me, we are each others first love.

Jin-kyu is listening in on this conversation. he thinks it is daebak. So he calls Sora and Jung-hwan over to listen in too.

Ay-young gets angry and is about to leave the room, but Jae-hyuk tells her to come back in. 

AY – you are Do-hee’s first love and you planned to study abroad secretly and are the first love that told Do-hee one day before you left. That first love.

JH – Sunbae, I realized, after going abroad, that I was wrong. Back then, I survived by thinking of Do-hee. I wanted to be a cool man for Do-hee. Sun-bae, I graduated at the top of the class in medical journalism. Now I am a medical journalist speciality.

AY – What about it?

JH – If you need any help then let me know.

AY – i do not need your help.

She opens the door for him to leave. 

JH – Ah, sunbae, really. I will leave this here. Call me sunbae. I will be back.

JH – Dont come back!

He leaves and sees the three employees listening at the window. Sora calls him a jackass. The two guys wonder why Sora’s ex is so handsome. Sora says he isn’t. Jin-kyu starst to talk about how he figured this out with his cleverness. Sora tells them she will text Do-hee.

But then Ay-young peeks out and tells them never to ever mention anything to Do-hee. Especially YOU Sora. So Sora puts her phone away. Ah-young tells her if she does she will pull her tongue out and put it on her forehead.

She goes back in her office and looks at Jae-hyuk’s business card that he left. It is with NBC (like MBC).




Cut to Hae-kyung getting to Moon River restaurant. He gets out of his car and looks at his former self holding flowers and happily about to go inside the restaurant. His past self is faded of color. His present self sighs and walks in.

Inside, we see his former self walking in with the flowers, his head held high and his present self walking in with his head hanging. He asks for Jung Ji-hwan who is the patient he is meeting. Then he looks to the side to his former self sitting with the flowers on the table. He is waiting.

His present self is sent to the same seat. He looks at the seat for a moment before sitting there. When he finally does sit, he sits as far away as possible and looks out the window.

The camera scrolls away and then comes back and we are in the past at the restaurant with him and Noeul.

NE – I am bored. 

HK – *He is quietly shocked*

NE – You don’t get jealous, you don’t get angry, we can’t even have an argument. 

HK – It is all because I understand you and acknowledge you.

NE – I know, I know everything. You acknowledge me and do everything for me, but I do not feel like you love me.

HK – Hey, Noeul, I love you so much, how can you not know that? I love you. I love you so much.

NE – What you say does not make my heart pitter patter anymore. That is the reason we are breaking up. 

The camera scrolls behind Hae-kyungs head and he turns back into the present Hae-kyung. he is deep in thought; when he looks back up, there is a bright and colorful present day Noeul sitting at the table with him.

HK – What are you doing here???

NE – I am the one that requested the session, but with another name. Just in case you refused it. Are you surprised?

HK – A bit.

NE – Then I can surprised you a little more. I want to start with you again. Let’s date, Kim Hae-kyung.

HK – *quietly taken aback*

Meanwhile, Do-hee is still searching for the Moon River restaurant. it is a chain restaurant so she has four locations to go to. They are all in different directions, N, S, E, and W. So she starts to pick eenee meenee minee mo to pick the one she wants to go to. it always lands on the South one with is Gangnam.

So she thinks, okay, Gangnam. Yes, a consultation should be in Gangnam. She drives off.

She goes to the location and asks if there is a Kim Hae-kyung in the reservation? The woman says that the reservation is in the Gangbook branch. So Do-hee mutters to herself how stupid she, herself is and leaves to go to the Gangbook branch.

In the Gangbok branch, Noeul tells Hae-kyung that it has been ten minutes. You haven’t said anything yet. Tell me.

HK – What is the reason.

NE – You are the same, back then you also asked me the reason.

HK – You said you were bored?

NE – It was my mistake. I wasn’t bored. I was just comfortable.

HK – You said you don’t have a feeling of love for me.

NE – *shrugs* I was young. I didn’t know what real love was back then.

HK – You said your heart doesn’t beat for me anymore.

NE – We dated for 8 years. Of course we shouldn’t be soleda. That is normal. I mistook it.

Do-hee goes to the Gangbook branch and asks the waitress where Hae-kyung is? The waitress shows her the way. But Hae-kyung walks away right at that moment.

However, Do-hee sees the side of him as he is walking away. It looks like she recognizes him as the guy she knows. But maybe not as Hae-kyung. The waitress walks to her and starts to lead her to the table.

Do-hee knows who Noeul is and thinks that she is pretty. She flips her hair as she walks by her. But she is lead to another table where there is a female Kim Hae-kyung sitting with her friends.

She says hse is Kim Hae-kyung, who are you? Do-hee asks if she is Dr. Kim Hae-kyung the psychiatrist? The woman says no. So Do-hee apologizes and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung stews in the bathroom. He is hunkered over the sink catching his breath and runs some cold water on his hands. Then he leaves right aw Do-hee walks back around. This time, he sees her walking away and recognizes her. But it is only from behind.

Do-hee keeps walking out. he sits at his table again.

When she gets outside, she sadly tells the sky, WHERE ARE YOU AT MY DEAR CRAZY DOCTOR KIM. Then her stomach growls. She is super hungry and didn’t eat anything today yet, which makes her even more upset. She kicks her leg and walks off.

Inside, Noeul asks if he is dating someone, that is why he cannot answer? He asks, what if I am? she tells him to finish it with her, as soon as possible. he scoffs. why should I?

She tells him she does not want him to date another woman. they look at each other for a moment, he shakes his head.

Elsewhere, Do-hee’s mom lets herself into her house and tsks at how messy it is. Do-hee is at the local convenience store buying some food. The bum is outside and tells her that her mother came. Do-hee asks, my mom? Are you a stalker ajusshi?

He smiles and says no, I am homeless. Do-hee asks why he is spying on her place, I am scared. He says he didn’t look, he just heard what your mother said about you buying alcohol.

DH – So why are you listening to that?

Bum – Because I have ears. My ears are very sharp. Very very sharp. 

she pulls out her cell phone. He walks away. She calls her mom who is happily eating Chinese delivery food in Do-hee’s place and watching TV. She picks the phone up and asks where her mother is.

Do-hee says she is at work. The mother says she is in her room. You didn’t change your password. Then she starts to complain about her father and how he is with the owner of the coffee shop. He said he loves her! How can he do that! I got married at 20 and had a difficult marriage. 

Do-hee tells her to stop. So her mother says okay, just come and have soju with mom. Do-hee tells her that she is working late, she can’t come. Her mother says she ordered a lot of food. Do-hee tells her to eat it all. She hangs up.

her mother complains that her daughter is so ungrateful, like wind from Siberia. Then keeps eating and watching TV.

Do-hee shrugs and starts to walk away, but she gives her food to the bum who happily laughs at his good fortune. he thanks her. She starts to laugh your welcome, awkwardly, and waves goodbye.



She hops in her car and sits with a huff. the bum walks over and knocks on her window for her to eat the triangular kimbap. he explains that he does not eat triangular things. She closes her window and tells herself that she needs to cal down and not hit an older person. He walks away.

She wonders where she should go. Park Jin-kyu is at work. I have no other clothes in my Jim Jilbang. She hits her head on the steering wheel. Then there is another knock on her door. 

She angrily gets out and asks, what what what? Just eat! But it is her ex boyfriend so she stares at him stunned. She is  statue.

JH – Do-hee, I was worried, just in case I did not see you.

DH – Jae-hyuk?

She starts to walk away from him. He tries to softly stop her. She hits his hand away.

JH – Do-hee

DH – Shut up! Don’t call my name.

They stare at each other.

JH – Do-hee.

DH – Tell me, why did you do that to me?

JH – back then, I thought that was the best.

DH – The best? Telling me to break up via a text message? You should have told me. You should have asked me if I would wait for you.

JH – I couldn’t say that.

DH – No, you didn’t say that. You are like that. An a-hole who does not have any regards and politeness to humanity. How can’t you even say sorry at all? I am sOrry, it is was my fault. You should at least apologize to me you jackass.

JH – Yes, if I apologize to you, will you accept it?

DH – You are still selfish and only know about yourself.

JH – Do-hee it won’t happen, I promice it to you.

DH – Whatever, that is none of my business.

JH – Do-hee, can you just look at me?

DH – You left without telling me and now you are coming back without telling me? Do I have an end of the day sale sticker on my forehead? Why are you holding me up and down and pocking me?

JH – Do-hee?

DH – Why do you turn me into a joke! Why!

JH – I love you. I really love you.

He holds her arm.

DH – I refuse your love.

She walks away. he lets her go.

She sits back in her car. Someone calls her so she looks at her phone.


Elsewhere, Hae-kyung gets home. SOmeone is sitting in his place. 

Person – Let me have one.

He looks over and a woman is sitting there, it is his mother. He sighs.

HK – What are you doing here? How did you get in?

MJ – I threatened Byung-jin and got the password. 

She walks to him and drinks some of his beer.

MJ – it is cool, it tastes good.

HK – Don’t do this, it makes me uncomfortable.

MJ – I am sick, I need to go to the hospital, can you go with me?

He walks past her to his couch.

HK – You can go alone.

MJ – I am afraid.

HK – I was afraid, when abogi died. I was very scared. Where where you? Why didn’t you come back.

MJ – Back then I was…

HJ – Whatever, you go alone and feel what it is like not to have anyone when you are scared, omoni.

MJ – Even if I have a death sentence?

HJ – Abogi heard a diagnosis for his stomach cancer alone.

MJ – He is fearless, nothing scares him.

HJ – He cried for three hours holding me on the day of surgery. An adult man said he was scared. He was so scared. He was crying. *quickly stands* I have an appointment.

He leaves. She calls his name but he leaves her alone. She starts to tear up.




Gun-woo gets a call from Hae-kyung. he is till working at the studio. He asks her, what’s up? Yep, I am still working. It will take about another 30-40 minutes. Then I can meet you later. He hangs up.

Gun-woo is actually at a photo shoot with Noeul. 

Do-hee’s stomach growls. She is pretty hungry. She looks in her purse and pulls out the free restaurant gift card that Gun-woo gave to her. So she turns on her car and starts to head there.

But it is super trafficky outside. She is frustrated in her car and thinks, this is just one meal! Just let me eat one meal! Fine, we shall see if I can eat or not!

She pulls over to the side and starts to run to the restaurant. She even readjusts her purse to be able to run again and gets there just before it closes. She is so happy and out of breath. the waitress asks if she mad a reservation? 

Do-hee shows her the gift card. But the waitress says that she is sorry but there are no seats right now.

Hae-kyung taps her on the shoulder right then, she turns around surprised. he takes a plum blossom fro her hair and asks if she went to a see Plum blossoms or something?

DH – No, um, h-how did you come here?

HK – I have a reservation, how about you?

DH – To eat dinner

HK – Ah, okay….alone?

DH – Alone.

Waitress – I can take you to your seat.

HK – I am with another person. Excuse me.

DH – Oh, okay.

He walks with the waitress to his seat. But he actually looks back at Do-hee at the door. The waitress tells her she is sorry. Do-hee understands and heads out, then the waitress turns the open sign to closed. Hae-kyung looks at Do-hee walking away.

She turns back and sees him inside through the window. 

DH – Why do I only see him when I look pitiful? I am always pretty, but…*curses*

She walks off.


Gun-woo wraps up the photoshoot with Noeul and tells her that he has an appointment to get to. She asks, what about my interview and my clothes? he asks, what interview?

NE – I I told you, I have an interview with a medical journalist. 

GW – Ah, I forgot.

Back at the restaurant, Hae-kyung flips through the menu and looks back at the street where Do-hee left.

Meanwhile, she is walking back alone. It is snowing out. 

Suddenly someone grabs her jacket arm lightly. She turns around and sees Hae-kyung there.

But it looks like that was just his dream of what he wants to happen. he is still in the restaurant. he texts his person that he will have to meet then next time, he has an a appointment.

he runs off and finds her just up the street. He grabs her lightly by the jacket and she turns around curiously. He is slightly out of breath. He looks at her arm and drops his hand.

He is a bit awkward and out of breath.

She thinks about the radio program that was on as she was leaving. The program said that one miracle actually created another miracle since the singer will be in the Guinness record books.

She heard that  right as the door was leaving and told herself, if I see him again, that is not a miracle, it is fate. Then she closes her door to leave and happily runs off.

In the present, he awkwardly asks, if you are okay, would you like to eat dinner together?

She smiles. He also smiles.

Fade Out


Ah, I love this show so much. It is so breezy and whimsical. I love how Do-hee has so many obstacles to find Hae-kyung and how they keep meeting each other but they realize it separately (like at the Moon River restaurant). 

I have a good feeling about this show continuing to be great! I hope it does continue to stay great and the awkward circumstances and stress from their prying ex’s continue to build right along with their growing fondness for each other.

Y’all, this is the kind of show we all need right now. I love it so much. Go find it if you can.


English Translation

NE – I will never leave him.

JH – I will never let her go.

NE – Fighting

JH – Fighting

DH – The confusion coincidence …

HK – ….ends here.

HK – *yells in pain at his hair being pulled*

DH – I felt comfortable because I don’t know him.

GW – Woman? What kind of strange woman?

HK – The woman I can just tell whatever to.


Bum – That thing does not give good things for free.

DH – I tried to hold, but it sneaks away

DH – Seeing each other even though it is impossible to meet each other. That is fate.

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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 1, 2020 / 1:38 pm

    @V—Aigoo, this charming show is killing me with its perfection! This is a textbook example of a “refreshing” show. The rom-com tropes are familiar but delivered in a breezy, satisfying manner.

    You’re exactly right; it’s the kind of show we need for these times.

    • V
      June 1, 2020 / 1:42 pm

      OMG, “refreshing” is right! It is so refreshing and wonderful. I have the biggest smile watching it, it is so nice, I love it so much!

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