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Dinner Mate: Episode 5-6 Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 5-6 Recap - Part 1

Ah, this show is so adorable! I absolutely love everything about it. It is bringing me so much fun and flirty joy right now. I love how funny it is and also how sweet it is. The music is being used really well as well. It is all just so adorably wonderful in a romantic-comedy way which is the way that I like my romantic-comedies. So thank you, drama.

After some sleuthing we found out that the writer of Fiery Priest is the creative director of the drama version of Dinner Mates and the writer of the drama version of Dinner Mates is Lee Soo-ha. It appears that the writer used to be Kim Joo, but they changed the writer before the show started airing or something like that. But Kim Joo could have written the opening episodes, no one really knows.

If anyone reading this knows, then let us know!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hae-kyung walks towards the meeting place, then shakes his head and turns to walk away, he mutters, no, no. But then he takes a breath and turns back around and starts to walk to the location again. He is a bit hesitant.

But then he sees her getting splashed by fish water in a tiny tank and starts to smile. She sees him too and slowly starts to walk towards him. He is smiling and he is a bit more shocked.

DH – You look normal today – your clothes and hair.

HK – I am always normal. *smiles*

DH – How did you know that song would be #1 in the chart.

HK – I didn’t know….

DH – Really, so it was a coincidence?

HK – Well, hmm, yeah….

DH _ It’s not like some fate or something right?

HK – Umm, no, never….

DH – Yeah, it shouldn’t be

HK – Let’s go.

DH – Where?

HK – The taste of sea urchin wrapping your tongue….you told me about that

DH – I did?

HK – This place has sea urchin direct from Jeju. its fresh.

DH – You told me to come here because of me?

HK – Hah…well…not that haha.

DH – Then why?

HK – I also like it, sea urchin and bibimbop….

DH – Ah, I see, but I don’t want to eat it. I am buying today

HK – Well, normally you should respect who you are buying it for, people do that.

DH – I am not normal, I feed people what I want to eat.

She starts to walk off, he looks at her. She turns around and tells him, come on. So he says okay and starts to follow hesitantly.

But then we cut to them both at a really cheap place. He looks skeptical and reminds her that she said she owes him a lot, that is why she is buying him a meal. She agrees and says yes.

HK – You put a hole in my head and made me wear grandma clothing and are sorry that I spent money as well.

DH – Yes, that is why I am buying now. Cup rice.

HK – You said you would repay my favor.

DH – Even though it is small, I am repaying you.

HK – Ah, a promise. Okay, let’s eat. Anything.

DH – I will pick one for you.

She starts to ask the truck person for tuna mayonnaise but he cuts her off and says that he will get samgyupsal. 

DH – Okay, you pick yours.

HK – If it doesn’t taste good….

DH – If you say it tastes good….

Back at 2N BOX, Ah-young, Sora, and Jung-whan sit quietly and mutter about how handsome Hae-kyung is. Jiin-kyu is also there because he is always there. The boss says he is perfect, people should have a weakness, but he is so perfect, like an actor.

Jin-kyu is wearing his same clothing, lol, and tells them that they can see someone like him everywhere in Gangnam. Sora starts to laugh and asks which station in Gangnam? The boss gives them an order to check with Do-hee to see if she is meeting Hae-kyung. No, everyone, back to work.

She pulls away Sora, possibly to go back to her seat. Jin-kyu looks in the mirror and says, why is that guy so perfect, I’m so angry. Jung-whan asks him which station in Gangnam?

In the back, Sora tells Ah-young about how Do-hee broke up with her boyfriend. The boss curses and calls that guy an a-hole. She tells Sora to watch Do-hee carefully, if anything is wrong with her then tell me. Sora runs off. Ah-young mutters her concern for Do-hee.

Cut to Do-hee duck walking below a security check point in a building. She gives Ha-kyung the signal to come secretly as well. But he just looks at her and chuckles a bit and starts walking past the security guy normally. He even tells him hello.

Do-hee is amazed and angry and stars to hurry to follow. They go to the rooftop.

She asks him how it is? Its cool at night right? he says it is not his first time seeing Seoul at nighttime. She tells him it is his first time. Then she unwraps the food and gives him one.

They both sit on a bench there. He asks her if she likes to eat outside on the street? She smiles and says she is European style.

HK – In Europe, people don’t eat rice in a cup.

DH – So, um, Norangjin style (her pronunciation was like a foreigner)

HK – *laughs* How do you know this place?

DH – Of course, someone brought be here, that is how I know.

HK – Who did it?

DH – You have a lot of questions. Just eat before it gets cold.

He opens his food cup and starts to eat. Do-hee gets a text from Ah-young.

AH: you left a long time ago. what happened?

AH: [cursing] 

AH: you are ignoring me.

AH: [cursing]

AH: I will kill you

SR: Where are you? Our boss is super angry.

SR: Dr. Kim Hae-kyung came by our studio.

SR: Did you even see him?

DH – I didn’t see him.

JW: Where are you PD?

JW: Our boss is looking for you

JW: She is giving me a hard time

JW: PD!!

DH: I am on a date with my grandma

At the company, Ah-young asks them if Do-hee contacted them yet. Sora mutters and says that she missed Dr. Kim. Jung-hwan tells her that she is on a date. Ah-young asks with whom and says this crazy girl is doing whatever. Jung-hwan tells them she is on a date with her grandma.

Sora and Ah-young says, halmoni? Is she crazy now?



Hae-kyung finished all his food. She tells him you look at the moon once and eat a spoonful.  She does that, but there is no moon.

DH – There is no moon, so you can look at the night view and eat a spoon.

But he has gobbled all his food down already. She smiles, how do you like it? It is good right?

HK – Eh, it is not so good.

DH – But you already ate it all.

HK – it is not much food. How is yours?

DH – No, no, don’t attempt to eat someone else’s cup bap. (she speaks in sageuk like she is a queen)

HK – *laughs* Who, me?

DH – Yes, you.

HK – *He clears his throat and looks at the sky* Look at that, it looks like a shooting star. *points&

DH – Where! I am going to say a wish. *closes her eyes and cups her hands*

While she is saying her wish and prayer for her new program to go well, he starts to eat her cup-bap (cup-rice) secretly.

HK – Oh, it is an airplane, airplane, sorry, there is no shooting star in Seoul.

She opens her eyes sadly but then looks for her food and chuckles when she sees he is eating it secretly and tells him, this is mine, give it to me! He tells her it wasn’t enough food. She asks if he has a beggar in his stomach.


They go to another place that is a pop up bar. So they are inside the clear plastic sheets. Christmas lights stream along the sheets.

HK – You told me to look forward to the second round, but you brought me here?

DH – People usually say that when it is their first time to come here.

HK – Does anyone come here twice?

DH – Just stop.

HK – *deep breath* Can I talk about how the interior and cleanliness of a place affects the taste of food?

DH – No.

HK – I have to say it.

DH – When sea urchin coms, then say it.

HK – Sea urchin?

DH – I thought this was a chigae place (soup place)

HK – This emo here is actually from Jeju island so it is seasonal food for regular customers.

DH – Ah, okay. But you said you did not want to eat sea urchin?

HK – Someone said they want to eat it a lot.

DH – Okay….

the food comes out, it is a lot. She motions for him to eat so he says he will taste it. He grabs a small piece and eats it hesitantly. But it looks like it is a taste of Heaven.

DH – So tell me about the interior and how the cleanliness of the restaurant affects the foods last.

HK – You said I shouldn’t say that * keeps eating*

DH – You said you would do it.

HK – i will do it when we meet again

DH – Do you want to meet me again?

HK – What….*stops eating and looks at her*

DH – I was joking to surprised you, just enjoy since you like sea urchin.

He keeps eating and she pours some soju and happily enjoys a shot.

HK – *he pours her another drink* Did that man bring you here also?

DH – *looks at him*

Sherlock Holmes music starts to play and Hae-kyung starts to say all the clues that made him think this. The screen, in turn, shows all the clues.

HK – The cup-bap on the rooftop, a cheap date for a couple who wants to go get a job, and the soup place that has regular customers like a comfortable drinking date for people who are used to each other and both times in Norangjin which is the best place to date when you are trying to save time. That is evidence that the two of you lived here.

(note: norangjin is a neighborhood where people live to study for exams like government exams or any exam in order to get a job)

HK – But now you brought a strange man here so that means a long time has passed so you have a callus on your heart. So, before the Jeju island man or perhaps before-before that man. That is my conclusion.

DH – Who are you?

HK – I am Sherlock.

DH – Hey~

HK – Anyone can guess that which my level of intelligence and observation.

He smiles to himself and takes a drink of the soju.

HK – Yes, he is a before the Jeju island man. He is my first love. We prepared for the exam together and promised to get married and loved each other. But he told me that he wanted to break up before he went to study overseas. it was one line in a text message. “I am going to study abroad”. We had dated for six years, but he only gave me one line to break up.

She takes another drink of her soju. He looks at her contemplatively.

Then we cut to a mystery man walking around Norangjin. he asks a vendor for a tuna mayonnaise cup-bap. Then he goes to the rooftop where they used to date and sits on the same bench there. He starts to think back to when he and Do-hee used to laugh and eat there and feed each other playfully and look at the moon and laugh some more.

He sighs and throws away his food without eating. But he sees trash in that trashcan and pauses a moment.


Do-hee continues the conversation they had.

DH – I was abandoned. But I am okay now to come here with a stranger. But after 5 years I was abandoned again.

HK – maybe you don’t have a good personality.

DH – Really! Why are others peoples first loves all beautiful and pretty fairytales but mine is a cruel fairytale? That unfortune without eyes randomly picked me.

HK – My first love was also a cruel fairytale. Maybe we both were picked randomly.

DH – *mutters, that jack-s* 

HK – What?

DH – No, not about you! I mean, misfortune, that randomly picked both of us.

HK – *smiles and nods*

DH – That jerk

HK – *looks at her again*

DH – No, my first love, I am all of a sudden reminded of him.

He smiles and says okay and they both toast. The door bells ring and a person comes in. The lady says, nice to see you again. It has been awhile. Do-he fells something and stands and turns around. her ex is standing right there.

He happily chats with the owner. She tells him it has been five years. I heard that you went to study overseas. Are you alone? He tells her yes, I thought about your seasonal menu. She is happy to hear it and tells her that Do-hee just came too, she is over there.

But it is a time mix or a fake out? This man is another man that Do-hee is looking at So maybe the ex came by way later?

Hae-kyung asks Do-hee, do you know him? She snaps out of her thoughts and says that she just wanted to pay for her meal. He asks, so soon. She says its 9:30, I can pay for it and you can wait outside.

He is a bit taken aback but says okay and heads out. She grabs her purse to pay. She looks in her wallet but does not have cash. So she shows the owner her business card in an apologetic way and sings that she is sorry, she really did not want to owe her. I shouldn’t.

The ajumma tells her, yes, you shouldn’t. Do-hee says, yes~ I shouldn’t~ but I have reasons. The ajumma tells her okay, just pit it on the wall. Do-hee thanks her happily. The ajumma asks where the Jeju guy is. Who is this guy?

Do-he tells her that the Jeju guy ran to some other woman. And this guy is a grandma who had head trauma. She chuckles about that and tells the ajumma, thank you. I will be back soon to pay for this. She puts her business card on a string display on the wall.


Then we cut directly to the ajumma with the ex whose name is Jung Jae-hyuk. he sees Do-hee’s business card on the string. The ajumma says she came by ten minutes ago, didn’t you see her? He says he did not see her and pays for what Do-hee owes. He tells her that he will take the ID with him and happily says he will see her again. He leaves.

Meanwhile, Do-hee and Hae-kyung walk along the street. She tells him that she feels better to return his favor like this. I thought I would never see you again.

HK – I thought it would not happen unless it was a miracle.

DH – I was actually a little surprised.

DH – Well I talked about myself a lot today.

HK – *waves arms happily* well, I am talented in that department.

DH – So~ do we ~

He looks at her with anticipation

DH – ~never see each other again. We can end this unclear relationship right here.

HK – *a bit disappointed* Ah, okay, yes, we can end it here.

DH – So, see you and be careful.

She starts to back away.

DH – Go home safely and don’t get a head injury.

HK – Well, that was because of someone. *smiles*

DH – And the flowery clothes, they looked nice on you. *waves* Bye.

She turns around and starts to walk off. he watches her and then starts to look around and then looks at her walk away again. He keeps looking at her walk away. She does not turn away to look at him.


Do-hee lays in her bed in her small apartment, listening to the folk singers music. he is signing the song about the woman that passed him by. She sits up, sleepily, and checks the clock. it is 8:46am!!!! She is super late.

She curses and hops up to quickly get ready to go to work. She runs to the bathroom to brush her teeth and then hurries to put on makeup and her clothes. All the time the radio is on that says that the fold song became #1 and was a joke by the English hacker because a Kpop Idol took his girlfriend. But this should be a sweet miracle for the singer. He went back to his normal rank now.

DH – Well, it is sweet because it was a miracle.

She hurries out. The news continues and says, but~ he will be in the Guinness book because he became number one on the chart. A miracle brought another miracle. 

The clock turns 9:00 am.

Cut to the Do-hee sitting in her bosses office. Ah-young does not look happy.

DH – I know I shouldn’t be late, but I felt so bad, I couldn’t wake up. *holds hands to her chest and hangs her head*

Ah-young tells her, look at your clothes! Did you drink! Do-hee tells her no, no, no, no, no, no. Just a little bit. Ah-young looks like she is upset, but then hugs her and tells her, you poor girl, was it difficult? it was, wasn’t it? it is okay! Do-hee uses this as a good excuse and pretends like it was difficult for her.

But later she brushes her teeth in the bathroom and yells at Sora for telling her about her ex. Sora says she isn’t mad at you today because of that. I helped you. So, who is that grandmother?

DH – Huh? Um, well, just a man I met who came and went.

SR – Huh? Come and go? A new something?

DH – Shut up.

SR – I want to date a man like Kim Hae-kyung.

DH – Kim Hae-kyung…*gets angry*

SR – Kim Hae-kyung is so handsome. Like a guy out of a cartoon. Ah, his voice is so sweet.

DH – *balls her fist* Today I will destroy him.

SR – Hey, take the sleep out of your eyes first.

DH – Just try me! I will destroy you~.

Sora rolls her eyes and walks out.


Elsewhere, Hae-kyung is at work talking to Byung-jin. Byung-jin asks if he gave that patient a phone interview? I checked everything. Do you know this person?

Hae-kyung looks at the chart. On the chair it says this person is depressed after breaking up and has a hard time meeting other people.

Hae-kyung thinks back to his ex telling him that he is too used to being left alone. Don’t call me. She walks away. 

In the present Hae-kyung looks up after thinking about her ex.


Cut to a workout gym where Noeul, the ex, walks through the gym and everyone looks at her in amazement at how amazing her body looks. A girl comes up to her and gives her a water bottle. She also tells Noeul about a rich man at 11 o’clock. This girl must be her friend. 

The friend says that he just signed up. Noeul asks, for 3 months or 6 months? The friend says it is for a yearly membership and it was a one-time payment and he refused to get a discount. Noeul glances over and then whispers to the friend about how he is looking at her too obviously. The friend says, that is what I am talking about. She walks off.

The man walks up to Noeul and asks her if she has time tonight. Let’s eat dinner together. Noeul kind of ignores him and keeps stretching. The man says that he is a useful person and is friends with the owner of this building. She apologizes and says she already has an appointment.

She excuses herself and he nods and walks back to his spot. She walks off as well but then flips her hair around and tells him, I have time for lunch. he happily says he can meet her at the door after the session. then he goes back to lifting very light weights.


Meanwhile, Do-hee is on her way out of 2N BOX. The Stylist, Gun-woo, asks her where she is going. She says she is off to catch someone. He jokes and says this person is in big trouble now. he gives her a restaurant coupon. She tells him he should have given it to her yesterday, then I wouldn’t have had to eat cup-bap and I wouldn’t have to owe the owner.

Gun-woo asks why she is angry that he gave her something? She mutters some curse words and asks, if he was going to hack, why didn’t he hack today. it looks like she is cursing the hacker person. Gun-woo asks what she is talking about. She tells him its nothing and balls up her fists to pouch the air like Muhammad Ali and tells Gun-woo that she is going to catch him today. See you.

Elsewhere in the company, Jung-whan and some of there employees talk about work and PD Woo about what she is doing. Jung-whan says that that particular PD has a mission. She has to recruit Hae-kyung as a guest.


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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 1, 2020 / 1:02 pm

    @V—How can I express my gratitude for your thorough recaps? I just watched it raw and still cracked up and shivered with glee. This sparkling little gem is dialogue-heavy and your recap delivers the full experience. The world feels like it’s in flames so I’m all the more appreciative of this lovely show.

    • V
      June 1, 2020 / 1:41 pm

      So happy to know, tsutsuloo! I love the dialogue in this show, it is so good!

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