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Dinner Mate: Episode 31-32 Live Recap – Part 1 (Final)

Dinner Mate: Episode 31-32 Live Recap - Part 1 (Final)

Looking forward to this episode because it looks like it should be all happy? Well, besides the mother stuff, but that shouldn’t be all serious right?

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-hee helps change Hae-kyung’s wound. He asks, so it looks like it hurts right? She nods and pouts. He tells her to patch it well or it will hurt a lot.

So she carefully adds the patch and he yells in pain. She yells at him and says that he did that on purpose. He makes an excuse and says that the would is almost healed but the bone still hurts a lot.

So she puts on the bandage on. He tells her to wrap the bandage wrap around softly so she starts to do that. He looks at her lips and neck and cheek as she does.

He says, I told you I am okay then leans in for a big kiss where he pushes her softly against the bed.

HK – Woo Do-hee, eat breakfast with me here, tomorrow. 

He waits to see what she will say. She puts her hands around his waste. But then he grimaces in pain and has to stop. LOL. She is all like, are you really not healed? 

He tries to say, yes I am! Let’s keep doing what we were doing. But he is still grimacing in pain while trying to let her know he is fine.

She stands up and tells him to go to his bedroom until he is all healed. You still need to rest. He still sits and says he is perfectly fine. But she gives him a look that means, you better listen to me.

She marches him back to his room, left, right, left, right and tucks him in. All the while he tells her he is really okay.

She tells him to sleep. He says he was just worried, he wanted to be with her just in case she has a nightmare. You won’t trust me if I say that we can hold hands and sleep. I worry about you so you should go to your mom’s place and sleep. Don’t sleep alone.

She says okay, if anything happens then I will call you. She starts to leave but he holds her arm and asks, just a little more, just a little more. She tells him that now he is pretending to be a patient.

He says that he is not even asking her to stay to do anything. She thinks he is exaggerating. He mutters, it hurts…~. So she says that she will spend ten more minutes. 

He says that he will heal quickly and he will make sure that she heals quickly so just trust me. She tells him, okay.

She goes home and thinks about him asking her to eat breakfast with him in the morning. She swoons in her bed happily. Ah-yong tells her not to move, just sleep. 

Ah-young is in bed with her. Do-hee mutters umma so Ah-young asks why she is asking if her Umma is there? They start to talk about Do-hee’s umma and how umma sense is scary. She once thought her mother had shamanic abilities.

Do-hee wonders what she should say to her. Ah-young asks what the problem is to date Hae-kyung? Do-hee says that Ah-young should pay more attention to her. AY says the same thing.

DH – What happened?

AY – i am completely dumped

DH – What?

AY – He is completely gone forever

DH – Again? Really?

AY – I give my oath that I will love 2N Box forever

DH – Eunnie, don’t do it!

They play around and hug.


The usual team meets in Ah-young’s office to talk about their next venture. Ay-young asks if they have nothing? Do-hee says they are currently preparing something. Ah-young extends her hands for whatever they are preparing.

Jin-kyu says that for the first time in the history of 2N Box, I am preparing educational content. Ah-young asks what education. He tells her English….Math?….Literature?…

Sora asks, what about dating? Now you have to learn how to date someone. Do-hee asks why you have to learn how to date someone? So-ra tells them that so many people sitting here to not have to date. Now, you have to learn how to date. 

Ah-young swings her pillow around and tells them to bring her three plans tomorrow or everyone is fired! Also, dating is not necessary! 


Hae-kyung is at home and calling Keanu to ask how he is doing. Keanu tells him he has good water and good air so he is fine. HK asks how JH is. Keanu tells him that it will take some time.

We see Jae-hyuk walking pleasantly around the hospital gardens. Keanu tells HK that he will call him later and then runs to catch up with Jae-hyuk who looks like he is recovering well.

Hae-kyung starts to search: How to be liked by girlfriends Mother.

Cut to Do-hee and Hae-kyung driving somewhere. They talk about her mother. Hae-kyung says that her mother thinks he has woman problems but that is a misunderstanding. Do-he says that that is one thing but her liking you is another thing.

He asks why that is bad. She says that her mother will push her to get married, sigh, so bothersome.

He pulls the car over and goes to her side to tell her to get out. She rolls down her window.

HK – Why?

DH – You don’t know my mother

HK – So your mother wants you to get married but that makes you tired? Why is that tiresome? So that means that you never want to marry me?

DH – What, what?

HK – Tell me, do you really never want to marry me?

DH – Why are you talking about that? Hey, we just met. If mom pushes me about that then you will have stress.

HK – Ah, so it is for me?

DH – Yes! It is too burdensome.

HK – Lets go to see your mom. I won’t get tired.

DH – What!

HK – Lets go.

He goes back to his side and gets in. She asks, really? He tells her really and drives off.




They go to Do-hee’s mothers place. She is surprised that Dr. Kim is there. He has flowers and gifts and tells her that he wants to introduce himself properly. I am your daughters boyfriend.

The mother is all like, ah…

Do-hee tells him to give her the flowers first. She thanks them pleasantly and then tells Do-hee that she wants to talk to her.

They go to her room to whisper talk.

Mom – What happened? Kim Hae-kyung, are you crazy? You did the old boyfriend old girlfriend thing together

DH – I am sorry I did not tell you, I will explain it all to you later. Let’s just eat a meal together.

Mom – There is no food.

But then we cut to some food on the table and the three of them sitting around the table. He says that he actually bought some food at a famous Samgyetang (chicken soup) place nearby. 

She asks, so you jus decided to bring your own chicken? (Note – usually when the son in law comes to the house, the mother kills her best chicken to cook it). 

Hae-kyung is all like, ah…~. Do-hee mutters, umma….~. hae-kyung laughs and tells her that he actually did not mean it that way. Do-hee says that they should start to eat.

Mom – So when did you start to date.

Flashback to Do-hee saying when they need to tell her mother that they met. It should be through the program. We dated each other for a month. He tells her that is a lie. Do-hee says to just say that. How can we say that you were my dinner mate?

HK – Ah so we knew each other when she came to the hospital to recruit me. It has been a month to date each other.

Mom – Ah, not that long.

DH – Lets eat, let’s eat.

Mom – Reporter Jung and that pretty girl that you did that program together with.

HK – *coughs*

Mom – You guys all know each other well~.

DH – Umma!

Mom – What, everyone knows, it was all on the program.

HK – Yes, well, um, reporter Jung and No-eul, we all know each other but it is all in the past so we do not care about that at all. Don’t worry.

Mom – Eat please.

HK – *Drinks water*

DH – Umma, I heard that you are learning art, is it fun?

Mom – It is fun, actually they are going to Jeju island so I am joining them.

DH – Ah, you will have fun mom.

HK – Where in Jeju island? I go there often for business. I know a few places, I can reserave it. You know, that nice place we went before near the pension.

DH – *steps on his foot*

HK – *grimaces*

Mom – Jeju island…you all went together?

HK – Um…was that a dream, hahaha. Why did I talk about that.

Later on, Do-hee and Hae-kyung walk around outside on a promenade.

DH – Why did you talk about Jeju island! What did Umma say! Did she ask if we spent a night together? So embarrassing!

HK – She did not mention too much

Flashback to DH’s mom telling Hae-kyug that knowing about each others past will be a problem later. I do not want Do-hee to be conscious of those things in the future. I expect that you understand what I mean.

DH – But eventually Umma will let me do what I want so don’t worry.

HK – You don’t worry, I will take care of it.

DH – *holds his arm* You convince me so well recently.

They happily continue walking.


Meanwhile, Ah-young thinks about calling Keanu. She finally send him a text that says she told him that she would wait for him. She will just think that at her age her boyfriend went to the military.

He gets the text and thinks about it.


Noeul and Gun-woo are at Gun-woo’s place. She says that she bought coffee so they can drink it and work. He looks super tired already. She looks fresh.

GW – Ah, this is difficult, so difficult.

NE – No, we can do it.

GW – Do you think we can do it?

NE – We have to, I have to be successful. I will be rich.

GW – This little girl has so much spirit.

NE – That is how I got all the way here.

GW – Okay, lets do it.

Cut to Noeul and Gun-woo working hard and taking a lot of video and pictures of Noeul and her fashion.

They take a break. Gun-woo says it is a good day so why do we look like we are on a picnic. Noeul tells him that she just feels like it. I really feel like we are starting over new. She is excited and nervous.

He says that he knows what that feels like. Don’t forget that we used to be love rivals. She laughs and says yes, we used to be. He tells her that everything should be okay.




BJ is in Hae-kyung’s office telling him all the stuff about his schedule and things.

HJ – Hey Byung-jin, if…if….

BJ – If what?

HJ – What will you do if your mother hates your girlfriend?

BJ – That will never happen, but why?

HJ – You know, in dramas the mom says I OPPOSE THIS MARRIAGE that kind of thing, what would you do.

BJ – Did Woo PD’s mother say that?

HK – Nooo, not meeee. Just in case someone…

BJ – Oh, in case someone, well we have to know why they say no. If she knew about your personality then I would accept that.

HK – Ah, jashik. I cannot turn time back.

BJ – Did you make a mistake to Woo PD’s mom?

HK – It is not a mistake, it is the past. What should I do?

HK – Ah, I have that! Do you remember that Korea University has a paper about removing the memory. I forgot everything.

BJ – that is nonsense, why don’t you go see Harry Potter and ask him to remove all your memory. You are a psychiatrist, cham.

BJ walks out thinking Hae-kyung has some screws loose. Hae-kyung still looks worried and wonders, what should I doooo?


Do-hee visits her mother to try and make Hae-kyung look good. Her mother says that it isn’t about Hae-kyung being a guy that is strict or date around. But why do you date someone who knows both your ex boyfriends? Why! Why!

Do-hee pouts and says he just happens to know everything. Her mother says it is a 100% no no. I feel like he will blame it on you in the future.

DH – Well, if I meet someone who does not know everything, that does not make my past go away. that does not make my past not exist.

Do-hee meets Hae-kyung for drinks while she is telling this to her mother.

VO – They know about it and embrace it or they just pretend to not know about it.

She sits at the table with Hae-kyung.

VO – The important thing to me is, even so, wanting to be together is important.

He asks if her mother really wants to see him? What does your mother like! She tells him that she likes me. She laughs. Hae-kyung says ah, she has similar taste as me. They both chuckle. He asks what she would like to eat for dinner. She says meat so they can cheer up. They high five and keep chatting.

Cut to them updating Instagram which each others photos. Several seasons pass.


they are both sitting in a restaurant. He looks sulky.

DH – What did you eat?

HK – I don’t know.

DH – Why didn’t you eat alone?

HK – *scoffs* If this is an alone dinner then I won’t make a reservation and come here and wait for 2 hours.

DH – I am sorry.

HK – *angry* For the last month we only had less than one week eating dinner together.

DH – *pouty* Well, Ah-young eunnie is giving us so much work. She can buy a building.

HK – But you still have to eat dinner

DH – I am telling you I am sorry.

HK – You were angry. You did not withstand that little moment and got angry

DH – No

HK – Yes you were angry

DH – No

HK – Yes

DH – No!

HK – See, see, you are angry.

DH – If she makes me work late again when we have a date then I will really quit. really. *pokes him*

HK – Stop

DH – ♫Hey, Oppa, why are you doing that? Why are you mad♫

HK – Stop

DH – Fine *gets up to leave*

He holds her arm and says he will eat. She smiles, you will eat now? He laughs and says yes. They both get up to go eat something.


Sora gets a flower delivery. She does not know who it could be from. Everyone looks at her and the flowers. Sora checks the note. Do-hee goes over to her. Sora is all like, that napunom.

Do-hee asks if she is dating someone? Sora looks at her and says, I don’t knooooow. She clangs her head on the desk. Do-hee bugs her to tell her.


Meanwhile, Do-hee sees a patient in is clinic. It is a woman patient. She tells him about the guy that calls her all the time. It is her husband. She liked it when they first started dating, but they have been married for 10 years and he still does it.

HK – So you don’t like for your husband to call you all the time?

Woman – I don’t know if he cares or if he is obsessed. Sometimes I think he has an Othello syndrome.

HK – Do you ever think that your husband has an affair or something else is going on?

Woman – No, he is a good person.

HK – To me, maybe your husband loves you so much. If possible, can you two see me together?

She says yes and the meeting ends. They walk her out.

Hae-kyung checks his messages. He checks how many messages he has sent to Do-hee.

HK – Hey Byung-joon.

BJ – Yes?

HK – How many times do you message your girlfriend?

BJ – I have no girlfriend.

HK – *quiet*

BJ – Ten times. No more than that.

HK – Only ten times?

BJ – Yes.

HK – Okay, you can go home.

[buffering, missed about 10 seconds]


Ah-young sits at the convenience store waiting on Keanu but he does not show up.


Noeul sleeps at Gun-woo’s on the couch. He softly wakes her up (wow, he looks so much better with a baseball hat on). 

No-eul wakes up with glasses on and her hair in a high bun. She yawns. He claps that he has finally seen the real her after years of knowing her. She tells him that no one should know, you know that right?

He tells her that he respects her. She cuddles up with the blanket. He says that business is not for them. They make money, but nothing is left. I thought we would have a daebak show with you but~. 

She asks what the problem is. We sell a lot so why don’t we have any money left?

Then Jae-hyuk comes in and says hello to them. Gun-woo is happy to see him. JH asks if he should have called first? Gun-woo says its fine. No-eul tells him it is nice to see him. She extends her hand to shake. He tells her that she also looks good.


Hae-kyung walks with Do-hee. She says that her umma prepared food to feed him. He says okay and asks if she would like kimchi pancakes? She says makguli (rice wine)? They both point at each other and says yes, that’s good.

They walk to the convenience store. Keanu is there.

Hae-kyung tells her that she should at least practice making proper noodles. She tells him to just give up.

But then she sees Keanu and runs to his side. They all happily chat.


Gun-woo, Noeul and Jae-hyuk chat at GW’s place as well. JH does not drink now, so he doesn’t have a beer. He says he likes to maintain mental clarity. they think that’s cool.

JH changes the subject to them and how their business is going. He sees that they are popular online. They say they have a lot of followers but not that much money. They are just surviving. he says the same thing.

But he says things aren’t bad, he just acknowledges reality so it is good.

He talks about himself for a bit and says he id not going to be a reporter anymore. he will just try out things. Noeul asks, would you like to work with me?


Click here for part 2!

(Also, yay that this first part was basically all happy)

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  1. Juhi
    July 14, 2020 / 9:14 am

    😭😭 At least they redeemed themselves at the end? I don’t want it to end at the same time I do. 🤷🏻‍♀️The only reason I’d want them to continue is because of the 3-4 episodes of ridiculousness/torture they made us endure because of JH. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I mean take GW & NE this episode… couldn’t they just have hooked up earlier on? That would have taken care of that particular storyline. 😅 And a sane JH… he was loooong overdue for treatment!
    Oh well… I guess writers live to torture us. 🤪

  2. tsutsuloo
    July 14, 2020 / 11:21 am

    Thank you so much for explaining the cultural significance of the Samgyetang scene, @V!

    30 seconds in and I was cackling at poor horny Hae-hyuk. What a relief that the show returned to form.

  3. Anonymous
    July 14, 2020 / 8:54 pm

    Gotta be the most boring episode of the whole series… even while watching it I couldn’t wait to finish it, hardly any air time of the main couple!

    • V
      July 18, 2020 / 10:40 am

      Yes, lots of the other characters making an appearance to clean up their stories.

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