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Dinner Mate: Episode 3-4 Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 3-4 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The boss gives Do-hee a YouTube video which is a video of a man takling another man in a courtyard. (It is Hae-kyung’s video)

DH – Is he a policeman or bodyguard? Do you want to have a martial arts class or something?

AY – No, he is a psychiatrist.

DH – What? Psychiatrist?

The boss gives her a book which is the book that the psychiatrist wrote. It is a healing food psychiatry book. He is the #1 want guest of all PD’s in television. Psychiatrist Dr. Kim Hae-kyung.

DH – I heard of him.

AY – Really? Daebak.

DH – I can’t see the face. Do you have a video where I can see it?

AY – He tries hard not to be seen. There is nothing on the internet. He doesn’t have his photo in his book.

DH – maybe he is not handsome.

AY – No, he did a podcast a few times.

Cut to that podcast. His voice was really nice and made the ladies swoon. Hae-kyung kept talking and telling people to enjoy their meal and all the ladies think he is super cool who are listening.

Back to the present.

DH – So why wont he be on TV?

AY – I don’t know, he refuses all the requests.

DH – Maybe he is a pervert or a strange person.

AY – It does not matter, just get him and if it is daebak then that is all we need. You should get it.

DH – *leans back* Well, this is he most difficult mission, so do I have any incentive?

AY – I am paying your rent.

DH – That is not enough for this big thing.

AY – What do you want then?

DH – if it is daebak then I want to do what I really want to do.

AY – Aish

DH – Eunnie, you know I am the best for this thing.

The boss stands up angrily and thinks about it.

AY – Call.

DH – What? I can’t hear you.


Ah-young lifts up Do-hee’s leg and tells her to bring him to me like this!!!


Hae-keug asks his nurse to check something and wonders what happened to their patient that escaped. Byung-jin says she was caught at the bus terminal and brought back.

Then Hae-kyung asks BJ what he is watching right now? Something strange? BJ says no, there is a company called 2N BOX that wants to put you as a guest. I refused them first. Now I am checking what kind of content they are making. Look at this.

He shows the drinking fighting YouTube video that got Do-hee in trouble. BJ thinks this company is crazy. Hae-kyung says it isn’t the company, it is the person who came up with the idea who is the problem. that obsession that they have to be different than others. He says a lot of medical things and says that person is more dangerous than a psychopath. Just like you.

BJ is all like, like me???? They ruined the world, how are they like me?

Back at the 2N BOX company, Do-hee gets word that the psychiatrist refused right away. She can’t believe it. Did you talk to the doctor? Jung-hwan tells her no, he talked to the secretary-nurse.

Do-hee asks for his phone and calls them. She gets BJ on the phone and asks for him to listen to their plan. He tells her that they already refused. She continues and says they are different from over the air and all the other news.

BJ says whatever it is, my doctor will not go there. I will hang up at three – 3! CLICK.

She starts to curse angrily at the phone and says that he said he would count to three! Jung-hwan reminds her that he told her. Do-hee thinks that this person is EKG testing my grit. She clenches hr teeth and asks, so you don’t know the doctors phone number? Her assistant says no, only the email.


Hae-kyung starts to head out. BJ asks if he has a dinner session? He is organizing something on the floor. Hae-kyung says yes and then asks what he is doing over there.

BJ says there is a wrong delivery.

HK – Hey, did you buy something online?

BJ – NoOoOoOo.

HK – What are you always buying? Let me see what you bought.

BJ – No no….

But HK grabs it. It is a book. It looks like a moment as Hae-kyung looks at the book. Hae-kyung asks if he bought it? BJ says no. He asks if he gave their hospital address to writer Lee Moon-jung? Who let you give her the address?

BJ – Well, she just, told me she would send it.

HK shakes his head a bit and tells him to throw the book away. BJ asks, how can I~. So HK yells, just sell it! and storms out. BJ mumbles, why are you angry with me? I didn’t do anything wrong.

While angrily walking up the street, Hae-kyung gets an email from Woo Do-hee as the PD at the company. He is annoyed to see it and ignores it, continuing to get into his car instead.

She is happy that he at least checked the message. She gets a call right then about a delivery to her place. She tells him to put it int he over night slot. But he says this is not that size of box. She asks who sent it. He says a person’s name with makes her extra annoyed.



Hae-kyung meets with his patient who is a shopping addict. She tells him, as you said I listen to the music loudly and follow the shopping list and buy whatever I need to buy, that is really cool.

He tells her that she can focus more on her son now. You haven’t been able to focus on your son for the last seven months. She thinks, yes, that is true~ but~ I don’t want to pay too much attention to him for now due to the treatment and I have to work also.

He nods, a bit disappointed, and says yes you have to work. Then nods to himself and mutters that not all women have motherhood instinct. She asks, huh? He says that it is nothing and asks how she shops online now?


Do-hee opens the box, it is from her ex. He also wrote a nice letter about how they can move on and leave all these lovely things that she gave him in their hearts and all that stuff. She rips the letter with her teeth and wonders, what the F?

Then she carries it all outside and throws it all away one by one. it is all the stuff that she gave him. But she can’t bring herself to throw away a bright red scarf she knitted for him.

She thinks back to making this scarf for him and thinks that she can actually breath better now, maybe gills are forming after all. But then she kind of wonders where she heard that before, she can’t place it.


Hae-kyung gets home and sits in the dark and looks at old photo albums. He thinks about asking his mother when she was coming back. He is about 9 or 10 years old. His mother lovingly tells him that she won’t come back until she finds her name Lee Moon-jung.

So the woman who wrote the books is his mother. He puts the photo album away and lays back on his couch, thinking.


A man on the internet is wearing a green mask and says he is going to give a disaster to Korea at 10pm. So watch government offices, media, banking, and everything. Be careful, I am not sure where I am going to bomb.

Everyone at 2N BOX is gathered around and looking at this video and wonder what this is. Ten o’clock? What is this. Are they really that scary?

Jin-kyu says that these people hack the CIA and NASA and everywhere. Do-hee thinks that his mask and clothing looks too tight and unprofessional. But it is kind of scary.

Jin-kyu wonders which one they will do, NIS? The boss is worried about their company, what if they come to us and we lose everything? Jung-hwan tells her he will back up everything. Jin-kyu says that nothing they have is that important.

Do-hee almost hits him on the head and asks if he wants them to lose everything that they made? He says they can make it all again! Do-hee feigns passing out and everyone basically tells him he smells, take a shower. he tells them he doesn’t smell that bad.


BJ starts to post all the books online for people to purchase. He tells Hae-kyung that he is doing it. But Hae-kyung asks, huh? they go back and forth a few times about this. Hae-kyung finally realizes that BJ is selling the book and is upset about it.

He tells him to donate a few to the library. BJ grabs the back of his neck and plots in his seat as if he has the hardest job in the world with the worst boss.


Later on, Do-hee’s boss asks her if she contacted the doctor. Do-hee tells her that he checked her message but did not contact her. Ah-young tells her to do something! Do that think you do well.

Do-hee thinks, okay, S T A R T! She starts to type a lot on her computer.

Email – I am a little disappointed in you. I heard that you have good manners. is that just a rumor? I emailed you the reason for the invitation as a guest. At least you should say yes or no. I feel sorry due to your behavior. I will take it that you refused the offer. PS. Manners maketh man!

Hae-kyung looks at this email and scoffs, manners? he starts to write his reply.

Email – Dear Woo Do-hee PD. This is Kim Hae-kyung. (she is happy to see Dear and thinks it sounds good). I wished that my expectations about you was a little different. But sorry, you are just like the person I expected. You have no consideration or respect for others. Your professionalism is also not meeting the standard. (she stands up in anger). But you are the biggest problem. Like you spoof videos.

Do-hee yells at her computer screen. Jin-kyu was sleeping but falls out of his seat in alarm at her outburst. he stands up and stares at her in shock.

Do-hee continues her super angry glaring at the computer screen.

DH – Ahhh, look at his guy. I am not mashed potatoes, but you want to smoosh me?

JK – What happened? I’m scared.

He types back angrily.

Email – Ah, this is not cursing, si bel homme in French means that you are super handsome man. I heard a rumor that you are a super handsome man. I will not contact you anymore. Be happy Si Bel Homme! (but sibelhom means son-of-a-b* in Korean).

He looks at it and scoffs and angrily starts to type back. it looks like this is about t be a typing storm!

His nurse is happily sitting in his seat at his own desk and then looks at the computer and says, WAH, DAEBAK!


Email – Dear Woo Do-he PD, (Do-hee says, ah, just shut up with the Dear stuff). In this short moment I psychoanalyzed you. You have a lot of [symptoms] and need to visit a doctor or psychiatrist. You should realize the importance of your mental health and be considerate.

Do-hee glares angrily at the computer. Hae-kyung happily looks out his window at work and thinks about how he won. Do-hee claps to herself and talks to the computer. Everyone looks at her because she looks like she has cracked.

DH – Everyone! I am a crazy woman! I will give you flowers!

She starts to pass out flowers to everyone and then drops back to her seat and starts angrily sending anther email. The boss asks Sora what is happening? She might eat her keyboard. Sora tells her that Do-hee is under a lot of stress due to her boyfriend.

Ah-young asks what the problem is with the boyfriend?

Email – You come out. give me your phone number and lets talk face to face you si bel homme! (she wrote this in red)

He starts to sit back and thinks, hmm, I don’t think this se bel homme is that si bel homme. he wipes his mouth a few times in contemplation and taps his finers on his lips and looks at the word si-bel-hom which actually cracks his screen.

He finally tells himself, I cannot forgive this! She starts to write her address at 2N BOX.

At Do-hee’s company, Do-hee asks Jung-hwan if he knows this doctors address? I asked him to meet and talk but there is no contact. That is why I have psychiatrists. *crazy eyes*

The assistant gives the address, he looks scared. She heads out.

Hae-kyung also walks out of his place looking angry. The secretary wonders why he is so angry. He should see this. BJ looks back and sees that the folk singers song is going up in the ratings chart. (Ah, that is what he said was Daebak).

Meanwhile, Do-hee races to Hae-kyung place. She tells him, wait for me, Woo Do-hee is coming.

He angrily races to her office. 

She drives super fast in her tiny car.

He drives fast in his Lincoln.

It is almost like they are racing each other but they are driving in two different directions.


hae-kyung goes into the 2N BOX company in a huff. he even has to let out a big huff of a breath to calm down. Ah-young asks him what he needs? He assertively tells her that he needs to see PD Woo Do-hee and the CEO. 

AY – I am the CEO, who are you.

HK – I am Kim Hae-kyung.

AY – What?

She is super stunned. Sora is also super stunned. Jin-kyu is also super stunned and smells himself, lol.

AY – Yes, can I help you~.

HK – Don’t you have any office morality?

AY – What are you talking about?

HK – Vocational ethics!

AY – Huh?

HK – Do you teach your PD to curse when you are recruiting guests?

AY – Cursing?

HK – Yes, she told me si-bel-nom

Everyone gasps. (Jin-kyu is still watching that pilates stuff, lol, but he gasps too).

AY – What?

HK – Si-bel-nom!

AY – Can you come in to my office for tea or something? Wow, you are really handsome, I am your fan.


At the same time, Do-hee bursts into Hae-kyung’s office and asks where he is. I am not here for bargaining, I am here for arguing. How can this person have this kind of personality!

BJ – What are you taking about?

DH – I told him something he does not like so he told me to go to the psychiatrist clinic. Can a psychiatrist say that to a normal person?

BJ – Well, he shouldn’t.

Jung-hwan calls Do-hee right then. But then BJ says, WOW DAEBAK! This folk song is #1 in the charts! Wow! Do you know the singer tae Jin-ah???

Do-hee looks at the screen in surprise then thinks back to Hae-kyung telling her that they should meet at 8pm at the fish market the day that Tae Jin-ah becomes #1.

So she hurries out right away. BJ wonders what is going on, she just came and left? (The song name is The Woman I Just Met Came and Left). He mutters that she is pretty and yells, come back!


Hae-kyung is sitting, steaming, in Ah-yong’s office. he is sitting in her chair. She mutters that he is really handsome. he tries to stand up but ends up spinning in her chair. So they have to stop him, lol.

He asks, where is she? Are you hiding her from me? Jung-hwan and Ah-young say no, of course not. She is busy, maybe she had something else going on. hahaha *nervous*.

HK – Okay, I want your explanation and her sincere apology.

AY – i am sorry, don’t get angry, maybe there is a misunderstanding.

HK – there is no misunderstanding, I am just telling you the truth

But then the TV mentions, TAE JIN AH HAS BECOME #1!! He looks at it and stops talking. The boss asks, do you like Tae Jin-ah?

Cut to BJ telling Hae-kyung that the person who took the “Green masked man” girlfriend is a big fan of KPop. So he put a virus in Korean Kpop sites that made Tae Jin-ah become #1.

HK mutters that there are a lot of crazy people in this world. So she became #1 because of a hacking virus. BJ says yes and then reminds him that he has to go see that woman since Tae Jin-ah became #1.

Hae-kyung is all like, huh? Oh, well, maybe I shouldn’t.

And we cut to Do-hee driving to the fish market, though she wonders why she is driving there like she is meeting a person with an appointment.

Back to Hae-kyung, he tells BJ that this is hacking so it is not valid. But BJ tells him that he did not say that hacking was not valid. Hae-kyung thinks it is not a real number one. The nurse says he did not have a condition that it had to be a real #1.

Hae-kyung thinks about that for a second and then says, I am not going! Think about it, I made her angry with my wit so do you think she will come? BJ tells him that yo never know. he hops in his massage machine. BJ tells him that it is 7:30! You only have 30 minutes!

Then BJ sighs and says this is because he does not date people. He presses a button and leaves.

Cut to Do-hee, still driving. She wonders, what should I do? Is he really a psychic? how did he know about the #1? Ah, no, maybe he just said that, that jack-a*. if I go there alone then I am stupid. If we both come then I look like I don’t have any self-esteem because he humiliated me like that.

She sighs and busts a quick U-turn. But she stops on the side to think and says that she will just go home and make kimchi chigae. However, someone hits her car so she hops out ad tells the that they should not just hit the car. I was parked here. Excuse me, come out.

So the person gets out. He is decked in all yellow with super shiny shoes and a yellow hat. His music starts to play. It is Tae Jin-ah! This man says, sorry! I did not see you, are you okay!

She is super duper shocked, she can’t even speak. He tells her that he is super sorry and he is in a hurry to his live performance. Just call this number, he hands her a card, and says to love this song and congratulation me on being #1. it is “The Woman I Met, Coming and Leaving” it is #1 now. 

he turns around and on the back of his coat is a big fish. She is super stunned, this is like fate. She thinks, that is a fish….

So she ends up going to the fish market. She walks around stunned at her fate and happily looks at the fish in the aquarium. She smiles while looking at them. Then one of them gets picked up for purchase and water splashes all over her.

She closes her eyes. When she opens them again, she sees Hae-kyung standing about 25-30 feet from her. 

He is smiling at her.

Fade Out


Ah, I love this show so much! This might be my new 2020 favorite romance after Crash Landing on You! It is so breezy and funny with just enough schtick to make me laugh a lot.

But how can I expect any less coming from the writer of Fiery Priest??? That writer is so amazing with pairing heartfelt scenes with hilarious scenes.

See y’all next week where we will pick this one up to live recap!


English Traslation

JW – The PD is going on a date?

SR – With whom?

AY – sighs

DH – We can end our awkward relationship

JH – I want to start with Do-hee again.

DH – You decided to leave and you decided to come back?

NE – I don’t want you to date another woman, just end it.

DH – Sociopath psychiatrist

DH – Can you tell me where he is *aegyeo*

Comedian – it is cancelled? What should I do!

DH – Where are you!

HK – I think I should not see her again.

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  1. May
    May 29, 2020 / 1:23 am

    The writer of the Fiery Priest is another person.

    • V
      May 29, 2020 / 8:48 am

      Oh, we saw it on his Korean wiki page that he was a the writer???? Did they spoof us!

      • V
        May 29, 2020 / 8:51 am

        Okay, after some hunting, it looks like he is the creator, not the writer! So he is the mentor of the new writer for the show? I’m confused now 😅. Thank you for pointing that out. (For everyone reading, the writer of Fiery Priest is the creator of the drama version of Dinner Mate which means he is the writers mentor on the show).

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