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Dinner Mate: Episode 29-30 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 29-30 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Gun-woo drives Jae-hyuk away. Jae-hyuk apologizes. Gun-woo says don’t mention it. Jae-hyuk says he has to have a good life and to not forget about anything so other people will be happier.

He thinks back to what Keanu said which is for him to become happy so that he can be forgiven. He tells him they can be happy together.

Cut to Ah-young approaching Keanu in the clinic office. She is a bit upset and says for him to tell her everything that he did not tell her. he sits and says he does not know where to start. She asks what his relationship with JJH is?

He tells her that he was his patient. She is shocked, so you knew he was like this the entire time? She hits him with her purse and yells, why did you hide it! Doctors are not gods! what about Do-hee! What about Hae-kyung! She keeps hitting him until she collapses on the other couch.

He took it all and just sat there. She says that if he told everything fro the beginning then it would not be this bad. Keanu says that JJH was his patient and his enemy. He made me into a murderer. Because of that my family left me. I lived like that.

We see a flashback about this.

Keanu continues and basically explains his thinking process this whole time. He says when he saw him again, he wanted to just kill him. If Do-hee and Hae-kyung were not involved then he probably would have.

She asks how he could live with hiding all those things in his heart? He says everyone has moments where they could stop things, but I could not. I failed.


Elsewhere, BJ helps Hae-kyung into his house. But it is complete comedy as Hae-kyung has a hard time walking and ends up falling on the couch in pain. BJ ells him that he is the best person to take care of him since he i a nurse and has been working for him for a long time.

Hae-kyung asks what he thinks the best thing is for his position in the company? BJ says all the things about being a warm nurse and handling all his schedule and everything.

Hae-kyung tells him that he does not have the most important thing, you do not have sense. You really do not have sense. But BJ says, as soon as I see you I have so much sense! As soon as I see you I know what you want!

HK asks what he reads in his eyes. BJ looks closely in his eyes and then says ah, Woo, okay. Haha. He runs out.

Cut to Do-hee making lots of food for Hae-kyung at her mothers house. Her mother looks all kins of tired. Do-hee asks her for fried zucchini and pumpkin. Her mother yells, Ya! 

Do-hee asks why she is screaming. Her mother is all like, you came here early in the morning and asked me to make this, make that! See see see, this is not a holiday but you want all this without an explanation!

Do-hee says that she told her that her team works late everyday. her mother asks, so why do you want me to make gomtang (bone soup)! Do-hee asks, can’t you just do this for me?

The mother yells, I worry that you will be taken advantage of again! Like all your ex’s! I made them all so much food! Do-hee says it is different this time. Her mother tells her to shut up! If you are dating a not so proper guy again then I will pull all your hair out.

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung tries to change at home, but can’t get his shirt off. We get a little peak at his shoulders (and I swoon like this is a regency romance).


Gun-woo takes Noeul to 2N Box. Noeul talks about her mother and how she needs to quit 2N Box and work hard because her mother caused even more trouble. Gun-woo wonders how she can do that all the time.

Noeul tells him that she will not pay for all her debt, she will just save up all the money and live happily ever after. He says she is cool.

They both go inside.


Do-hee comes in with all the food. He says to give it to him. She says no, you are a patient it is okay. He asks what all this is? She tells him it is medicine for you. You will get better quickly if you eat all this.

He nervously asks if she made it all? She smiles and tells him that a 32 year cook and homemaker made it. He asks, who is that person? Your umma? She says yes, my umma that had a consultation with you Dr. Kim.

His mouth forms an O. 

She says that she can’t say anything else about her mother but she is a good cook.

He thinks about how the mother hates him and does not want her daughter to date him. He told her not to worry because he has a girlfriend. She tells him that she is a poor woman.

Hae-kyung asks Do-hee if her mother knows that she brought this lunch to him? Do-hee says she does not know.

At home, Do-hee’s mother gets an apology text from her husband. He says he will never do these things again and it is all his fault. he wants to know if he should unblock her sewer on the balcony and how he is a bad guy and all that.




Noeul sits with Ah-young to explain that she is leaving the company. Ah-young feels bad that she pushed this project in order to make money. She feels like the bad one. Noeul is sorry that she started this and cannot finish it. Ah-young asks her to understand her since she cannot stop her from quitting.

Noeul asks if Woo PD came to work yet? Ah-young says she is taking another week off. if she comes then I will make her work on all the things she did not do. It was nice working with you Noeul. When you are out, the response is really different.

But she reassures Noeul that she will have a lot of offers with others companies. Noeul says that she is going to do fashion content now. Ah-young jokes with her about it and says that she will miss it but I hope it goes well.


Do-hee sets all the food in front of him and tells him to eat a lot. it is actually his first time eating homemade Gomtang. She is shocked. But she thinks store ones should taste better. He says no this one is much better.

he keeps eating happily. We see a flashback of him as a ten year old washing his own rice  alone.

He asks Do-hee why she is not eating. She tells him that the more she knows about his shortcomings, she thinks that he is handsome and has a good job but why are you so pitiful with only this gomtang?

He smirks and tells her that a person should not be too perfect, I should have some shortcomings. She huffs that it is good to see him eating well.

He says that she could get a job at his hospital as a food therapist. She asks if she should try? he asks, when are you going to take me to your mom?

She is quiet. He asks, so? She talks about the soup. He asks, so, to your mom? She tells him to eat. So, your mom? She gives him more food.


Everyone is bored at work because they have a new host and program and it is boring. They are talking about the best food to drink during a blind date. But it is crazy boring so they take a 5 minute break.

The other PD’s think that without Woo PD the lively hood is gone. Sora thinks that they would have fish sauce instead of drinks if it were Woo Do-hee. So don’t imitate Woo Do-hee okay!


Ah-young and Keanu go to his favorite mandu place that he doesn’t eat at anymore in order to eat mandu. He tells her to eat because he remembers that she ate it there happily before.

So she starts to eat the mandu.

He happily watches.

She asks why he is not eating so she gives him one of them.

He thinks about her giving him the mandu and telling him to cheer up. Then he goes through all his happy memories with her like when she told him to live with her.

He starts to eat the mandu.

They walk off up that street they walked up frequently. He tells her that he had to wrap up something before, do you remember? I had to stop hating someone. I couldn’t do it, that is why I couldn’t go to you Ah-young. Don’t drink and walk around alone. If someone follows then call the police. Not a strange guy like me. You should meet a nice person.

She tells him that she will wait for him. He tells her that if she meets someone, just have a happy life smiling. She tells him, whatever, i will wait for you so just accept that. She walks away.


Sora hangs out with Do-hee and says that the process was difficult but this situation is very romantic. Do-hee tells her not to say that. Sora asks, why? Think about it positively. You are a forever positive person. You are too depressed.

She asks if she looks depressed? Sora says yes, you look sad. Do-hee thinks it might be because she is tired. Sora asks, why are you tired Woo Do-hee?

Do-hee scoffs and tells her it is from taking care of the patient. Sora says that Noeul quit. that pretty girl is cool till the end. Do-hee thinks that is fine. She explains that she won’t go to Hae-kyung today, she will take a break. 

Sora tells her that she should take a break. You don’t come to work but you look like you worked all night. Let’s order something to eat.

Elsewhere, Keanu walks up the street alone. He thinks about Ah-young. Meanwhile, Ah-young is also sitting in her office thinking about Keanu. 

She remembers a flashback about Ah-young telling him that her parents still want her to get married to a professional man. He asked what her story was. She told him she was dumped by one of those guys and says that she was pretty when she was young. She was pretty but her brain was empty.

She laughs about that and says that is why they looked down on me. He says they were strange guys she says they were stupid guys. He calls them stupid as well. So she said that is why she hates those guys that brag. 

he holds her hand and told her that she was still pretty. Not before, but right now.

In the present, Keanu keeps walking up the street. Ah-young goes to a pharmacy for an indigestion drink that makes you burp a lot. Sh drinks it at the counter. The pharmacist says she can take it three times maximum. Ah-young asks for 10 boxes of it.




Do-hee is trying to get some rest, but has a nightmare about the accident. she tosses and turns and thinks that Hae-kyung did not survive the accident.

She wakes up with a start and calls Hae-kyung. But he is not picking up the phone.

So she runs to his place.

She rings the bell and hugs him right away. He grimaces from his broken ribs and asks if she is okay?

He gives her something to drink. She tells him about her bad dream. He says it was a dream, I am here. But he is sad about her bad dream. 

He gives her a big huggie and says he is not a good doctor, I did not even know how my girlfriend feels. She says that she did not know how she felt also. 

He tells her that it was a big shock, that is why it is hidden inside. But it will come out.

She asks what his treatment is. He tells her devotion to her boyfriend? They both laugh. He says it is normal to have a shock and for her pain to come out. That also happens. She says that she couldn’t get a taxi. She ran for 30 minutes. He says that she looks like she ran a marathon. Look at how much you sweat.

She says she will go home. But he stops her and says she should rest here. I will give you my clothes. Also, it won’t be too big.

So she changes into his clothing. A sweater and sweats.

In the living room, he worries about her a little but puts on a bright face when she comes out wearing his sweats. She asks about BJ. He says h was here but he was so noisy so it stressed him out more.

She tells him that he should have called her. He says he is fine, almost healed. She thinks she should change his bandage. He says he can do it. She says she can do it for him.

He asks, really?

He says he is really okay. But she says she can do it.

So we get another look at Hae-kyung’s chest. She peeks at his rib cage. He tells her to do a proper job, if you do not do it then it will hurt a lot.

She is squeamish and tries to add the bandage. He mutters out in pain. She asks, did you do that on purpose! He says his bone still hurts. Then he tells her to put the bandage on softly.

So she puts it on his ribcage and he looks like he really wants to jump her bones. he tells her he is really okay. Then he leans in for a big deep kiss and lightly pushes her against the couch. They kiss for a long moment then he pulls back and looks at her.

HK – Woo Do-hee, eat breakfast tomorrow with me.

Fade Out


Okay, all the sad is behind us so it looks like we are back to the happies! Love the kiss that Hae-kyung gave Do-hee at the end of the episode which is hopefully an indication of the many fun moments to come for the finale tomorrow.

To all yee brave and tortured souls still watching, see you tomorrow!



English Translation

AY – I am completely dumped

AY – No dating!

NE – I have to be successful and make a lot of money

GW – Okay! Let’s do it!

HK – How is he?

Keanu – It will take some time

DH – She will find out soon that I am dating you

VO – Afraid of mom?

HK – What will you do?

HK – I am opposing this marriage! Never ever!

BJ – It shouldn’t be like that.

HK – Jashik

Umma – Knowing all the past will be a problem in the future 

Umma – You should know what I mean.

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  1. Juhi
    July 13, 2020 / 10:13 am

    💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Yayyyyy for all the cute moments!!!!! Can’t wait to see the kiss!!!! 😍 seriously so happy that all the sad moments are over with! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

    This is the first time in a a while where I’m not looking forward to the last episodes!! Wishful thinking, but I hope it’s filled with tons of happy & cute moments between Do-hee & Hae-kyung! We can dream right?! 😁

  2. WPB
    July 13, 2020 / 10:34 am

    Because of this, I will be back for the last episode – “He leans in for a big deep kiss and lightly pushes her against the couch. They kiss for a long moment then he pulls back and looks at her.”


  3. jammmm
    July 13, 2020 / 10:45 am

    I really hope it’s a happy ending! We all went through too much for us to see something else other than them being together forever(?)!! I can’t wait to see this episode. Thanks V for making us stay sane for the rest of the day!!!

  4. Tee
    July 13, 2020 / 2:43 pm

    OMG can’t wait to see the scene before that BREAKFAST >_<. HK – you gave us hope for a super sweet finale. Don't disappoint us 😛

  5. tsutsuloo
    July 13, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    Thanks for recapping, @V!!! Lots of good moments. Tomorrow’s preview is a touch angsty, which takes away a little bit from my euphoria over the invitation for breakfast. Does our OTP gets corkblorked again by Do-hee’s mom? (Mom—sleep in your own bed!!!)

    Looking forward to the ending. Even though the show went off piste in the latter half, I’m grateful to have seen the quirky, dorky, charming, sexy sides of Song Seung-heon, Seo Ji-hye, Ye ji-won and Park Ho-san.

  6. Jaycee
    July 13, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    Thanks V for your recap! I watched the episode because of this, I do not want it to end because of thisepisode. Hoping all would turn out great for the couple. Can’t believe the magic will end tonight.

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