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Dinner Mate: Episode 29-30 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 29-30 Live Recap - Part 1

To all yee who are still partaking in Dinner Mates…. let’s pull this bandaid off quickly, shall we?

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open with Jae-hyuk telling Do-hee not to hate him too much. She told him to just go. I have no time to think about you. I will only think about what is important for me. She walks off.

That night, Jae-hyul sits in Gun-woo’s place and looks at his photo of Do-hee. Then he walks out. He goes to Do-hee’s place and knocks. But she isn’t there.

He calls her name a few times but she doesn’t answer. He says he needs to tell her something and ends up waiting there for hours possibly? He finally walks off.

He walks up the park looking all kinds of miserable. He thinks about happier times with Do-hee as he walks.

Then we cut to Hae-kyung and Do-hee at the convenience store. She asks, how can you say that you will devote your life to me that easily? He tells her he is truthful. She says they can go home for tomorrow and click their beers.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk waits at the street for the bus possibly? Not sure. But then he sees Hae-kyung and Do-hee walking happily up the street. He thinks about his session with Keanu where he asked what his fake world is. Keanu told him it is a world that does not exist without Woo Do-hee.

Jae-hyuk keeps looking at the happy couple and then pictures himself where Hae-kyung is and smiles. 

But they see him and stop.

VO – To Do-hee, the most important thing is not me. It is really not me.

Hae-kyung tells Do-hee to wait a little bit, I will go there.

VO – I am not sure I can live in the real world. To me, Do-hee is the most important.

Hae-kyung rubs his head and walks to Jae-hyuk and thinks of something to say. Jae-hyuk tells him that Hae-kyung looks at him miserably. Hae-kyung says no, she is just surprised.

Jae-hyuk asks, if I disappear, will Do-hee be happy? Hae-kyung tells him that is  not true. She wants you to overcome this. He says, in my real world, Do-hee does not exist.

Hae-kyung tries to get him to look at him and not Do-hee and tells him that it is not true. He says that he will do anything for Do-hee. 

Then he takes off running into the street. Hae-kyung runs after him and throws him away from the car. But that means that he gets hit by the car.

Do-hee runs to him and cradles his head. Blood is everywhere. She yells for help. The driver stays in the car. Maybe they are knocked out. 

Cut to everyone racing through the hospital. Keanu is there as well. Hae-kyung and Jae-hyuk are wheeled in on separate stretchers. Do-hee follows Hae-kyung and Keanu follows Jae-hyuk.

Jae-hyuk goes into emergency surgery. The doors close on Do-hee. She is all lit up in red. She sits and cries.

VO – I was worried. I couldn’t even breath just in case something happened to you. I did not tell you that I love you.



Later on, Gun-woo runs to the hospital and sees BJ sitting and waiting. He asks what happened. BJ tells him that Jae-hyuk jumped into a car and my Doctor tried to save him. Nothing is wrong with Jae-hyuk so he will be discharged tomorrow. But why did he jump into the car, he is not iron man. 

BJ points to the room and Gun-woo sees Hae-kyung laying in bed. Do-hee is sitting next to him.

She thinks about him saying he can devote his life to her. At his bedside, she tells him that he did not even prove what he said jokingly. But I will believe it. Just wake up. I am afraid. I have never been this afraid. So, wake up.

She holds his hand and cries.

Elsewhere, Jae-hyuk is awake and talking to Gun-woo. Gun-woo tells him that the surgery went well, but Hae-kyung has not woken up yet.

Jae-hyuk thinks about running into the street and Hae-kyung throwing him out of the way. He hit his head on a post. The last thing he remembers is Do-hee running to Hae-kyung’s side before he passed out.

Gun-woo tells Jae-hyuk that he does not think he can forgive him this time. Jae-hyuk says he does not think he can forgive himself. Jae-hyuk asks, did you really want to die? Then he yells at him. Jae-hyuk says that he thought, if he ended, then everything would end. Gun-woo tells him he is really crazy and walks out.

On another day, Do-hee wipes Hae-kyung’s face with a towel and talks to him like he is awake. She tells him that he said she could touch him whenever she wants. You said I could jump on you. So why don’t you wake up?

She cleans his arms and hands and holds his hand. Then he squeezes her hand back. He’s awake! 

HK – If you obviously don’t touch me then I don’t want it.

DH – Hae-kyung!

She throws herself into his chest and cries.

DH – Why did you do that! I was so scared!

HK – *pats her on the back* Jae-hyuk is a patient, I am a doctor and I did not want him to die in front of you. *ouch* I think my rib is broken.

DH – *stands up* Are you okay?

HK – I am okay, I have a broken rib and stitches but they will all get better soon. Are you okay Do-hee? 

DH – *Nods*

HK – *Ouch* How many ribs are broken?

DH – Two

HK – *grimaces* What else?

DH – I don’t know exactly, they said everything went well. I did not understand the medical jargon. All I understood was that you need to wake up. You should  be next to me to translate it to me!

HK – *laughs* It looks like everything is fine. If you are okay then that is all that I need.

He remembers Do-hee walking next to his stretcher in the hospital. He tells her that is all he wants and pulls her into a hug. She sniffles on his chest.


gun-woo asks No-eul if she is going to go to the hospital? he says he is going soon. She tells him that she is not going. It is not for me to grab Hae-kyung and be sad about it. It is also not for me to be angry at Jung Jae-hyuk.

Gun-woo tells her that she is better than him because he yelled at JH. She says she wished that whatever Jung-Jae-hyuk does, he will take Woo PD back to him. So I don’t deserve it. I hate Jung Jae-hyuk because he made Hae-kyung hurt. But I don’t deserve to be angry at someone.

Gun-woo tells her that she has a right to be sad though.


Keanu talks to Hae-kyung at his bedside. He tells him that he is sorry. Hae-kyung tells him doctors can’t be responsible for all the patients. Keanu think she should have been ahead–. 

Hae-kyung tells him it is good. If something happens to Jae-hyuk then Do-hee will not be able to come back to me. In that short moment, in that short moment it was strange that I could think so much in that one moment. If he dies then that would remain in Do-hee’s heart forever.

Then Do-hee would embrace him in her heart and she would have a hard time forever. I did not rescue Jung Jae-hyuk. It was just for me, for my selfish purpose.

Keanu tells him that he did his best. That was the best thing he could do for others. But don’t blame yourself, no one can do the things that you did.



Cut to Jae-hyuk’s hospital room. He is about to walk somewhere but his father comes in to his room. His father asks, so this is the thing I hear about after all these years? I covered your mistake once, you should live quietly.

Flashback to Jae-hyuk on his knees in front of his father and asking for help. His father says that he said he would be recognized as a proper son, but you just tainted our family name by writing a wrong report. If people know that report is wrong…this is not only for you!

He told him that he did it to get recognized. But he was too greedy and too in a hurry. I will correct it.

However his father tells him to go to America. It is difficult to return the psychiatrists reputation anyway so do not make more noise by following your conscience. Just do what I say! Be careful that you do not bring any more noise. Tomorrow! He walks out.

In the present, his father tells him that he should have cut ties with him sooner. Jae-hyuk says, me too. If I cut ties with you I wouldn’t be this bad. His father slaps him. Jae-hyuk’s head flips back. 

He tells his father that he thought he still would love him one day and recognize him as a son. i am your son. But I won’t be your son anymore. You won’t recognize me anyway and you will never love me. I am the only one that has pain and a shredded heart. I just realized that. I am sorry.

You don’t have to see me anymore, I will not say that I am your son. His father scoffs and tells him that he does not even deserve to do that. Let’s see. His father leaves.

Keanu tells his father in the hallway that he should talk to a psychiatrist. The father is all like, who are you? Keanu says he is Kim Hyun-woo the psychiatrist. Your son’s doctor. Did you forget about me, that makes me sad. But whatever, my patient is more important. So come by and I can talk to you.

Jae-hyuk cries inside his room. 

Keanu goes inside to comfort him.

In Hae-kyung’s hospital room (which is fabulous) BJ asks Hae-kyung how he can date someone that make this much noise! You shouldn’t do things that you don’t do, you almost got killed! And how come you say that I don’t take care of you! 

Hae-kung practically swats him away. They have to change what they are talking about when Do-he walks over with some food she was preparing. But Do-hee tells BJ that the doctor almost died from this noisy dating so I wil take care of him (she heard it all). They kind of laugh uncomfortably.

Hae-kyung tells BJ to go so it can be just the two of them. He pushes BJ away and hurts his arm. Do-hee asks if he is okay. BJ tries to help out in his BJ way. Do-hee and Hae-kyung are all like, BJ, can you give us a moment alone? He finally leaves.

So Do-hee happily feeds him.

In Jae-hyuk’s room, Keanu asks him what he wants to do since he will be discharged tomorrow. Jae-hyuk asks him what he should do.

Keanu says he can be physically okay and discharged, but his heart should be treated. Jae-hyuk says he will hospitalize himself. Keanu says it will be difficult.

Jae-hyuk thinks he can do whatever her can to fix himself since people suffered because of him. He also apologizes to Keanu about what he did to him and how he regrets it. He says he should not have run away when he realized that he was wrong.

They talk about how it’s each others fault. Jae-hyuk says he will not run away this time so please help me.

He walks out to romantic music and walks right by Do-hee without looking at her. He smiles.


Jung-whan asks Sora and Jin-kyu what they should do? He feels sorry to all three of them. Sora says this all happened because of Jung Jae-hyuk the psychopath. 

Jin-kyu says that is true, you cannot judge people by their appearance. It is difficult to find someone like me that is the same on the inside and the outside. He throws a drink to Jung-whan. 

Sora tells him he is the same on the inside and the outside since he really does not sense things. He gives her a drink as well. She tells him to drink it and shoos him away.




Do-hee meets with Ah-young on a bench outside. She tells her that Hae-kyung is fine. He can leave soon. But she asks if the things that happened to her are something she can forget about when time passes?

She asks if Jung Jae-hyuk will be okay? Ah-young asks why she is worried about  that crazy guy. Do-hee did not know he was having that difficult a time to kill himself. She wonders if she will ever be happy.

Ah-young says that is why Dr. Kim rescued him. So she will not suffer forever because of that crazy guy. You are not saving him, he is saving you. Do-hee hopes Jae-hyuk forgets about everything.

Meanwhile, Gun-woo stops Jae-hyuks car to talk to him. he tells him should not drive in his condition and gets in the car to drive him.


Do-hee goes back into Hae-kyung’s. he asks if anything happened, she says no. He tells her to sit down so she sits on his bed.

HK – tell me, how do you feel?

DH – What?

HK – Do-hee, you should be very insecure with this entire situation so just tell me how you feel comfortably.

DH – Well, my heart was racing.

HK – Difficulty breathing? Tell me everything that you think?

She starts listing all his broken bones and how she can’t hug him but how he is still so handsome. You know, things like that. He laughs.

DH – Am I really strange?

HK – Very strange.

He gives her a quick kiss.

HK – You are very strange. That is why people say there is no consultation for family members.

DH – So why are you have a doctors meeting in patients clothes.

HK – *kisses her again* Ah, that is why this is big trouble.

He leans back and groans in pain. She asks if he is okay? He says no and puckers up for another kiss. She walks off to get water. He sulks and says it really hurts. She tells him to drink some water.

They joke around about drinking the water and laugh.


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  1. Juhi
    July 13, 2020 / 10:01 am

    Seems like this part wasn’t too bad? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just happy that they didn’t leave him unconscious for too long or that they didn’t give him amnesia. 😂 Plus it looks like Do-Hee & Hae-Kyung got some cute moments in the hospital. ❤️

    Actually I was surprised (and happy) that No-eul didn’t show up at the hospital! 👏🏻 Since she herself said that she was selfish.

    So all in all, I think we should be thankful for all these small mercies! 🙏🏻 But if Jae-hyuk went away it would be even better!! 😏

    • V
      July 13, 2020 / 10:07 am

      It wasn’t so bad! They got it over and done with quickly which I can appreciate since I never wanted it to begin with 😂.

      I was so happy that Noel did not show up to the hospital. She finally go the hint. Though Gun-woo hasn’t gotten it yet, goodness. At least he is helping is cousin out.

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