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Dinner Mate: Episode 27-28 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dinner Mate!

Click here for part 1


Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap - Part 1

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Noeul sits on the couch quietly. Do-hee also sits on the sofa quiets. it’s awkward. Noeul finally speaks.

NE – Did you tell him not to contact me? I just heard about his mother.

DH – Well, everyone was busy.

NE – Oppa was the one that didn’t contact me. Even though i have nothing to do with him, I liked his mother. How can he do that? I accepted everything cooly so don’t worry about me. I told him that. (jongdaemal)

DH – Jin Noeul, there is  no cool way to break up (banmal). What kind of logic is it that you broke up so its cool. Man and women break up and all become broken and shredded and chipped. Why do you say that you are cool? You are not really okay. I am not in a position to tell you, but just think that we are eunnie and dongsaeng. You are pretty and cool so it makes me mad that you are next to Hae-kyung. Don’t pretend that you are cool. We are all not so cool about breaking up.

NE – But, I really liked omonim *teary and sniffly*

Do-hee sits next to her and pats her on the shoulder. She says she knows, it is Hae-kyung’s fault. But do not call her omonim. She holds her and pats her on the shoulder.

Then Hae-kyung comes in. Do-hee says that she did not make her cry. I will go home. Hae-kyung tells her that he will take her home. But Do-hee says no. Then she tells Noeul to hit him once and leave. Do not stay here too long, I am not cool about this.

She tells Hae-kyung that she will give him a break this one day, take care of it. She leaves.

In the hallway she thinks that she was super cool about it. She walks off, but then she walks back and tries to listen in on what is happening. But she tells herself, no no no, I trust myself and I trust Hae-kyung. She walks off.

Inside, Hae-kyung asks what happened. She tells him he is a bad guy.

NE – How dare you not tell me when Omonim passes away.

HK – She is just the mother of a boyfriend that you broke up with a long time ago. It is not the relationship that you should know. Thank you for being sad about her. Umma should know that. But whatever happened to me or you, we cannot do anything. It is better not to as well.

NE – We can be friends. Breaking up does not mean that we can’t be friends. it is not the Joseon dynasty. Why are you so old fashioned? 

HK – Someday we can, but not now. We are not comfortable to each other. And most of all, I do not want Do-hee to worry.

NE – You really changed Kim Hae-kyung. You are really bad.

HK – Yes.

She walks out Do-hee is hiding in the hallway behind her purse.

Hae-kyung calls Do-hee, she answers quietly. He asks if she is home now? She says yes. He asks, already? She says yes, I am in front of my place. He asks, why are you talking so quietly.

She whispers, it is so late. But his door opens. She turns around and whispers, kamchagiya (that scared me). She tells him that she was about to leave, that is what she was telling him. Goodbye.

She starts to walk away, he holds her arm as she walks by and pulls her into his place and stands in front of her with one arm by her head. She is against the wall.

HK – Why are you still her? Do you not trust me?

DH – I was about to goOoOoOo

HK – You don’t want to go home? Do you want to stay here longer?

He is about to kiss her. But her phone rings. It’s her mother so she answers it. her mother is at her home and says that she had a robber in her house. Everything is all messed up. 

Do-hee says it is not a robbery, I did it, I was cleaning. Her mother yells, hey! This is a landfill, not a place for humans to live. Come Home!

Do-hee tells her okay. Hae-kyung says he heard everything, you have to go home? She says yes. He asks, really? She tell shim yes, this time I really have to go home. He tells her, wait a moment, I will take you home.

he walks off to get his keys and she grumbles about her mothers timing.

Do-hee gets home and playfully banters back and forth to her mother about her apartment. She gets a call from Hae-kyung and says, it is no one, I am tired, I am going to sleep! Then she walks off.


Keanu is at their eating spot, but he looks like a professional instead of a bum. She gives him a cell phone. He shows her his cell phone. She is surprised that he has one. He says it was dead for a few years, i revived it.

She says she was going to die because she could not contact him. They chat about cell phones some more. he says to give him her number. I will come when you call and leave when you want as well. She looks happy about it.




Ah-young gets to work, happily. She tells Do-hee that they have a lot of things to talk about. She pulls her into her office and talks about how Jung Jae-hyuk broke into her place, she hid it, Dr. Kim knew about it and he punched Jung Jae-hyuk at the clinic.

Do-hee tells her, yes! How can you summarize everything in 3 lines? Ah-young sighs and says she was the crazy one to bring him in again. Did you really not know that he had these problems? But, what would you know if you knew.

Do-hee says she thought he was angry and embarrassing and then she thought he was a really sick guy in need of help. But she starts talking about “my” Hae-kyung. The boss starts hitting her.

DH tells her that HK said there is a doctor to treat him so don’t worry. AY asks what kind of crazy doctor will treat that guy!

Cut to Keanu treating Jae-hyuk. Jae-hyuk tells him that he realized he was sick and tried to accept it and all that jazz. They talk about delusion and how when the delusion breaks it is a big problem. Then they talk about delusional things. Jae-hyuk asks, is it better not to be out of that delusion? Keanu says it could be. But to live in this real world, you have to come out of that fake world.

(They keep talking about Woo Do-hee and how Jae-hyuk is obsessed with her and has to break it as well as his fathers recognition and all that and how he is a handsome and smart guy that can do a lot in this world.)




Scene change to Noeul and the reporter. He tells her that she said she would give him something hot but she hasn’t contacted her yet. He asks, when are you going to have one Can I contact him? She says some day.

The reporter says she should not do this. Dr. Kim rescued you when you had your mother problem. Did you break up with him.

She sys that they agreed that he would not report anything about Dr. Kim Hae-kyung. So the reporter asks for an exclusive about her mothers debt problem. Maybe an exclusive interview with your mother.

She says whatever, just put Hae-kyung’s report out or find my mother, I do not care. Whatever you do, as soon as you write something, I will be popular again. We live our life selling our name so let’s be popular together.

He stands and asks, what the heck? She says that when she gives him something nice, just accept it. You know I went through a lot. It will hurt you if you start a dog fight also. She walks out.


Meanwhile, Hae-kyung is at home playing a computer game. One of the simple ones where you just have to pop some bubbles. Kind of like Tetris style or something like that. He loses.

he gets a text from Do-hee about having lunch. He says he is bored, just come to my home. She says she just got to work. So he tells her, okay, come over after work. 

Then he wonders what he should do until dinner. He looks at the game again and loosens up his arms to play it.


Sora and Do-hee chat at work about Sora’s fated love interest. Jin-kyu walks by and says she has a lot more chance to meet a conman or murderer, hahaha. Sora asks Do-he why Jinkyu is so strange. Why does he do that to me?

Do-hee says he might like you. But then her mother calls so she heads out.

Her mother tells her to go on a blind date with her since she is not dating anyone. Do-hee says she has an appointment with someone. Her mother asks, is it with a man? Do-hee says nooooooo. So her mother says to be at the meeting at 7pm.

Cut to Ah-young calling Keanu. He is at work and answers immediately to talk to her. They have a cute moment of talking to each other. She ends up going to the clinic to hang out with him. there is a sign on the door saying that two doctors here will alternate appointments Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays Thursdays etc.

BJ comes out and asks if she needs anything. She asks if Keanu is here? he asks, Keanu like the matrix? He does the Matrix move. She starts to describe how he is handsome. Keanu comes out and asks, me? Hahahaha.

She is stunned, you are a doctor? A real doctor? She squints her eyes and checks his ID. You are a psychiatrist.

So they go and sit.

His real name is Kim Hyun-woo so his nickname is Keanu because it sounds similar. 

She tries to get all this together. Your name is Kim Hyun-woo and you are a psychiatrist. Is there anything else you did not tell me? She reminds him that she likes everything about him, just don’t be a killer or something. But you are not as cool now.

He asks, would you like it better if I do not change and am dirty? She tells him that she hates men who brag. You jerk. She walks out, upset. He smiles and thinks that he poked her weak point.


Do-hee goes to the blind date. her date is actually pretty handsome. She tells him that she should actually not have a blind date. Then Hae-kyung walks up and says that she actually has a boyfriend. Do-hee is all like, huh? You said you would wait at home, how did you know?

Flashback to him checking his phone and saying that she will be thirty minutes late, she has a meeting. He nods to his phone but then sees her running away. So he follows her.

The ate is all like, what the heck is this???? Um, so you have a boyfriend. He stands. Hae-kyung introduces himself and tells them to sit down. So they both do. The guy says that he also has a girlfriend so maybe you two can have an iced coffee.

The iced coffee shows up. The guy says he has a girlfriend he just did not tell his family. He pretends to go on blind dates and meets his girlfriend secretly. Do-hee says she is similar.

Hae-kyung almost spits out his drink and asks why it is similar? She says she did not tell her mom. He asks why not? Are you ashamed of me? I am super popular to mothers.

She says it is not that. He asks, if that is not it then why? She says she didn’t lie. But then she realizes that she did, a little bit.

He tells her that he did not know that blind dates are an extension of work. She says, nooooo, I am here to say that I have a boyfriend. He asks, so why do people with lovers come to this kind of place, right?

He turns to the guy but he is already gone. She is also about to sneak away, he stops her and asks why her mother hates him. She says it is a misunderstanding.

What misunderstanding?

Well, that person is my mom.


That person that would follow and stop her daughter from dating….that is me.

He remembers the patient who said she thinks his girlfriend would have a lot of problems. 

Hae-kyung asks, that is really your mom?

She nods.


he drinks his drink quietly.




Ah-young walks up the street that she and Keanu have walked up before. But she is drunk. He walks behind her secretly. She turns and falls, he holds her in his arms in a dip.

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung and Do-hee sit at the convenience store and drink. He cannot wrap his head around why anyones mother would hate him. This is the first time in his life that this has happened. I am #1 on the list of female client.

Do-hee says that is actually what her mother hates the most. Affairs.

He asks, affairs? That is a big misunderstanding that says popular means I will have a lot of affairs.

She tells him that he keeps saying that he is popular.

He tells her that is not important, just tell me what she likes. She should know that I can devote my life to you.



How can you say that so unimpressively. 

it is not.

Today, we will go home to prepare for tomorrow.

He says okay and they toast their beer.

On the walk home, they talk about what her mother likes. Chicken and beer? And she likes you, ah, she has similar taste as me. Dohee laughs and says he has good taste.

Then they stop because #^$&% Jae-hyuk is standing waiting her her. Hae-kyung tells Do-hee to stop and wait here. He walks close to Jae-hyuk but calls Keanu and says that he sees Jae-hyuk. He does not look normal.

Keanu tells him that Jae-hyuk has accepted reality so he might harm himself, don’t injure him. I will be there. hae-kyung says okay. Then he walks up to Jae-hyuk.

Do-hee looks at them talking. But she does not know what either one are saying. Jae-hyuk keeps looking at Do-hee. Hae-kyung tries to turn his body to look at him. Jae-hyuk turns away and then runs into the street.

Hae-kyung runs after him and pushes him out of the way of an oncoming car. (oh good Lord). Hae-kyung runs up and swings him out of the way.

The car hits Hae-kyung. He rolls onto the hood and breaks the glass. He is all bloody.

Do-hee runs up to him, screaming his name. HAE-KYUNG! HAE-KYUNG! and holds his neck (Hae-kyung is all like, don’t hold my neck! that is a big no-no! – Just kidding, he is passed out).

She keeps holding him and looks around.

Jae-hyuk is passed out on the sideline.

Fade Out


Oh good Lord. We have the truck of doom make an appearance (though it is the car of doom in this case). Why show, whyyyyyyyyyyyy. Oh my gosh, this is hilariously bad. 

The acting continues to be good though! I cannot complain about the actors at all. In fact, Song Seung-heon is really making me want to finish watching The Player and start watching Black!

Though, do your pals a favor and tell them to stay away from this drama, stay far far away. 


DH – Did I really ignore his sign that he is having that hard of a time to commit suicide.

GW – Are you not going to the hospital?

NE – Just go there and cry and hold hae-kyung or be angry at Jae-hyuk. that is not for me.

AY – Doctors are not God! You canot even cure him, but why did you hide him like that!

Keanu – if you see someone on the street, just have a good life with him

Ay – I don’t know.

DH – Everything that has happened to me. Maybe I will forget about it when time passes.


Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap - Part 1
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  1. Gigabellies
    July 7, 2020 / 10:17 am

    SSH performance is actually finest here in the emotional scenes. I accept the bad script if it allows the actors (SSH and LJH) to showcase their talent.

    However truck of doom is really a NO NO.

    I will just pretend the kiss scene is the ending of this drama, which was so enjoyable in the first half.

    Although I complain, i will still finish up the show for SSH and the undeniable chemistry of the leads.

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:22 am

      Yes! The kiss scene can be the end of this show. I can accept that. I will definitely be finishing this show next week. At this point I just need to see what is going to happen. is amnesia around the corner? Will Hae-kyung be in a coma for a month and everyone is concerned about him and DH visits him every day until his finger twitches and he shows up at her company to ask “Do you want to eat dinner?”

  2. Jaycee
    July 7, 2020 / 10:29 am

    Thanks for this V…then again..this ending will kill me since I would have to wait for another week to see how it would turn out. The acting astounds me, each and everyone should be given recognition, but the plot is killing me.

    P.S. The Player and Black are well worth the watch Song Seung Heun was really great in both. I also have The Great Show lined up. Black was really great except for the last 20 minutes of the last episode.

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:35 am

      You have said this perfectly, Jaycee.

      I watched the first 4 episodes of The Player and LOVED it but didn’t have time to finish. So I’m going to finish it! I hear so many great things about Black and so many bad things about the last 10-20 minutes of the last episode, lol. I am so curious to watch it and then see what happens to basically ruin everything. 😂

      • Jaycee
        July 8, 2020 / 12:01 am

        i have watched 27 and 28 twice now, I still could not get my head wrapped around it. It still makes me wonder if The Great Gatsby has any significance. All the great scenes Do-hee and Hae-kyong had in these episodes seemingly had the ending as a bad payback, I just hope it really turns out better, it would really suck if Hae-kyong would be Do-hee’s third tragoc love — JH – obsession; second love – traitor/two timer; HK – true love lost. Hopefully it wont, I have not watched a Kdrama yet with a tragic ending, hoping this wouldnt be the first.

        Ahh Black would have been ok really if not for the ending, it was a steep downhill because of it (just my opinion).

        • Nigel
          July 10, 2020 / 2:36 am

          East of Eden starring SSH has a tragic ending too. He died and I was thinking no not again dying in Dinner Mates coz it’s supposed to be some light hearted drama. Thank god I was mistaken that ep 14 was the last episode 😅😅

          • V
            July 10, 2020 / 6:49 am

            Oh my gosh! What if that was the last episode 😬😬😬😬 😂😂😂😂

      • Jaycee
        July 8, 2020 / 12:03 am

        i have watched 27 and 28 twice now, I still could not get my head wrapped around it. It still makes me wonder if The Great Gatsby has any significance. All the great scenes Do-hee and Hae-kyong had in these episodes seemingly had the ending as a bad payback, I just hope it really turns out better, it would really suck if Hae-kyong would be Do-hee’s third tragoc love — JH – obsession; second love – traitor/two timer; HK – true love lost. Hopefully it wont, I have not watched a Kdrama yet with a tragic ending, hoping this wouldnt be the first.

        Ahh Black would have been ok really if not for the ending, it was a steep downhill because of it (just my opinion). The Player seems it needs a second season. HOpefully it will with SSH and his original crew as well.

        • Jammmm
          July 8, 2020 / 2:23 pm

          I’ve finally finished watching this episode and preview makes it like DH leaving HK again? I hope it’s not true yet if she did, I will NOT forgive her even though I love her as an actress. HK did so much for her and all she is doing is hurting him even more!!! So frustrating!!!!!!!!! JH needs to be in jail!!! Forever!!!

  3. jammmm
    July 7, 2020 / 10:54 am

    We’ll just have to hold ourselves back a little and just watch our favorite couple’s interaction and NOTHING else!!! I have never hated someone in kdrama as much as I hate JH! This just kills me but we have 2 more episodes and hope for the happy ending??? I want to cry…..

    V! I’ve watched Black and yes SSH is so good but story really sucks. I don’t recommended.

  4. Juhi
    July 7, 2020 / 12:26 pm

    They had to end with the Truck of Doom??!? 🤦🏻‍♀️😱 if Hae-Kyung seriously hurt or the writers put some really silly storyline because of it… 😒
    I seriously think they should’ve ended the series with the kiss 😌 at end of after the paintball scene & drinking scenes during episode 22.

  5. Greta
    July 7, 2020 / 12:57 pm

    We will get a happy ending, right??? I AM DYING, and I don’t think I’ll ever be as disappointed or heartbroken if we don’t, or if DH and HK don’t get their happily-ever-after

  6. tsutsuloo
    July 7, 2020 / 1:46 pm

    Thank you for recapping, @V! I enjoyed this episode immensely. The series is at its shiniest when it focuses on the sparks and deepening connection between Hae-kyung and Do-hee. It was a joy to see Do-hee and Hae-kyung recapture their playful banter while reconnecting more intimately.

    But I’ve NEVER watched a rom-com and thought, “You know what this show needs? A pinch of borderline personality disorder.” And for everyone praying for a Truck of Doom to plow into No-eul and/or Jae-hyuk—be careful what you wish for! God help us—that felt so cheap.

    DINNER MATE is Song Seung Heon’s third drama with Director Go Hae Hyun, who also directed PLAYER and BLACK. SSH was very charismatic in BLACK but it really did go off the rails by the end. (I also found Go Ah Ra’s performance to be painful to watch—she’s a tragic, miserable character. Not sure if it’s bad acting or just an unlikable character.)

    After seeing SSH in a couple movies and drama, I believe being paired with Seo Ji Hye has really brought out his best.

  7. Re
    July 8, 2020 / 12:26 pm

    What’s the name of do-hee’s blind date? He’s so handsomee i’m curious and about to die😩😂

    • hitsu
      August 18, 2020 / 12:31 pm

      Could you tell me the name of do-hee’s blind date?

  8. Peachietime
    July 27, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    Without caring about the plot, I am actually really impressed by JH actor’s acting. Personally he had the best performance out of all characters (and of coz also actually the most “fun” and “range” and “potential” of a character among everyone). He really stole the show for me.

    • V
      July 28, 2020 / 6:48 pm

      So true, he is an amazing actor!

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