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Dinner Mate: Episode 27-28 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, one thing I can say that is positive about this dramatic turn of events is that the acting has remained great. Though I feel like every annoying melo trope has been thrown in at the last minute which bothers me so much! Lots of eye rolls going on over here.

Honestly, can’t jae-hyuk just go off to a hospital to get treated already? Read the room, Jae-hyuk!


Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap - Part 1

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We start at the hospital where Hae-kyung waits for news of his mother’s surgery. The doctors come out and deliver the bad news. He is stunned. 

VO – In case this is our last moment and I wont be able to say this to you. I am sorry. I forgot that you are the most important thing. I love you.

He braces himself on the wall, then collapses to the bench and cries.

(great acting by Song Seung-heon)

Then we see two steps coming to him, it is Do-hee in a sweat suit. She hugs him, he holds her tightly and he cries into her chest like a little boy.

VO – Umma wanted to tell me something but I told her to tell me later. Later. I didn’t think it would be the last moment. But she knew it was the last moment. I am sorry. I am sorry that I did not hear it in person. I also didn’t say it.

VO – (DH) She should know. She should know. She should know.

That night, Hae-kyung goes to prepare for the funeral in the funeral part of the hospital. BJ tells Do-hee that they need some time to prepare so she can go home and come back.

She thanks him for telling her and says that she does not think that he should be alone right now. BJ says that she should probably change clothes though. She looks at her outfit, she is just in slippers and sweats. So she says, okay, I will be back in just one hour.

She takes one last look at Hae-kyung and starts to walk out.

She gets a call from Gun-woo who has been trying to call Hae-kyung. She catches him up on everything. Gun-woo asks if hyung is okay? She says he is not okay. Gun-woo takes a deep breathe and says, well….

Do-hee asks what he needs to say. 

Gun-woo says its nothing, I will be there. Then he looks at Jae-hyuk and wonders where he is.

Do-hee changes and leaves her house. Jae-hyuk is waiting outside her place. She tells him that he should not be here, I need to go. He asks for only 10 minutes. So she says to tell her.

He starts to talk about all his behavior and how he just realized that he is not normal. He couldn’t control himself and went crazy. He will get treatment for it. He is not saying this for her to come back to him. We are really done (lol, is he breaking up with her now?). I do not want to remain as a bad memory to you. So please don’t hate me too much.


Gun-woo makes it to the funeral and checks on Hae-kyung. Hae-kyung asks where Do-hee is. BJ tells him she went home to change her clothing. He asks when? BJ tells him he will be back soon.

Hae-kyung asks Gun-woo is Jung Jae-hyuk is fine? Gun-woo tells him that Jae-hyuk disappeared. Hae-kyung yells, WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT NOW!

He picks up his phone to call Do-hee. But then his mothers photo comes in and he stops and looks at it. His mothers voice says,

VO – Just get ahold of her so that she will stay with you. Don’t regret it.

he tells Gun-woo to call the police, I will go to Do-hee’s house. But then he hears her call his name and turns and sees her standing on the other side of the hallway. So he runs to her and pulls her outside to talk.

HK – Why didn’t you tell me anything and left? Why didn’t you pick up the phone and made me worry so much? Why!

DH – i just went back and changed my clothing and Jun Jae-hyuk came to see me.

HK – Don’t you worry about him? What if something happened?

DH – Its not like that, I sent him back. I would be back soon so I wanted to explain that to you after I came back. I left my cell phone at home because I was in a hurry.

He hugs her and apologizes for being angry. He says he wouldn’t have been able to breathe if anything happened to her. She tells him she feels the same way, after I got Byung-jin’s phone call, I was the same.

They both look at each other. She tells him that she couldn’t even breathe because she worried about him. He hugs her again and tells her not to go anywhere. Just trust me and go with me. She says she will. There is no other way. I am sorry, I came back to you too late.

They keep hugging outside.




Jae-hyuk getsback to Gun-woo’s place and sits on the couch. He looks at old photos of himself and Do-hee and starts to erase them all.


Hae-kyung and Do-hee look at his mothers burial site which is right by his fathers. Hae-kyung says some words to her and Do-hee holds his hand. He tells her to say hello to his mother because she missed her and wanted to see her.

So Do-hee says she will come to this site often. 2N Box and BJ are standing in the background. They are respectfully quiet.

Later on, they start to walk away and ask why Noeul did not come. Gun-woo says she had something else to do in the countryside. Jin-kyu thought they had a deep relationship. 

Sora says that when you break up you are worse than strangers. Jin-kyu is all like, huh? Really? Then why are they holding hands? They all asks, you didn’t know? Jin-kyu is just clueless.

Cut back to Jae-hyuk. He is still in Gun-woo’s studio. He grabs his phone and looks out the window. Then he calls someone.

At the Burial site, Hae-kyung tells Do-hee that he can give her a ride home. She tells him that they should not be together all day, you can go home and rest. She lightly touches his face.

He says okay, she tells him to call her when he gets home. BJ looks on, kind of happy that Hae-kyung has Do-hee, then nods to her and drives Hae-kyung away.

Hae-kyung gets home. His sunbae, Keanu calls. He asks if he is okay and says that he got to the apartment. Hae-kyung says he already told his clinic. If you need anything then tell them.

They hang up and Hae-kyung lays back on his bed, exhausted in every way possible. 

Keanu goes into Hae-kyung’s clinic. BJ is there and tells him the clinic is closed. Keanu tells him he is the doctor that Hae-kyung talked about. BJ remembers him a bit from before. Keanu says he has a problem with his memory to not recognize him.

They start to talk about Jung Jae-hyuk, BJ hands over his chart. Keanu reads it and says that doctors should not discriminate against patients.

Gun-woo gets home and sees Jae-hyuk sleeping. He covers him with a jacket and sits next to him.




Jung-whan asks Sora is Do-hee’s vacation is until today? She says yes. How did she expect this to take a 3 day vacation? He asks how long they dated? They were enemies before. Sora says that is the formula, enemies become lovers.

Then Jin-kyu gives Sora a drink and tells her to drink up. He smiles. Jung-whan asks, so is this the formula? Sora looks at Jin-kyu and blushes. She holds her face.


Do-hee gets to Hae-kyung’s place and sees that he is super out. He is still in his suit. She lightly touches him on his face. He stirs a bit. She pulls her hand back then lightly touches his cheek again.

But she tells herself that she shouldn’t do this and stands up. But she kneels in front of his bed again and looks at him.

He wakes up later on and hears chopping sounds in his kitchen. He walks there to see Do-hee carefully chopping vegetables. But she is not good at it. 

HK – What are you doing?

DH – Ah! I rang your bell twice and I worried about you so Byung-jin gave me your password. You were deeply sleeping so I just….saw you sleeping – it’s true! You were sleeping so much! I just wanted to make something to eat. I didn’t sneak peak on your sleeping or touch or poke you or anything. Don’t worry.

He walks up and gives her a big hug from behind.

HK – You can do it (touch him).

Then he lets go and tells her that when she cooks she should tie up her hair. She tells him that she will do it! And ties up her hair.

He holds her waist as she does it and looks at her with hungry eyes (and not for food!). She stares at him as well. But then the water boils and squeals which makes her hop to it. It breaks the moment a tiny bit.

She tells him that seh called Byung-jin to find out what he likes. Hae-kyung remembers Byung-jin telling him that he did not eat for 3 days, you should eat something. They were driving back from the burial. Hae-kyung told him that he has no appetite. But then he says that he wants to eat kuksu (noodles). His mother said she would make kuksu.

In the present, Hae-kyng smiles, almost laughs, and says that this noodles is not that noodles.

DH – Ah, is it bibim-guksu? (no rue noodles). Ah, I thought you liked to eat noodles with warm soup.

HK – No, its okay, It’s not that, I don’t actually know what guksu it is. *smiles* So, when will it be ready? I am hungry.

DH – Just a little bit, you can sit.

Cut to him gobbling up the food. She watches curiously. He starts to laugh and says this is the one. She asks, what? WhaAaAaAat? 

HK – The taste

DH – Is strange?

HK – It doesn’t taste good

DH – Then stop eating, give it to me.

HK – No, no, it is really good.

DH – What are you talking about?

Hae-kyung thinks back to his father telling him that his mother never cooked but made noodles a few times. I remembered that. Then he remembers his mother telling him that his father ate that un-tasty guksu but said it was so tasty.

HK – It is good that you are next to me Do-hee. I am really alone but you didn’t make me think about it.

He keeps eating. She walks to his side and stands next to him.

DH – This is good therapy since it really comforts you.

She gives him a back hug and says that makes her happy. He is a bit teary and wipes them away and sniffs.

HK – but, you are very bad at cooking. *sniff*

DH – Aish!

HK – No, no, no, I was joking. *he pulls her into a big hug and keeps sniffing his tears away* I will remember that you cooked this for me. 

DH – Will you remember that it tasted good?

HK – Yes, I will lie to my memory.

DH – *hypnotist* It was really good, it was really good, it was really good

He chuckles and keeps eating and sniffling. She tells him that he is really a cry baby. He says no, the kimchi is spicy. He keeps sniffling and eating.


Noeul gets back to 2n Box and fins out about the funeral. She asks who passed away? They tell her it is Kim Hae-kyung’s mother. She quickly walks away.

Sora wants to hit Jung-whan for telling her that. He doesn’t know it, but he caused trouble. He doesn’t know what he did wrong.

Elsewhere, Hae-kyung sits with Keanu in his office. They talk about his mother and how he looks better than expected. Hae-kyung says it might be because he did not spend that much time with his mother so he can’t realize what happened yet.

Keanu tells him that even if he lived with her, it would be difficult to realize it. You feel the emptiness after time passes. Then after more time passes that empty spot will fill. Just rest. You are busy. 

Hae-kyung asks if he is in a session? Keanu tells him he deserves to relax. They start to talk about the most important thing to treat the heart. Hae-kyung says its love. Keanu snaps his fingers and tells him the top of the class is different.

Hae-kyung reminds him that his hubaes hated his philosophy. Keanu laughs and says if he majored in philosophy then he would be popular.

Meanwhile, Do-hee wakes up at Hae-kyung’s house. She sees a note on her wrist saying that he will be back soon, so wait for me. She slept on the couch.

Then the doorbell rings. It’s Noeul. Do-hee tells her that Hae-kyung stepped out, he will be back. You can come in and wait. But she speaks in banmal (threatening-like) and tells her to wait right here. He will be back.

Back at the clinic, Keanu says he has become a doctor again to treat Jae-hyuk. In my opinion, he needs to be hospitalized but he can get better soon. Sooner than expected. Or he could go to jail. i am giving him a prescription as well, so we can see.

Hae-kyung takes that in a moment and says he will see him. Keanu says a joke about how it is awkward to sleep under a roof. HK asks if he is okay? He tells Hae-kyung that this is perfect for him. He has a house and an office at the same time. He says he is getting better. Self-treatment and love.

They walk out together.


Part 2 is coming up!


Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap - Part 1
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  1. Tee
    July 7, 2020 / 9:30 am

    I really like the scene he was eating noodles. His acting is so brilliant. They were talking then he switched to sort of crying and try to hold his tear. I’m So impressed with their performance!

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:25 am

      His acting was so good there!!!!! SO GOOD.

  2. WPB
    July 7, 2020 / 9:31 am

    I am sad that HK’s mom didn’t get to see DH visiting her. 🙁 Obviously her passing leaves HK with a lot of regrets that will take time to heal.
    It feels like the show is really coming to an end soon. With all those craziness and sickness we have been forced to watch on JH, I hope we don’t need to watch his craziness or even his face at all next week.

    V, thanks for the recap, especially you have to go through the pain of watching JH. For me, it’s easier since I hit FF every time I see that face.

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:26 am

      i actually still want to watch this show because I love the characters SO MUCH. I am just shaking my head at these plot choices. it really feels like a Kdrama from 2005. Now let us all wait at the stop sign for the amnesia bus to arrive 😂

  3. Jaycee
    July 7, 2020 / 9:32 am

    This makes me want to watch 25 and 26 now. Though I am wary about the visitor over at HK’s.

  4. Juhi
    July 7, 2020 / 9:41 am

    Until I actually see the episode, I’ll take your word for their acting! But it seems like things are looking up in Jae-Hyuk department. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 And yayyy No-eul was missing for most of this part! So at least there is that!!
    I feel bad that Hae-Kyung couldn’t spend time/be with his mum after making peace with her. But I suppose it was necessary to move the plot line along. And speaking of that plot line… I’m so happy that despite everything, Do-Hee came during HK’s time of need!
    I sincerely hope that brighter days are ahead for HK & DH!

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:23 am

      Hae-kyung part was so sad! Great acting all around. If this was a melo then it would be aces.

      • Juhi
        July 7, 2020 / 12:45 pm

        And this was supposed to be a romantic comedy right? 🤪

  5. jammmm
    July 7, 2020 / 9:47 am

    Just so glad to see DH and HK together again. I’ve watched yesterday’s episode and realized there wasn’t any good moment of our couples together and it made me really sad. Enough with craziness of JH!!! I knew it wasn’t over for NE. She thinks she should be with him just because she knew his mother more than DH???

    GO AWAY NE & JH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:25 am

      yes, Go away!

      There were more cute moments of them together today after we get over the funeral hump. But that was cut waaaaaaay short at the end. #%$@

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