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Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, this show is falling apart at the seams. Who knows what is going to happen today. It is truly a toss up. I do know one thing though, Jae-hyuk is probably going to be around (grrrrr!).

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Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap - Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hae-kyung holds Jae-hyuk by the collar and turns back and sees Do-hee looking at them. The reporter is secretly filming this on his cell phone but BJ stops him.

Hae-kyung tries to talk to Do-hee but a patient has a some kind of panic attack or something and has difficulty breathing so Hae-kyung has to go help her.

Do-hee uses this opportunity to pull Jae-hyuk out. Hae-kyung sees this and goes to follow, but he just misses them driving off in a taxi.

The taxi asks where they would like to go, he says a neighborhood, but Do-hee tells him they should go to the closest police station.


Gun-woo tries to call someone and wonders why they aren’t picking up. He is in the dressing rooms. No-eul wonders what is going on. Gun-woo says he thinks he made a mistake, hopefully nothing happens.

In the clinic, Hae-kyung talks to Gun-woo about what happens and says he will tell him more later. He starts to head out. He tells BJ to reschedule all the patients. But BJ wants to tell him about the reporter. However Hae-kyung did not listen.

Meanwhile, Do-hee and Jae-hyuk got dropped off  at the police station. He apologizes to her and says he does not know what happened. She walks away but then collapses o her knees and screams. He looks at her but doesn’t go up to her.

Back at 2N BOX, Gun-woo keeps pacing, but now he is pacing in the office area. Everyone is all like, what are you doing and what happened. Also, where is Do-hee?

He asks Sora where Do-hee lives. But then he gets a call from Do-hee. Do-hee tells him not to tell anyone and to come to the police station. Gun-woo is all like, POLICE STATION??? So everyone hears.

Sora, Jin-kyu, and Jung-whan all wonder what is going on and crowd around Gun-woo. What is all this about a police station? He says it is just a bar in front of the police station and runs away.

Sora wonders why she is drinking during the day. The boss comes out and asks who is drinking! They all cover up for her so she doesn’t get in trouble. Then Sora shuffles Jung-whan off somewhere. Perhaps they are going to the station? Not sure.


Noeul is at Gun-woo’s place with the reporter she has been talking to. The reporter talks to her back and forth about what the headline and scope of the article should be. Perhaps hae-kyung and Noeul or perhaps Noeul gets with Hae-kyung? He keeps throwing around Ideas.

But Noeul is deep in thought about what Gun-woo told her. He tried to talk some sense her about how she just needs to give up! He does not love you! I also gave him up! Because I love him and want him to be happy! Don’t you have a conscious? Do you two not care about each others happiness?

She says that he was happy when he was with me. Gun-woo is amazed at how deluded she is and leaves.

She thinks about all of this while with the reporter. He says that the headline is more important that what is inside, so we have to make it good. She tells him not to write the article. 

He is all like, what? She says that she will make a hot topic instead.He says this one is hot. She says it is hot, but it might kill a few people. The reporter thinks it is a noisy thing. She tells him it is all lies so don’t do it.

The reporter is all like huh?


At 2N Box, Hae-kyung sits with Ah-young to tell her everything that happened at hi clinic that day. But he can’t give her details about it. He is sorry about that and asks if there is a place that Do-hee goes to. 

Ah-young says no place memorable, let’s just wait. Hae-kyung nods reluctantly and heads out.

Meanwhile, Gun-woo runs to Do-hee who is sitting outside the police station. Jae-hyuk is sitting far away from her. She tells Gun-woo that she is here to report stalking and breaking and entering with Jae-hyuk. 

Gun-woo asks, what? With hyung? Really? 

But she says that he is his family, so you take him. If he comes in front of me again then I am going to go in to the station. She walks away. So she doesn’t turn him in. Gun-woo turns to Jae-hyuk, disappointment all over his face. 

Jae-hyuk gets up and walks off. Gun-woo calls Hae-kyung and tells him what happened. Woo PD left after giving Jae-hyuk to me. He asks where? Gun-woo says he doesn’t know so Hae-kyung yells that he should have found out!

But Gun-woo says he is already having a hard time with Jae-hyuk. Hae-kyung says he understands and hangs up. Then he sighs a tired sigh.



Meanwhile, Do-hee walks over the bridge where Do-hee and Hae-kyung met by fate. She remembers their time spent there and keep walking.

VO – I am afraid because now it is too precious because the past is not going away.


hae-kyung makes himself at home at the convenience store. Keanu comes up to him with a drink and asks why he is in his neighborhood. 

Hae-kyung tells him that he wanted to see him. But let’s drink first. He pours him some soju and they drink.

Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk and Noeul are at Gun-woo’s house. Noeul is at the bar and Jae-hyuk is laying on the couch. He sighs and wonders why he is in this position.

Back at the store, Hae-kyung says all Jae-hyuk’s symptoms. He also says that he punched him. Keanu tells him if he could endure that then he is a god, not a doctor.

Hae-kyung is kind of drunk and says he shouldn’t have done that. Doctors should take care of patients first as instinct. But i was angry that Do-hee didn’t tell me the truth and covered it up. I was angry. There are lots of empty soju bottles on the table.

Keanu asks, do you think she did not tell you that to cover up Jung Jae-hyuk? He keeps mumbling about how he is angry and should have known and hates it and all that. Then he finally passes out.

Keanu starts to say that he should have known everything as well. But then he sees that Hae-kyung is passed out. He starts laughing.

Do-hee comes walking up and asks why Hae-kyung is there? Keanu chuckles and says not to ask him, ask this guy, you can talk. I will go to the restroom. He happily gets up and walks off.

Do-hee sits at the table with the drunk Hae-kyung. He mutters her name. She whispers that she is sorry. He is super passed out. She lightly lifts her hand and thinks about touching his face, but doesn’tl

VO – If the place I took him wasn’t that place then could it be different now? If he did not see my trace, then what would be different? If he didn’t see the bottom of me, then what could have been different. If he didn’t know my past, then I can miss him.

She almost touches his har and finally lightly grazes it a tiny bit. She pulls her hand back.




Hae-kyung wakes up and wonders where he is.

Flashback to Keanu waking Hae-kyung up and telling him that he cannot sleep here. Do-hee left. I am hyung! Not Do-hee! Come on, wake up. Lets go.

He piggy backs him away.

So it looks like Hae-kyung woke up on the couch in his own house. Keanu is sleeping in the lounge chair right next to him. He covers Keanu with his jacket and heads to get ready.

In her place, Do-hee texts her boss to let her know that she won’t be coming in. She heads outside and Hae-kyung is right there. He says that he was about to ring the bell if she did not come out. Then he asks if she would like to eat breakfast?

She tells him to wait a second and then we see that she bought some haetban (instant rice) and heated it up for him at their dinner table. He is actually really happy to eat it and mentions that this is his first meal that she made for him.

She is still a bit embarrassed and distant. he tells her that things are okay now. But she says it is not okay. Things are definitely not okay. Everything is messed up. We aren’t like Romeo and Juliet. If we ended things without even knowing our names, then none of this would have happened. I am regretting it.

He puts down his silverware and asks if she really feels like this, how do you really feel? She says she really really feels uncomfortable eating with him. I am not sure that I can eat with you comfortably.

Meanwhile, outside at the convenience store, Ah-young comes running up looking fabulous and runs all the way up to Keanu for their breakfast date. She asks if Hae-kyung is really his hoobae? But then puts her finger over his mouth to say he doesn’t have to say it.

He says he is his hubae but he is his college hubae. A-young is taken aback by it. Then they start to talk about doctors and shrinks and how she hates them all. He laughs and tells her that they can eat.

Back at Do-hee’s place, she is now sitting at the table alone. Hae-kyung left and it looks like he didn’t finish his meal.

At 2N Box, Noeul stretches in her yoga studio in child’s pose but she stays like that for way too long. So the people filming her wonder why she is in child’s pose for so long, we aren’t trying to put people to sleep.

they whisper her name to kind of get her to wake up, but she doesn’t move.

Back at Gun-woo’s place, Gun-woo tries to lightly wake up Jae-hyuk but he stays sleeping.

At Do-hee’s place, Hae-kyung is actually sitting outside looking miserable. Gun-woo calls him and asks if he thinks it is okay to leave Jae-hyuk like that? He has not even moved since last night. 

Hae-kyung tells him to wait a moment, he will send someone to him. 


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  1. Juhi
    July 6, 2020 / 8:59 am

    No no no!!!! If this only part 1 I don’t want to read what part 2 is like. 😩 ugh!! Why do writers/directors take always take a perfectly good show and ruin it with over dramatics all in the name of creating excitement? 😤 With 6-7 episodes left, I seriously hope that this isn’t stretched out too long. I’d much rather see the remaining episodes filled with HK & DH cuteness rather than this nonsense! The exes storyline needs to be finished like yesterday!!! 😡

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:29 am

      So true and sad sauce because I have seen the future and it is not good.

  2. mahika
    July 6, 2020 / 9:15 am

    Waiting for Dinner Mate: Episode 25-26 Live Recap – Part 2

    • V
      July 7, 2020 / 10:29 am


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