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Dinner Mate: Episode 23-24 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 23-24 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Hae-kyung opens up some juk and tells his mother that she should only eat juk for the next few days. She tells him that the doctor explained everything to her. He says he will be back at night. But she says he does not have to, I will go to bed early.

He tells her that the surgery is not dangerous, so do not be nervous. He tries to give her a reassuring smile. She asks, so my doctor son said this but why can’t I trust you? Just in case I die –

HK – Umma.

She grows happy and tells him that she would be sad if she did not hear him say Umma. That is what she wanted to tell him. I did what I wanted to do and I want to hear Umma one more time before I die.

He asks why she keeps saying that she will die, people can cure anything now. She tells him okay, just say that one more time. But he is annoyed and tells her not to go to sleep right after eating. he gets up to leave.

She tells him, before I die, I want to be close to Woo Do-hee. He stops and says, okay. Do-hee will like that. Then he walks out but he tells her that he will be back tomorrow.


Sora and the MC have a show where they talk about a boss that people hate and starts to talk over exaggeratedly about how you wish that boss does not have any toilet paper in a public restroom. Then she starts chopping vegetables.

Do-hee is watching the video but gets a call from her mother to come hang out with her. Do-hee recommends that her mother talk to a therapist. Her mother says she is not crazy. But Do-hee tells her that therapy is very normal today. her mom hangs up.


Hae-kyung tries to talk to a student client. But the student client is only watching 2N Box videos. He isn’t really talking. The high school kid uses young people words so Hae-kyung does not understand what he is talking about. The student has to explain it to him so Hae-kyung laughs and pretends like he knows.

The student asks Hae-kyung if he has something else, but Hae-kyung does not understand that either. It ends up being a battery bank. So Hae-kyung is having a hard time communicating with this kid. 

He starts to tell him that he should try and use proper words when communicating and says that they are done or the day. He lets him outa nd holds his head in dealing-with-high-school-student pain.

BJ asks what is wrong. Hae-kyng tells him that this kid is speaking in an alien language. BJ asks, wait, so you did not diagnose him? Hae-kyung tells him not to accept a patient younger than 19, that would be better for my mental health. BJ tells him to wake up.

But then Do-he’s mother comes in so Hae-kyung goes to his office and BJ lets her fill out some paperwork. She goes to the waiting area to fill it out. Two more ladies come in to see Dr. Kim. Their symptoms are that they cannot sleep and lost their appetite.

BJ asks if they are really here for a diagnosis? They come clean and asks, so if I can’t have the doctors interview can I just interview you, what is his and Jin Noeul’s relationship?

The mother overhears it all and looks like she doesn’t really like this doctor. She thinks he is a womanizer with a lot of scandals that reporters try to get info on. He must be the kind that gives women a hard time.

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung is in the back talking to Do-he about what he wants to eat for dinner. He says super spicy food. She tells him that he can’t eat spicy food, but he says it will be okay if he eats it with other things. So she tells him that she will see him later.

He gets off the phone just as BJ lets Do-hee’s mother in.

Cut to Noeul who is running on the treadmill. Gun-woo comes up to her and asks if she has been doing this since morning? She says yes. He wonders why everyone is like this today. he turns off the treadmill and pulls her away.

he asks her if she is okay? She pretends like she is fine. He tells her that he is sick and tired of her and Jae-hyuk. It is annoying be in the middle of you two. And you don’t even flinch your eyes.




Do-hee works some  more to edit together the video. She sees Jae-hyuk on the video and decides to call him. She asks if he went to the hospital? He says he is fine. She tells him that he is not fine, go visit the doctor. Otherwise I will tell Gun-woo and make him drag your there.

This makes him happy so he says okay. I will go to the hospital, thank you. they hang up. He smiles brightly but then his smile falls and he walks off.


that night, Hae-kyung and Do-hee eat at a spicy restaurant. She mentions that it is so spicy. He tells her that women in their 20s and 30s like this spicy food the most because it helps forget about the stress they have.

He tells her that he does not recommend eating this spicy food that can hurt your stomach. Eat some cabbage, this is good for your stomach. She asks, why are you changing your mode?

he tells her that Doctor Kim hae-kyung worries abotu her health and Boyfriend Kim Hae-kyung worris about your heart/mind. You did a good job all day today so I just want you to release your stress. I had a lot of shocking things today also.

DH – Shocking? At the hospital? 

HK – I dont ‘talk abotu hospital things much, but you are part of it.

Flashback to Hae-kyung asking Do-hee’s mother how she would like to show her emotions for breaking up. She tells him that she does not know.

HK – That is a common expression. language has a lot of words to express your feelings. But it is difficult to express your emotions in one word. It is difficult to know my own emotions also. It is more difficult to deliver it to someone else. Do you know the details, do you like it or not like it, it is difficult to find one word. It is difficult to tell someone honestly.

Mom – Sad, empty hurting. 

HK – Yes, especially since you have been married for more than 30 years. No one can blame you.

Mom – *hits her chest happily* I feel like my emotion is going down.

HK – there is some food therapy that can help you so whenever you need just contact us.

Mom – Do you have a girlfriend? You can speak well, I feel like your girlfriend is having a hard time.

Hk – *laughs* Oh, no.

Mom – I think a lot of women follow you because you speak well and are handsome. If my daughter wants to date you then I would stop her.

HK – You do  not need to worry, I have a girlfriend.

Mom – Oh, that poor girl.

HK – *laughs*

Cut back to the present where Do-hee finishes explaining that story to Do-hee, she laughs. He also tells her one more thing. You should not know about this at all. Do you know Le-ge-no. 

She tells him Legend, Geonsol(legend), and (they mistaken the last part of the word so it is no). 

He asks her if she knows Bo-bae. She shows him the portable battery pack. He asks, it is portable battery? (in English it would be Po-ba). She tells him knowing these things is her job. Just think about it as jargon, like your medical jargon, we have to study it. It changes all the time.

He apologizes for telling her that he makes spoofs. She tells him it is okay, people tell me that often. It wasn’t shocking at all. But she says it in a funny way so he laughs. He tells her that she is a cool person. She says he is cool too, but she says it in banmal.

he looks around, she tells him, you. You. He asks, so are we using banmal now? She asks, shouldn’t we? So they both laugh and toast to this new step in their relationship.

Elsewhere, Ah-young goes on her dinner meeting date with Keanu in front of the convenince store. They chat about having fun together.




Cut to Do-hee going in to work. Sora pulls her to the side. She says that Jin Noeul brought a reporter to have an interview, it is really strange. But I dont’ feel good about it. The reporter looks suspicious.

Do-hee asks what is strange about it? Sora explains that this is not Jin Noeuls company, he is asking us strange questions. The CEO says it is okay since it exposes our company. Do-hee asks what the questions are.

Cut to the interviewer asking questions about Dr. Kim Hae-kyung joining the program last. He asks several people around the company about Jin Noeul and Dr. Kim Hae-kyung and Do-hee. Another person says that Do-hee protected Noeul when she had the debt problem.

Sora points at Noeul who is also giving an interview and says that Do-he should pull her by the hair and tell her not to be around my boyfriend. Do-hee says that they are the ones that brought her here. Sora says that that means that they can kick her out as well.

Do-hee thinks that Noeul is pretty and cool and does the best for her life. That is why I am angry, I feel like I did something wrong.

Sora asks, so would you let her have him? Do-hee says no, of course not. He does not care about his old girlfriend.

Then Noeul calls, Eunnie! and walks the reporter over. She tells the reporter that she calls this PD eunnie because they are so close. the reporter asks if he can interview her if she has time. it is about the program between Jin Noeul and Hae-kyung.

the reporter goes on and says that he heard that Do-hee knew that Hae-kyung was Noeul’s ex boyfriend and recruited him on purpose. Noeul says that Do-hee’s role was the biggest in order for her to meet hae-kyung again. She is a cool PD. I like her as a good eunnie. Noeul smiles at Do-hee.

The reporter asks for one more thing. Do-hee says, if I say one more thing then there will be no interview. Noeul asks, please? Do-hee tells him she is busy. So Noeul tries to make up an excuse and says that she is busy because they had an incident in their program.

The reporter says that he would like to hear about that as well. Do-hee sighs and tells Noeul that she wants to talk to her. So they go outside and talk. Do-hee asks what she is doing? Noeul tells her that she has to survive.

DH – So you will drag us to survive?

NE – Hae-kyung oppa said that I can have an interview

Dh – Does he know what you are going to say?

NE – He will not believe that I will not talk about him at all. He knows me well.

DH – I actually do not know what I should be sorry about. I am dating Hae-kyung seriously.

NE – I know and I love Kim Hae-kyung seriously. For a long time before you knew him and until now. So I do not have to feel sorry, right?

DH – What the? So you mean that Hae-kyung should not even date at all? People date and get married. You should not be in front of that boyfriend that you already broke up with.

NE – You have one.

DH – He is–

NE – you take care of your things

DH – Why is everyone doing this? They just leave and come back and behave like they have ownership.

NE – You also argue that he is yours, why do you say this to me? I am just protecting my heart so you protect yours.

DH – *Big sigh* Be careful with this interview, 2N Box is on the line. It is not only your thing.

Do-hee walks off, Noeul thinks about that.


Keanu gets treated to a shopping spree by Ah-young. There is a misunderstanding at first because the person working there thinks that Keanu wants to use their bathroom. So Ah-yong tells him that they should leave. She doesn’t like this place.

But Keanu says that it will be this way everywhere we go. if you need anything, just buy it and come out. I can wait outside. But she tells him that he is not going anywhere.

Cut to him putting on a nice suit and stepping out for Ah-young to have a good look at it. She has a good look and has him change into another one. he goes through a variety of looks from casual wear to biker wear.

She finally likes a casual Banana Republic style look and goes to pay. But she is sure to tell the employee not to judge people based on their appearance.


Hae-kyung calls one of his friends to find out what happened with Keanu. His friend says that Keanu sold everything and his wife and daughter went abroad. It could have been proven that this was not medical malpractice. So it is a strange thing. They had all the evidence and documents and tried to find Keanu but they can’t find him and the family also says that he just sends them mail twice a year. They do not know if he is dead or alive.

Hae-kyng tells him that he saw him. the friend asks where he saw him? Hae-kyung tells him that he will call back later. he hangs up and thinks about it. then calls someone else.

That someone else is Do-hee. She happily picks up. He asks her if she wants to eat lunch soon? She says that she is eating a salad since she has a meeting. But he says that actually he has a question. That guy that was filming a movie with your CEO.

She says, yes, Keanu, he is your sunbae? Hae-kyung asks if she has his contact? She says no, I wonder if he even has a contact? Ah-young eunnie might know. I can ask her and update you. Did you ask just to call me about that?

He chuckles and tells her that he will pick her up this evening. They hang up and she happily mutters that he does not have any middle ground.

back in the clinic, Jae-hyuk shows up to Hae-kyung’s place. BJ lets him in. Hae-kyung asks him, why are you here?


Do-hee talks to Gun-woo about how good he did today in the dressing and art department. He tells her that she has more programs now. They joke about how he will but Woo Star soon. Then he asks her why she isn’t on TV as well. You are pretty.

She sys that she is afraid of fans taking photos of her. He jokes. He also is about to bring up Jae-hyuk, she reminds him not to talk about Jae-hyuk. But Gun-woo says that she should know the story. You are angry because you do not know the story.

Cut back to the clinic where Hae-kyung sits with Jae-hyuk to talk to him.

JH – Today, I am really here for a consultation

HK – A consultation?

JH – Yes. Do-hee told me to go to the hospital. Help me doctor.

HK – *chews on that for a moment*

In 2N Box, Gun-woo tells Do-hee that hyung’s father is a difficult person to understand. I only saw hm a few times when I was young.

Flashback to little Gun-woo and Jae-hyuk playing outside in a poor looking apartment complex. The father tells the mother that he is having a hard time because of her and Jae-hyuk. He looks at Jae-hyuk who happily plays.

Gun-woo continues and tells her that his aunt was a normal person. First they fell in love and were blinded by love so they gave birth to Jae-hyuk and lived together. He was the only son so the father took him in. But he was finally kicked out.

In the flashback we see that he moved in as a little kid and kicked out as a teenager.

In the present, Jae-hyuk says that he will not be like his father. He will take care of Do-hee until the end. Hae-kyung tells him that he is sorry, but I do not think that this session will help you. I will recommend another doctor.

Jae-hyuk asks, why? I want to get treated by you. In this kind of consultation, patient trust to the doctor is important right? I believe that you will cure me. Are you discriminating on the patient as a doctor?

Gun-woo continues and says that Jae-hyuk has trauma about that and had a hard time in Korea. Do-hee tells him, whatever, I know the story now. She stands up to leave. Gun-woo tells her that he should have gone to the hospital because of your relationship. But Hae-kyung is trustworthy.

Do-hee is all like, huh? He is meeting whom?


Cut to the clinic where a medical journalist comes in to interview Hae-kyung. BJ tells him that he is busy. I will check.

But then Jae-hyuk goes flying out the door. Hae-kyung comes out and asks what he wants? He grips him by his collar and tells him never ever to go near Do-hee! Ever!

Everyone is looking at them.

But then he turns his head and sees Do-hee standing behind him, shocked.

Fade Out


*Sigh* I don’t know what is happening with this show. Jae-hyuk and his pain has taken over.


AY – What happened with Do-hee?

HK – I can’t tell you exactly

AY – Why does everyone try to eat Do-hee alive

HK – We are not having a super great dating time. Everything is screwed up.

AY – Why is loving Do-hee a disease?

GW – Please! Just stop! You love him but you do not even care about his happiness?

DH – I am not confident that I can eat dinner with you comfortably.

HK – Are you sure?

DH – If we ended our relationship without knowing our names, then none of this would have happened.

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  1. Jaycee
    June 30, 2020 / 11:15 am

    It seems I do not to watch with the ending of this episode like this, it will be painstakingly hard to wait for next week’s episode. 🙁 You are right, seemingly it is revolving around Jung Jae-hyuk right now….hating Jin No-eul as well. I just hope the series dont focus on this and just save the last 2 episodes for Do-hee and Hae-kyong’s story. That will just be sad…

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:03 pm

      Yes, I hope it reaches its climax and conclusion in the next episode and we go back to the cute!

  2. Jammmm
    June 30, 2020 / 11:59 am

    V! Can’t believe they Are messing up this great love story and so sick of them focusing on JH, I can’t stand it anymore!!! Just reading your recap made me furious which means watching this is going to drive me off the wall! Preview sound likes it’s the breakup? So so disappointed! Not sure if I’ll be able to watch this any more… makes me so mad! Loved it from the beginning and getting more and more about psycho JH! It almost little too scary.. just venting…

    • kstars
      July 1, 2020 / 3:41 am

      I agree with you that’s it’s getting scary lol. And like they have no plan how jae-hyuk will be able to get taken care of. I don’t see why do-hee will break up with hae-kyung, this will only complicate things with jae hyuk

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:05 pm

      Watching is going to drive you so up the wall! And the preview was horrible. Hopefully its not a break up but it feels like they are at that spot in the drama for a breakup to happen, le sigh.

  3. Erica Cooper
    June 30, 2020 / 12:43 pm

    These episodes were frustrating. That is all.

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:07 pm


  4. iatetoomuch1
    June 30, 2020 / 1:30 pm

    I love you guys who share my pain. Uuuurrggghhhh. I can’t believe the drama ruins itself after coming so far. I thought those 2 exes were bad enough, but apparently they haven’t shown the worst of themselves + Do Hee is undergoing a lobotomy as well. Based on past trauma from watching live kdramas (lol), I am bracing myself if this show doesn’t return to its original vibe. Nah, that couldn’t happen. Right?

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:08 pm

      She is undergoing a lobotomy! What is happening to her? The trauma is real with great Kdramas suddenly imploding, hopefully this one can right itself to at least be a recommend!

  5. Sebba
    June 30, 2020 / 1:57 pm

    Ah that third chapter angst. So many dramas fail here. The point once the main couple is together but the drama isn’t over. So what then? Amnesia? Separation? Or just focus on meaningless subplots until we’re nearly at the end?

    I think I’d be more forgiving if it weren’t for the dramas that got it right. It’s a shame because of all the potential, all the effort that has been put in and then this just sours everything. So now I’m going to have to do what I do in real life: mourn the loss of what could have been and just make the best out of what I got.

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:10 pm

      So true. On the plus side, I still like our main couple, I just want them to have more agency, urgh!

  6. Tee
    June 30, 2020 / 2:23 pm

    I am sharing the pain with you all.
    I hope screen writer heard our moaning and cut those two exes off within first half of next episode.
    I miss Jeju time and the time before they know each other’s names.

    Bring back that lovely rom com drama.

    Ps HK is so charming 😛

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 3:11 pm

      This become a support group 😜 .

  7. WPB
    June 30, 2020 / 2:51 pm

    I love our two main characters and the actors, Song Seung-heon and Seo Ji-hye. If it weren’t them, I wouldn’t have been watching the show this far. And that’s exactly what makes it so frustrating. I haven’t found anything resonate besides these two. The support cast – the people at 2N Box, the doctor’s office provides some funny moments every now and then, The CLOY spoofs were great. But those do not materialize into stronger story plot. Jae-hyuk is very sick and dangerous. He needs to go. Noeul is not immature. She is delusional.
    By the way, I am 1 week behind watching but I start feeling even some of the dinner scene is getting old.
    I am worried about the show’s rating, now. That’s too bad. It had such a great potential.

  8. kk
    June 30, 2020 / 10:54 pm

    this episode is so…anti-climax!

  9. kstars
    July 1, 2020 / 3:38 am

    The drama had so much potential and it’s frustrating that the story is being dragged on and on. It felt like the directors/writers has no plan how to end jae-hyuk. No-eul’s character is so pointless and her role has no development. I miss the chemistry our main leads had as dinner mates. Do-hee’s decisions are also frustrating. Who will not be scared and report it when your ex is constantly sticking and stalking you to the point of breaking in your house? We all know she loved him and cared for him but I see her as a strong character and it’s a shame the writers are not handling her character well.

    If it was’t for the main leads, I wouldn’t watch it. I won’t probably watch this until it’s over.

    • V
      July 1, 2020 / 4:26 pm

      The ex breaking in thing was the kicker. Also, um, why are you going into your house after its been broken in to and why would you try to attack the intruder when you can escape to your boyfriend who is driving there right now? Or at least go to the convenience store? I was so lost in that scene.

      • Gem
        July 2, 2020 / 7:55 pm

        I agree with you. She should have gone with Hae Kyung and sleep over.

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