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Dinner Mate: Episode 23-24 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 23-24 Live Recap - Part 1

Jin-hyuk’s crazy sauce is being sprinkled all over Dinner Mates and I don’t like it! What happened to all the fun whimsy and playful situational humor and banter?

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hae-kyung calls Do-hee and tells her that he told her to call him ask soon as she got in. he is all smiles. But her voice wavers when she says his name. So he immediately thinks something is wrong. He tells her to leave the house right away and zooms back to her place.

But Do-hee stays inside the apartment for some reason and picks up a pan and starts walking around her place with it.

She see a mans boot moving (and still stays in the house????) and goes up to the curtain that the boot is behind. She pulls the curtain back and lifts up her pan to hit whever is there.

But it is Jae-hyuk. He is sitting there all crying and red faced. He cut his hand as well. He crawls to her and asks her to save him. He says he is about to die.

She asks him, why did you do this? Did you do this? Why did you come in here? 

he asks her, where is the picture of you and I together? I am here to find that, I just wanted to find that. He sobs and sobs. She drops the frying pan.

hae-kyung gets back to the house and runs to the door.

She tells Jae-hyuk that he is crazy, you need to wake up. 

he sobs and asks why there is not picture of him here? 

Hae-kyung knocks loudlyon teh door for Do-hee. Do-hee tells Jae-hyuk not to say anything. She goes outside.

hae-kyung is super out of breath and concerned. he asks if anyone is inside? She apologizes and says that her mother is inside. Sorry. He tries to take some deep breathes. he asks if she is really okay? She says yes. he asks if she really is? She says yes again. So he hesitantly leaves, he really doesnt want to leave, but he does.

She watches him drive off and then goes back inside.

He drives away but then pulls over and thinks about what just happened. It does not look like he beleives that her mother is there. He sighs and keeps driving.

Back inside her place, Do-hee asks Jae-hyuk what he is doing there? How did you come in? He starts to blubber about how he was waiting for her and used her password, it was the same.

She tells him that this is a crime! What am I suposed to do.

He sobs and says it was the same password, I thought we were going back to the past. That is what it felt like. I waited for you and you waited for me and we went back to that time But this place does not have anything that we both liked.

He stands up and sobs and holds his throat. She ask if he is really crazy? how can you do this to me? How can you do this to me!

He breathes a lot and says that it is all done. She tells him to go out. Go back to America as soon as possible as if nothing happened. I can’t say that it is for you, it is for me. I will really kill you if you cause more trouble.

He walks out looking all beaten, broken, and befuddled. 

Do-hee cries on the floor.

Hae-kyung paces at home with worry. he checks his phone and thinks back to her coming to her door looking like she was faking being fine. He heads off somewhere.

Do-hee goes to her mothers place. Her mother asks why she is here, why do you look like that? Did something happen? Did you have an argument with Jae-hyuk? I even made him dinner so he would be nice to you.

Do-hee tells her to stop this! I am done with him! All done! 

her mother asks what is going on? Do-hee says she doesn’t know what to do, this ending is getting worse. I am afraid of him. It feel like a scary joke. I am afraid of him knowing that.

Her mother asks if he did a bad thing to her? Do-hee sniffs and asks her mother what she did wrong? Her mother hugs her and pats her on the back. her mother looks extra concerned.

hae-kyung drives back to Do-he’s place and waits outside in the spot he usually waits at.

But Do-hee is at her parents place. She checks her phone. 

Hae-kyung also checks his phone. She sent him a message and says that she is sleeping at her mothers house tonight. I will call you tomorrow.

he sends back, okay, talk to you in the morning, good night. he gets back in his car and goes home.

She tucks her head in her knees.

Outside, the mother calls Do-hee’s father to come home and have breakfast, she does not care if he is fishing or with that woman.




Do-hee’s family has breakfast together. The father is happy and says that he hasn’t had breakfast with his daughter for a long time. She tells him that she was busy on his birthday last year but Mom said I had to eat breakfast with you.

The mother tells him that this is their last breakfast as a family. They both look at him. Do-hee asks if that decision is about her? Her mom says it is her own decision.

The father tells his wife that they should not talk like that in front of their kid. Do-hee tells him that she loves him and he is a good father but he is very bad to umma. I support her 100%.

He tries to say something but is lost for words. Do-hee tells them to take care of their stuff, she also has to be excuse to stop by her place to take care of some things.

She goes to her apartment and waits a moment outside before going in. She looks at her place and rights her stuffed animal then sits on a chair for a moment. She goes to her door and finally changes her password.

Scene change to her riding the bus to work. High school kids in the back of the bus playfully talk about how someone’s boyfriend is having an affair and their friend should break up with him. This girl dated him for 3 years and wants to give him another chance. Her friends think she is too innocent.

They tell her not to accept him back just because he is crying so she says with resolve, okay, I won’t!

Do-hee gets out and starts walking up the street. She voices over.

VO – My love life was all screwed up. hating each other and blaming each other, everyone does that.

She sees a cute old couple holding hands.

VO – They all live like that. My pain is not special so it is kind of okay. It was my mistake. My love life was really bad.

She sees Hae-kyung standing on the sidewalk in front of her. 

VO – I am so embarrassed to that man. I am happy to see him as well.

She smiles.

VO – I am really worthless.

They walk up to each other. He tells her she has good timing.

DH – Nice to see you again, its been only 12 hours.

HK – Breakfast? (banmal)

DH – I slept at my parents house so I had too much breakfast.

HK – Coffee? 

DH – Okay, there is a take out place.

They start to walk there.

DH – But is something a little short? (mentioning his language)

HK – You don’t like it?

DH – Oh, you decided to use banmal?

HK – You do it too

DH – Why don’t you have any middle ground

HK – What is between banmal and jongdaemal? I want to know if there is something….I am really awkward now.

DH – *laughs* Your expression is so honest. You can’t lie. *keeps walking*

HK – Are you laughing because it is really funny?

DH – Yes. A lot.

HK – I talk to patients so long, it is nothing but it is difficult. Ah, why is it so difficult. I have to rethink things.

DH – That is why experience is so important.

HK – I will do my best.

DH – Fighting!

HK – *awkward* Lets go!


Jae-hyuk is super drunk at his house. He is sleeping. His phone goes off and wakes him up so he answers the call from Gun-woo. Gun-woo asks him why he sounds like that. But Jae-hyuk passes out again. The camera scrolls to his hand that has a big gash on it. Gun-woo wonders what is going on.


Cut to Sora sitting in front of the camera for her show. Everyone is setting up for it. Jin-kyu gives her a drink. Do-hee comes in with a drink. Sora asks if Jin-kyu gave it to her? Do-he tells her, no, my boyfriend gave it to me this morning. Sora looks bummed and looks at the drink with a frown. 

Jin-kyu happily looks at her. She is all like, um, why are you looking at me like that? I am scared.

Gun-woo calls Do-hee and tells her that he is not sure if he should call her with this but Jae-hyuk is sick. She tells him that she knows. Take him to the hospital and do not call me about Jae-hyuk anymore. Gun-woo apologizes. Do-hee says he doesn’t have to be sorry, just take him to the hospital, he is acting really strange.

Do-hee remembers telling Hae-kyung that she will buy dinner for them tonight, so think about what you want to eat. He mutters okay in banmal. She tells him that she can’t stand it (the banmal). He says he wants to be a little more closer to her so she can say things she couldn’t say to him. This is all scientific in psychiatry. It is abou the close distance between two people.

DH – Doctor, everything sounds good but you dont look comfortable at all.

HK – *awkward* Yeah, isn’t it.

DH – yeah.

HK – Not done yet…(the coffee)

DH – Thank you so much for caring about me.

HK – thank you for accepting it.

In the present, Do-hee is pulled out of her thoughts back at work when Jung-whan comes up to her to talk about their show and other shows. She tells him to hold off for now and asks where the boss is. He tells her that she has an important meeting, she said she will be back.



Cut to the owner who is waiting at the convenience store for Keanu

Scene change to Do-hee’s parents. She packed up his luggage and rolls it out to him in the living room. then she tells him that she wanted Do-hee to get married before we got divorced, but I did not know that my daughter was having a hard time. So, lets get divorced. I want to show Do-hee that her mother is doing well. Goodbye. She gives him the divorce paperwork, she already put her stamp on it.

Back at the rendevous place, the owner fell asleep but Keanu wakes her up. He asks how she can wait on a homeless person? What if I don’t come back at all?

She tells him that she should wait here, it is the only place I know about you. I only waited for 5 hours. He tells her that she should come at 8am and 8pm and if she wants to tell him anything just tell the convenience store person.

She nods and tells him that they can eat breakfast and dinner together at 8am and 8pm. We can be meal mates. He starts to laugh and says that is the first step, then what is the next step? 


Meanwhile, Noeul is working out at the gym. She gets off and calls a reporter to tell them that she will do the interview.

Elsewhere, Hae-kyung is at the hospital talking to the doctor about surgery. But he reminds him that the prognosis is not that great even if they do it.


Back at work, A-young sits in her massage chair to relax. She watches their old videos happily but then Do-hee knocks on her window and lets herself in.

Do-hee asks if she has anything fun for her to do, I also want to laugh. Ah-young asks, why so serious? Do-hee tells her it is a thriller. Ah-young basically tells her to spit it out, I lost a kilogram of weight because of you.

DH – I am a good employee that makes my boss diet.

AY – Who is that? Jae-hyuk or hae-kyung? Which man?

DH – Appa, I think my mom will get a divorce.

AY – *stunned* Your mom finally decided?

DH – And Jae-hyuk….last night….

AY – What is it?

Cut to Gun-woo who is trying to wake up Jae-hyuk at his place. Jae-hyuk finally wakes up. Gun-woo asks him what this is? What are you doing? You have a fever, lets go to the hospital.

But Jae-hyuk says it is okay, it is just a hangover. Gun-woo tells him that PD Woo told him to take him to the hospital. This wakes Jae-hyuk up. He remembers her not turning him in to Hae-kyung at her place. He smiles thinking about that.

Gun-woo tells him that he was so surprised after talking to him so he called PD Woo. he said you were sick to I should take you to the hospital. He says he thinks he is all cured just hearing that.


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  1. iatetoomuch1
    June 30, 2020 / 1:22 pm

    This is the first time I am majorly disappointed with Dinner Mate, especially Do Hee. How could she not say anything about the break in? She lied to Hae Kyung for what? I can’t think of any. Come on, this is your stalker ex boyfriend entering and breaking into your house!! And this is Do Hee, who may be silly at times but never stupid. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Plus it’s funny that Gun Woo has no inkling of his cousin’s mental illness, even going so far to translate “Woo PD told me to take you to the hospital” as a sign of caring from Do Hee’s part. Whaatttt?

    I can feel the black storm coming and I’m not welcoming it at all. This is supposed to be my light, pretty and warm show. If only this show could be rewritten without Jae Hyuk and No Eul. It was very good acting from the actor playing Jae Hyuk though.

  2. WPB
    June 30, 2020 / 2:59 pm

    I was surprised about DH’s decision but not disappointed about her decision. That’s reflection of her not totally ready to move forward. In addition, she hasn’t realized how dangerous JH is. She was in the mood to figure it out instead of trying to protect herself from him (which I think it’s a big mistake). At least finally she knows it better and decided to stay overnight at her parents’. However, I am afraid we will see more aggressive behavior from JH in upcoming episodes and who knows if DH will end up being sent to hospital.

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