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Dinner Mate: Episode 21-22 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 21-22 Live Recap - Part 1

Alright, we have a strawberry catastrophe that might just ruin this live video. But will it kill Jae-hyuk and take him out of the drama because that sounds like a win? Okay, maybe kill is too harsh. How about a coma? We would be off trend, but throw in amnesia and I will accept it as appropriately hilarious.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-hee tells Jae-hyuk to spit out his food, it has strawberries in it! he has an allergy!

They turn off the live video and everyone looks up in alarm. Do-hee tells him to pull out his medicine and take it. Where is it? He starts coughing and holds his neck. Everyone tries to get his medicine and Hae-kyung does the doctorly thing of making sure he can breath.

Do-hee explains that he was fine right away after taking the medicine. No-eul sees Jae-hyuk’s picture of Do-hee and Jae-hyuk. She lightly picks it up then drops it, it falls to the ground.

Jae-hyuk looks a bit better. Do-hee asks him if he is stupid? You didn’t know that before putting it in your mouth?

Hae-kyung sees that Jae-hyuk is gripping Do-hee’s hand. He asks Do-hee if the amount he took is similar to before? She says he had little piece of papingsu and he became better after 30 minutes.

Hae-kyung says he should probably go to the hospital. Let’s help him out. Jin-kyu comes up and helps Jae-hyuk stand and help him out. Several people walk with him.

Noeul comes up and tells Reporter Jung that he dropped something. She hands over his photo of him and Do-hee. Everyone sees it. It gets awkward. Ah-young gives some instructions to everyone and then tells Do-hee to follow her.

While walking away she mentions how big of a problem this is. Your apology letter is not enough.

Hae-kyung and No-eul are left alone at the elevator.

In her office, Ah-young reprimands Do-hee about having strawberry cake on the video, you should have known better. You need to focus! Do-hee says she completely forgot about it.

AY – Well, we had medicine and we had a doctor, but it could have been a big accident.

DH – I know

Ah-young sits, exhausted by the event. Do-hee tells her she will take care of everything. But Ah-young tells her that is not the problem. Dr. Kim saw you and Jae-hyuk’s picture. I was more scared about that.

Do-hee tells her that she is done with Jae-hyuk. He will go back to America after this program. Ah-young asks, really? He is going back? She nods. Ah-young relaxes a bit and says she was worried about that. I can’t see you fall together. Anyway, we need to have an apology program.

Do-hee agrees. Ah-young tells her to go do it! And don’t drink strawberry milk.


Nouel tells Hae-kyung that she does not have her car today, can you take me? he is walking slightly in frotn ofher and ignores her question.

NE – Did you see Woo Do-hee PD? I heard that they dated for a long time. It was like they were an old married couple.

HK – *stops walking* Jin Noeul, I knew about their relationship so don’t try to do anything with that, I don’t care.

NE – Really? Okay, I feel good that you don’t care. I would be sad if you were mad about PD Woo taking care of Reporter Jung.

HK – *deep breath* I don’t know why I have to hear you say this to me. Don’t ever talk about them in front of me, unless you really want to see me get angry.

He walks away and goes to his car. Noeul stays in place and wonders why he just didn’t say he didn’t want to take me home. (Argh, go away Noeul!)

Do-hee calls Hae-kyung. He is still sitting in his car taking deep calming breaths. He picks up right away and asks if she is fine and if she got yelled at a lot?

She pouts and says, yes, a lot. I might get fired.

HK – Then you will have a lot of time to play with me.

DH – Should I just quit first then?

HK – That would be too much for the day. One trouble a day, call me when you are done and lets eat dinner together.

DH – Okay, I will finish up very quickly and call you.

They hang up. Hae-kyung sits in the car again and thinks about Keanu telling him that Jung Jae-hyuk was his patient. He has a lack of love built since he was young. he has strong obsessive compulsive disorder. The most he was obsessed was….

Hae-kyung sighs and puts on his seatbelt, then drives off.


Do-hee’s mom’s looks at the live video stream and sees Do-hee hop into the video. Her booty is on display for everyone. Her mother’s face brightens, she wonders, wow, look at this. She picks up the phone and calls Jae-hyuk.

jae-hyuk picks up and happy says yes. Jung-whan and Jin-kyu are with him and ask if he is really okay? You don’t need to go to the hospital? They are standing in front of the hospital. Jae-hyuk tells them that he is fine.

They don’t want to leave him though because they think their CEO will yell at them. He tells them that he will call their CEO and he has somewhere to go. He takes off. 

Jung-whan and Jin-kyu talk to each other about whether he is really okay? They also wonder about the relationship between Do-hee and Jae-hyuk. Jung-whan thinks they aren’t anything but Jin-kyu thinks a strong relationship like that can’t just end.

Scene change to No-eul and Gun-woo. Noeul thinks that the end is not the end. Gun-woo starts to talk about the live video and how Woo PD rescued Jung before a big thing happened.

NE – It was one win for Jung Jae-hyuk. 

GW – One win?

NE – Something like that.




Hae-kyung goes back to work and sits at his desk. BJ tells him about the international wedding with his patient. The agency cannot give them the phone number of the bride. Instead, they said they can give  information through the center. But, what are you going to do?

Hae-kyung says that he wants to tell her exactly how he is and let her decide. Since he has a medical history. The agency might say no, but what does she think? What if she really loves him and wants to get married. Then they can understand each other.

BJ smiles and starts to wax poetic about the power of love. He gives Hae-kyung a thumbs up and heads out.

Hae-kyung gets a text from Do-hee saying that she is almost done. Are you at the clinic? He tells her that he will pick her up. But she says that she will meet him at his clinic.

He puts down the phone and starts to think about what Noeul said about Jae-hyuk and Do-hee. He calls BJ and tells him that he can go home for the day. BJ says it is too early. So Hae-kyug asks him if he wants to work late. Byung Jin hangs up right away. Hae-kyung chuckles.

Hae-kyung gets jajangmyung delivery to his office while Do-hee is already there. They are sitting in his office kitchen.

he asks if jajangmyun is okay? She says she actually wanted to eat it all of a sudden. he says they have a lot of good restaurants around here. She tells him that delivery jajangmyung makes her feel like she really is eating jajangmyun.

They start chatting about if she eats delivery food often? She says yes, probably half and half. He can’t believe it, that often? It is better to cook your own food than deliver–. 

She shushes him and says even her mother doesn’t know that. You don’t know about it but now there is no food that is not delivery. Even one serving of samgyupsal is delivered for one person.

He asks, how can you deliver samgyupsal?

She sighs and tells him that he does not know what is going on in the world. She takes a big bite of the noodles. He pours her a water and tells her to eat slowly.

he tells her that she has not made any eye contact with him at all since she came over. She looks at him and says that is unfair. Your job related disease….how do you know everything?

HK – You don’t have to be a doctor to know it. It is so noticeable that you do not have anything to do.

DH – Before….

HK – Before….you did a good job. That is why a big trouble did not happen. It was better than me as a doctor. Good job. *he pats her back*

DH – Thank you. *smiles*

HK – But, next time, I hope you hold my hand when you are surprised.

DH – I didn’t hold hands.

HK – yes, yes, okay. *starts to feed her*


Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk is eating at Do-hee’s mother’s house. She tells him that he should come by often. She starts to chat to him about Do-hee’s work and how they are working together. She makes sure that he is not dating No-eul, he says no. Just colleagues.

He also makes it a point to tell her that he only thinks about Do-he, but she really says no to me. I tried to end things. The mother says he should not end it! Do-hee jumped on you when you ate the cake. It is just that she is still angry, that is why.

He says he will follow what Do-hee says. The mother tells him to eat more. Eat, eat. So he starts to happily eat more.


Cut to Hae-kyung who is in his lounge clothing. He sits on his couch cross legged and drinks a beer. His thoughts go to Do-hee. When they were eating she told him that she thinks she should be responsible for her relationship. 

He told her that he felt uncomfortable about it, but I hope you don’t give up because of me. I will try and be okay with it. She tells him he is cool. he asks, you just found out? She jokes that she found out a long time ago.

In the present he chastises himself, ah, why did I pretend to be cool back then? then he thinks about Noeul giving the picture back to Jae-hyuk and wonders why he was carrying that picture with him. he drinks more of his beer and tries not to think about it.


Do-hee walks up the street from her condo. Jae-hyuk is walking up too. He is about to talk to her, but she sees Keanu and runs to him. Jae-hyuk also sees Keanu and turns away.

We enter his flashback were he is Keanu’s patient. Keanu told him that he was doing much better. Jae-hyuk says it is all because of him. But Keanu says it is not because of me, it seems like it is all because of your girlfriend. They both smile.

In the present, Do-hee asks Keanu if he is all the way back? Keanu tells her that homeless is not about coming back or not. She says that a lot of things bothered her, but I feel better after seeing you. Want a beer in the evening? Call? He says he is busy so she jokes, are you going on a date? he says no, she tells him that she is off to work, see you.

Do-hee heads off. Jae-hyuk keeps watching Keanu. He looks psycho.




Do-hee goes to work. Ah-young tells them that they came all the way up here from the basement. Do-hee says that they cannot stop. 

Ah young meets with Do-hee and the team and tells them that they actually have good news, they have PPL.

The team is happy with this news. They ask what kind of PPL it is. Genseng? Makeup? Sports cars? Ah-young tells them it is a pension and survival games company. Let’s take a Vlog with our Eat My Heart team! When there are a lot of issues, the best thing is to show it!

After the meeting, Sora asks if they are going to edit while they are at the workshop? Ah-young tells her, work and shop – that is workshop. Sora sigh, defeated. 

But then Ah-young sees Keanu all dressed in his crips white shirt and suit. She wonders if that is the guy she knows? Is that my man? She runs off to meet him. Sora is all like, what? That is her man?

Ah-young walks across the road in as innocently sexy way as she can. She asks why he is there, He asks if she would like to have dinner together? She tells him that she already has a dinner appointment – with Keanu.

They go eat dinner at samgyupsal place and have a good time talking and eating. She asks why he is dressed like that today, he smiles and she makes a ssam roll for him. Then she tells him to live with her. He coughs. She asks why he is so surprised? We can make ssam and feed each other, that is what living together is, that’s it.

he feeds her as well. She mentions that the food is so good and asks for some soju. They start to drink the soju and keep talking. Fast forward to 4 or 5 soju bottles later. Ah-yong’s face is flushed with spirits, she is delightfully drunk. He tells her that he actually has to stop hating someone before he comes to her. 

They share a kiss that she initiates. She tells him that he just needs to move in with his body only. He starts to laugh.


The team all get out of their cars in slow motion at the survival games and walk in together looking like a fabulous Avengers. But then Ah-yong stumbles and maybe almost throws up. Everyone stops being cool right away and wonders how much she drank last night?

But then she really throws up inside some bag she finds and runs off.

Do-hee and Sora wonder where Dr. Kim is, maybe he is not coming? But then he drives up and gets out of his car looking amazing. He walks up to them happily.

But then Noeul comes up to them and holds Hae-kyung’s arm. It is awkward. Hae-kyung turns and calls to BJ to come up, which removes his arm. BJ is super happy.

The issue is that they have an uneven number of players. So they need to think about how to divide things up. they all go inside.

Cut to montage of all the men and women putting on their camouflage makeup in as dramatic and comic a way as possible.

Then the games start. They are in a typical paintball arena so they have to run around corners and hide behind make shift houses, cars, crates, and walls.

They are also recording all of this so sometimes we get a look at all the shooting and jumping from the camera’s perspective.

Whenever someone gets hit then a big stamp shows up on screen that say the kill number.

Sora has a comedic moment with Jin-kyu where she pretends to like him, but she shoots him in the end.

The paintball fight continues. (this scene is very long)

Finally, Do-hee gets ambushed by Jae-hyuk. But Hae-kyung is able to shoot him. though, they are on the same team, lol. He raises his hand and apologizes. Do-he winks at him.

He’s happy about that, but then she shoots him, lol. She shoots him a heart finger as well (haha).

The games continue.

Noeul hits Do-hee, but she keeps shooting her and walking closer to her.

DH – I’m dead.

NE – I will never lose.

DH- I don’t want to fight you

NE – I don’t want to fight you also.

But then Noeul gets shot by Ah-young. Ah-young blows her gun and tells her Don’t act up. Then chuckles. Their team won.


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