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Dinner Mate: Episode 19-20 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Everyone is getting ready for the show in the 2N Box building. Do-he is checking over the script. Gun-woo taps her on the shoulder and asks to talk to her for a second.

So they walk off somewhere to talk.

DH – I am not listening if you talk about Jung Jae-hyuk.

GW – Well, hyung is pitiful, um….

DH – Yes, he is a pitiful a-hole. Then that’s it.

She walks away.

GW – He has his own reasons. If I were him I won’t survive. It was very very difficult. He said he only could survive. Jae-hyuk will wrap up his heart. He just needs time to do it. Can you give him a break?

DH – It’s too late. Let’s go.

Hae-kyung shows up to the building. He is greeted by Jin-kyu and Jung-whan who think he is super cool. Do-he comes up to him but treats him very business like so Hae-kyung is taken back a bit. She leads him to the waiting area.

He texts Do-hee to see what is going on. 

HK: What is going on.

DH: I want to keep it a secret that we are dating.

HK: Am I an embarrassment?

DH: Noooo, you know, my personal business affects the company a lot so please understand me.

HK: I will think about it.

She goes to his waiting area and gives him several cute winks from the door. This makes him smile.

Cut to her preparing for the show. Hae-kyung is in front of the camera now. Everyone thinks he looks so relaxed.

But he is actually nervous because he is tapping his thigh. Noeul tells him to drink this if he is nervous. So he drinks some water.

They start filming live. 

NE – Why am I not wearing workout clothing? 

All the comments ask who this handsome guy is next to her? Her boyfriend?

NE – What about it doc, would you like to date me?

Everyone says that they envy her to confess online. Another person says that is just for show.

HK – Sorry, I am dating someone.

He looks at Do-hee. The comments ays that Noeul was dumped in five seconds. Noona, date me. This doctor is an a-hole.

Ay-young looks at the comments happily, they are streaming in quickly.

HK – Hello, I am Kim Hae-kyung who is a psychiatrist and food therapist.

NE – Oh, Kim Hae-kyung, the hero of that neighborhood? Please introduce this program Eat My Heart.

HK – Yes.

NE – A 28 years old working woman, I was a campus couple and my boyfriend made pasta often because we were both poor. It was difficult to pretend like it was good, but after five years of breaking up I miss that really bad tasting pasta.

HK – Hmm, lets see, she misses the person not the pasta. The important thing for the caller is that it is not the taste itself but the person who loved her and spent time preparing the food.

NE – Well, maybe he did it because he did not have money.

HK – If it is only about money then there is something easier and cheaper, like ramen. To me, cooking is the best altruistic thing someone can do for the person they love because they spend time and efforts (he smiles and Do-hee and she smiles back)

NE – Really, I think your altruistic behavior was not like that?

HK – What are you talking about?

NE – You said that eating dinner together is the best altruistic thing someone can do for others?

Flashback to them eating together and Hae-kyung saying being on the other person’s side is the best thing he can do for someone. she asked him the same thing, to do the most altruistic thing he can do for his lover tonight.

In the present, it is all quiet. The comments ask if they know each other? Are you going to fight? They look like a real couple.

Ay-young is smiling secretly while looking at the comments. She is almost giddy about it. 

NE – Well, let me read the chat.

She starts to read all the chats about everyone thinking they are a couple that had an argument. Someone says that they bet that they used to date and broke up. 

Hae-kyung starts to say that they are not in that kind of relationship. But Noeul says that they were but not anymore. Hae-kyung looks at Do-hee.

The commenters think that Noeul is crazy and they start to comment that this is a makjang.



Afterwards, Jung-hwan is happy because they had 10 million hearts for that show. But even so, Hae-kyung is not happy about it. He tries to hide it and tells them that he will see them next time. He walks out.

Noeul walks out as well. The other people walk away thinking that this show was good and they also wonder if he and Noeul are a couple now?

Do-hee calls Hae-kyung to see where he is. He says he is waiting fr her in the hallway. He hangs up. Noeul comes up to him and tells him this was daebak, lets eat together.

But he tells her that he is waiting for Do-hee and sees Do-hee turn to the corner. He walks over to her to tell her that they can go. Noeul walks away.

Hae-kyung tells her that he has to go to the hospital, writer Lee Moon-jung is hospitalized. She asks, your mom? He tells her that it is okay, just be comfortable. I didn’t call her that for a long time.

Do-hee asks, so can I go there with you? To the hospital? Hae-kyung says yes. 

They keep walking out but they run into Jae-hyuk. Jae-hyuk asks for five minutes of her time. So Do-hee tells Hae-kyung to go to the car first. I will wait for you.

She talks with Jae-hyuk outside somewhere. He gives her a lot of apologies and promises. He says that he will go back to America after this job is done. I know it is too late, but can you give me a chance to wrap it up?

She tells him okay and then walks off.

In the car, Hae-kyung thinks back to Jae-hyuk telling him that he can do anything for Do-hee and to Keanu telling him that Jae-hyuk is a dangerous person. He wonders where his sunbae is.


Do-hee nervously holds a bouquet of flowers while walking next to Hae-kyung up the hallway to his mothers room. But they get a surprised when they see that Noeul is already sitting with her.

NE – Ah, you two came here? We should have come together. We were all on TV together.

HK – *angry and nervous* She is the PD

DH – Yes

Mom – Lee Moon-jung?

Do-hee thinks back to telling her a fake name while drunk.

DH – Woo Do-hee.

Mom – It is nice to see you again. I am Kim Hae-kyung’s mom.

NE – Omoni likes roses, if you do not know then you can ask me.

Then she turns to his mother and says, oppa still does not know.

HK – I did not know that you had a guest, I will come back. 

She says they can all talk together. Do-hee says that she will leave and come back. She also mentions that she is her big big fan. Hae-kyung tells his mom that he will call her and then tells Noeul to talk to him.

She goes outside. Do-hee walks off to give them privacy.

HK – I told you I will only think about me.

Noeul turns and walks back into his mothers room. The mom tells her not to make things so complicated. It is so tiring. I told you that I do not like you because you are just like me. It will be difficult for you.


Hae-kyugn drops off Do-hee. She tells him goodbye. He tells her that he will leave after he sees her go inside. She is about to get out but then she turns to him and asks.

DH – Would you like to eat ramen? (which can also mean, lets sleep together)

She looks at him with an intense gaze.

But we cut to an actual plastic bowl of ramen at the convenience store. He is the epidomy of sulking. 

DH – Hey, eat!

HK – This ramen is not that ramen.

DH – Convenience store ramen is the best. You know I can’t cook.

HK – You just need to put the right amount of water, I can do it.

Keanu comes back and walks to his place. 

DH – I haven’t seen that ajusshi in awhile.

HK – *recognizes him* Do you know him?

DH – Yes, he is my neighborhood friend.

HK – A neighborhood friend?

Then Ah-young shows up and starts crying.

HK – Isn’t that your CEO?

Outside Ah-young cries and asks Keanu, where did you go? Keanu tells her, I can’t tell you that yet. She angrily asks, why can’t you!

Do-he and Hae-kyung are watching this scene like it is a TV show, they are both surprised. This scene is playing out like a soap opera.

AY – Are you a murderer!

Keanu – it is not like that.

AY – Then why did you say no!

Keanu – Sorry. I am not in the condition to meet someone.

She extends her hand to shake and then pulls him into a hug. She keeps hugging him and rests her head dramatically on his shoulder.

AY – Don’t blame the situation.

Keanu – If you know who I am then you will be disappointed.

AY – i am okay.

Do-hee and Hae-kyung are super shocked.

Ah-young pulls Keanu’s head around and is about to kiss him….but then Do-hee comes out clapping and exclaiming BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. Hae-kyung walks out next to her and goes up to Keanu.

HK – Sunbae….

DH – Sunbae? Do you know each other?

HK – Um…he is my high school sunbae. Sunbae, talk to me.

He pulls him away to talk.

HK – Hey! What happened! How do you know Do-hee?

Keanu – It is just a coincidence. That bright neighborhood agasshi who did not discriminate against a homeless man.

HK – You knew about Do-hee and Jung Jae-hyuk’s relationship?

Keanu – Yes, that’s right, now I can tell you. Jung Jae-hyuk was my patient.

HK – What?

Keanu – Because of the lack of love he was given when he was little, he has an obsessive compulsive disorder. He especially was most obsessed with….

Cut back to Do-hee and Ah-young drinking at a convenience store table. They are joking about getting married. Ah-young tells her that she is just like her mom. Do-hee mutters, cancel. Ah-young leans in and tells Do-hee her plan. First, I am going to take him to my place and feed him ramen. They both laugh and says Daebak.

Hae-kyung continues and says it should be Woo Do-hee. Keanu explains that Jae-hyuk came to this neighborhood to look for Do-hee. I realized it then. That girlfriend he talked about was her. That is why I went to see you, I worried about her and it also seems like you like her.

HK – You should have told me everything, why now! Is there anything else?

Keanu – There is nothing.

HK – Wait, stay here.

Keanu – It is nothing.

He starts to walk back with Hae-kyung holding his arm to keep him there. Hae-kyung asks if they would like to have beer together? Ah-young says not today, you know, you two can go. Do-hee wants to leave, right? Ah-young practically pushes them away.



Do-hee and Hae-kyung walk to her place. They stand in front of each other by his car. He smiles and tells her thank you for the ramen. She asks, are you just saying that? You said you thank me.

He smiles and gives her a big big bear hug. She puts her arms around him as well.

HK – I was thinking of following you into your place. I was worried that maybe I would look crazy or maybe she would like it or maybe not. I was thinking about it the entire way back. Well my degree in psychiatry does not work.

He looks at her after giving her a hug and then takes another step closer to her. So now he is definitely in kissing range. He leans in and kisses her on the forehead. She looks up at him. She is a bit embarrassed, maybe uncomfortable.

HK – you look like, ah, what should I do?

DH – *hits his arms away* Aigoo, it is not that good to be a psychiatrists girlfriend *starts walking to her place*

HK – *smiles* Call me.

She goes inside and we cut to her getting ready for bed. She has rollers in her bangs and goes to her cute diary to keep drawing in it. She draws hearts around a drawing of her and Hae-kyung then takes a photo of it.

Hae-kyung is at home and checks his phone. He got the photo that she took. He leans back and chuckles and takes a deep happy breath. 


Do-hee tries to make herself look a lot cuter. So she puts her hair in a ponytail and puts on a bright pink jacket instead of her usual greys. She gives the mirror a farewell point and then heads out.

At 2NBox, Jae-hyk has joined the video. He sits in the middle of Noeul and Hae-kyung.

Behind the camera, Jin-kyu tells Do-hee that he thinks No-eul and Hae-kyung are dating. Do-hee tells him to just focus on the program.

But Jin-kyu keeps commenting and says that it seems like Jung Jae-hyuk likes Noeul. Do-hee starts to countdown to airing.

NE – This is the eat my heart second live episode. Reporter please introduce yourself.

JH – Hello, I am medical journalist Jung Jae-hyuk.

The comments all talk about if he is another boyfriend? Is this a current boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend?

They start to talk about sweets. Noeul has a macaroon and a strawberry cake. She gives Hae-kyung the macaroon and tells him that he likes sweets. he looks at her cautiously.

The comments ask if this is a triangle relationship? Why is this reporter there? Jung-hyuk looks at Do-hee and says that the woman he loved likes this cake. It is a strawberry cake. He picks up a piece of the cake and eats it. It is a tense moment.

Do-hee yells NO, then runs into the video and grabs his arm. But he already ate it. They both look at each other. (he has a strawberry allergy)

Fade Out


Argh, this episode was frustrating because I want all the shenanigans with the ex’s to go away or to at least not interfere with our couple as much as it is ughhhhhhh. Also, um, Jae-hyuk is straight up psycho.

Though, I am still happily enjoying our main couple and their continued progress in their relationship. They hug was cuddle worthy nice, a kiss, even a peck, would have been perfect after that! But I do also love the awkwardness and the ability to hold back. We lack that in American shows so I love it. But~, let’s get an actual kiss next week, okay?


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English Translation

GW – Woo PD prevented a big accident from happening

JK – Their relationship won’t end like this. Don’t you see?

SR – What are you going to do with Jung Jae-hyuk and Kim Hae-kyung?

NE – Well, they dated for many years. They look like they have been married for ten years.

HK – It seems like you knew about reporter Jung and Do-hee’s relationship. I knew it also. But so not try to attempt to do anything with that.

BJ – Hey, the power of love, great!

AY – Ahhh, live with me

Keanu – I have to wrap up my feelings of hating someone. 

HK – Do you know you did not make any eye contact since we came in?

DH – Before~

HK – You did a good job.

HK – But I hope you only hold my hand. *leans in close to her on the couch….for a kiss*

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  1. Gigabellies
    June 23, 2020 / 11:00 am

    “He leans in and kisses her on the forehead. She looks up at him. She is a bit embarrassed, maybe uncomfortable.”

    Not at all, she was actually disappointed cos she was expecting a kiss on her lips but HK is teasing her with a forehead kiss. It is nice that he does things step by step.

    • iolab
      June 23, 2020 / 11:20 pm

      Yes, he’s doing it on purpose, a forehead kiss for a convenient store ramyeon, lol

  2. jammmm
    June 23, 2020 / 11:17 am

    I wonder how BAD stuff is going to happen between HK an DH on next couple weeks and now I know… JH is an evil person. He is tricking everyone!!! All in his plan. I’m worrying about DH’s weakness towards JH even though he lied about himself for 8 years!!! I think HK is strong enough to keep her in place but we all know it’s going to go down soon! NE isn’t weak either even with HK’s strong rejection of her… My heart is too happy to see this show not being cute and happy… I know better to prepare myself…

    As always, GAMSAHAMNEDA V!!!

  3. RMB
    June 23, 2020 / 12:33 pm

    I really really like the show, but this is more of a rant (SORRY): 10 (20) episodes in and I have had more than enough of JH and NE. I mean, we get it, these are significant Ex-z, they were our main leads’ first loves etc. We know these guys had serious history. Now stop showing us all of that and the consequences of their histories in the present after their (JH and NE) return to our leads’ lives. We really do get it. I am afraid now that we know JH is unwell, the show would also spend too much time on JH’s recovery/treatment by HK or even his sunbae Keanu. Ughh. I wouldn’t mind time spent on the evil JH and annoying NE, as long as we had enough scenes of WDH and HK together which we do not.

    Also, we are now getting JH’s backstory with his family, we have NE’s issues possibly linked to her mother, HK’s relationship with his parents is being focused on, but the show has put a halt to WDH’s backstory with her parents.

    We do have enough of the main leads separately but I want to see them interacting more with each other even if they are on phone calls/chats, and they definitely need to eat more meals together. Sharing meal time is supposed to be the main premise of the show and the webtoon which it is adapted from. — I do really like the show, and it is the perfect show to watch esp after the intensity of The King: Eternal Monarch, but it is just that I do not want to see JH and NE so much on the screen. —— In separate scenes, JH is shown with GW, with AhY (CEO/Sunbae), with the production team, with HK, with WDH, with NE and he is part of Keanu’s story/memories. NE is shown separately with GW, WDH, HK, HK’s mother and the production team. They are already such an intrusively big part of the main leads’ meal interactions, do we really have to keep seeing them everywhere else also? The first two episodes were perfect, I hope we will soon see WDH and HK stuck in Jeju again, before the finale.

    End rant.

    • tsutsuloo
      June 23, 2020 / 4:18 pm

      Agree with the rant. You can’t go wrong with more HK and DH together on screen! More talking, more eating, more togetherness!

      Yaaas, it would be lovely if our OTP returns to Jeju together. I expect we’ll see his patient there at least one more time too. And if we’re very good, will the show give us dashing HK wearing his halmoni shirt under a sharp blazer?

  4. Sebba
    June 23, 2020 / 1:59 pm

    “We lack that in American shows so I love it.” Agreed. There’s a place for those passion fueled romances where you’re literally pushing and pulling each other because of overwhelming feelings. However slow burn relationships – interest to friendship to love – have their own ferocity; still waters running deep and all that. And you’re right we don’t get that in fiction so much now. We’re living in an era where – for whatever reason – there is an complete absence of foreplay on both physical and emotional levels.

    I know people may gripe that these adults are behaving like shy teenagers – and there are dramas that make me cringe on that front. However like you pointed out, they’ve perfectly encapsulated that awkwardness of the ‘first’ of everything in a new romance. But I feel like it’s more than that. At first I thought it might be fear and hesitance. But I think I prefer to paint it to mean they just don’t wanna mess this up. It’s not about ‘pick yourself up and try again, there are plenty of fish in the sea’ but rather this is ‘you’re special, I want this to work because you’re special.’

  5. WPB
    June 23, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    The Ramen reference could be another spoof from CLOY though it’s not as daebak as the one from last week. (Goo Seung Jun cooked Seo Dan ramen at her apartment and tried to explain to Dan what that means).

    I also enjoyed the first couple episodes on Jeju Island, and hope DH and HK will have a vacation there again before the end of the show. I especially want to see the two guys at the food truck. (They played the sidekicks for Song Seung-Heon in “The Player (2018)”.

    • Steve
      June 24, 2020 / 1:27 pm

      I agree, the JEJU island episodes were the best. Loved the companionship these two shared, even as absolute strangers…

  6. Yumi
    June 25, 2020 / 9:37 am

    On the first episodes of this Series I got bored but since I was doing nothing I gave it a try. And before I know it I am hooked. I feel like a teenager again. I love how they cling on to each other. It really feels nice to share your story to a stranger sometimes.

    • V
      June 28, 2020 / 8:18 pm

      Yes! I feel the same way. I love how they cling to each other and hold hands and have butterflies. So cute!

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