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Dinner Mate: Episode 19-20 Live Recap – Part 1

Can we just stay in Hae-kyung’s kitchen for the duration of this show? Also, is this the kitchen in his condo or the kitchen in his office? It looks like his office but either one works for me. In fact, how about taking the party to his condo after leaving the office? Just to eat, just to eat! He can make some dessert. (Or he could be the ~ *head out the gutter*)

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hae-kyung tells Do-hee, like before I knew your name and after, I liked you the same.

He waits to see what she might say. She is teary eyed so he wipes her tears away and she lays her head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and pats her.

HK – I didn’t understand who only understands about their own emotions. Now, I am like that. So, I hope, Do-hee, you only think about yourself.

She sits up and looks super confused.

DH – Um, why is it like that? You say, ‘I only think about me.’ But you should say I will only think about you!

HK – *smiles* No, I will be a good listening sun.

DH – What does this or that matter?

HK – The Lee Moon-jung writer you like told me that your life is only once so be bold. 

DH – *still confused* It does not mean that. Boldly only think about your desireee~ *stops herself*

HK – *smirks* 

Hae-kyung extends his hand.

HK – Now, while being seduced, only think about me.

She slowly and lightly holds his hand.

DH – As a confession, actually, it has been a long time since I crossed the line.

HK – I know, it was difficult for me to pretend that I don’t know.

DH – Hey, you are not pretending that you don’t know. You actually don’t know.

HK – *chuckles*

He thinks back to the picnic where she said that she crossed the line but she hid what the subject was so she said it was the book.

DH – Did you notice back then?

HK – I am a pretty good psychiatrist. You were cute.

DH – Uhh…*drinks wine*

HK – Are you okay drinking? *leans way in* What do you think I will be into?

DH – *leans way back* Um, well, your soup is good, do you have some more?

He happily tells her that it is getting cold, just wait a moment. He takes the bowl with him and heads back into the kitchen.


Elsewhere, Jae-hyuk hits his steering wheel while waiting outside Do-hee’s place. Then he gets a call from Noeul.

back in Hae-kyung’s kitchen, Do-hee asks, does food therapy really work? Hae-kyung asks her how it was? For someone to make food only for that person and listen to them together, those tiny things can help.

DH – You are really a good doctor

HK – you just found out?

DH – Today could have been miserable. Thank you so much.

DH – I should have just killed him.

HK – *pats her head* It is good that you are valiant.

She touches her own head. He checks his watch and says it is late, I will take you home.

DH – Now? All of a sudden?

HK – Would you like to sleep here?

DH – No, no, no, let’s go!

She heads straight for the door.


Noeul and Jae-hyuk go to a bar to eat. Noeul asks how he knows Do-hee. He says she is a good Dongseng. We had a misunderstanding. She will be okay soon.

NE – How are you so sure about her?

JH – Do-hee’s heart….I know it the best. Noeul you are the same as me right?

NE – Yep, I also think I know Kim Hae-kyung the best. But, I really think Oppa likes PD Woo.

JH – Are you giving up now, then?

NE – No, I am in the ring. It is fair play, one-on-one.

JH – Fair play, I will support you.

JH – Do you think following the rules is more important or winning is more important?

Scene change to Hae-kyung and Do-hee walking up a tree lined street. Their hands lightly brush each other. He softly takes her hand and smiles like a dummy.

DH – Why are you smiling?

HK – I feel like I am a teenager again. I’m embarrassed.

DH – Yeah~me too.

They start to swing their hands like they’re 8 years old and laugh. Then they relax and walk with each other.

VO – In retrospect, any moment wasn’t not comforting to me at all.

Do-hee is at home now thinking about Hae-kyung in Jeju wearing those funny clothes and asking to eat dinner and going to the B&B. She also thinks about them meeting on the bridge and agreeing to eat dinner together and touching hands like a strange high five.

She keeps thinking about him and remembers him putting the bandaid on her hand.

Hae-kyung is at home also. He is happily walking around his house and lays down thinking about her.

VO – I thought eating alone made dinner complete but maybe I was wrong.

Do-hee talks to the penguin happily.




Noeul sits in Gun-woo’s studio.

VO – People only see what they want to see.

Cut to Jae-hyuk sitting at his desk at home under a red light. He starts scribbling like a maniac and then throws his pen. He looks like he is eating crazy sauce. He looks at Hae-kyung’s office online and thinks that this is all because of him.


hae-kyung happily gets dressed and triple checks his look to make sure he is on the up and up. 

Do-hee on the other hand walks up the street in her usual look of oversized clothes like she is the third Olsen twin. She gets to the convenience store and asks where Keanu is. The person working there tells her that he has not seen him in awhile.

Hae-kyung goes to work. The nurse is just standing there waiting in greeting so Hae-kyung asks him what?

HK – No, don’t say anything

BJ – What is up with PD Woo? You said she was a B rated spoof psychopath so why did you disappear with her?

HK – What are you talking about?

BJ- Who? PD Woo. Where? When? What did you do? Love? How? Why?

HK – You, clean.

He goes into the kitchen area and BK follows. The kitchen is in a mess.

BJ – Ahhhh, here! Did you come here with PD Woo yesterday?

HK – *waves him off*

BJ – What kind of relationship do you have with her?

HK – It is nothing. Which one of these should I stab you with.

Starts coming after him with some kitchen knives. Then Hae-kyung goes back to clean pleasantly.


Noeul is on screen filming how to correct your hip. Everyone is watching along and filming. It looks like filming is going well.

Meanwhile, Ah-young is at the convenience store looking for Keanu. She asks the worker if he is around? The worker says he doesn’t know, maybe he is avoiding everyone because they are all looking for him.

Ah-young looks around and we see Keanu in the distance. He walks away.

Back to the filming site, Noeul tells everyone that she will be back with a super person to collaborate with. I will give you a little hint – love.

They cut right there and everyone claps. Then Jin-kyu gets a call to have a meeting with Do-hee. Cut to this meeting where Do-hee is sitting on the table cross legged with her eyes closed looking like Aang in Avatar. 

They all walk in on her and wonder what in the world. She tells them that she is not doing “Eat My Heart” show. Jin-kyu tells Jung-whan to call the CEO. Woo PD is causing trouble again.

Do-hee says that the CEO knows about it. If she didn’t then I would not be sitting here. They all wonder why she is saying that all of a sudden. Do-hee says Jung Jae-hyuk is out.

Sora asks, what? He is not doing it? He just signed the contract. Do-hee tells them that she can’t do it. i will make it so he will not do it. I feel like I can kill him if I see him.

They continue looking at her strangely. She slams her fist on the table and tells them that she needs a different item. But then Ay-young comes in and tells Woo Do-hee to come out! (Jung-whan had already texted her).

Do-hee looks around and asks who turned her in! You just wait! Then she hops off the table and runs after Ah-young.

Noeul comes in then and asks what happened?

But we cut to Do-hee and Ah-young in Ah-young’s office. Do-hee tries to sweet talk Ah-young and asks her if she would like to see 5 million hearts that I sent to you? But Ah-young is giving her the silent treatment. Do-hee tells her to yell at her or something. But the boss tells her to go away.

AY – I brought you here to stop doing stupid things in front of the others.

DH – You don’t have a fever?

AY – Do you want your soul to go away?

DH – What is up? Did you cause any trouble? Just calm down, CEO.

DH – Hey, I will make another Daebak with something else.

AY – Said yes then no, give it and take it back, that is the worst, why not just start!

DH – Eunnie, are you….

AY – I think I am dumped….by a homeless man.

DH – I wonder which is easier, to confess to a homeless man or to get dumped by a homeless man?

AY – *glares* I will kill you.

DH – Hey, it is nothing, just smile. You were dumped once. Nam Ah-young who is a bobcat with grit. 

We cut to Noeul meeting with Do-hee and Ah-young. Noeul tells them that she has to do this because she already announced it to her followers. It is okay to just exclude reporter Jung right? I don’t care, I only talked about Dr. Kim Hae-kyung. The program can just continue. I don’t want to ruin work due to personal feelings.

Do-hee says out loud that this is a counterpunch. Ah-young tells No-eul that this was a promise to our viewers so we should keep going with the plan. We can decide if we will include reporter Jung. We can let you know.

Noeul stands and asks Do-hee if she really has a problem working with Reporter Jung? Does he still bother you? Do-hee does not respond.




An irate man bursts into the office and tries to break into Hae-kyung’s office but BJ stops him. He is upset because he has a record of coming to this office so he can’t get married.

He yells all of this at BJ. BJ tells him that they cannot do anything about it. The man asks, why can’t you! You left a record of me, this crazy guy that drank pesticide! Now I can’t get married! Where is the doctor!

BJ tells him he just needs 5 minutes! He runs into the back to speak with Hae-kyung who is in another meeting. He tells his client that he will see her next week.

Then he sits with BJ. BJ tells Hae-kyung that this man had acute depression five years ago. He tried to kill himself by drinking pesticide and then had a consultation with us for six months. 

Hae-kyung remembers him. BJ continues and says that the man was all better, but he tried to get an international marriage and the marriage was refused due to the record of his problem.

Hae-kyung sits with the man. The man tells him that his mothers wish was for him to have a baby and get married. Back then I was crazy. My mother was about to kill herself. Hae-kyung tells him that he understands. You became better and your mom became better and was determined to live. That is a difficult thing.

BJ is hiding around the other side of the door with a broom.

The man asks Hae-kyung if he can just write that he is not unstable anymore? Hae-kyung tells him it is just like how cancer or a cold can come back and your heart can even get hurt as well. Even God cannot stop his heart from getting hurt.

The man stands and yells, so I should like like a crazy guy? Hae-kyung stands as well and tells him to sit and calm down, it is not about that. I will find a way so do not worry too much. Have you seen the person you will marry?

He says yes, she is pretty and my mother likes her, I have to get married. He says yes, of course, I also want to get married. I cannot give you an okay right now. But can you give me some time to investigate and look into if I can do anything for you?

The man says he will not do anything crazy anymore and will come every week to get treated. Hae-kyung says yes, he will look into it so the man falls to the ground in a big bow which makes Hae-kyung fall back as well. BJ comes in and helps him up and Hae-kyung stands to pat the man on the back and tells BJ to help him get home and see you next week.


Elsewhere, Gun-woo and Jae-hyuk are outside at a pop up drinking place. It is still daytime. Gun-woo is not drinking, but Jae-hyuk is already plenty drunk.

GW – Why did you like to her even though you said you loved her?

JH – I didn’t mean it. I loved Do-hee so much. Getting kicked out of the house is not my fault.

GW – I was kicked out without anything. My Mom was sick and I wanted to kill myself. I survived only thinking about Do-hee.

We go into his flashback where he is talking to his father on the phone. His father told him to never ever think that he will be able to come back home. He hangs up his phone.

Do-hee walks up to him. He looks up at her. She looks like a goddess. She asks, sunbae, would you like to have lunch together? They go eat fried pork. She tells him that she likes him.

Jae-hyuk thinks about this in the present and tells Gun-woo that Do-hee loved him so much.

GW – Hyung, people’s hearts can change. PD Woo’s heart is not dead anymore. You should forget about her now. The love that the other person does not want is not love anymore. It is violence.

Jae-hyuk tries to grab Gun-woo but Gun-woo is stronger than him and shoves him away. Jae-hyuk falls back in his seat pitifully. Gun-woo tells him that he is here becuasce he knows that it is difficult to break up with someone.

Jae-hyuk cries and tells Gun-woo that he really loves Do-hee but he knows that she does not love him anymore and will not come back. Gun-woo asks, so if you know that then what are you doing? Jae-hyuk asks him for one last favor.

Cut back to Hae-kyung and Byung-jin. They are talking about the patient. Byung-jin says that they cannot do anything about it. Hae-kyung says that several peoples life is on the line. BJ tells him that his doctors license is on the line as well.

Hae-kyung says he can take care of his doctors license, you find out the international marriage agency. BJ asks, why? Are you going to have an international marriage? Hae-kyung stares at him so Byung-joon mutters, just in case.

Gun-woo calls Hae-kyung to the pop up drinking place. Hae-kyung has his arms folded and is all like, what is this? Gun-woo tells him that Jae-hyuk wanted to see him in person. Hae-kyung asks, you called me out for that?

Jae-hyuk is passed out drunk. Hae-kyung tells Gun-woo to just take him home. He gets up to leave. Jae-hyuk drunkenly stands and calls Hae-kyung back. Hae-kyung tells him, if you want to have a consultation then come to my office.

JH – *laughs* What can you do for me if I go there? *hits chest several time* You will heal all my pain? I need Woo Do-hee to do that. Can you? You are a famous doctor but you are a conman.

HK – No one can do it. I am not letting Woo Do-hee go.

JH – Kim Hae-kyung, my Do-hee….My Do-hee.

HK – Jung Jae-hyuk–

JH – Don’t hurt her. *hits chest* Because of me, she had a very difficult time. 

He sits back down at the table.

JH – Lets drink, huh? Let’s drink.

Hae-kyung sits as well and has a drink. This soon turns into a back and forth drinking war as they keep taking shots and shots and shots. Gun-woo looks at them both in shock. Gun-woo asks them why they just don’t go somewhere and punch each other.

Jae-hyuk passes out. Hae-kyung stands and tells Gun-woo to take care of him. He walks off.


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