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Dinner Mate: Episode 17-18 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 17-18 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Sora is busy at work washing a ban’s hair who has a shaved head. He is thoroughly enjoying it and she is having fun going crazy with slapping water in his face and putting shaving cream on his head and shaving it.

Do-hee thinks that this should have some kind of spoof in it. So she motions and Sora puts a plunger on his head and tries to pull it off, but it gets stuck so she has to pull really hard which makes him wall out of his seat and accidentally hit the water. She helps him up and apologizes. 

But the viewers actually love it, the viewership goes crazy.


Hae-kyung is sitting on a bench at a park. It might be the memorial hill he went to. Noeul comes and sits with him.

NE – How is your mom?

HK – She will be okay. Thank you. But Noeul, don’t worry about me.

NE – That is between omonim and me. She likes it.

He stands up and pulls his jacket back to rest his hands on his hips.

Back at 2N Box, Ah-young has a meeting with her team to tell them that they did a good job with that video. They start to talk about what’s next.

Jin-kyu asks if she had the next thing with Noeul and reporter Jung? Jung-whan says he thought that was also next. Sora asks, yes, why don’t you talk about it, what did Dr. Kim say?

Cut back to Hae-kyung talking with Noeul. He tells her that he is going to be in the program with PD Woo Do-hee. She asks, what? What did you say you would do?

NE – You said that you would never do it even when I begged.

HK – I have a reason to do it.

NE – What reason? You said you won’t do it because you hate Woo Do-hee PD.

HK – I don’t not like her.

NE – That person?

HK – I don’t not like her, PD Woo Do-hee.

NE – *scoffs* So, maybe the reason you want to do it is PD Woo?

She stands.

NE – Kim Hae-kyung.

HK – It will be uncomfortable but I am only thinking about me. There will be too much room to think about others.

NE – I will only think about myself also.

Back at 2N Box, everyone gasps and says, DAEBAK we have to do it! We don’t need Vlog or whatever, we have Daebak right here! Do-hee says, yes, I agree, that is why I prepared this.

She stands up dramatically and clicks on the screen to show them her show: Eat My Heart. This secretive handsome psychiatrist Kim Hae-kyung and this young and pretty Kim Noeul talk about love and food. Eat and Love! 

Ah young asks, is it eat and poop? 

Do-hee picks up her chair and awkwardly and looks at everyone. Then she calls Hae-kyung.

Hae-kyung answers, he is at his company. he clears his throat before he does.

HK – This is Kim Hae-kyung.

DH – This is Woo Do-hee from 2N Box. I am calling you to recruit you. Let’s have a meeting. I will explain to you the contents and we can settle down with the schedule. When do you have time.

HK – Ah, a meeting, just a moment.

he checks his calendar, he is actually really busy. He crosses off exercise and class reunion and tells her that today is fine.

DH – Today???

Cut back to Do-hee meeting with Noeul over coffee to tell her that she apologizes for not telling her in advance. 

NE – Is this about Kim Hae-kyung being on TV or because Kim Hae-kyng likes you?

DH – *quiet*

NE – I know what he is thinking as soon as I see him. Now Kim Hae-kyung is interested in you.

DH – If this is awkward to you –

NE – No, I am okay, I don’t care. I am a bad woman for Kim Hae-kyung because I dumped a guy that loved me for eight years.

She thinks back to heating with Hae-kyung and asking him why other peoples first loves are a happy fairytale but my first love is just a cruel fairytale. That is why blind unfortunate picks me. He told her that his first love was also a cruel story.

In the present, Hae-kyung mutters, that first love.

NE – you know a lot, he usually does not talk about himself.

DH – I just got to know about it on accident.

NE – So you know that we broke up, not because we hate each other. I am a bad woman but I never not liked Hae-kyung. I keep apologizing to him.

DH – You are too confident. You said you hurt him.

NE – I am just telling you the facts that Kim Hae-kyung’s old girlfriend still likes him. I only think about myself. You should do the same. Today, we have a meeting?

DH – Yes, if you have time –

NE – I have an appointment, but reporter Jung told me what it was about. See you next time.

She leaves.




hae-kyung starts to walk out for the day. BJ asks him, are you already leaving? He sys yes, I hav an outside schedule today. BJ tells him that he does not have any outside schedule today.

BJ thinks quickly about that and then hops in-between Hae-kyung and the door.

BJ – Doctor, are you going to get your revenge on Woo Do-hee PD?

HK – ha, there is no revenge. *points into his chest* This is all because of you. You should have said that Woo Do-hee is Woo Do-hee. Go home early today.

BJ is so confused and straightens himself back up. He tells himself that he told him a long time ago that Woo Do-hee was Woo Do-hee. What did I do wrong? Maybe Woo Do-hee sued?

Hae-kyung steps out of his building looking happy. He chekcs his appearance in his car window and then hops inside. He takes in a deep refreshing breath and drives off.

Then we see him at the spot where Do-hee is. She is standing outside her company building waiting for him.

HK – Ah, are you waiting for me?

DH – The building is a bit more complicated than it looks. We always do this just in case you can’t find the meeting room. it is for people who come for the first time.

HK – Ah, okay.

DH – Let’s go Dr. Kim.

He walks in with her and they ride the elevator. He asks her how her wound it. She says she is protecting it nicely and shows the bandaid. They get off the elevator and step right in front of Jae-hyuk. 

Jae-hyuk and Hae-kyung have a stare off. Do-hee sees it and tells Hae-kyung they should go.

JH – I am the creator of this content, let’s have the meeting together.

HK – Okay.

The stare off continues. But Do-he pulls Hae-kyung away.

They go meet in a small conference room to talk about the show. Do-he sits at the head of the table and Jae-hyuk and Hae-kyung sit facing each other across from the table. As they take notes, they give each other hateful glances on occasion. Do-hee does not look at them.

Do-hee explains that they will have one recipe they will focus on each episode. They can start with one episode and then increase later. Do-hee does not look at them at all, she just looks at her book. She asks if they have any questions.

Jae-hyuk raises his hand first to ask if he can ask a question later (wait, what?). She says yes and then tells them that she is wrapping up so she can clean up the meeting room, you two can leave.

Hae-kyung tells her that they are working together, so let’s eat dinner together? Then he turns to Jae-hyuk and asks, what do you think, do you want to have dinner together?

Jae-hyuk thinks for a moment then says okay.


Noeul visits Hae-kyung’s mother int he hospital. She brings a basket of roses for her. The mother tells her that Hae-kyung came by. She says she knows and tells her that she is different from before. I am sure that I will not leave oppa this time. Please help me. 

The mother tells her that she is not in a position to help anyone.

Elsewhere, Ah-young casually goes to the convenience store looking amazing. She looks around fro Keanu but does not see him.

In the hospital, Noeul leaves Hae-kyung’s mothers room and gets a call from Jae-hyuk. He tells her that they are having dinner together. It was just decided. Woo Do-hee PD will be there as well so you should be in the ring to fight.

Noeul tells him okay.

At the convenience store, Ah-young sits at the table that Keanu usually sits at. He walks up behind her and asks if he can sit there. She almost spits out her drink. He asks what is up this late at night? She gives him a drink and he chuckles.

AY – Date me.

He spits up his drink and then chuckles a bit nervously. He looks at her and grows speechless.

Keanu – You don’t even know who I am.

AY – I know you are a good person. And I know that you are the person that I like.

Keanu – Um….I am not that good of a guy.

AY – I believe what I see and what I’ve heard. The past is the past. Did you kill someone?

He looks at her with bright guilty eyes.

AY – Did you really kill someone????

Keanu – No.

AY – Well, that is enough. Let’s hold hands.

AY – I will give you 10 seconds.

AY – 10-2-1 ding

He holds right away and their hands slowly slide into a handshake.

AY – Do you trust me?

They both look at each other and hopeful romantic music plays.




Hae-kyung goes to eat at a bulgogi place with the team from 2N Box. But this place happens to be BJ’s aunt’s place. So BJ is all upset that Hae-kyung left work early to eat with people and yet is happy as well. They are all sitting at a table. Jae-hyuk and hae-kyung are sitting next to each other (for some reason, lol).

Noeul shows up and asks them if they were planning on eating without her? Jung-wham tells them of course not, please sit. 

Sh tells them that she wants to sit next to PD Woo. Hae-kyung and Do-hee look a bit nervous about that. Noeul sits next to her and tells her delightfully that she should have called her.

DH – Sorry, I should have.

NE – Did you do it intentionally?

JH – *set shot glass on table loudly*

BJ – *gives Hae-kyung food* Enjoy.

Some of the employees ask him if this is really his first time on a program? Wow, our program will be daebak!

NE – it is only for Dr. Kim about the medicine and the food.

SR – Our Woo PD is the only one who can recruit this important person.

JH – Well actually it is not proven that in the psychiatric field that food can cure people.

Everyone – *awkward*

HK – As he said, food therapy is part of the process, it is not a medical prescription.

JH – If it is not a prescription, then why do we need a doctor panel?

They glare at each other.

Hk – Well, if it is only for medical information, then I am the only one that needs to be there. What do you think Woo PD? Would you like to have the program with only medical information?

Everyone – Yes, yes, yes!

DH – Well, there are many medical programs. It is difficult to increase the subscribers.

HK – Yes, haha *winning chuckle*

JH – *annoying chuckle*

NE – PD woo, it seems like you like spontaneous and stimulating things more than specialized and planned ones.

JK – *loudly* Noeul, you know it well! Woo PD is specialized in spoof! *chuckles*

Everyone looks at him like, just sit down. He is still chuckling and telling them that it is right. 

DH – Okay, so I will spontaneously go to the restroom.

She gets up and leaves. Everyone is all like, um, why did you say that dummy. Then Gun-woo shows up and happily greats everyone. He sits but Jae-hyuk stands up and walks off, he gives a signal to Gun-woo to follow so GW follows him.

The guys at the table ask Hae-kyung how he knows Gun-woo so he says he just knows him as a hubae and then looks at Noeul who is quietly looking at him.

Outside, Jae-hyuk tells Gun-woo not to mention that they are cousins because Do-he thinks I am from a poor family. She does not know anything about my family or my father.

Gun-woo is all like, um, you dated many years but she does not know about it? Okay, so she never met uncle or aunt? 

Jae-hyuk asks how he can let her meet his mom? If that happened then it would only give Do-he a hard time. Back then I had my reasons. Umma was only waiting for me to be successful and go back to that family.

JH – If she knew that I was dating someone like Do-hee from a nothing family, if umma or appa knew then they would never understand.

DH – Was it like that?

Do-hee is standing a few pacs away and looking at them. Jae-hyuk tells Gun-woo to go back inside. He does.

JH – Do-hee….

DH – That is why you felt so uncomfortable whenever we talked about your family

JH – I can explain, back then I had to do it.

DH – It is not about you having a sad story. It is because I am nothing?

JH – that is not it.

She thinks back to him telling her that his mother was sick. So he just lied about that in this episode while they were at the bus stop.

DH – How much is fake?

She starts to leave. He grabs her arm.

JH – Do-hee, back then I couldn’t do anything!

She pulls her arms away and slaps him.

DH – You a-hole.

She storms off. He stays there with his hurt feelings.

She walks around the street in a daze. it starts to rain. She looks up at it.

DH – This is really messed up.

She hangs her head. But then a jacket it swung over her head. She looks to her side to see Hae-kyung. They both look at each other.



Then we cut to possibly his house or company? he pulls out a towel and starts to try her hair but she takes it and says she can do it.

He makes her a hot tea and sets it on his bar like table. He pulls out a seat for her and then tells her to wait a minute.

He goes into his kitchen and happily starts to pull a lot of things out to make her something to eat. He cuts carrots and onions and meat and tomato. But he peels the outside of the tomato off so its extra sexy.

Then he puts it all in a pot and adds water to boil it.

She sits there the entire time until the beef tomato soup is all done. He happily chats with her a bit but we don’t know what he is saying. He finally puts it in front of her to try (in a pretty little shell like dish) and says that warm food has the power to comfort people. 

When we are sick or cold, we always eat warm food. We think we eat it to comfort our body but it is also good for comforting our heart. Especially delicious food made by a handsome man.

She smirks and thanks him. he asks her to try it.

So she takes a spoonful. he looks at her with anticipation.

DH – It tastes good.

HK – *proud of himself* Do you remember our rules? 

DH – *looks at him*

HK – If you don’t want to say it then you don’t have to say it. if you want to say it then you can say it. Whatever it is. Today I will talk about myself. I was only ten when I made my first meal. 

We see a flashback of him making his food at ten.

HK – I was always alone. For my mother, work was more important than family. My father was in the hospital. I was used to eating alone.

We see him cooking as a teenager and then eating with Noeul happily.

HK – I realized how important or precious it was to eat with someone I loved. When I broke up with her after 8 years, whatever I ate didn’t taste good. Then I made up y mind that I would never get used to other people and never do things that have an obvious path. But, I have gotten used to someone whose name I did not even know and I enjoyed my time together and I have expectation and I like them. For real.

Do-hee takes all that in and sighs. Her face is a bit flush and teary.

DH – I don’t know who the person is that I loved. If my love was even true. I don’t know at all. I thought it could at least be a memory. But I feel like my entire twenties is forfeited. 

HK – The love you had back then was true. You didn’t know him but you loved him 100%. Before I knew your name and after I knew your name, I loved you the same.

He reaches a hand to her and lightly wipes a tear away. Then he reaches the other hand and wipes the other tear away. He lightly touches a hand to her shoulder and she rests her head on his shoulder. He pats her on the back and they continue to sit like that.

Fade Out


Oh, I love how this relationship is progressing! All the side characters can go somewhere (except I do kind of like Keanu and Ah-young). I just really love this main couple and now we get to see romantic Hae-kyung courting Do-hee and doing all the lovely things that men in love should do while simultaneously giving her plenty of space to say yes.

Swoooooooooooon. Just give them their own movie already! And when is the kiss coming, sigh. I cannot wait for the adorableness.


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English Translation

DH – When I think back, every moment wasn’t not comforting.

DH – Would you like to eat ramen?

BJ – With PD Woo? When? Where? What? Love?

AY – Confessing to a homeless guy was –

DH – I wonder, where you dumped again?

AY – I will kill you

GW – The love that the other person does not want is not love.

NE – I am still in the ring. This is fair play.

JH – Following rules is  more important, or winning is more important?

NE – We used to love each other. Would you like to date me? (on live TV)

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  1. Anonymous
    June 22, 2020 / 11:14 am

    Thank you for a super fast recap as always. I like the latter half of this episode since we can see DH and KH cute moment. First part was too drama >_< hope they can get first kiss soon XXX

    • V
      June 22, 2020 / 11:39 am

      I am so happy that the cute came back at the end because I would much rather watch these two eating food together than anything else 😍

  2. tsutsuloo
    June 22, 2020 / 11:57 am

    Thank you for your recap!!! Omo. I better enjoy all the sweetness before this all turns into a cage fight. Also, can we have graduated love confessions every episode please?

    @V, you’ve absolutely nailed what makes Hae-kyung’s courtship so swoony—he’s caring and he’s opened himself to Do-hee while giving her space. Having a man you like VALIDATE your feelings is a powerful aphrodisiac. It also shows that HK’s ego is healthy–even though he knows Jae-hyuk is dangerous now, he doesn’t disparage the years DH shared with her first love.

  3. WPB
    June 22, 2020 / 2:45 pm

    This – “HK – The love you had back then was true. You didn’t know him but you loved him 100%. Before I knew your name and after I knew your name, I loved you the same.” OMG.
    To me, that’s the highlights of this episode.

    There must have been multiple shows before this one where exes team up together and try to get their old love back. I wonder if there was one that plan worked out at the end? Not in this drama, for sure. I hate the scene where NE tried to play the future mother-in-law card. Her character is so immature, self-centered, etc. The only she is better then JH – fundamentally she is not a bad person. JH, on the other hand, is a bad person. I wonder how much darkness of his will be revealed in coming episodes and if he would end up doing something real bad to our main characters.

    I am checking what other dramas this show is competing against – Good Casting, which just finished their last episode. I know they are different type of shows but I wonder if we will some upswing of the show’s rating next (this) week. The shows on MBC seems always have disadvantages against those on SBS. 🙁

  4. Erica
    June 22, 2020 / 2:54 pm

    Thank you for the recap.

    “NE – I am still in the ring. This is fair play.” – Girl you are so far out of the ring you need a helmet because you are in space.

    • Steve
      June 22, 2020 / 6:22 pm

      If NE is out in space, then JH has been exiled to a different galaxy given the exposure of his lie and his early years’ perspective of DH’s lowly social standing. OUCH.

  5. Steve
    June 22, 2020 / 6:13 pm

    Yay, what a wonderful way to end the hour! Finally, a gentle, supportive hug between these 2 awkward, lovely, scarred people. And I loved the cute, self-serving “handsome man” compliment that HK gave himself . Hey, the guy did a fantastic job whipping up a hearty, comforting stew for the girl right on the spot — he deserved it!

    Now THIS is LOVE done right, coupled with kindness, understanding and respect. It’s obvious this is completely new territory for both of them and shows how far they’ve each grown from their past, shallow relationships. I adore both of these lovable clowns.

    And I agree, it’s about time we got back to cute, fun moments on this show (though I loved and FELT that hard, righteous slap that DH deservedly inflicted on JH’s dumbfounded face).

    Cute moments:

    1. PENGUIN buddy comfort! Yay, she’s back to grabbing our favorite oversized penguin toy and cuddling up with this always-sympathetic plushie. I think there should be some recognition for this very important, inanimate third-lead here…

    2. Esmaralda AY and her date proposal to Mr. Cool Keanu. LOVED it. For a dude who always played the wise, elderly statesman with the quick wit and sage advice, it was hilarious seeing him rendered surprised and speechless. The man has met his match indeed.

    3. Insomniac HK and his wonderful delight in watching that ridiculous B-video of the early drunken spoof fight . The old HK would have never found such a ridiculous skit so amusing. Our HK has really evolved, as it’s obvious his growing love and admiration for DH allows him to embrace her work and let loose some of his reserve and inhibitions. Bless his gentle heart.

    4. The pork cutlet lunch marathon. Just two close friends dropping all pretense of their work relationship, challenging themselves to a 10-minute pig-out of some delicious food, and having an absolute BALL.

    Can’t wait for the Tuesday episodes. Welcome back, Dinner Mate. It was getting downright morose and depressing for a bit, so it’s nice to see you getting back on the fun track…

  6. Steve Cheong
    June 22, 2020 / 6:17 pm

    BTW, I’m also grateful for these wonderful recaps given that IQIYI subtitles are only 15-20% complete early on immediately after the videos are posted. The wait for complete subtitles is agonizing, haha…

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