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Dinner Mate: Episode 15-16 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 15-16 Live Recap - Part 1

Okay it looks like the Dinner Mating is over but the real mating is beginning! Whoo hoo! Also, yes, I need to get my head out of the gutter. Ah, I loved the ending of yesterday’s episode when she saw him standing by his car looking intently at her like he wanted to eat her for dinner. (Head still firmly in gutter over here).

Then he walked across the street (and looked both ways because safety is sexy) and stood at a reasonable distance to give her his card. Y’all, I loved it, I swooned, I squealed, and I can’t wait to see what happens today.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Henry sees that he can no longer talk to his Dinner Mates person on his app. He remembers her saying that she does not know him, that they do not have a future, and she does not want to waste her time anymore.

he quickly got in his car and drove to her house. He waited outside his car, walking around and looking at his watch. He may have stayed there for hours. He continued to pace nd look up and down the street until finally resting on his car. Then he saw her.

She looked at him from across the street. He walked to the crosswalk. Then crossed the street towards her. She looks like a deer caught in headlights. Should she flee> Should she stay?

He gets to her and reaches in to his jacket and gives her his card.

HK – I am Kim Hae-kyung. If you decide to contact me again, you can use this number.

The scene cuts directly to a photo of Jae-hyuk  and Do-hee that Jae-hyuk is looking at on his phone. He is sitting in his car and thinks about Do-hee telling him that she is with that guy. He sighs and drives away.

He thinks about her telling him that fate is meeting each other at a place you would never expect to meet. Meeting in a situation that you would never expect to meet. Then you think it is a kind of miracle. That is fate.

Hae-kyung and Do-hee are still looking at each other. The sun has set by now.

DH – Why?

HK – You said you don’t want to waste your time with someone that you don’t know.

DH – Yes.

HK – So let’s get to know each other.

DH – You misunderstood what I told you. I don’t care who you are and I don’t want to tell you who I am so you can just go back.

She starts to walk to her place. He runs after her.

HK – Wait, why did you change your mind?

DH – Eating together because uncomfortable. I don’t have to explain it to you.

HK – We shouldn’t eat un-tasty meals.

She closes her eyes then turns and walks to her building. He lets her walk away this time, but looks at her leaving. Then he looks of to the side and around, giving himself a moment to take it all in.

She is inside her place resting her head on her knees. Crying softly. His business card is on her coffee table. Ay-young calls her. Do-hee answers sounding miserable. So they meet up at the grocery store.

Do-he secretly approaches her int he grocery store as a sales person. Ah-yong tells her she is not buying anything, but she probably knows it is Do-hee. They playfully start to shop even though Do-he is miserable looking. Ah-young asks to tell her what is going on.

DH – Kim Hae-young came to my place.

AY – What! Ah, so surprising. Tell him, I am Woo Do-hee, I am the spoof PD from 2N Box. Why not say that. It’s not like you killed each others parents or something.

DH – I am not brave enough.

AY – What are you so afraid of?

DH – I don’t want to hurt him or get hurt myself.

AY – When did you become like this I didn’t raise you like this.

DH – Yeah, maybe I am getting old.

AY – Am I the living dead? *crosses her arms over her chest*

DH – *scoffs and rolls the cart off*

Ah-yong pulls her to the side to avoid another cart which makes Do-hee throw some instant chigae (soup) int he air. Ah-young catches it and says a famous quote “Love it timing”. Then she starts to punch the air and tells Do-hee that she will regret doing it and not doing it so it is better to do it and regret it.

Do-hee asks her if she is rading a quote book? I won’t do it. Ah-young pretends to punch Do-hee in the head.


Elsewhere, Hae-kyung is at home and is drinking alone. He thinks about Do-hee when they were sitting in the car. She told him that the ending can be different. It is better to be positive than to close your heart like that. It can be better for your mental health.

Hae-kyung sighs and mutters, you should not have told me that at all, now I’m confused. He drinks a swig and keeps thinking.

Meanwhile, Do-hee stocks her cabinets and fridge with instant food and her favorite drinks. She lays on her bed to relax but then sits up and starts to look for something. Perhaps his business card is misplaced. She can’t find it but thinks, no, that is better. In this chance I will just forget it all. She sits back against her bed and throws her arms to her side.




BJ tells Hae-kyung that he has a request to speak at the University. Hae-kyung tell him no. He is sitting gloomily in his chair. BJ tells him he has a request for an interview. Hae-kyung says no. BJ starts to bring up what they talked about last time, Hae-kyung tells him no. He is refusing everything and says that he will continue to refuse everything. Don’t ask.

BJ leaves wondering what the problem is? Did he ride on an emotional rollercoaster? What is with his temper? But then he turns around and jumps when he sees Hae-kyung standing at the door looking at him.

HK – What is the schedule?

BJ – *rapidly says his schedule*

HK – Okay.

Hae-kyung walk out.


Noeul is in a photo shoot at 2N Box. She looks fabulous as always. Do-hee walks up to look on. Noeul stops and waves hello to her. Do-hee looks guilty but waves and goes back do something else.

After her photoshoot, Noeul asks Do-hee is she would like to have coffee with her? Do-hee tells her that she is actually busy today and quickly walks off but the assistant PD, Jung hwan follows her saying that they are not busy.

Noeul walks away wondering what is up. She talks to Gun-woo and asks if PD Woo is a bit strange today? Gun-woo is holding a new outfit for her and says that their spoof PD is rarely not strange. Noeul tells him that it seems like she is avoiding her.

Gun-woo assures her that that should not be the case and tells her to change. He has to return the clothing. Noeul says okay, but still looks curious about it.

In her are, Do-hee starts to get her mood in order, Kill Bill 2 music starts to play. Then Do-hee gives her card to the coffee shop owner and asks for a delicious coffee drink. She gets a whip creamed chocolate smoothy and wonders how long she can avoid Noeul. 

Noeul actually walks by and sees Do-hee eating. Huh? She said she was busy? Noeul might walk inside.


In Hae-kyung’s office, Hae-kyung tells the next person to come in and the next person is actually Jae-hyuk. Hae-kyung feels like this is bad, but asks him to sit down.

HK – What are you here for?

JH – Not for me, but I want to talk about my girlfriend. Because my girlfriend ie mistaking her own emotions.

HK – Why do you think that way?

JH – Because we can’t be separated. For ten years, even when we were separated momentarily, we always thought about each other.

HK – Okay, but why do you think she is mistaken.

JH – Because I am sure that she loves me. But she lies and says that she is meeting another man. Don’t you know Woo Do-hee? You really don’t know Woo Do-hee? Is there any boyfriend that does not know the girlfriends name? If I were to tell you she is 2N Box Woo Do-hee?

Hae-kyung looks at him with composure but then realizes that the person he is meeting might be Do-hee from 2N Box. He tries to maintain appearances but starts to touch his chin and look around.

JH – When I look in Do-hee’s eyes I know everything. If she is not happy or happy or lying or telling the truth because no one loves her more than me.

HK – Thinking that you know everything about that person is a cognitive error.

JH – You also don’t know

HK – I don’t say personal things while talking to patients

JH – Kim Hae-kyung. I can do anything for Do-hee. I did that and I will do it in the future. I can do things that you will never imagine. Do you understand?

HK – *cautiously* I think that I cannot say for sure with one consultation. But you should get a mental diagnosis, not your girlfriend.

JH – *hits something ont he floor and rubs his eyes* I think I said enough for you to understand. We will see who will smile and who will help Do-hee. *stands to leave*

HK – Your ex-girlfriend is not an object. Whoever she chooses is her choice.

JH – Kim Hae-kyung, I warned you.

jae-hyuk opens the office door to leave. BJ was listening in closely and hops away. he asks if he wants to schedule another appointment. But Jae-hyuk just says goodbye, pleasantly.

hae-kyung comes out of his office. BJ asks what this is, was there any problem? hae-kyung pulls his jacket back and puts his hands in his pockets. he tells him there wasn’t any problem now, he almost killed me.

BJ looks over Hae-kyung to ask if he is okay! But Hae-kyung tells him he is joking, I’m heading out. I am sugar loading. BJ quickly calls the security team to ask about the person who left but then says, ah, valet parking, sorry. 




hae-kyung sits at the coffee shop and Gun-woo comes to sit with him. Gun-woo asks him what is up? You usually don’t come out while working.

HK – I just wanted to recharge with a sweet drink and I had to find out something.

GW – What?

HK – The PD Woo Do-hee from 2N Box.

GW – Yes, PD Woo Do-hee.

HK – Woo Do-hee and Jung Jae-hyuk, do you know about that?

GW – Yes, Woo PD, Jung Jae-hyuk and No-eul are all in a new program.

HK – What? They work together?

GW – Yes, you refused PD Woo’s program so she has to work with him now. Jae-hyuk and Noeul are in his TV show. So what’s going on? How do you know him?

HK – *thinks* Wait a minute, do you have her picture?

GW – Picture? Yes.

He pulls out his phone and shows it to him. Hae-kyung takes a long glance and can’t believe it is her, but he holds it in.

GW – What happened? Did this spoof PD cause more trouble?

HK – No, I caused the trouble. I have to go, buy.

He leaves quickly.


Do-hee looks through some drawers and storage units at work and turns around when she hears someone coming in. Jae-hyuk is there smiling. Her face falls. He tells her that she is not meeting with that guy anymore right? He is Kim Hae-kyung.

She tells him that she knows that, but how does he know it? he tells her that there are a lot of ways to find this out. You know that he and Noeul are first loves right?

She says yes. He stars to walk closer to her which pushes her against the wall. He asks, but he does not know that you are Woo Do-hee. You know you are bad at lying. You were bad before and you are bad now. Do you know the best way to resolve a tangled relationship?

He leans in like he will kiss her and tells her that she needs to cut everything. She turns her head away.

But then Sora knocks on the door and asks to be let in. She repeatedly hits it. So Do-hee opens it for her and Sora sees that she and Jae-hyuk are in the room together. Jae-hyuk leaves.

Sora asks if he was bothering her but Do-hee just says its fine and they start to work on their newest ASMR which is bubble popping.


Hae-kyung is back at the office. BJ comes in to his office to talk about Jae-hyuk and asks what that was all about. Hae-kyung tells him not to write a novel about it. 

BJ – I know just by looking at you.

HK – Who are you? How come you always say you know everything about me?

BJ – Ah, this jashik, protecting you and the patients is my job.

HK – You are not super man. I think your safety is more important because I am going to kill you if you do not go out now.

BJ – Okay, okay, but if something happens just tell me, I have a friend who fights well.

BJ gives him a strawberry milk drink and says he is going home. Hae-kyung perks up at the drink and looks at his clock, it is already late. Then he notices that his milk is expired. he sighs.


Elsewhere, Do-hee gets a good amount of snacks from the convenience store and sits to eat a chocolate outside. A random hand appears from under the table and fingers its way to the food.

She wonders how Jung Jae-hyuk knew about that. She keeps eating. The hand grabs a snack, it’s Keanu, of course. He pulls it to himself and starts to eat it then laughs maniacally. This makes her jump. She stands and asks, what the heck? What are you doing over there? Are you ajusshi?

She notices that he got a haircut, he sits in the seat. She asks if he had money to cut his hair? He says he has money. So she asks why he sleeps on the street? he starts to act out a scene “Do-hee, let that hand go” who is that? Are you dating both at the same time?

DH – No!

Keanu – *smiles*

DH – Not both.

Keanu – Then why do you look like that? People should be honest to their own heart, otherwise you will get sick. Eating is important but you also should sleep. Not sleeping enough will trigger your hypothalamus [other medical jargon]. It means that your emotions will be up and down. 

DH – Are you also a doctor?

Keanu – *Eats his food*

DH – It shouldn’t be, you are a conman

Keanu – Your dark circles are all the way to your chin

She touches her face and says, it shouldn’t be! really? She stands and packs all her things up. He asks if she is leaving? She says, I am feeling all of my lost sleep. But she gives him a soft drink and a bag of chips before leaving. He chuckles and tells her thank you. She chuckles like him and says you’re welcome. Then heads off.

Cut to jae-hyuk driving and looking crazy. He blast through a yellow light that turns red light. Hae-kyung sits in his car, stopped at the opposite side of the light.

Meanwhile, Do-hee keeps walking home with her convenience store things. She thinks about Hae-kyung walking across the cross walk to her then shakes that thought away and crosses the street to go to her place.

Then Hae-kyung shows up outside her place. It is 8:25pm. He waits outside her place, pacing like he did before, but doesn’t go to her house. He checks his watch, it is 10:10. he keeps waiting and pacing. he checks again, it is 11:25. he finally gets back inside his car and drives off.

The song playing says “I wait for you every night”


Meanwhile, Jae-hyuk is at home. He has Do-hee’s pictures on his wall. He also has articles displayed and an article opened that says someone perscribed pills for money. he goes to his CSI looking chart and looks at all Do-hee’s photos like he has been stalking her and Hae-kyung’s business card? and some other things. (so he is straight psycho). He mutters that he is going to put it all back the way it belongs.


Everyone is getting ready for Jin Noeul’s show. She is about to start filming it. But there is something spooky going on. Someone releases some knobs and Jae-hyuk looks at that as if it is all going to plan. But no one else notices.

Noeul starts filming her show happily. Then she starts to count down. Everyone looks at Noeul but Jae-hyuk looks at the light above her head.


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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 16, 2020 / 9:13 am

    Kdramas, man. Nobody mixes romance, dread and humor better. The only thing missing from Jae-hyuk’s murder board is red string.

    • V
      June 16, 2020 / 10:34 am

      ahahahahahahah! Yes!

  2. Jaycee
    June 16, 2020 / 9:31 am

    Can’t wait for part 2! Thank you for sharing. This is one great series! I wonder how it will End for Do-hee, Still have high hopes for her and Hae-kyung

    • V
      June 16, 2020 / 10:34 am

      I have super high hops for them! they better end up together or this table is getting flipped!

  3. WPB
    June 16, 2020 / 10:24 am

    Thanks! I am looking forward to an uplifted wrap up for this week’s story. These two need to talk.

    • V
      June 16, 2020 / 10:38 am

      Part two ending was greaaaaaaaat!

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