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Dinner Mate: Episode 13-14 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 13-14 Live Recap - Part 1

Oh no, will they stop their dinner meetings? I hope not because I love their meetings. But perhaps now is the time to let the cat out of the bag about Hae-kyung and Si-bel-nom being the same person. I am excited for that reveal!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-hee and Hae-kyung are still camping. Do-hee tells him that they should stop meeting on dinner dates because she violated one of the rules they have. We see a flashback where Hae-kyung tells her they can be friends who do not cross the line.

She tells him that she crossed the line. She showed him too  much of her private life that she does not want to show. I also feel like I have seen something I shouldn’t have seen.

Hae-kyung says he does not care but she tells him that she is the one that cares because she has started thinking about it all the time. Then she tells him that she is a big fan of Lee Moon-jung writer!

HK – So, It is not me? Is it about Lee Moon-jung? 

DH – Why would I think about you?

She chuckles and walks to the tent. He asks where she is going. She says she is taking her private life. He smiles.

She falls on one of the beds and starts to yell at herself about what she just said and how her mouth is not filtered by her bed. Whyyyyy!!!! Whyyyyyyy!!! So it looks like it was about Hae-kyung but she changed it at the last minute.

Then Jae-hyuk calls but she doesn’t answer and screams into her pillow. He-kyung hears it and stands to see what happened. She comes back out like everything is fine and says that she saw a snake.

He asks, where is the snake? Where is it? I can catch it! But he stands on his chair while he is saying this. She chuckles and tells him that there is no snake. He asks if she is teasing him?

DH – You look perfect but actually you are very loose. There are no snakes over here.

But she sees the sign that says, careful, there are snakes over here. So she hops on her chair as well. He starts to laugh at her and says that she obviously has threads loose.

He starts to stoke the fire some more. She says, okay, good for you that you are perfect without any loose parts.

HK – You thought I was really surprised? I was joking.

DH – *laughs*

But then Jae-hyuk calls again. She rolls her eyes. Hae-kyung tells hr that she can pick up the phone, so she excuses herself.

DH – Hello?

JH – Where are you?

DH – I don’t have to answer you. Why are you calling me?

JH – I have to give you something so I went to your house and you are not here

DH – There is nothing I want to get from you

JH – I have something, where are you

DH – Far away

JH – Who are you with?

DH – I don’t think I have to answer that. Let’s hang up.

She hangs up and goes back to sit with Hae-kyung. She has a blanket on her chair that Hae-kyung put there. She tells him thank you. He says it was chilly. 

DH – Not about the blanket, but about being here today.

HK – We are friends. We can eat together. And tells each other anything and you can’t tell others. We don’t know each other so we can be more honest to each other. That kind of friend.

DH – Right.

HK – Is that phone call from the ex-boyfriend you mentions? You can feel better if you just say it. But if you don’t want to then you don’t have to.

DH – Yes, my ex-boyfriend. The crazy guy who just left me and comes back to tell me to get back together as if nothing happened. Sometimes I do not know what to do. It is not like I still think about him. You know that? Regret about yourself in the past. I don’t want to accept it but it is like a symbol of a person who spent the most time with me when I was my shiniest. So if I just take my memory of him as if nothing happened, then myself from back then also disappears. My 20s would be nothing.

HK – Back then, you would shine without him. He doesn’t have to be there in your shiniest moments.

DH – What is you job? Do you know that sometimes I feel like I am having a psychiatrist consultation?

HK – Well, it is from experience, haha.

DH – Oh, maybe you dated a lot.

HK – No comment

DH – I won’t ask you.

H – Thank you *smiles*



Do-hee and Hae-kyung drive back. Do-hee looks at him strangely with her lips puckered out so he asks her why she is looking at him like that. She is all like, what the? Do you have eyes on the side of your head? For us, not asking and not being curious about each other is our concept. But I also do not owe anything to anyone. You know, I am just showing you everything that you should or should not see but you don’t say anything.

HK – Well, Lee Moon-jung writer is my mother. You know more than other people. With dating, I told you everything.

DH – That person that came back again.

HK – I am just taking it in a different way than you. I don’t want to have any attachment to my past and repeat it. Same ending right? Abandoned or getting abandoned. So it is better to not even start. I look towards a healthy future right? *Smiles, proud of himself*

He stops at her place. She unbuckles and tells him to be careful driving. Also, by the way, the ending can be different. It is better to be positive than to just close your mind like that. That can be healthier for your brain.

He says okay.

She tells him, okay, see you next time. Goodbye. She gets out and starts to walk to her house. Hae-kyung talks to himself and says, if someone sees this, they will think that you are the doctor. He chuckles.

But then Do-hee’s ex comes up to her at her door. She tries to ignore him and go in but he holds her arm so she flings it away and asks, what are you doing? Waiting in front of someone’s house this late? And you try to hold on to me like this? You should not do this, don’t you know by now?

Hae-hyuk tries to say something. She tells him not to think that she has a lingering attachment to him. I am just telling you that we are not in that kind of relationship anymore. She tries to go inside. But he pulls her back.

Hae-kyung comes up and says, why don’t you let her hand go first? He looks at Do-hee and she looks at him. Jae-hyuk has a flashback about Hae-kyungs face that he saw on Gun-woo’s instagram. It was his tragic first love.

HK – Do you know him?

She pulls her arms away from Jae-hyuk, but it hurt her wrist so she says ouch. Both men ask if she is okay. Hae-kyung asks her who this guy is? Jae-hyuk pushes him a moment and asks, who are you?

DH – This is my boyfriend.

Hae-kyung looks at her. Jae-hyuk asks, how come you have a boyfriend, you are lying. But Hae-kyung tells JH that this should not happen again. If this happens again then I will not give you any more breaks. Then he pulls Do-hee away.

They go to the convenience store. He buys her saida drink (like a refreshing Mountain Dew). It is cold so he puts his on her wrist. She tells him that she always shows him her bottom. He says it is not about her.

DH – Thank you.

HK – I don’t know if I can say this to you but you should be careful with that man.

DH – Okay.


Sora pulls Do-hee away to ask what happened at the tent dinner, did you cross the line? Do-hee looks to the sky and whispers, yes, we cross the line. Sora asks, how! Do-hee says they crossed the line and had fire.

Sora says, tell me tell me!

DH – We crossed the 38th line (the border between North and South Korea)

SR – *swoons*

But then Jae-hyuk comes up and asks if he can talk to Do-hee. He gives her a wedding invitation for one of their sunbae’s and says that they should go together. She tells him no. 

So he asks, is that man really true? (Like is he really her boyfriend). She tells him yes and walks away.


Hae-kyung sits at his seat in an outdoor sitting area. The wind blows and he waits for her to show up. But no one is showing up. So he calls his patient. She apologizes. He says that if she is okay  not meeting him then that is better. She asks, will you come if I call without any notice?

He tells her no. Next time do not just call me, just tell me to eat nice food and I will call anytime. She thanks him. He tells her to take care of herself and says goodbye.

Then he leans back and takes a huge stretch, extending his arms wide to his side and bending his back. He has a chance to finally relax. So he pulls out a book that has a book cover on it so we don’t know what book it is. But when he starts to read it, it sounds like it is his mothers book.

VO – Then, she showed up … 

He gets pulled into the book and we are transported to his imagination.

A waitress comes and asks the imagination Hae-kyung person if he wants anything to eat. He says he will order when she comes. Then he turns to his left and sees Do-hee standing there with a pink dress on. He walks to her (and the song She by Elvis Costello plays). They stand and look at each other. 

HK – I thought you would not be able to make it

DH – I tried to forget but I couldn’t forget

He extends his hand. She takes it. He pulls her to him with a spin and dips her then leans in for a kissssss…..but he closes the book.

HK – Ah, is this what passes for a novel?


Sora is at work with her ASMR and is doing an ear massage ASRM. But Jin-kyu sneezes and messes it all up.


The boss, Ah-young, is at a coffee shop and asks for a Panama Esmerelda Geisha coffee. She drinks it in the coffee shop and takes a big whiff of it as she sits to enjoy. 

Jae-hyuk comes up to her and asks why she is drinking alone? Then he asks, does Do-hee have a boyfriend? Ah-young asks, huh? SO Hae-hyuk says, that is okay and leaves. So I guess that is really all the confirmation he needed. He smiles as he walks away.

Cut to Keanu in a suit and looking at Hae-kyung’s office building. He has a flashback where he drops a coffee and then he thinks about Jae-hyuk. He goes into the building.

Keanu goes up to Byung-jin and asks if the doctor is in town? BJ tells him no, but do you want to make an appointment? Keanu says no and heads out.

Back at 2N Box, Do-hee tells her team that they should make the No-eul content first and then tell their boss. Jung-hae is all like, um….I trust your content but our salary is from the boss. Do-hee tells Jin-kyu that he likes Noeul. But Jin-kyu tells her that he can distinguish private and work life.

No-eul comes in right then. Jin-kyu jumps. Do-hee motions for her to sit somewhere comfortable (but motions to sit right next to Jin-kyu) and starts to ask Jin-kyu if he is going to help them? Jin-kyu is mesmerized by No-eul and finally says, YES! Let’s do this together!


Hae-kyung gets back so BJ tells him that a customer came to talk to him. Hae-kyung asks him if the patient left any contact or anything? BJ says no, but he was familiar and I think I saw him from somewhere, he had a presence about him. 

Hae-kyung asks, if you wondered about him this much, why not ask him. BJ tells him it was similar, ask me that again! Hae-kyung asks him again so BJ says, yes it is similar, ask me again. BJ asks if he is joking and taps BJ’s face.

Hae-kyung goes into his office and sees a message from his mother saying that they should take a trip together. He sighs and drops onto his couch.


Later on that night, Ah-young looks for Keanu at the convenience store, but she does not recognize him in his suit.

At 2N Box, Do-hee ends the planning meeting with Noel and the team. They all clapp and then talk about what they should eat. Sora wants to eat chicken and beer. So they all talk about eating it together? They ask No-eul if she wants to go but she says no, she has another appointment, sorry.

No-eul heads out. They ask th PD if she is going? She says no. then she turns her head dramatically and says that she has to work. But you can all go. They all leave but Jae-hyuk stays. Do-hee ignores him.

He finally stands up and tells her that he is leaving. She is basically like, Bye.

But as she leaves, No-eul asks her if she would like to eat dinner with her. Cut to them sitting somewhere to eat. They are sitting outside near the street. Do-hee looks at a happy couple eating inside. She thinks about her mother telling her that her father is eating with that coffee shop woman. I did not know that he can laugh like that after 30 years.

No-eul asks her if she is having a hard time because of her? Do-hee says she was thinking about something else. No-eul asks what she was thinking? Do-hee says she was thinking about the person she hates but can’t hate. NE asks if it is about reporter Jung? DH says no, not him. Let’s order.

So they both start to look at what might be nice to eat. They pick the same thing and laugh, thinking that they are connected. They are at Pizza Hut so they start to eat the pizza and talk about how yummy it is.

No-eul then thanks Do-hee for trusting her. Do-hee reiterates that it is an investment. No-eul asks, when we are together, can I call you eunnie? I have no Eunnie. She says she has no dongsang. So they both toast to that.

Dh – Do you really know Kim Hae-kyung?

NE – Kim Hae-kyung is my ex boyfriend.

Cut to Hae-kyung in his home. His phone starts to ring.

DH – that sibel– I mean, Kim Hae-kyung is your ex boyfriend?

NE – Yes.

DH – You want to recruit your ex-boyfriend? *shocked*

NE – You work with reporter Jung. Are you really done with him?

DH – All done done done. It is like in the movie when the credits go up and you have cooky images and a black screen and the movie theater lights turn on, it is like that.

NE – How can you be that definite? I can’t forget anything about him.

DH – It is not overnight, it took me a long time. I missed him so much and cried and blamed him. But that is what I did. When it is all burnt out, then it is okay. Not forgetting means that you still have feelings.

NE – Do you think he has feelings also?

DH – If he doesn’t recognize you then he has a problem with his eyes.

Both – *laugh*

NE – Eunnie, do you like someone now? You have someone?

DH – No, no, no

Noeul gets a text message and her screen shows No-eul and Hae-kyung smiling at the camera.

Do-hee sees it! No-eul sees her seeing it and holds the photo up.

NE – Ah, that is my problematic Hae-kyung. He is handsomer than you would expect right?

DH – *stunned*

She goes to the bathroom and thinks, is Kim Hae-kyung that guy? No, no, lets start over, that guy is Kim Hae-kyung and he is No-eul’s ex-boyfriend? She takes a deep breath and then thinks, okay, what can I do. Kim Hae-kyung does not know me. If I do not see him anymore, then that is it.

She leaves the bathroom and sees Hae-kyung standing at the table with Gun-woo. No-eul is sitting. Do-hee hides behind cardboard cutout of a singer.

Noe-eul tells Hae-kyung not to yell at Gun-woo, I asked him to bring you here. Hae-kyung looks quietly upset. No-eul explains that she also wants to introduce someone to him. She went to the restroom. You know Woo Do-hee PD.

HK – Who? The 2N Box Woo Do-hee? Why is she here?

NE – We will work together, you will as well.

Do-hee picks up the cardboard cut out and starts to walk around the restaurant with it to escape. She makes it all the way outside. The other restaurant people stare at her.

Do-hee apologizes to the cardboard cutout and says she will return him later. Then she someone.

Inside, Hae-kyung tells them that he is leaving.

Gun-woo gets a call and answers. It is Do-hee. She tells him not to answer just listen. Take my bag and come out. He asks, your bag? She tells him. DON’T ANSWER JUST TAKE MY BAG OUT. Don’t ever say my name. She looks at him from outside.

So Gun-woo has to kind of take the bag and explain to them that this bag person has a stomach ache, it is nothing serious, goodbye. He heads out so Hae-kyung is left with No-eul. He sighs and tells No-eul not to do this. Then he walks out. 

No-eul is left alone. She tells herself, you will do it.


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