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Dinner Mate: Episode 11-12 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 10-11 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Do-hee rides with Jae-hyuk to talk to Noeul, though she calls him Reporter Jung to maintain a bit of distance. he tells him that they should focus on work and think about this situation.

They go to Gun-woo’s place to speak with her. Noeul apologizes to them about the situation and says she will quit. Do-hee tells her that she better not quit. Running away is the most irresponsible thing ever. Let’s do it.

Noeul asks why she is helping her. Do-hee says she is not helping her, she is investing in her. I want to work with you because you will be good. As soon as we clear things up, I will let you know. Take care of yourself until then.

Noeul thanks her and says that she will try and take care of this situation. They both leave. 

Cut to Hae-kyung. Gun-woo calls him to tell him about the debt issue Noeul has. It is number one in the search. Hae-kyung is worried about it but tells him that it is none of his business. Gun-woo tells him Noeul is in trouble but Hae-kyung hangs up on him.

However, he does search online about Noeul’s debt problem. It makes him even angrier than hearing about it so he grabs his coat and leaves work.


While grocery shopping, Do-hee decides to pick up the strawberry milk instead of the coffee milk. Ah-young asks her why she is drinking that instead of coffee milk? Do-hee says she tried it and it was good, so she puts it in the cart.

They go up to 1+1 cup noodle section. Do-hee puts in two. The boss takes them out. Do-hee says that if it is 1+1 then I have to buy it without looking. Ah-yong says, I was wrong, lets get quality over the amount. To survive, quality is more important.

Do-hee says, you are right, but. Ah-young tells her to think about it. This situation i similar to Noeul so they start to argue over Jin Noeuls thing. Do-hee tells her that she is goin to get a million hearts with Jin Noeul. But she says it is a secret as to how she is going to do it and runs off.


Hae-kyung show sup to Gun-woo’s place to talk to Noeul. Gun-woo excuses himself. 

NE – Please do it. 

HK – What?

NE – Please be in 2N Box.

HK – *sighs* I worried about you. You are really shameless.

NE – Yes, I am shameless, what else can I do to survive? That is the only way.

NE – I can’t go to my fitness center and no one will call me anyway. That program has to be a big success. I need you for that. I will not bother you anymore. Just be on TV once.

HK – *stands*

NE – Can’t you do that much?

HK – Jin Noeul! I can’t help you anymore. I am not helping you now. Just once? You should not do this to me even though you are shameless. You left me like that. You should not do this.

Gun-woo comes back in and asks what happened. Hae-kyung stares at him.

HK – if you call me one more time with this then I am not seeing you anymore also. (good for you Hae-kyung!)

He storms out.

NE – Did you see him yelling? It is the first time he raised his voice like that. He did not even care that I had an affair. But now he is angry.




Elsewhere, Sora and Do-hee drink and eat fried food at a dive. They talk about what Noeul said and that situation. Do-hee checks her cell phone quickly when it beeps. But it is just her boss asking if she is at home. She puts her phone back, annoyed.

Sora tells her to tell her about her problem. Is it about your mother or something else? Then she asks if it is a green or red light? Do-he says it is not. Never ever ever. Sora tells her that she is upset so that is right. Do-hee tells her that it is not.

She continues and says that she cares, of course, since she showed something that she should not show to a stranger. Sora says he is a stranger so if you do not see him then that is it, right? But you do not want to. is it embarrassing to show everything to a stranger or you don’t like it because you showed everything to someone who you want to look good to. It is very different.

Do-hee thinks about this and they drink some more.


Meanwhile, Hae-kyung sits on his couch and thinks. But he thinks about Do-hee. He remembers her saying that it is miraculous that she did not go crazy. It is actually a miracle that I am still alive. He says it does not seem like it is a miracle. It seems like you tried very hard.

He keeps thinking about her in the dark at his house. He looks at his phone and opens the app to talk to Hae-kyung. But he does not know what to write.


Meanwhile, Keanu happily enjoys a cup of coffee while sitting outside the convenience store near Do-hee’s place. Ah-young is about to walk to Do-hee’s place, but Keanu asks her if she would like to have a cup of coffee and wait because Do-hee is not home yet.

She tells him no thank you and walks back to her car. He smiles.

Back at the bar, Sora asks to borrow Do-hee’s cell phone because her cell phone battery died. Do-hee lets her have it and goes to the bathroom. Sora calls her mother but she is only faking calling her mother and instead looks at the dinner mate and sends him a message.

Back at the convenience store, Ah-young ends up drinking a coffee with Keanu after all. He made the coffee and she says that it is actually kind of okay. She is surprised. She asks what kind of coffee it is.

He tells her it is Panama coffee. She pretends like she knows things about coffee. But then he starts to say a lot of different coffees like La Esmerelda and she is all like, ah….okay, he continues and says Geisha. She asks if he is joking about her with the name of this coffee? That does not exist.

he says it is Panama Esmerelda Geisha coffee. Then he starts to tell her all about the history of Geisha coffee. She looks it up. he actually memorized the entire thing she looked up, word for word. So his memory is aces. She asks him how he knows all this.

he starts to laugh like a maniac once again. She shakes her head and says, I shouldn’t wonder. thank you for the coffee. He tells her he also enjoyed it, so thank you. Then he tells her, mandu. He will tell the PD that she came by. Ah-yong is annoyed by this point and tells him whatever. Then mutters that this is so embarrassing. She drives off.


back at the bar, Sora tells Do-hee that they should go camping. When you are low then camping is the best. So let’s go! Do-hee thinks about it and says, okay, let’s go! Go, go, go, go! Sora tells her that she will pick her up in front of her house tomorrow.


Sora and Do-hee drive to the campsite in Sora’s Lincoln, lol. She must be wealthy. They walk to the campsite which is more of a luxury style campsite. The field is all manicured, there are blooms on bushes and plenty of shade trees scattered about. 

Sora tells her that they need wine so she will go get it. Do-hee says she will go with her but Sora tells her no, you stay here and check your mirror and move the luggage and food and things. So Do-hee waits.

She makes a flower ring and enjoys the ambiance. Then feels that Sora is walking up on her so she turns around and asks if she is back already. But it is Hae-kyung. 

DH – How come you re here?

HK – You told me to come.

DH – me?

He shows her the message. Do-hee thinks back to Sora taking her phone to use and says Sora is driving her crazy.

DH – how come you came here even though I sent you a message to come here?

He thinks and says, okay, I’m leaving. But she runs after him humming and hawing and asks if he would like to eat dinner together? He says yes, I would and pulls a wine out from his fancy shmancy car as well.

They walk back to their campsite and start to set up their glamping camp site (glamorous camping = glamping).

Everything is all set up, their tent is pretty huge and they start to set up for dinner. But when they go to the kitchen eating are they see that everyone is a couple complete with couples sweaters and t-shirts. So that makes it a bit awkward. They try to ignore that.

They go back to their campsite with all the items they need and he starts to prepare to make the food. He asks her if she knows how to cook? She says that she can make chigae but says she is very bad at cooking. But she gives him a thumbs up. 

He chuckles. She asks if he can cook? He says yes. So she says she will grill the meat and starts to prepare the barbecue pit. She has a problem turning on the fire so he helps her light the torch so she can get the coals burning. She is impressed. 

He cuts the vegetables and she happily steals glances at him doing that. 

But in the midst of getting all her things done, she accidentally stands too close to the fire which sets her loose button up shirt on fire. It is definitely ablaze. She starts to scream and he sees her so he tries to put it out but it is not going out so he takes off his button up and smothers her with it which makes them spin and fall to the ground with her on top of him.

It is an intimate and super awkward position to be in. He mentions that her fire is out and she says something about yes it is and he says she is kind of heavy so she starts to get up and he starts to get up as well. She quickly heads to the tent to change.



Cut to Jin-kyu sniffing something back at 2N BOX. He smells pepperoni pizza. Then Jae-hyuk coms in with pepperoni pizza for everyone. He asks where Do-hee is. So they tell him that she went camping with Sora. But then Sora comes walking in. So they are all confused.

They ask if camping with a woman is not that great? Sora tells them that a man is there also ♫. But she did not realize that Jae-hyuk was standing there. He excuses himself and tells them that he is just there to deliver pizza.


Cut back to the campsite where Do-hee is inside the tent. Her face is super red. She touches her cheek and wonders, did he put out the fire or ignite the fire?

Then she thinks about the book.

Book – That night, he ignited my heart….

She thinks about the shadowed image of a couple kissing in their tent. But hits her cheeks several times to get that thought from her mind then pulls out something to change into.

back in town, Jae-hyuk drives to the convenience store to walk to Do-hee’s house. Keanu is still there and looks at Jae-hyuk get out of his car and make sure he looks good. It looks like this site kind of triggers Keanu into an uncomfortable memory? Perhaps they know each other? Keanu turns his chair around. He looks a bit angry.

At the campsite, Do-hee comes out in a red sweater and sings that the meat should be all done. He jokes that it is not just done, it is super done. he tastes his soup. She looks at the burnt meat and tells him that she will clean it.

he laughs and tells her to go ahead and clean it.

Jae-hyuk calls her but she is not receiving the phone call because her phone is in the tent.

Do-hee is actually outside sitting at their dinner table. They have dwenjang chigae that Hae-kyung prepared and some barbecue and side dishes. She takes a photo of it again. He waits for her to do that and chuckles. But then he says he will try it as well. She coaches him on how to take a good picture of the food.

So they take a few photos of the food and each other. But she blocks her face with her camera. They both laugh.

Later on, they have moved on to sitting by the fire with their wine. She looks at the sky.

DH – I hope there is a shooting star that I can wish on.

HK – What kind of wish do you want to ask?

DH – It is my secret.

HK – *stays quiet*

DH – *looks at him* Don’t you wonder?

HK – Yes, I wonder.

DH – Then why don’t you ask me?

HK – Well it is our rule that we should not wonder about our private business.

DH – Oh, yes.

HK – If you don’t want to tell me then you don’t have to tell me. But if you want to tell me then you can. Your wish or whatever it is. That is our rule.

DH – you too.

HK – Shall we toast?

DH – Yes. But you are driving?

HK – Ah, okay I will toast only.

He looks at his wine like he wishes he could drink it and then sets it down.

DH – I wished that my heart was not cold. My heart and your heart.

She also sets her wine on the table.

DH – Lets stop. Let’s stop being dinner mates.

HK – Why stop all of a sudden?

DH – I violated the rule and crossed the line. I did that.

He looks at her and they look back and forth at each other.

Fade Out


I love how today’s episode was centered on our two leads!!!! They had so many adorable scenes together which just made me smile a mile wide plus it gave me plenty of second hand embarrassment.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Gun-woo was starting to annoy the living daylights out of me this episode! Why are you calling Hae-kyung about his ex!!!! I can understand one time. But not a second time! I can understand him caring if she is being attacked, but why should he care if she is #1 in search?

I love how he went to see her anyway and told it to them both straight. YOU STOP CALLING ME. AND YOU STOP CALLING ME ABOUT HER. It was perfect because I was screaming that into my screen already. I was fist pumping so hard over here when Hae-kyung let that out.

As far as our couple, I was wondering how much longer they would be dinner mates because it will get awkward after awhile with two grown and attractive adults meeting each other over romantic food. So it makes sense to stop early. Plus, we need to get that other storyline of the a-hole guy who happens to be Hae-kyung back in the mix. I think I am going to love that reveal. No pressure, show!


English Translation

AY – Panama Esmeralda Geisha coffee

AY – Do you know where he went?

Keanu – Is Dr. Kim Hae-kyung here?

DH – Jin Noeul content, just help me once. ♫

GW – I hope you help her hyung.

AY – Okay, I will eat with you.

DH – It wasn’t just eating dinner together….

AY – Do you like him?

HK – Let her hand go first.

Jh – Who is this guy *pushes Hae-kyung*

DH – My boyfriend

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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 9, 2020 / 12:12 pm

    @V—Thank you for your excellent recap and commentary! You mentioned in Part 1 that Do-hee used banmal when she was drunk. Are they still speaking formally otherwise?

    This show is killing me in the best way! It feels like a lot of people “crossed the line” in this episode—colleagues, friends, past and future lovers.

    *Many* things made my heart flutter but here are just four:

    1) There’s nothing like the rush of making your crush laugh and Hae-kyung is especially sexy when he chuckles or laughs with Do-hee. She’s so lovable and you sense how much he enjoys her company. (Why don’t we see more laughter in romances?)
    2) Do-hee was a veritable Keyser Sözer even when drunk. “My name? My name is … Lee Moon-jung!”
    3) There is no “holding-your-farts-in” phase for our non-dating OTP. When he bloviates, she directly guides him to better conversation. When she spurns his choice of strawberry milk, he calmly responds that they should respect each others preferences.
    4) The only Dinner Mates rule I hope they don’t break is not being forced to eat something they don’t enjoy. It’s significant that these two share the same taste—they’re trying new things but they also agree on the fundamentals (be it mutual respect or the right type of fish sauce.)

    • V
      June 10, 2020 / 5:55 pm

      Yes! They normally speak formally to each other! But when she gets drunk she drops her manners ☺️

      I am so with you on Hae-kyung laughing! He is so adorable when he laughs, I cannot get enough of it. I definitely want more laughing in romcoms! LOLOLOLOLOL, she was such a Keyser Sözer while drunk. Girl was still thinking on her feet that she could barely stand on 😂. I love how the strawberry milk was used in this show, that was so adorable. It could even be PPl??? but it was seamlessly integrated so I’m not actually sure. Either way, that was a cute scene. I also love how she edned up buying the strawberry milk at the store later on *swoon*.

      One think I also love is that they enjoy the same food even if they think they might not enjoy it. So far it does seem like there is not a food that they both don’t like eating so I wonder if that might be brought it later? I can’t wait until next week!

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