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Dinner Mate: Episode 11-12 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 10-11 Live Recap - Part 1

Okay, my favorite new show is back today! Hopefully the main characters are back together for a lot more of this episode than they were in the previous episode. Though I like all the other characters, I like our main duo the most and want to see them on the screen 80% of the time. I mean, let’s be real, it’s more like 100%, but this is a Korean drama so I’ll settle on 80%. (Give me 80 show!)

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




 Hae-kyung asks Do-hee how much she drank? She is speaking in banmal and asks him, don’t you see? She is super drunk and won’t let him hold her hand to help her stand.

He finally gets her up though she is a bag of mumbling about how she can go alone. She ends up falling on his chest and looks up at him.

DH – I waited for you to see if you would ask me to wait for you. I waited for that. If you told me to wait until you come back then I planned to wait. 

HK – Sorry I did not tell you, it was an urgent manner.

DH – Then one year passed and two years passed and you did not say anything. How can he do that, we dated for 6 years. He did not say anything at all. *drunkenly* Do you have to throw away all the cold meat? You can heat it up and make soup and bokumbap.

HK – Okay, okay.

DH – There are ways to revive it again.

She tips over and he has to quickly hold her so she doesn’t crash onto the ground. She is fully passed out on the bench and he holds her for a moment and kind of looks like he is wondering what to do.

Cut to a voice over where Byung-jin called Hae-kyung’s mother and told her that the writer is with a pretty woman right now. Then we see that his mother went to this restaurant.

Inside the restaurant area, Hae-kyung manages to pick Do-hee up as well as her penguin and her bag and starts to stumble them all outside. But then his mother comes and stands in front of them. She asks who this pretty girl is.

DH – *drunkenly* Me?

HK – My girlfriend

Mom – Your girlfriend? 

DH – wahhhhh

Mom – It is nice to see you. What is your name?

DH – *mumbling, looks at the book* I am Lee Moon-jung

Mom – Lee Moon-jung? That is the same name as me. This is also fate. Here is my present to you.

She gives her the book with her name on it. Do-hee takes it and stares at the picture on the book to the mother and back and forth.

HK – We are on a date.

Mom – Okay, I will not bother your date. See you next time Lee Moon-jung. 

Hae-kyung starts to continue walking Do-hee out. 

Mom – Pick up my phone call. ♫

He continues walking out without answering. His mother looks a bit happy.


Do-hee looks at the book and sits quietly. Hae-kyung asks her why she is not asking him anything.

DH – We don’t ask each others private life. That is the rule.

HK – i am sorry.

DH – It is okay.

She plays with her penguin and tells him that they are equal since she has that. Then she starts to nod off because she is drunk. He looks over at her and then back at the road.

he ends up pulling over to the side and buys something from the convenience store. Then he waits for her to wake up and plays with the penguin. She suddenly wakes up and looks around. Are we here already?

He hands her a strawberry milk.

Hk – I like drinking this when I am drunk.

DH – I like coffee milk. Your preference is….

HK – We should respect each others preference

DH – …okay….thank you….

She unbuckles and says that she will take the penguin out as well. He tries to pull it out but it won’t budge so she gets it out of the backseat. He asks if she is okay to carry it since it is so big and she says she is fine.

But she definitely struggles with carrying it and walking her drunk self up the street.




Do-hee wakes up and immediately thinks about Hae-kyung winning the penguin for her and then cheering and him lifting her up off the ground to celebrate. She happily plays with the penguin.

But then she remembers everything else about that night, like getting drunk and falling on his chest. She grimaces and buries her head in the penguin.


No-eul is still at Gun-woo’s studio. Gun-woo brings some food for them both to eat. She doesn’t want to eat, but he tells her that she should eat (but in a joking way). He tells her she eats with her mouth, not with her head. She tells him not to tell that kind of joke to anyone else.

He says if she smiles like that then he won’t. But she says it is difficult to smile, that is why she can’t let him go, because the place she has to come back to is Kim Hae-kyung. I am shameless, right?

He tells her that her shamelessness is her charm. She asks if that is a compliment? What about you? She is thankful to him. He has to go but tells her that if she is thankful to him then she can eat. He will be back soon after picking up some clothes.

he leaves and she is left alone thinking about things.


Do-hee is at work and is typing on the computer with her head on her desk. She is also typing with a big yellow hand. Jin-kyu and Jung-whan wonder what is up with her but neither one wants to ask her.

Then Jae-hyuk comes in with coffee for everyone. Do-hee pulls Jae-hyuk into a private area to chat.

DH – Do you think I am a joke?

JH – I am not here to get your back, it is only for work.

DH – *scoffs* your shamelessness is actually an ability. Why don’t you change your method before you–

NE – I am late.

No-eul comes walking up and introduces herself.

DH – I-It is nice to see you.


The three of them go to a bookstore  or library area to chat.

NE – Let’s try one episode.

DH – Why should I?

NE – Because it will be daebak.

DH – I like your confidence, I will support you. Goodbye.

NE – I will make you have one million hearts (likes). Call?

Do-hee asks, how?

NE – Jin Noeul and Kim Hae-kyung.

We cut to Hae-kyung working in his office. A woman comes in to the sitting area dressed like a goddess. She looks to the left and to the right and tells Hae-kyung that no one should recognize her.

He stands and says okay, please sit over here. 

We cut to her crying a lot with lots of tissues around and her fanning her face. She appears to be super dramatic almost like she is a movie star. She tells Hae-kyung that she really wants to eat, she orders a lot, and she tries to eat, but then she remembers all the bad replies.

We scan to her Instagram where we see she is an Idol and actress that has come back after a long hiatus. Hae-kyung says she was chubby during her hiatus so she tried to lose weight and became anorexic.

He tries to give her advice and therapy on how to deal with this. He tells her that she can’t eat all at once. You need to build a new goal. It is not perfect food from the beginning but something that will be more comfortable. I think you need surgery.

She asks, surgery!

Makjang music starts to play as Hae-kyung dawns his surgical attire and goes to the surgery room to scrub his hands and wash up for surgery. Byung-jin makes sure he is dressed appropriately and does not get his hands dirty. But he is putting chef clothing on him, lol. So he wears his surgical attire plus chef clothing and gets gloves as well as if he is going into the operation room.

he goes into the operation room which is actually the kitchen. Kill Bill Nina Simone music starts to play as he chops all the onions and carrots and does all the preparation for the food. He is super into it. Byung-jin is also helping him and trying to keep up. It is a scene, y’all.

Then we hear a woman’s voice talking about how to prepare mussels. You have to use your spoon to take it out and remove the teeth and take the stomach out and dice dice dice, good job. Hae-kyung is super into it and is swaying his back and shoulders from side to side like he really feels it.

They are also still listening to the halmoni but Byung-jin is actually talking to the recording like she is actually there. But Hae-kyung is composed.

They finally finish making the jumbok juk with the clams he was cutting. they finish up and we see that she was actually not a recording, she was on a phone call and asks if they are done or not? Then she curses at them (in real life this actor is famous for cursing).

Hae-kyung walks the food out to his client. She is worried that she will not be able to eat this delicious food. Hae-kyung says it is okay, if you can’t eat it then don’t eat it. Byung-jin says he will deliver it to her house if she doesn’t eat it. Hae-kyung tries not to comment on that and tells the patient that she has a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder where she thinks she has to eat like others. You must break from that idea.

she starts to try and eat something. He says that he recommends foods that are not so heavy for people who suffer from anorexia to eat. But actually what you eat is not the most important. It is to try and eat something and to know that you are doing a good job in your life. Please try.

She tries a spoonful. Hae-kyung and Byun-jin look on in anticipation. The camera zooms in to the woman and she smiles. It tastes really good.

Byung-jin breaks the mood and asks if he can take a photo with her. Hae-kyung is all like, seriously? But the woman is nice about it. So Hae-kyng is about to take a photo but then decides to take a selfie of the three of them and blocks Byung-jin’s face with his finger (maybe on accident and maybe not). Byung-jin asks if he is in the picture? Hae-kyung pleasantly pushes him out of the room and tells the client to enjoy.




Do-hee walks into Ah-yong’s office and tells her that she will do it. Ah-young is happy to hear it. She then gives Do-hee a book and says that she remembered that Do-hee likes this writer.

This is the same book that Do-hee got from Hae-kyung’s mom. So Hae-kyung’s mom is one of her favorite writers. Do-hee tells her that she already bought it.

Elsewhere, Hae-kyung thinks about his mother while holding his cell phone. He remembers her telling him that she is sick and wants him to go with her to the hospital since she is a bit afraid. 

Cut to her walking through the hospital alone. She looks a bit hesitant and afraid.

Back at 2N Box, Jin-kyu rolls over to Do-hee’s desk and asks her if she has problems in her dating life? She tells him it is not, he says she can tells him if she wants, fighting!

But he gets called away. Then Sora comes up and peeks at Do-hee, but she does not interrupt Do-hee looking through her phone.

Do-hee decides to read the book Hae-kyung’s mom wrote. She opens to a random page and reads.

Book – That night, he set fire to my heart

We are transported to the book where we see Hae-kyung and Do-hee in a fancy hotel eating a fancy and sexy dinner together.

HK – Only dinner?

He stops eating a roll and looks at her. Then he tosses the roll over his shoulder. She sits on his lap and sexily tips his head back and leans in for a smoldering kiss.

In the present, Do-hee puckers her lips into a kiss while she is sleeping at her desk. Then she wakes up and thinks, this kind of dream? Ah, all because of this book. She looks around the office and sees that everyone has left already and mutters that they have no loyalty.

But she gets a message from Hae-kyung.

HK: Dinner mate, would you like to have dinner together?

She gasps and covers her mouth. Then we see her walking to the location. She looks up at Hae-kyung who is on the second floor at a table. Which makes her think about the sexy scene from the book. She tries to wipe that memory from the sky and takes a gulp before going inside.

She sits at the table with Hae-kyung though this place is a lot fancier than the first place they ate at. They are a bit awkward together do to how their last date ended.

They food comes, they are sitting quietly together. 

HK – Did you go to work okay? *awkwardly*

DH – Yes….*awkward*

Both – Well

HK – You speak first

DH – No, you speak first

HK – I am sorry about yesterday

DH – You apologized yesterday

HK – I wanted to do it properly

DH – Me to. Yesterday, last night, I am sorry about my behavior! *bows in her seat*

HK – *happily* lets eat!

DH – Okay, let me take a photo. It is job related.

HK – Are you a photographer?

DH – it is my secret.

She takes a photo fo the food and then tells him they can eat.

They both start to grab something and then say Jungjom (rice wine) at the same time. They both chuckle.

They happily loosen up and chat normally after getting the rice wine. Cut to Hae-kyung talking to Do-hee about how healthy tuna is, but he does it in a drunken-ish way.

HK – Tuna is super healthy for you, it has a lot of good fats that lowers cholesterol accumulation in your blood vessels

DH – Are you a doctor or something? Are you done with your sermon?

HK – No, not yet, it does not only have that, it has a lot of vitamins and calcium and is good for your recovery and immune system.

DH – it tastes good *ignores him*

H – Of course the taste is good, but at least I am telling you so you should pretend like you are listening

DH – When people are together, we should talk. talk talk, not just you one-sidedly say things. Talk.

HK – Ah, yes, that is true.

Dh – Lets toast.

They both toast another drink and take it to the head. 

DH – To me, I don’t like people who only think about themselves.

HK – What?

DH – Not you, but my ex boyfriend. I really hate dipping fish in sour sauce.

Flashback to Jae-hyuk doing just that and telling her to try it

HK – Ah, Raw fish should be dipped in dwenjang based sauce not gojujang

DH – See! you know things! Yes, you deserve to be my dinner mate. High five!

She holds her hand up to high five but he takes another drink and does not notice

DH – it does not matter that you can eat properly, your manners is no manners.

HK – Huh?

DH – it is nothing, you enjoy. Toast?

HK – Wow, you drink things straight.

He toast and takes another drink.

Afterwards, they walk through this large art gallery looking building with its huge 30 foot ceilings and head towards the exit. 

DH – Ah, a little more

KH – You didn’t have enough to drink?

DH – Wah, you know that but you only ordered one bottle?

KH – I don’t know what you will do drunk – sorry, sorry.

DH – No, well, I actually regret that spring is ending. I did not even know that it was blossoming and it is already gone.

KH – Blossoms will come again next year.

DH – You are so miraculous, you have a melo face but your emotions are a thriller.

KH – You mean I am handsome like a melo drama?

DH – Ohhhhh, did you just say you are handsome?

KH – Well, I can’t lie….

DH – Woahhhh

KH – I really can’t lie well…*chuckles*

They keep walking and laughing.


Do-hee walks around her place, the folk song is playing and her penguin is in its spot. She blasts the music and puts on some makeup while singing to it. then she takes the makeup brush and starts to sing along with the song like it is a microphone and starts to dance around her room and sing to the penguin.

Then she picks the penguin up and dances with him for a moment. At the end she dips the penguin and plants a big of wet kiss on him. her day is starting off great.

she goes to work happily and gives everyone a coffee. Sora comes running in and tells Do-hee that there is something to do with Jin Noeul! They all race to the computer to look at it.

There is an article about her debt scandal online.

So they have an emergency meeting about it with Ah-young and the PD team. Ah-young thinks that they should cancel. But now Do-hee thinks that they should do it since it is her mothers issue and we don’t even know if it is true.

Ah-young asks Do-hee what she thinks will happen in this situation? Do you all want to go bankrupt as well?

Do-hee thinks back to No-eul telling her that it can be Jin Noeul and Kim Hae-kyung. I trust your ability. When you make a scoop you need to have a good base to make it. If you decide to be A rated then you can have not only a million, but 10 million hearts is possible as well.

Do-hee tells Ah-young that she is going to do it and go all the way to the top. Her boss tells her that this is not a kids drama. In our field the peoples opinion is 80% of everything. Be realistic.

Jae-hyuk says that he can meet Jin Noeul. But Ah-young tells him that he does not have to, we can hold this project. jae-hyuk leaves and Do-hee follows. the rest of the team is concerned.


Part 2 is coming up!

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  1. Cia
    June 9, 2020 / 11:30 am

    V, the title should be ep 11&12 😀

    • V
      June 13, 2020 / 7:25 pm

      Ack! Thank you, Cia!

  2. WPB
    June 16, 2020 / 4:55 pm

    I love the scene DH sang along the folk song when she put her make up on. This was the song the tax driver playing on his radio when driving DH to the airport. It’s funny she used to feel it so annoying and told the taxi driver to turn it off. Now she loves that song because it’s how all the dinner with HK got started. 🙂

    • V
      June 21, 2020 / 6:59 am

      Yes, i love how that song is continuing to be weaved into the show!

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