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Dinner Mate: Episode 1-2 Recap – Part 2

Dinner Date: Episode 1-2 Recap - Part 2 #DinnerDate

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-hee tells her boyfriend to tell her any convincible reason at least!

Downstairs, everyone is so quiet. They are all turned to listen to what is happening upstairs. One of the waiters tries to make a smoothy so they can’t hear.

The woman in therapy is super interested (as well as a lot of other people) and starts to walk closer. Hae-kyung thinks that she responds to outside stimulus.

Upstairs, the boyfriend tries to explain what is going on. Do-hee says, let me hear it! He tells her, at some point when you call me ten times I didn’t want to pick up 8 times. When you think of traveling, I thought about an excuse not to go. And when you sent me your pictures, I stopped saving them. When I hear love songs, I only think about the singers face.

Downstairs, everyone thinks he is an a-hole and a jerk. Some of the women think they just want to hit him right in the neck. The therapy woman tells them all to please be quiet. Then she starts listening again.

Upstairs, Do-hee says this is so detailed, is that it? He says no, the critical thing is that I did not want to eat with you anymore. 

Downstairs, everyone grimaces in second hand embarrassment for her.

Upstairs, he tells Do-hee that people want to eat with their lover but for him, it was his duty. Because I have to do it. She softly asks, why did you send me the picture of the ring when you wanted to end things like this? 

It turns out that he accidentally sent it to the wrong person. His waiters in the flashback say that he has to check the picture when you date two people at the same time. they tell him to say that his friend is using it for his proposal and to ask her opinion.

He tells her that actually he did not mean to send it to her. I am really sorry. You can punish me with anything. She speaks up and says, my mother told me that if you have an affair I should just cut your thing off like cutting off a pickled radish. But the end of a pickled radish has its use. Yours is no use, just keep it.

Downstairs, everyone gasps.

Upstairs, Do-hee tells him this was s dirty end. Let’s never see each other again you loser. Then she says loudly that she is taking the champagne! I should celebrate myself since I have recycled the trash already!

She goes back downstairs. Everyone pretends like they are eating once again. Her ex-boyfriend follows behind her. Hae-kyung looks at all of this happening in slow motion. The new girlfriend follows outside as well.

The ex stops Do-hee and says she should not leave like this. She asks him if she should just break the bottle on his forehead? Hae-kyung watches from inside. He starts to mentally analyze her and thinks that she can’t breathe well, her heart is elevated, she has symptoms of being upset.

Do-he starts to leave. He starts to follow. The stewardess tells him not to follow her. If you follow her then you end things with me. So he looks back and forth between his two women and goes back to the flight attendant. It is the last slight, Do-he can’t believe it.

She continues heading off, laughing and thinking what the f? This is a daebak day. But she can’t walk too far and crouches to her knees on the ground wondering why dirty embarrassing situation this happened to her.

Inside, the patient asks the doctor if he thinks she is okay? Hae-kyung says she will have time but she will be okay. The patient asks, how can you be so sure? Only people who get hurt understand each other, she was dumped like that so of course she won’t be okay.

He thinks back to Jin No-eul who asked him why he looks like nothing happened. But it is only for a moment. The patient pulls him back to the present and tells him that she needs someone like him. Please help her. I feel like if she is okay then I will also be okay.

Then she stands up and loudly tells everyone that the doctor sitting here is a very famous psychiatrist! He will help that women! They all start to clap enthusiastically. But Hae-kyung is caught off guards. She tells him to stand and pulls him up then pushes him out to help that woman. Everyone claps him outside and follows him as he runs after Do-hee.

But she has just driven away so he gets a taxi to follow that car. Back inside, the patient’s appetite has come back. She basically scarfs down all the food. (Yay, she’s cured!).

While driving away Do-hee laughs at the love songs on the radio and thinks that she should buy a lotto ticket today.

In the taxi, the taxi driver is a woman and asks Hae-kyung what he did wrong? He tries to explain that he is not responsible for that but she says that she has seen more than 70k couples with a girlfriend that runs away in their rental car alone. He tries to say it if not like that. She feigns understanding and asks what he said. Did you mention a memory about an ex-girlfriend on Jeju island? Did you ell you that you should know why she is angry?

He asks if she can just continue following her. She chuckles and says, Okay! Yes, yes!


They finally catch up to her on the coast. She tells him that this isa  good photo area! Please get back together and be happy! He gets out and she says to herself that he is a handsome man. I wonder if the woman is also pretty.

He takes a deep breath and looks at Do-hee standing on the rocks right at the edge of the water. She looks out over it stoically.  It looks like she might jump, but she is actually only there to get some fresh air.

However, there is a huge gust of wind that knocks her off balance. So he looks at her and thinks she might fall and starts to run after her. She sees him coming at the last minute and dodges out of his way which makes him slow motion pass right by her and fall into the sea.

So she has to take off her jacket and rescue him, (LOLOLOLOL!).

She drags him to the beach where he wakes up. He says that she shouldn’t have avoided him like that. She says it is natural to sway out of the way to a person charging them. He mentions the cafe and how he thought she was going to jump into the sea and kill herself.

She is reminded of her embarrassing situation and wonders why he is here again. He says, I was trying to rescue you! She tells him that she is the one that rescued him. Ah, I told them that she would be fine.

He holds his head so she asks if he really thinks he should not go to the hospital. He says no, just leave with your friend…the one that looks just like you….

She is all like, um, no one is next to me. Are you a spirit medium?

He says, she is next to you….she’s wearing the same clothes….its not your friend.

Then he starts to bleed so she yells, your bleeding! He touches his head and sees 3 people now. Then passes out.

So she screams and takes him to the hospital. the doctor tells her that he passed out with trauma and says a lot of medical jargon then says they don’t actually know why. Do-hee asks the diagnosis and what she should do. He keeps saying a lot of jargon. She gets the words wrong and think he is talking about his testicles? It sounds like cerebrum, so the doctor is taken aback.

The doctor finally says it was just tiny head trauma, I sutured his wound up. He can move to a different bed when he wakes up and be discharged. She is so upset that he didn’t just say that in the beginning.

He wakes up a bit later, she is still by his side. He immediately grumbles about the situation he is in. If he didn’t matter with her business then he would already be back in Gangnam. She asks, you live in Gangnam? He keeps mumbling about his schedule and says he has to wash his hair.

She tells him that the nurse said you shouldn’t wash your hair because water should not get in your suture. He asks where his clothing is so she shows him but it is still cold. He is about to yell at her for not leaving it outside to dry but she immediately says she bought clothes for him to wear.

However, these clothes are crazy sauce. She basically got him ajumma clothing that is like the Korean equivalent of touristy Hawaiian clothing. So he is basically wearing several different types of flower patterns. He says she did it as a joke. She smiles and says nooooo, but it looks like she might have.

She also tells him that he is like the Grandmother in the Halmoni movie and starts laughing. He asks, can you just laugh like this? She tries not to and says she can drop him off at the airport.

She mentions she is going to the airport anyway. You refused the hospital bill and the airplane bill. Can you take it as my last sorry to you? She tries  not to laugh again.


So she ends up driving him back to the airport. Hae-kyung calls his nurse to tell him all that happened and why he is late. The nurse asks whose cell phone this is? Hae-kyung says it is just someone he knows, just wait for me at the airport okay?

But the nurse starts to hear a woman’s voice. He can’t ask though because Hae-kyung hangs up quickly.

Cut to the drive to the airport that is all kinds of too fast and scary. Do-hee has a heavy foot and is pressing it on the petal. Though it makes her chuckle that Hae-kyung is so terrified right now. 

She starts to talk about how she does not care that her boyfriend dumped her right now. I will go back to Seoul. I have a lot of men waiting in line for me. He tells her good for you, I envy you. Though it is a bit sarcastic.

They arrive at the airport. She tells him that she wanted to take him to the front. He tells her it is fine and asks if she is going back? She says she goes back tomorrow. He asks why she came here then? She says that she just worried about him.

She mentions that the doctor told her to watch him closely just in case. You could be in a coma if you passed out again. She tells him that she will stay here one more day and look at the airport lights and fishing boat lights and think about things.

He says okay. But then her stomach grumbles, so he excuses himself and says that she can eat something. he starts to walk away, but he comes back and tells her, when something bad happens to someone, they think that bad luck is following them. Just in case, I hope you don’t think that way. Happiness has eyes, but misery is blind. They just pick their victims randomly.

He walks away after saying that. Though it looks like something she needed to hear. She gets back in her care. He walks through the airport.

The flight attendant is showing off her ring to her other flight attendant. They think it is great. the flight attendant says it was tainted a bit by a little blemish. Hae-kyung overhears that and shakes his head.

Back outside, Do-hee is still sitting in the car and wondering where she should go when a man knocks on her window to advertise orange chocolate. She says she won’t buy any and rolls her window back up.

Alone once again, she starts to think that the main thing her boyfriend says was that he did not want to eat with her anymore. She thinks he is a jerk, she even ate that steak with so much pepper on it for him. She starts to tear up a bit.

In the airport, he remembers listening to her talk to herself in her hospital room. 

DH – When I think about it, I am really sorry to you that this happened. Today is the day that the world is giving me a hard time as if everyone but me had a group message. On a day like today, the tiny blood vessels in my heart hurt one by one. I feel like my vessels are all filled with capsaicin. Why did misery assassinate me like this when I am about to forget about it. You are telling me why I am saying the world and heart and stuff only because I am dumped. How much I loved or how long I dated. Breaking up is breaking up. Being left alone is very painful.

Hae-kyung walks through the airport thinking about this.

HK – Being left alone…

He thinks about his ex who said, it is weird, I am leaving you but it feels that you are leaving me. Why does it feel like you aren’t losing anything, oppa? 

He told her that he can happily leave him. She says no, you are just getting used to being left alone.

He goes to the security check.

VO – no one in the world gets used to being left alone. No one.

The airport personnel asks for the next person. He hops out of his thoughts to shuffle through his pockets for his ID.

Back it he car, Do-hee thinks it is too late to a museum, do I want chicken. She thinks that she wants the chocolate after all. Then someone knocks on her car again so she thinks it is the ajusshi again. She happily hops out to buy a chocolate.

But it is Hae-kyung looking all handsome and foolish in his clothing. She says she thought he left…why? He says, well….um….would you like to have dinner together?

She starts to kind of smile. He also starts to slightly smile.

Then they both actually smile to each other. It’s a tiny one but it’s there.

Fade Out


Aw! What a cute opening episode! I loved every minute of it. I love the setup and the life of our two leads before they met. Then their meet cute in the airplane and the confrontation at the restaurant. Everything was so fun. I will be happy to watch the next episode tomorrow sometime (trying to fit it in). Then hopefully we can start live recapping it next week!

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