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Cross Recap Episode 6

Live Recap for the Kdrama Cross
Yesterday was a pretty crazy day with the live recapping since Radio Romance aired twice due to the Olympics, so our Cross recap got bumped to today. Next Tuesday will probably have the same schedule. But the week after should be back to the normal schedule.


JI is cleaning up her father’s office and sees a phone call from “son” on his phone. She picks it up and he says this is Kang In-gyu. JI drops the phone.

IG sees YH and she asks him why he is there. He wants a way to help the little girl and YH says that she also wants a way to help the little girl. She goes to the counter and talks to the secretary about social welfare for the girl.

Meanwhile, JI has run into her father. She asks him why he saved IG as “son” in his phone. Is he really his son? Is that why he divorced her mother? JI says that he adopted IG after her and her mother left him. IG was taking care of his sick sister so he adopted him. JI starts yelling at him about adopting another kid and leaving her and her mother. How can he treat her like this? She was having deep pain during that time and he just told her to go to the hospital. She was sick and almost dead. JH says that he is sorry about that, he didn’t know that she was that sick before. JI tells him that he knows his patients are sick, but he doesn’t know that his family members are sick. Back then she needed her appa.

She leaves and thinks back to all the times that JH mentioned IG. We have a montage of JH talking either to IG or about IG. JI tries to blink back tears as she walks away thinking about this.

At the same time, YH and IG are walking. YH wants to know if he is thankful to her if he is then he can drink a coffee with her. She leads him to the hospital cafe and they drink a canned coffee. They smile as they drink it together. But upstairs, LJH sees the two of them sitting and talking. He goes downstairs and talks to YH. He wants to know why they are together. YH tells him that IG found a girl on the street who is in the hospital right now. LJH brings up how everyone had to wait for IG because of that. They had to wait for 2 hours until he showed up.

IG tells them that he will leave and walks off.

JH calls IG and he picks up. They talk about whether he decided or not. JH wants to recruit IG to their hospital, he wants him to leave the prison, or he will make him leave. They hang up.

IG leaves and starts walking home, JI is outside in her car at the time and sees IG. She thinks back to what her father said about IG, then she thinks back to what IG said about his sister who died and gave her organs. She thinks that her father might have been the organ transplant doctor?

HB takes his medicine and the prison guard makes sure that he swallowed it. But when the guard leaves we see that HB didn’t take the medicine.

Cut to IG thinking about HB. His liver will fail in a few days and he won’t be able to recognize IG anymore. But in the prison, HB is doing fine. He is outside with the other prisoners and looks at the doctor’s son. he pulls the son away and gives him some chocolate. They sit and chat, the son doesn’t get to eat sweets because he is diabetic and has high blood pressure. he takes a lot of medicine, 7 tablets 3 times a day. He makes a deal with the son, he will buy all the food he wants.

Then we see the son with his doctor father. The father is checking his blood sugar. The son thinks that he and his father can drink in one month when he gets out of jail, but the father doesn’t want him to drink outside of his office. then the doctor father tells the son that his blood sugar is very high, why is that? The son says that he doesn’t know but he is dizzy lately. Can he have some more medicine? The father opens up his drawer and tells the son when you are dizzy then take this medicine. He gives him a bottle of pills.

JI meets with the prison grandfather in the hospital. The grandfather knows that she has been crying, her eyes are all puffy. he tells her that it is very obvious. She tells the grandfather that she fought with her dad because he is only good to others, especially his patients. he isn’t good to his family members. The grandfather tells her that she is the same, she should treat her father as she treats him. IG doesn’t think it is the same, but the grandfather tells her it is and explains it to her. He tells her not to fight against her appa. he is someone who can’t even see his daughters face even though she is in the next room.

Meanwhile, JH is meeting with another doctor. His eyes are getting worse now and it is affecting his surgery. The doctor told JH that he should have checked it out earlier, he is in his prime now. JH says that he knows what a doctor is now, but he might have to put his scaffold away. the doctor tells him that it is still early, but he is not sure when the seizures will start.

Outside the office, JH runs into his daughter. She asks him if he did the organ transplantation for IG’s sister. He says he did and she tells him that she really can’t understand him. Doesn’t he know how much pain that gives the family members? JH says that he knows, but that is also the only way that both can survive.

HB isn’t doing too well. He is coughing and spitting up something. he thinks back to the death note. Some guards come to take him out and HB coughs and hides a pen in his pocket. They lead the prisoner to IG for his doctors’ visit. He has a seat and IG starts to give him a checkup. How is the itchiness and nausea? HB says they are both better. Everywhere is okay, but his legs are still swollen. IG gets up to take a look and HB checks IG’s head for the scar.

IG hits his hand away and HB wonders why he didn’t recognize him, he is the same. IG easily defends himself against HB and pushes him on the table. He has been thinking about this moment for a long time. Somehow no one is coming into the room and IG can tell HB that his body is all broken now. he should be begging for help. HB tells him that everyone will know that a doctor went there to kill someone. IG tells him that he will die in less than one month unless he treats him.

HB starts to tell him all the things that IG’s father told him about his kids and the new sneakers and how his father begged him to save his life. IG throws him against the wall and the prison guards hear the ruckus. they go to the room and try to pull IG off of him, but IG pushes them away. HB keeps goading IG on and IG keeps raging. But the prison guards are able to pull him off and HB laughs.

The guards understand that IG wanted to use violence against the prisoner, but he shouldn’t do that. Sometimes the prisoners make the first move in order to get the guards in trouble. They tell him not to do it again. IG leaves, but he thinks to what HB told him about his father and wanting to buy new shoes for IG. Flashback of the father buying new shoes for IG. He finds a good pair with IG and has him try them on. But IG doesn’t look like he likes it, he keeps looking at the Nike store across the street. We see IG’s father talking to someone on the phone about donating one of his kidneys and his liver and IG tells him that he likes his new Nike shoes.

Back to the present, IG sees HB in the prison yard. HB makes a big deal about hugging the other doctor’s son as IG watches them.

Elsewhere in the prison, one of the nurses starts to talk about what IG did to the prisoner. She saw them fighting. IG walks in at that moment and he tells them he is going home. He leaves, but JH is outside the prison to greet him. They go have a drink together. JH wants to cling glasses, but IG doesn’t, he just drinks from his cup.

IG talks to JH about what HB told him. JH tells him that this is why he doesn’t want him in there. It will only hurt him to be in there. JH wants him to think back to why IG became a doctor, to help people in his situation, not for revenge. Jh tells IG that his daughter came back from America.

Flashback to IG and JH from several years ago. JH tells IG that the picture is of his daughter, but he made several mistakes so his daughter went way far away to America.

JH tells IG that his daughter came back from America, he knows her also. The organ transplantation coordinator is his daughter, JI. IG thinks back to JI asking IG how he knows the center chief. JH tells IG that they should eat dinner together, he doesn’t have to be there, but both of them really hate him and it is harder than any surgery to take care of their hearts. IG tells him that he should care for his daughter and leaves. But as he walks away outside, he looks back compassionately at JH still inside and drinking.

The guards start to talk about what IG did for the transplantation surgery with the head prison doctor. Their prisoner comes back today so they want to have a little celebration. All the medical staff should join. The doctor agrees, but he doesn’t look happy about it, he is busy thinking about his son.

He meets with his son and his pressure is still high. he wants his son to talk to him about his numbers being too high. The son feigns innocence, he doesn’t know. But the father is enraged, he will check again tomorrow and if the numbers are not down then he will be ready. he tells his son to leave and looks back at him as he walks out.

Halabogi is going back to prison and IG tells him that she doesn’t know what she will do. He tells her that he will be happy if she visits him. the guard comes to get him and tells him that he won’t be able to see his daughter. IG tells them to wait because she has a document to pick up. She runs out and IG sees her running around like crazy. he avoids her, but she goes up to him, she wants to talk to him for a moment.

They go somewhere and IG tells her that halabogi cannot see his daughter because of the rules. Someone can ask to see the prisoner, but the prisoner cannot see anyone. It is the same inside and outside of the prison. She wants to know why he tries so hard, she knows what it is like to have a longing heart.

They remove the prisoner and IG wheels him out. But he stops at a room and knocks on the window. The window opens and halbae looks through it. Father and daughter look at each other and exchange a happy moment. The prison guard doesn’t know what is happening and tells them to hurry up. IG nods and starts to wheel the grandfather away again as the grandfather’s gaze lingers on his daughter and her gaze lingers on him.

The son is in all kinds of bad shape. He is shaking uncontrollably on the yard and HB asks him for the medicine. the boy pulls all his pills out of his pocket and HB tells him that he has accumulated a lot. HB gives him a chocolate and the son takes it and starts eating it quickly. HB gives him another one and the son takes it as well. This poor kid isn’t going to last long if he keeps this up.

Meanwhile, the grandfather gets back to the prison and tells IG that he is a good doctor. he bows to him and goes inside the prison.

Back on the prison yard, the son is having a heart attack or something. HB wants to give him another bar, but the son just passes out and starts to seizure. HB looks at him and smiles, then he turns around and calls the prison guards who quickly run to the sons’ side.

Alarms go off everywhere in the prison and the son is wheeled in. IG sees him first and wants to know what happened. the guards tell him that he passed out in the prison yard. The medical team gets to work on him. IG notices that his foot still has a reaction. At this time the father comes in and wants to know what is happening, then he notices that it is his son. he quickly tells everyone not to touch him and starts to do the checkup himself. But he is shaking and nervous. the nurse tells him to calm down and that the son’s pulse is low.

IG grabs his hand and tells him that he will do it, the chief can step aside. IG does the check-up while the chief looks on shaking. They get to work checking everything. The blood sugar is very high at 500 glucose. The saline is normal and the insulin. IG checks his mouth, something isn’t right. He has diabetic acidosis. they wheel him out into the ambulance and head to the nearest hospital. The father tells his son to just wait a little bit.

Back on the prison yard, the guards grill HB on what he did, he must have done something. But HB just says that he didn’t do anything. They didn’t fight or anything. HB wants to see the medical office, but the guard says all the doctors are gone.

IG goes inside and fills YH in on all the symptoms. But they don’t know why he is in this state. he takes his medicine so he should be fine. IG starts to order all the treatments, but the father blocks them all and says that he knows him the best. Time passes as the doctors try to help the son recover from diabetic acidosis. the father stays with him all night.

HB yells in his jail cell. Something is wrong with him and he spits out blood. There are no doctors though, so they have to move him to the hospital. they prepare to move him and wheel him out quickly.

Everything is quieter at the hospital as everyone waits on the son’s recovery. IG wants to be filled in on the statistics of the patient. he wants to know why the vitals aren’t getting better. the father looks at the vitals and thinks back to the brain CT that IG wanted, but he blocked. He checks his sons’ eyes and gasps. They quickly tell send him to the neuro department.

HB is doing something in the ambulance. he is gasping and reaching for something. Then a big dump truck hits the car. All the guards are knocked out. A fake ambulance comes and wheels HB out. they are his cronies.

Meanwhile, IG and the father are racing the son to the neuro department.

Fade Out

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