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Cross Live Recap Episode 3

Cross Live Recap Episode 3
We will be starting our aftercap of Cross in a few minutes! Time to see what happened after that car crash at the end of the last episode.

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Kang In-gyu – IG | Ko Jung-hoon – JH | Ko Ji-in – JI | Bak Ji-nam – JN | Kim Hyung-bum – HB | Na Ahn-il – AI | Noh Jong-il – PD (prison director) | Son Yeon-hee – YH | Son Young-sik – YS or C (chairman) | Lee Ju-huk – JH | Lee Sang-hoon – SH or D (director)

Airing Time: Feb. 5th, 21:30 Seoul
Recap Time: Editing…sometime today or tomorrow
How To Watch: On Demand Korea

Brief recap on what happened in the last two episodes.

Then we open at the car accident. IG looks in the car. the kid is crying and teh mom is unconcious, he sees her pregnant belly. he thinks back to what the prisoner said about his daughtre visiting him and how he will explain his organ donation to her.

IG and Ji-in start to help the injured people. IG takes the mother out of the car and checks her pupil response. JI works with one of the other injured people. The husband is breathing hard, does he have a heart problem….asthma?….IG tells him to don’t move and to just wait. He starts giving CPR to the mother who has a low pulse.

The ambulance arrives and they confirm that IG is a doctor. They let him continue doing CPR and they help him. IG wonders why this womans pressure and heart beat continutes to go down, she doesn’t have a chest rupture or something, but then he sees something. He thinks the heart is filled with blood. They take the mother away.

The ambulance workers think she won’t survive for long. IG wants to do the surgery there in the ambulance. But the ambulance people said that they have to go to a hospital first. JI comes to the ambulance and IG tells her waht has happened. This is the inmates daughter. JI says that they can go to her hospital, they leave.

IG gets a very long needle out and is about to put it inside this woman. His eyes go super dialated and he sticks it in. He unhooks the needle and puts a three-wave valve on it to suck all the blood from the heart. Her pressure starts to go up again! IG breathes a sigh of relief and looks at JI. They smile and they check the babies heart rate. They think that the baby is okay.

the inmate is wondering where his daughter is. The worker says that there is no news yet. Appa looks at the photo again and reads it. it says congratulations for your second grandchild and they are always near him and they love him.
The come inside the emergency room and look for an OBGYN. A doctor sees IG and her heart starts to race. She goes to them and wonders what they are doing there. IG fills her in on all the sympptoms. The doctor says that they should do an ultrasound first. She sees that the baby is 32 weeks, but there is bleeding with the woman, the baby is about to come out possibly!

They give the woman epinephrine to speed up her pulse and they quickly say that they need to do a Csection! JI calls her appa and asks him to come to the emergency room. They don’t have an OBGYN and they need a surgeon. Her father runs to them right away.

JH gets to the hospital and wonders what is going on. All the hospital people are there as well. It turns into a scene. They all want to remove IG from the hospital, but IG wont leave. He says that they ar both dying and they need his help as well, it is an emergency.

But the hospital workers dont want IG there because he is an outside doctor, so if something bad happens then their hospital can be blamed. Maybe their insurance won’t cover it.

A man who works with Hyung-bum has broken into In-gyu’s home. he looks around everywhere. he sees his graduationdocuments from the university and takes pictures of it. then he sees that IG has a lot of money problems. He goes to a picture and sees a picture of IG and his sister. Then he sees the closet, he is about to open it. he opens the door and moves all the clothes out of the way!

But there is nothing there anymore. he puts all the clothes back into place and leaves. But, we see that IG might have a webcam at home.

All of the doctors are performing surgery on this pregnant woman. They think that they should perform a c-section and they get started on that. Yeon-hee is the lead on this. But then IG’s pupils dialate and he sees that there is some bleeding and puts his hand into the body. Everyone starts to look at him. He quickly stops the bleeding and tells them that the mesenteric artery tore. They continue with the c-section.

The baby comes out fine, he is screaming and sounds healthy. IG takes the baby carefully and puts him in the incubator. then he tells the team that they have to hurry because the womans pressure is not going up.

Meanwhile the chairman of the hopsital and all the suits are worried, they want to know what is happening. they get a call, both the mom and kid survived. they were worried a lot about being sued. Then the congressmans wife comes in and stares at them.

Jung-hoon is about to perform surgery on the liver and asks IG to assist him. The doctor puts on his goggles, but IG doesn’t need any goggles. They perform the surgery and they look like they are a very good match together, the perfect team. IG knows everything that the doctor needs and prepares it in advance. One of the people wonders who this guy is and JH tells them that this is the super surgeon that worked on the guy from the prison.

the suits in the office are talking to the congressmans wife. She is stressed with the donor stuff. She speaks lowly to the company men and bites her lip as she tells them that she has enough power to stop their funding. But the chairmen says that they have a lot of rebates, does she think that they will just die alone? She storms out and the chairman and his assistant wonder what they should do.

THE REMAINING liver for this woman is too small, so JH tells them that they should put her on a list for a transfer just in case.

After the surgery, Yeon-hee talks to IG in the wash room, she thinks that she might now him. But IG just leaves. Ju-huk sees them talking but doesn’t interfere. Afterward they sit for drinks and he asks her if she knows him. Her heart starts pounding as she thinks back to seeing IG, but she says that she doesn’t know him.

Her son is arguing with her, he got a tattoo of his girlfriend on his arm, but he won’t do anything for his father? He didn’t even go to the army! What more can they do for him?!?

IG and JI IN
He sees a notive from his phone, motion detection. JI-in sees him walking out and runs after him. they ride the elevator together. She tells him that he has good eyes, but not good ears. Then she says that she has a question. Hey she has a question! he tells her to tell him. IG wants to know, if the daughter needs a transplant, what about the prisoner? IG says that they need to meet the husband first. JI says that she knows this, she is going to meet with him! tsk.

Then the conversation changes and IG has a softer facial expression. She wonders why and he says it is because she looks so pathetic. She tells him that she will press this button and make them trapped there. he looks busy! She presses the button, but they are already at the first floor so the door opens. Security calls and she tells them that it was a mistake and runs after IG.

But he is long gone in a taxi.

He sees his webcam and has a flachback of the killer talking to him about his former job. We see a montage flashback of IG placing all the items that he wanted this thug to see. He strategically placed them all around the apartment and removed his wall of information in his closet.

Cut to prisoner Hyung-bim. This shady person fills Hyung-bim in on what he found in teh guys house. HB wants this person to find all the human tools that he can find.

The husband has awoken and is getting filled in on what happened. they tell him that his wife and child are recovering, but the wife has some liver problems. If her liver doesn’t get better, then they will need a transplantation. The husband says to use his. they say that is good, but she needs a matching liver due to her condition and his liver isn’t 100% right now. Does she have any other relatives? The husband tells her that the mom died, and the dad is around…JI mentions the dad at the prison and the father wants to know how he knows. They go to find whatever people they can find for the transplant.

JI calls IG and says that the prisoner is the only person available for the donation! She hangs up and thinks that IG is such a douchbag. IG calls his MD Chief at the prison and says that there is only one person who can provide the transplant. IG mentions the Chiefs son, what if it happens to him? But the chief says that his son won’t have those problems! And hangs up. But then he thinks about what IG told him about people finding out about his son. he picks up the phone and calls for Kim Hyung-bum.

Meanwhil, IG gets in a taxi to go to the prison.

Back at the prison, the chief MD at the prison has HB at his desk. he is about to take some blood from him and asks him how his health has been. He tells him that Doctor Kang is interested in him, he looks at his chart a lot and his accident record. HB looks at him like a crazy person. But HB says that the doctor is also interested in one of the patients, right? The doctors eyes grow wide.

IG gets to the prison and sees HB leaving the chief MD’s office. He wants to know why HB is leaving the office. The chieff MD says that he just had some stomach problems and plays it off. then we see HB taking a lot of pulls and the prison guard making sure that he swollowed them.

Cut back to IG and his boss arguing. IG wants the transplant for the prisoners daughter. She might die without it. But the boss just tells him that he became a doctor for revenge only, don’t do too much, just do your revenge or it confuses me. But IG keeps telling him that the mom is the mother of two kids and needs this transplant. the children will grow up without their mother. it is difficult for a single dad to raise their children, he knows that. The boss should protect his son. Cut to the son on the prison yard.

The boss says that they need to follow all the processes and they need to hurry. they needd to prepare all the documents from the law office to let the prisoner go. IG sits at his desk, he is looking at his phone. He has to call Jung-hoon to get consent for the surgery. He picks up the phone and calls from memory.

JH picks up right away. IG asks for the patients records because the donor is a prisoner and they need the record to release the prisoner. IG hangs up and JH looks at his phone. He saves IG’s number as “son” and smiles as he says that is paid off for him to never change his phone.

IG and the prisoner are riding to the hospital. The prisoner heard what happened and he is happy and thankful to IG. He wants to know how IG knew that he would donate the liver and IG says it is because he is a father that will do anything for his child.

IG has a flashback of his own father trying to donate his liver for his kids and buying new shoes for his son and taking care of his daughter. Appa’s shoes are all old and IG has super new shoes. This prisoner reminds him of his father, so he holds the prisoner’s hands and tells him that everything will be fine. The prisoner starts to cry and says, “Thank You.”

The donor came and JI is stunned. She runs outside to great it. She runs right up to the prisoner and bows to him. then she turns to IG and says that she doesn’t like him so mcuh, but he didn a good job and thank you for your effort. Then she escorts everyone to the surgical area.

JI explains the surgery to the father, the left part will be removed and transplanted. But the father wants to give the bigger piece. JI lets him know that the donor’s health is also important and he shouldn’t have to worry, her liver will be normal in a year.

Cut to the politicians wife crying over her husband. the sons tells her not to cry becasue he isn’t dead yet and he goes back to playing on his phone. But the umma runs to her son and asks him to donate part of his liver. he says that he won’t do it, never ever! But she keeps pleading with him. He wonders why she is doing this and leaves.

JI is talking to the father and daughter outside. They wanted to meet the father in law, but he didn’t want to meet them. They go insied and tell grandfather that his family wants to meet him. But this is the first time that he will meet his granddaughter and he doesn’t want her to see his handcuffs. IG looks at the prison guard.

We cut to the grandchild comeing into the room and grandfather smiles and tells her to come to him. He doesn’t have his handcuffs on and gives her a big hug and cries into her little hands.

The prison guard put the hand cuffs on the ankle and IG hid it well. JI saw him hiding it.
Hyung-bin is nauseous. he thinks back to what the doctor was telling him. “Arn’t you nauseous with pain on the right side of your stomach?”

The other doctor, Yeon-hee, shows up. Her heart races again when she sees IG. She asks for a warm Americano and IG asks why she is there. he leaves and YH wants to know if IG is interested in how the little baby is doing from the accident. She takes him to see him. His name is Haneul, to embrace the world like the sky. She said that she couldn’t have taken him out without him and introduces himself at emergency doctor Son Yeon-hee. he says that he is Kang In-gyu.

Then IG gets a call, he has to go meet with JI. The father got the blood tpe wrong. he thought he was type A, but he is actually type B. IG goes to the meeting.

JH is there and they talk about how they can’t do the transplant with the father and daughter, but they will do a cross transplantation, 4 people at the same time. They will need a lot of doctors. Three of them are there and they need to invite another one……Doctor Kang In-gyu.

But IG says that he refuses to join them.

Fade Out.

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