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Cross Live Recap Episode 7

Live Recap for episode 7 of the Korean Medical Drama Cross We are live recapping Cross today! Unfortunately this will be our last recap of Cross due to scheduling conflicts. We are picking up Should We Kiss First? to recap, which also airs on Mondays and Tuesdays. We hope that everyone who is watching Cross is enjoying it! It is definitely difficult to predict what will happen.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (a work in progress)
Kang In-gyu – IG | Ko Jung-hoon – JH | Ko Ji-in – JI | Bak Ji-nam – JN | Kim Hyung-bum – HB | Na Ahn-il – AI | Noh Jong-il – PD (prison director) | Son Yeon-hee – YH | Son Young-sik – YS or C (chairman) | Lee Ju-huk – JH | Lee Sang-hoon – SH or D (director)

Airing Time: Feb. 19th, 21:30 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING…will edit and update sometime today or tomorrow
How To Watch: On Demand Korea

Previous episode recap. The son has to go to the hospital for a diabetic emergency and HB fakes a sickness in order to break out.

An ambulance pulls up next to the prison ambulance and takes HB out. Meanwhile, the son is in a coma at the hospital and all the doctors are looking at him. One of the doctors say that it was too late and the father needs to prepare himself.

The father almost collapses and starts to cry over his sons bed; IG runs after the doctor. IG wants to know if their is a chance with a surgery? But the doctor says that it is critical, he explains to IG that it is too late, the son had hernias all over his head. IG takes this in.

But then he gets a call from the nurse at the prison. HB had an accident and went to the hospital. the kidney failure symptoms started for HB. IG asks which hospital and he runs off. back at the prison, the police find out what happened with HB. Why did they have this emergency! the older guard tells teh police and everyone to keep their mouth shut until they find out what happened after the accident.

IG gets to the hospital, he is looking for HB, but he doesn’t see him. He asks a nurse for the patient, but when IG sees the patient, it is the prison guard. IG asks him where the prisoner is but the guard doesn’t know. HB moves first, they weren’t transported together. he tries to think back, but he doens’t know the hospital name. Perhaps it was a different hospital?

IG keeps asking him, was HB unconcious? the guard tells him that he wasn’t, he was in a state of shock. IG thanks him and leaves, he calls a hospital but the hospital doesn’t have any reported cases. Ig pulls out his phone and searches all the nearby hospitals.

The doctors have diagnosed that the son is brain dead. They check all the responses of the son to make sure that he is brain dead and the father has a flashback of a moment he had with his son. His son wanted to drink with his dad, but the dad was upset at him.

The last check is the breathing check. They remove the breathing tube. The doctors tell the father that they will check again in 6 hours and leave. The father is still thinking back to all the fun moments of watching his son and cries over his sons bed.

IG goes to another hospital and looks around for HB. There is one patient who came in who is unkown, but it isn’t HB. IG asks around to the 911 station and asks them about a patient that they carried that night. But there is no data for carrying that patient. IG calls the prison, but the line is busy.

The prison is getting a lot of phone calls, this is a huge issue. Finally, IG gets through and asks where HB is. But they have no news on him.

JI sits with the father and starts to talk about organ transplantation. the father isn’t hearing it though, he is just staring at the table. JI tells the father to decide after thinking about it and leaves. But while outside she looks at the father through the window.

JI goes to her fathers office. He is looking for something and holding his phone tightly. JI finds the charger for him and hands it over, then she sits. JI tells him that they have a brain dead patient and she gave the father the paperwork. then she asks what the father would choose if JI were braindead. He asks what she wants. JI said she already signed the paperwork, that is what she wants, she just wants to know what he would want. JH says that he will always honor what she wants and he agrees with her idea as well. he tells her that wherever she is and whatever kind of decision she makes, she is still his daughter. JI tells him to take it easy and leaves.

She goes back to meet with the prison doctor, but he left. But she sees that the paperwork is signed on the table.

The appa is next to his sons bed, he holds it and cries over his son. JI watches this.

IG is either back at their hospital or in another hospital. he has searched everywhere and doesn’t know where HB is. On the news is the story of the jailbreak: HB broke out and it was all set up. HB was taking medicine from the other patient who died.

IG gets a call and it is HB, he doens’t look good, but he is laughing. IG tells him to get out right now, but HB just laughs. he tells IG to say hello to the prison chief MB. IG yells that HB is an asshole and starts breathing hard as HB hands up on him.

JH is in charge of the organ harvest.

He finishes the harvest and goes outside to talk to YH. YH thinks that they should have done a CT first. JH says that the guardian was a doctor and requested it. Flashback to the critical moment where they should have checked for brain damage.

YH is emotional about this, why didn’t she recognize it even though IG brought it up. Yh walks off as she tries to come to terms with her emotions.

IG checks the CCTV of HB and the son. He sees that HB gives the son a candy bar and falls and hits his head hard. IG freaks out and the guard asks him if he is okay. He tells IG that the chief also saw it and cried a lot.

The guards run to a room and the older one yells at the younger one about keeping his mouth shut. they are in super big trouble. At that moment some men in suits come in and ask for the prison director. the younger one says that he is the prison director and points at the older one.

IG sees the father, he starts walking but the father grabs him and starts to punch him. He wants IG to die, die! He yells at IG, he killed his son, he killed his son! IG just cries.

JI calls her father outside and hides a gift. She gives it to him, it is a new cell phone. She doesn’t want her father to use a 2g phone. he says that he is okay with a 2g phone, but he thanks her for the phone. then the conversation turns to the prison break. HB broke out.

Cut to JH in his office googling the news. He calls IG, but IG’s phone is off.

IG knocks on the door of the head doctor. His face is all busted. The father is turned and looking out the window but IG comes up to him anyway. he tells the father that he is basically very very sorry, but he cannot stop there. He puts his resignation letter on the table and says that he will repay his sin to the doctor. He leaves.

IG walks out of the prison and turns back to look at it. Then he turns back around and walks away.

the higher ups are looking at a patient who is in good condition. the patient can be moved to another hospital. The patient is the senator. The higher-ups joke with the senator and tell him to take a rest. But then YS sees another patient, perhaps he recognizes him?

YS asks SH who the recomendation will be for their new center. They talk business and paperwork. But they also say that if the center chief recognizes what they are doing, they will be in big trouble. As he talks to a patient and smiles, he also sees the news with HB’s face all over it. YS’s face falls and he looks back to SH.

IG goes to a cemetary and holds his father and sisters ashes. He tells them that he didn’t want this. he doesn’t know what he is doing now. IG cries over the photo and asks his father why he died so quickly, he misses him.

He goes back home and crashes on his bed. He has a dream where he is a child and looking for his father and his sister. he sees someone that might be his father, but it is HB? he runs from him but he trips and sprains his ankle. HB catches him and starts laughing.

But there is a knock on the door. JH yells for IG, hey IG, IG! IG opens the door and JH sees how busted his face is, but he doens’t comment on it. Instead he tells IG to rest and leaves.

We cut to JH buying a lot of food and calling someone with his smart phone. His daughter answers and JH asks her if she can bring him some emergency medicine and some saline, he will text her the address. She agrees and we see all the emergency supplies loaded in a tiny car.

JH gets back at around the time JI gets there. He sees IG sleeping on the bed, perhaps he is passed out because he doesn’t hear anything that JH and JI are talking about. They give IG an iv drip and JI goes to find a blanket. While getting the blanket she sees a photo of HB, but she doens’t think anything of it.

Afterward, she thinks about the photo while driving. Whose photo is that? But then she sees the same image on the news.
IG wakes up and JH tells him to just stop now. He should just give up. But IG doesn’t want to stop. IG wants to know if he would stop this revenge if he were him? JH doesn’t think that IG’s father would want this for him. But IG thinks that he has gone too far to stop now.

JH tells him that he has to know one thing. He needs to remember how he looks now. If he is successful with this revenge then he will look even more miserable then he does now. JH leaves and IG looks in the mirror at his busted up self. Then he goes to the kitchen and sees all the food.

he gets a call right at that time. They are moving the patient from episode 1 into a normal hospital. he is concious now. IG runs to the hospital. he confronts the patient and asks him how he feels. He knows HB right? HB got out of jail yesterday. Where can I find him?

the patient freaks out, he doesn’t know. But IG tells him to tell him anything, any guess. But the patient really doesn’t know. IG leans over his bed and tells the patient that no one can protect his safety in this hospital.

A suspicious looking person changes the medicine label on a bottle. This medicine is for the patient. meanwhile the patient is trying to think back. He remembers VIP. IG wants to know who VIP is and the patient tells him something that has to do with his fathers case. But then JH comes in and IG pulls him out.

That is the perfect time for this cronie to come in and give this poisoned medicine to the patient. the nurse administers the medicine and the cronie watches on. IG and JH argue outside, but then the patient goes critical and they run back in. JH holds IG back with one arm and calls for security. Then JH runs inside and starts to take care of the patient. he administers CPR.

At that time IG breaks free and goes inside. he wait by the door as the other doctors continue to perform CPR. But then HB calls him. he tells IG that this poor guy finally survived but ah….

then HB starts to ask IG if he is curious about who asked him to take his bodies organs out but he won’t know now. IG freaks out and then sees the cronie leaving. He immediately gives chase. We cut back and forth between IG giving chase and the doctors trying to save the patient. But the patient dies and the cronie escapes.

Cut to HB laughing maniacly as IG freaks out.

Fade Out

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  1. Julia
    February 20, 2018 / 9:22 am

    So sad you will stop recapping Cross. Will still follow your recaps.

    • V
      February 20, 2018 / 11:20 am

      I know! We’re pretty sad about it, but we just don’t have enough time. 🙁

  2. kdramaLover19
    February 22, 2018 / 11:18 am

    Will you still recap cross after the conflict of schedule is done?

    • V
      February 22, 2018 / 12:29 pm

      Unfortunately the time conflict is for the duration of Cross. Our goal is to try and get our recaps out the same day it airs, but we could always try to recap it and post it on Wednesday and Thursday? That is a possibility…

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