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Cross Live Recap Episode 5

Live Recap for the Kdrama Cross
With the switcheroo of Radio Romance to next week due to the Olympics, that allows us to Live Recap Cross today (at the time that it actually comes on). Only for today though. We will be back to recapping it after Waikiki starting next week.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand (a work in progress)
Kang In-gyu – IG | Ko Jung-hoon – JH | Ko Ji-in – JI | Bak Ji-nam – JN | Kim Hyung-bum – HB | Na Ahn-il – AI | Noh Jong-il – PD (prison director) | Son Yeon-hee – YH | Son Young-sik – YS or C (chairman) | Lee Ju-huk – JH | Lee Sang-hoon – SH or D (director)

Airing Time: Feb. 12th, 21:30 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT…will edit sometime today!
How To Watch: On Demand Korea

We open in the emergency room. IG is giving the girl CPR and they are charging to shock her. The girl is not responding and the other doctors look like they should give up. But IG isn’t giving up. The problem is, they have to go to the other surgery, but IG doesn’t want to stop.

Cut to the other surgery, the doctors are starting without IG.

Cut back to IG, he is still giving this girl CPR. JI yells at him to stop and go upstairs. Will he be responsible? But he isn’t stopping, he is still giving the girl CPR. JI tells YH that they should try 200 Jules. They charge to 200 Jules and shock. Everyone watches the heart rate monitor. It starts beeping and everyone has a sigh of relief. YH will continue taking care of her. Some other doctor runs in at that time and is filled in. This doctor takes the girl and wheels her away. They call the police for the girl and IG gets pulled out by JL.

But YH notices his arm, he can’t perform surgery with that arm. JI tells her that there is no time and puts tagiderm on IG’s arm instead. Then she yells at him, he is 3 hours late for the surgery. he tells her it is 2 hours and 37 minutes. JI gets annoyed and tells him to just stop, don’t say anything else. That is when he apologizes, but not for the 3 hours. IG whips her head back around like she wants to dig into him. But he has already left the elevator.

IG tells her Dad that IG is there and she is bringing him up. We see them enter the surgical suite. IG apologizes for being late and JI tells the head doctor that IG found a patient on the ground who had a heart attack. He saved her life. But she whispers to IG that she would have killed him if he didn’t bring that little girl.

IG starts with the surgery. But then his pupil dilates and he sees that there is a bile leak. The center chief did it by accident. IG fixes it.

Cut to JH in his surgery. His eyes are pretty bad, they are going blurry. His arm starts to shake. But then he tells himself to focus and he is able to snap himself out of it. he starts with the surgery again.

IG starts to put the liver into the body of the new patient and he slowly attaches it. JL delivered it and now they are running to the next donor. They get to the halbae who is in his room. One of the workers tells JI that she is super busy as they prep the halbae. She comforts halbae, he doesn’t need to worry about his daughter, DR. Kang is doing his job very well. She tells him that he isn’t good personally, but he is a very good surgeon so he doesn’t have to worry.

Back in the surgery room. The blood pressure is going down, so they should hurry. But you can’t hurry a surgery. The doctors work steadfast attaching the liver and making sure that it turns pink with blood flow. Everything looks good. The other workers tell IG that he doesn’t keep his time, but his skill is amazing.

The center chief, NH, comes and watches IG performing his surgery. The sister talks to her father about it. She says that IG is very bad during the day, but he is nice in front of patients…just like someone. Then she tells her dad that one of the patients had a bile leak and IG had to take care of it. But NH is the one who made the bile leak, he thinks that he must have made a huge mistake. he wanders into the room and stares at the surgery patient.

The bad guy goes to IG’s home. He sees the motion detector for movement go off in IG’s cellphone and then he sees the camera on the computer. He goes into a rage and breaks everything within reach.

NH calls someone to make a reservation for a checkup immediately, just because. He has some medicine that he is spinning in his fingers. He picks it up and then sets it back down.

Back in the surgery suite, IG is still working hard. He looks very tired though and sleepy. It looks like he might pass out, he can’t keep his eyes open. His assistants notice and they tell him that if he connects the bile track then they can close it up. But then JI sees that IG is bleeding from his nose. But he continues with the surgery anyway.

Back in the apartment, the bad guy looks around everywhere. He looks in the closet again and notices that there is something coming off. he pulls it and we see that he uncovers everything, all the paperwork and forms and images and everything. It was all covered, but he is finding everything now, good Lord. He even finds a picture of IG’s family. He runs out of the apartment and tells his coworker that something big has happened. IG went to the prison to kill their hyung. Their hyung is in danger now.

Cut to the hyung coughing up blood and looking all around miserable. He calls for the prison guard, but the guard doesn’t come.

Meanwhile, IG finishes the surgery. The other workers tell him that they can take care of the rest and IG leaves. But he passes out before he can get outside the room.


IG is in the hospital bed sleeping and JI is at his side. She wants to remove his tagiderm bandage, but then her father comes in and wonders what is going on. She fills him in, he passed out. Appa tells her that he needs to dress his wound, it can’t get infected, he needs to be able to do surgeries, what if he can’t do them anymore? The father sits next to the bed and starts to dress the wound. JI acts as his assistant and the father asks her for things in an uncaring manner. Finally, he finishes dressing the wound and looks at IG as he does.

The suits talk to the wife and tell her that everything went well. Everyone is talking about how great her son is and how she raised a very good son. Cut to a mother hurrying into the hospital. This is the mother and father of the girl who almost died. They let the parents know what all they did. A strange result came out with one of the tests.

Cut to the parents telling the doctors that their daughter has Leukemia and all the medicine isn’t covered. The parents were fighting because of the money issue and the girl heard about it and ran away. The doctors want to know why she was found on the street and what were the toxins in her body and all those things. But the parents don’t know. The police ask who the doctor was that found the girl.

At that time IG wakes up. JI is still next to him and tells him to lie back down. But IG gets up and runs out. In the hallway, the police come see IG and tell him to come to the police station. But IG tells him that he has urgent business and has to leave. But the police grab his hand. They threaten him with an arrest warrant. Cut to JI calling her father and telling her that the police took IG.

The surgeons are all sitting together and talking about how JH is weird now. LJH is in the room as well and hears all of this, but he doesn’t say anything.

the suits are all about the score of their hospital. The center chief is a problem because he takes in all patients and sometimes the patients don’t have a good recovery, so it brings their score down.

IG and the police officer sit and talk to him about where he found the girl. They grill him, but IG doesn’t answer well. Then JH comes up and tells them that IG can’t drive and tries to take public transportation. Perhaps he had trouble going to the hospital to help them. The police take this as an answer and leave. They apologize for hurting IG’s feelings and say that they have a lot of missing cases lately.

JH drives IG home in his car and asks him what he was doing for real, for real. What is going on? The kid that came in had an anesthesia overdose. It was the same anesthesia overdose that his father had. IG says that he is investigating Kim Hyung-bum, he is still doing his busy with his cronies. Jung-hoon tells IG not to get involved. But IG says that he won’t quit until he finds the root cause. he gets out of the car.

The cronies are trying to figure out how to contact Hyung-bum. They try to think of a way to contact him. Perhaps they can provide a death notice? They look at the clock and then run out. They will send a death note that only Hyung-bum will understand.

IG gets to work and someone says that Hyung-bum was looking for him because he didn’t feel good. IG wants to know if anything else happened? No, nothing else happened. IG soon confirms that HB doesn’t know what happened yet.

One of the guards gets HB and takes him to IG. HB shows him his arm which has marks all over it. Perhaps welts? IG tells him to not scratch his skin until his symptoms get better. Then IG tells HB that he doesn’t know where he has been? HB says that he was at the operation right? IG says that it was an okay job. But then IG leans in and wonders who is getting the body parts that he takes out, he is wondering if he can make even bigger money. But HB says that it is too dangerous, you can’t do it in Korea. IG wants to go to another country, then can it be done. HB says that is fine, all these rich people like Korean doctors, if he is confident then that is okay.

Meanwhile, one of the cronies comes in and starts to process a death note. The secretary says that she will try to process it today and she gets started.

Cut to IG at home. He notices his door is open and he quickly goes in. Everything is destroyed.


YH, Ju-huk, and their fathers are all eating together. They say that they are just oppa and dongsang, they aren’t dating. They don’t even have time to eat, how can they have time to date? YH says that she has to leave now and LJH says she can give her a ride, but she leaves without one, she is fine.

Young-sik and Sang-hoon start to talk about YH. The older men say that she only makes a move when she is sure and LJH should assure her. But then the conversations change to the rumors in the hospital of Ko Jung-hoon, he isn’t as good as before. They talk about how the prison doctor had to fix JH’s mistake. The young doctor says that the bile leak might not be JH’s mistake because that sort of thing can happen during recovery. The men wonder if that is so.

Meanwhile, IG goes to the dirty surgical room. It is empty now and he remembers that he dropped his cell phone. he goes to a cell phone place to see if he can see his blocked numbers. The man tells him that they can’t do that at this particular branch. IG will have to go to a bigger branch.

IG leaves and goes to the hospital. he looks for the patient he rescued and finds her. He sits next to her and waits for her to wake up. He tells her that he worried about her a lot even though she doesn’t know him. But she says that she knows his voice and we hear a flashback of him telling her that he will take care of her. he tells her that he won’t tell anyone and they do a fist thumb promise.

IG asks the girl if she knew those men and she says that she didn’t, but she called them. IG is confused, she called them?

We see a flashback of the girl leaving after her doctor’s appointment. She sees her parents arguing about money in the hall and she yells at them to stop fighting. She hates it when they fight and then she yells that she should disappear. She says that if she wasn’t born they her parents will be happy, that is why she called them because she was angry.

IG wants to know if she still remembers the phone number and she tells him that she doesn’t. Ig remembers back to when he yelled at his sister and told her that he wanted her to die. But then he runs back to her side and picks her up. IG tells this little girl that her parents are suffering because of her, but if something happened to her then her mother would have a harder time. So she shouldn’t have to think about anything but recovery, then everyone will be happy, both her and her parents.

He tells her, if she gets sick or if anything happens to her, then she can call him and he gives her his number. Then he leaves and she looks at the number and smiles.

Hyung-bin finally gets his death note. It says that Kang Dae-sook is dead and it also says who the son is. So the note basically says that IG is the son of the guy that Hyung-bin killed. HB smiles at the note and laughs that this is driving him crazy. His laugh turns maniacal as the prison guard turns his head to the noise.

JI thinks the place is a mess and sees a Dyson and starts cleaning. She wonders why her dad lives like this. He should live better since he ditched his family.

Meanwhile, IG tries to find a way to help the little girl. But he isn’t able to because he doesn’t work for the hospital and he isn’t a family member. he calls someone.

Back to the office, JI is still cleaning. She sees the medicine her father is taking but doesn’t pay it any attention. Then she sees that his father is getting a call from “Son” she wonders who this secret son is and hesitantly answers the phone. IG is on the other end of the line and JI immediately drops the phone. She is shocked, is IG her brother?

JH comes in at that time and sees JI in his office.

Fade Out


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