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Cross Live Recap Episode 4

Cross Live Recap Episode 4
The plot keeps thickening with Cross. Yesterday’s episode was a little more relaxed than the first two, but I believe it was done to show that our lead does have a heart. Also, is the prison MD chief working with Hyung-bum or is he trying to kill him? I’m confused.

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Shorthand (a work in progress)
Kang In-gyu – IG | Ko Jung-hoon – JH | Ko Ji-in – JI | Bak Ji-nam – JN | Kim Hyung-bum – HB | Na Ahn-il – AI | Noh Jong-il – PD (prison director) | Son Yeon-hee – YH | Son Young-sik – YS or C (chairman) | Lee Ju-huk – JH | Lee Sang-hoon – SH or D (director)

Airing Time: Feb. 6th, 21:30 Seoul
Recap Time: RECAPPING!
How To Watch: On Demand Korea

We are back at the meeting. IG shows up and JH tells him to have a seat. They talk about the translplant, the liver translplantation failed because the blood does not match. They need to do a cross transplantation, but they will have a difficult time doing ti with their resources. JH says that it is possible, but they need to invite one person, Doctor IG. IG saved the patient, so he should follow it through. IG tells them that he is a prison doctor, not a hospital doctor, he refuses.

The wife in enraged. The suits want her to know that this cross translplantation is a miracle. But this woman thinks that this is ridiculous, you can’t put a criminal’s liver in her husbands body. She doesn’t like it, they need to find someone else. But they tell her that they can’t wait longer, her husbands condition will only get worse. She says that it is fine, but she will not give them her sons liver.

The men say that they both need to agree. They both should happen. But the mom says that she doesn’t live complicated things, only her husband or it won’t happen. She gets up to leave and the chairman bluffs that they can move on without the senator, they have plenty of other livers that can be in this transplantation. The wife is nervous about that and looks at the suits.

THE PRISON guards tell IG that he is super famous online now and that he saved their prison. IG says that he refused to help the hospital because he is the prison doctor and not the hospitals doctor. But the guards say that they have two prisoners in teh hospital, they helped us so we should help them. IG thinks about this. They say that IG created a little bit of trouble, so maybe he can help them out.

JN and OG leave and walk the prison together. JN tells IG that the prison guards might change when they know the true IG and he leaves. IG sees that Hyung-bum is back to get some more healthcare. he injured his hand.

HB tells IG that the other doctor is not a good doctor. he gave him some medicne yesterday and that medicine made him puke all night. IG starts reciting the signs, thick urine, itch that he can’t fins, swollen body. IG presses the leg and sees that it is really swollen. IG looks at HB and sees that he has liver and kidney problems now. HB wants to know why he is looking at him so intensly, but IG just shakes it off and sits down.

IG says that JN is a good doctor. But HB thinks that he can’t pee and everything is wrong with him now. IG tells him that he needs to keep taking this medicine so that he can get better. HB thinks that he can’t trust the other doctor, but he can trust him. HB mentions that the other doctor is only there for his son, his son the prisoner, but IG says that that is wrong, he isn’t his son.

HB changes the subject to IG, why is IG there? IG says that he is there to make money. But HB is incredulous, to make money? Really? IG says that he can work here and have some part time work. IG realized that he can’t make money in the hospital because there are too many rules. HB asks him if he wants to know about a certain special part time job? If you do it once, then you will make enough money for the rest of your life.

IG writes him a list of all the food that HB should take, but actually IG wrote his phone number on the piece of paper.

the halbae knows that the liver doesn’t match. JI talks to him about the cross transplantation and says that her daughter should be happy because she has a dad like him. IG says that she also has a dad, but she feels like she doens’t have a dad. Halbae says that appa’s are all the same, they care about things but they can’t express it because they aren’t used to it. halbae wants IG to do the surgery and JI says that she will ask him. halbae says that IG is the only doctor that he knows and he is like his own son.

The son is being a bratt and not wanting to give the liver to some random person. he wants to leave. he kicks the trashcan and acts bratty. the mom can’t believe that her son is acting this way, how is he like this? She sits and says for him to leave, fine, before she changes her mind. The son packs his bag and leaves, but when he gets to the door the mom says that he will be out of their life. Don’t call her mom anymore, no money for him anymore, no inheritance for him anymore either.

IG goes into JH’s office. She says that the sone went in for testing. Jh talks about medical things like how the patients shouldn’t eat anything, and IG says that the prisoner wants IG for the surgery, but there is no answer from him. JH tells her to double check.

IG is in his office thinking about HB. A sec comes in and says that the hospital is looking for him, but he just tells her that he can’t do the surgery.

Meanwhile, Hyung-bum tells his crowny that the doctor might be interested and gives him the doctors phone number. They talk about how to involve IG in their crimes.

IG picks up his cell phone from the prison and sees that he has 7 missed calls. Another person is calling him now again, it is JH. IG picks it up and JH says that the prison father want IG to do the surgery on his daughter because he feels like IG is like his own son. IG asks what time the surgery is and JH tells him. They hang up and JH looks so tired.

Then IG gets another phone call. Unknown number. This person says he is calling on behalf of Hyung-bum. IG tells him that he was waiting for this phone call. IG meets with the crowny and gets a package from him. He opens the package, inside is a special cell phone for him. he should use this cell phone to talk to him only. There is also a cd and a dvd. There are health records too. IG wants to know more. It looks like these are all liver translantations. he tells him tomorrow at 6am. But the surgery is 7:30am. However IG has to do it or there wont be another chance.

The son of the doctor kicks the ball over to Hyung-bum. he runs over to get it and Hyung-bum tells him to sit with him. We find out that the son is there for drinking and driving and his friend told him to do it. Hyung-bum acts nice to this son and gives him a sexy book to read in the restroom alone. the son thanks him and it looks like a “friendship” is formed.

JH IS MEETING With JI and another doctor. they are getting everything in order for the surgery. They have all the people ready. They just need to do the surgery now.

IG is at home and makes a timed email. he sits at his desk and starts to make a camera in his surgery glasses. But he doesn’t even need the glasses. he prepares his case and looks at the clock. it is 6am and he gets the text to come out. he comes out and the crowny is there waiting for him. he gets in the car with his medical case. The crowny wants to know what that is and IG says that it is is medical case, just in case he needs it. he closes his eyes and they drive off.

Everything is getting prepared for the surgery.

IG arrives to the site. There are a few other men there. The crowny tells him to go inside and find out what is there. They are at a huge building that looks abandoned. The crowny takes IG inside to a shady surgery room and tells him to go inside. there is surgical equipment there, all the tools that he needs are there, but they look dirty. Not sterile at all. The crowny comes back out and tells IG to change into the surgical garments. But IG doesn’t want to do the surgery because this isn’t a clean environment. But one of the men grabs him and they shock him with an electrical shocker like the police use.

IG has a flachback of having to leave his sister somewhere when she was very sick and having to run off and get help.

IG is still unconcious.

Meanwhile the surgery is getting in order at the hospital. The senator’s wife is crying over her son who is doing the surgery and the sone is also crying. the grandfather and daughter are wheeled into the room.

Back at the fake surgery site, the crownies have gone through IG’s bag and found a gps. They leave him there and drive off. While driving, they throw the gps into the street and someone comes and picks it up. The police.

The crownies keep driving to some secret location and MG is still out in the backseat. His eyes are covered. We see that his alarm has gone off for the 7:30 surgery.

JI talks to the father and tells him to have a good surgery. The halbae is nervous, what if this is the last day that he sees her? But JI just tells him that the surgery will go well and he will see her again. They start the anesthesia.

Flashback of IG crying as a child. But then he wakes up and the crowny is there to greet him. he shows him teh ambulance and tells him that they are at an outdoor surgery room. The crowny tells him he is sorry, but why did he have the gps and IG says it is because they might open his stomach! But the crowny laughs and says they wouldn’t do that to a doctor. IG asks where the patient is and the crowny says they don’t use that term. the patient is a log.

IG goes into the ambulance and he sees a little girl in front of him. he thinks back to his sister dying in teh cold. he says that he wished she were dead. In teh present IG grabs the girls hands. In the past we see that IG left his sister on the street and runs away. The sister hold out her hands to her brother while he runs away.

In the present, IG wants to know why everything is being recorded. The crowny says that they have to send the information to their higher ups, this is also evidence that they are a team now. they start to prepare her for the surgery and IG sees some medicine and hides it next to his side. They put the girl under and they start.

the hospital is ready to start the surgery, but they are waiting for IG. He is not picking up the phone and there is no contact. JH calls IG from his phone. But IG’s phone is back in that rusty surgical suit.

Meanwhile IG is prepping the girl for the surgery. He is wiping her belly with Iodine and asks for the scaffold. The crowny hands it to him and he is about to cut the belly. Back in teh prison, HB is practicing his killing technique as well.

In the ambulance IG shoots icyhot into the crownies face and shuts isoflorane on his face to put him asleep. The guy outside wonders what it going on. IG takes the girl out and starts running down the street with her. He can’t drive so he runs through the mountain.

The crowny comes outside and starts pucking. he tells the guy that he should have caught him! meanwhil, IG is still running with the girl and we see flashbacks of him with his little sister. He felt bad about leaving her and runs back to her. he falls and in the present he falls as well. he checks to see if the firl is okay and in the past he checks to see if his sister is okay.

they are both okay in teh past and the present. Little IG tells his sister that they should go together. And in the present we see IG picking up this girl. He tells her that he will not leave her alone anymore, this ajushi will protect her. his young self has a busted leg and his older self has a busted arm and they both carry ther girls to safety.
The transplantation team is still waiting for IG. They need to call for someone else or they need to cancel the surgery. it is way past the surgery time.

Meanwhile, IG is trying to stop some cars and he is able to stop a truck. The truck driver yells at him, but then he sees that IG is a doctor with a sick girl on his back. The truch driver also has a daughter so he tells him to hurry up and get in. he is giving him a ride becuse of the little girl. While in teh truck we see that IG’s arm is all busted. It is 8:50 and IG needs to make a phone call.

At the hospital, the surgery team is trying to find a new doctor. JH gets a call from an unknown number and yells when he finds out it is IG. IG tells them that he is coming. they all run to prepare.

While in the truch we see that the girl is very sick. IG asks the truck driver to hurry. Back at the hospital, the suts are getting upset, why isn’t this surgery starting? They say their surgical team is late. Then someone gets a phone call, it is an emergency. he leaves right away.

Someone else gets a phone call. it is als an emergency and seh has to leave.

She goes out and wants to know what the condition of the woman is. She gets filled in. This woman is a new patient.

Meanwhile, JI is waiting outside for IG. She sees him and yells at him that she is there, but he doens’t see her and runs into the emergency room. JI sees that IG’s arms is all busted. When IG goes inside, all the doctors come up to him. IG tells them that he found her on the street. The emergency room doctors start to help the little girl.

Cut to teh crownies. They go back to the dirty surgical suite and find IG’s cell phone. they take it withe them along with his other things.
The surgery has started.

IG is still with the girl, but JI tells him that he needs to go to the transplantation now. But as soon as he leaves the girl goes into cardiac arrest. IG goes back to her and looks at her stats. he starts to do CPR and the other doctors bring in the intubation apparatus and the defibrilator. They charge it…..clear! they keep doing CPR and charge again……clear! It is still stopped so he keeps doing the CPR, but all the other doctors have given up.

Inthe surgical room the doctors are going crazy. The people have been under anesthsia for almost 2 hours, they need to finish the surgery!

Back with the girl, IG is still doing CPR, but everyone else thinks that she is dead. JI tells him to just stop and go to the other patients! he can still help them! But IG just tells JI to get ready to charge again, 200 jules! They decide to do it, it is the maximum. They charge her and they all wait………

Fade Out.

Lots of prison things going on.

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