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Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 3 + episode 10 Preview

Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

Part 1 | Part 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Chi-soo and the other soldiers start to talk about some kind of emergency. It looks like they were sent somewhere? I thought if the captain was the head of the military then we would get promoted, but we are sent?

Eun-Dong wonders, as a schedule we shold not go t the border until next spring.

Chi-soo thinks they are betrayed byt e Captains lie. Think about it, if he is really the son of the head of the military, then why did he get shot and go to jail. He wants to be the son of themilitary in his next life. Maybe that was his wish.

The solders roll their eyes. Joo-meok asks Guang-bum if the captain told him anything.


The village ladies all gather and talk at Young-ae’s house about what Jung-hyeok asked the colonel. Flashabck to that conversation when Jung-hyeok asked his request. Jung-hyeok told him, please put my team on the border.

The ladies all wonder, what? he volunteered to go to the border in this cold weather? Did he go crazy after being in jail? Why would he have that kind of request?


Jo is looking around the house. they are in Jung-hyeoks room now

VO of Guang-bum – The captain is going to the border with Seri. That is why he volunteered to go to the border.

CS – what? What are yout aling about? 

GB – She is going abck the way she came in.

CS – That is nonsense!

JM – If we can get in there, it kind of makes sense.

CS – That is true….we know that place the best. We search and guard it. The Captain is the highest rank there.

JM – Because that is under our hand.

ED – *looks worried*

Cut Jung-hyeok putting on his soldier gear. Then we see a lot of military trucks driving out with all the soldiers.

Inside, the high up military man looks embarrassed. The father checks his watch and says that he understands that he is worried about him, but Ii think you took enough time. It is almost sundown.

The man stands up and kicks Jo in the shin as he yells at him. Jo says that Lee Jung-hyeok came, maybe he snuck her out.

The father asks, you didnt’ hear it yet? My son will be on the border in an emergency change. The high up apologizes profusely. Jo says, she is there, that is why he went to the border. He will sneak her into the south I am sure of it.

The high up slaps Jo then tells the father that he is soryr. I will take him out. He bows to the father again and leaves. The father sips his tea casually.


Seri is inside the demilitarized zone with the soldiers at their tiny house. Shet ells them that she did not know that the demilitarizes zone had these towns. 

Jo-meok explains that, before the war, people lived here. This house is in the best shape among the houses there. Chi-soo takes out his snake alcohol and tells them that it is not just drink, it is medicine. It was mad at least in the 1953, before….

Jung-hyeok tells chi-soo to stop so chi-soo pours the alcohol back inside the container.

Seri asks, why do you have the bowl on that jangtoktae? Eun-dong tells her that is water for praying. She look at it. Chi-soo says that she thinks this house had a son that went to war. I still see the pictures in the room. We never ever touch that bowl. We all have moms.

Joo-meok tells her that her mother should be happy when she goes back. She should have waited for you. Seri thinks, they will see. 

They all sit and look at the North mountain. They explain that it is the North Mountain of Seoul. Seri is shocked that it is that close. Eun-dong says it is very close, but we will not be able to see each other anymore. But, when you go there you will be able to see your mom. I envy you.

Seri says that she does not have that kind of good relationship with her mom. Then she tells him that he will meet his mom when he is discharged. Chi-soo asks, are you joking? He needs 9 years and 7 months to discharge.

Seri is shocked and tells him that is a long time. Then she comforts Eun-dong. he says that he misses his mom and worried about her. My home town is colder that it is here so I wonder if she has enough wood to burn. And if they have enough to eat. The youngest gets cold easy.

Seri tells him that it will be okay. Dont’ get hurt and be health and happy. You never know, the country might be reunited.

Chi-soo says not to talk about that, just have a happy life. If you come back again then I will bury you in a mountain or river or somewhere. She rolls her eyes and tells him to do it. The mountain or the river.

Chi-soo starts to tear up and says that the mountain is so long, when it gets dark we can send this noisy woman away.




We cut to see Seri’s mother and the inlaw daughter in laws trying to break into Seri’s place. Then the motehr has a falshback in the same hallway. Seri asks her why she is there? Her mtoher told her to open the door. She tells her it is her birthday, the day she almost died.

So in the present, the mother puts in that password. Yeji is surprised she knows the password and tells Sang-ah she might know their password as well.

The mother sits on the couch and thinks about the past. Last Christmas she mets with Seri in her place. Seri made a coffee for her and asekd her why she was there today.

Her mother tells her that she put her company in the stock. You know that your brothers business does not go well, do you have to do it?

Seri explains that she made this company without her father or brothers help. I made it and took it to stock. Mom it was not easy to come here alone. It was difficult.

her mother asks her who told her to do that? I know what you want. You want your father to see that you are better than your brothers. You want to have everything.

Seri – Umma…

Mom – If you are not greedy then you and my relationship can be better like a real mother and daughter.

Seri – I am not greedy, this is my dream

Mom – You have a dream? What about my life? I am in hell because of you.

Elsewhere int he room, Yeji looks at a limited edition purse and tells Jung-yeom that it is so great. The mother tells her to come out. Then she looks at Sang-ah who is taking pictures of all the documents. She asks what she is doing.

The daughter-in-law says it is for merging the companies in case it helps.

The mother looks around at the photos and awards that Seri got. One of the photos is of the mother on Christmas looking out the window.

Flashback to Seri secretly taking the photo.

The mother looks all kinds of regretful.


Jung-hyeok and Seri walk along the demilitarized zone at nighth time. He has a falshlight. He tells her to have a happy life when she goes back.

SR – Are you worrying about me? I will be the same. I will make a lot of money and spend a lot of money and work hard and meet me.

JH – Are you going to meet men?

SR – Shouldnt’ I?

JH – Well, you can do it but…. you told me we should have a mourning moment for breaking off the marriage. Like 6 months.

SR – That is for you. You told me to go back to a normal life.

JH – I didn’t mean to go back to a man.

SR – You said I should have a good life as if nothing happened.

JH – Not with a man.

SR – 6 months, is that good enough?

JH – Yes…

SR – Okay, I will mourn our breakup for 6 months. We have fate, think about it. We met in Switzerland on accident and North Korea like this. Why?

JH – *looks at her* You can meet men. You can enjoy your life with others as if nothing happened. But …. dont’ be lonely ever. Don’t think about going somewhere nice and disappearing quietly becuase I am here.

SR – You won’t be next to me.

JH – Even though I won’t be next to you. I am always with you and wish that you are not lonely. Be happy for your entire life. then I will be thankful.



At the house, the soldiers wonder how they will go to the South Korean border from there? Chi-soo says, way over there, you see the river?

Cut to Jung-hyeok and Seri walking to the river.

CS – It has a tiny boat by the river. We hid it to catch fish.

Jung-hyeok helps her onto the boat. Then he get on and starts to paddle. it is still the middle of the night.

CS – Next, they will go to a street without landmines

Jung-hyeok and Seri walk along this street.

CS – Wherever they see the stone, there are no landmines around. they will walk all the way down to the southern most border.

Jung-hyeok and Seri get to the southern border.

The solders says that that is not that long. Maybe 1-2 hours max. they all look at the moon and thinks that it is almost late morning. Why isn’t he coming back?

Chi-soo thinks, maybe they got lost? But it shouldnt’ be.

Cut to Jung=hyeok walking slowly. He tells her, maybe I got lost. She says, again? Why are you still gettng lost.

he pulls her away by her hand. She says that she saw this before. He tells her that everything looks the same here. She tells him, tell me the truth, you are nto good at directions right?

He looks ather.

VO – Our captain is the best at finding the way at night.

Jung-hyeok tells her that he can’t see at night and can’t find the way too well. I am sorry.

Chi-soo says that he is not coming back this late. Maybe there was an unexpected accident. Or maybe he wants to spend more time with her? The soldiers all think, ahhhh. 

Jung-hyeok and Seri kep walking. They finally make it. He tells her that they are here. Do you see that tree over there?

She looks at it. it is a pretty tall tree. He tells her, just walk toward that tree. that is the entrance for the South Korean army. Soon the morning search team will come. Ask them for help.

Seri points and asks if he can go with her over there? Jung-hyeok says no. I can’t go any further. He shines a light on a stone and says to only walk on the stone patch.

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok, do not completely forget about me.

JH – Of course I can’t. How can I forget a woman that fell from the sky.

SR – I didn’t fall. I descended.

JH – Okay, that is fine.

SR – Goodbye.

SHe starts to walk along the stone path carefully and nervously. She steps across the SOuth Korean barbed wire line.

He follows and steps across the line. He swings her around to him. She looks pretty nervous.

JH – One step should be okay.

He drops his helmet and pulls her in for a deep and long kiss


Jung-hyeok is in his military gear at his house. Seri looks at his bookshelf as he looks at her.

SR – Your books are all dark and difficult. She takes a few out and puts some others in its place. She continues rearranging the bookshelf pleasantly, then she steps out.

he walks to the bookshelf and reads the books. Thefirst words of the titles spell “Saranghae Lee Jung-hyeok (I love you Lee Jung Hyeok). He smiles as he runs his fingers across them then looks at Seri.

Fade Out


Good Lord this episode was long! So we broke it into three parts so that people didnt’ ahve to wait so long for part 2!

Can you believe it! She got back to the South and in a way that made some kind of sense! Of cours there is a way for North and South soldiers to meet up, that must be the path that they took. But they could not do that before because they had been relieved of their 10 month position.

It is too bad they have to go back in the beginnings of winter, but it is nice that everything worked out. I loved the scene with Jung-hyeok’s father and mother, it was touching and hilarious. I wish the reveal of the song was given a bit more time for us to live in it, but they already were pushing an hour at that point so I get it.

We won’t have time to write up a review+preview right after, so here is the preview to hold us off until tomorrow!


English Translation

CS – He doesnt’ sleep. This is the biggest love crash.

JH – *Look at prayer bowl with red eyes*

JH – At least I have to wait for her, then I can survive.

HCS – Why does she cry all of a sudden?

Jo – I am going to go to South Korea to kill her! If you want to follow me, then follow me.

SR – If I wait and pray sincerely, then will the person I want to see, come?

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  1. Anonymous
    January 18, 2020 / 9:27 am

    Oh no! I love this episodes. Glad to know, Seri come back to SK. I’m surprised that scene in his father’s house. The father just know that the son fall in love Seri, doesn’t he? Hope they will meet again in SK. I will wait for your recap. See you tomorrow, V
    Ah thanks for your comments and preview. I miss it.

    • V
      January 18, 2020 / 1:43 pm

      I hope they meet in SK too!

  2. Jess
    January 18, 2020 / 10:54 am

    I’ve watched 40+ Kdrama so far and this series and particularly this episode is the best I’ve watched! Both SeRi and JH are played so beautifully. They can be romantic, serious and funny. And oh my heart fluttered so much each time.

    Hopefully the ending won’t be a let down (cos that’s how usually netflix drama is). And I love that they make it almost 1.5 hours long cos even so I can’t have enough!!

    Sorry not sorry for being too excited. Hehehe.

    • V
      January 18, 2020 / 1:44 pm

      Yes, this show is the stuff Kdrama dreams are made of! ☺️

  3. donna
    January 18, 2020 / 11:49 am

    Thank you for the detailed recap! 😍

  4. Alcat
    January 18, 2020 / 4:48 pm

    I can’t wait for tomorrow! I swear each week I’m bouncing back and forth between I’m either obsessing over chocolate or this show. It was definitely this one this week. Have you watched love and destiny? I didn’t see it anywhere on your blog and I’ve been really liking it lately.

  5. Anaa
    January 18, 2020 / 5:56 pm

    The scenes with jeong hyoek’s father was hilarious,,, those reactions 😆. Some tears did escape my eyes, but i laughed, then i cried again 😅… Guess, i have to brace for ep 10 for their longings. But nevertheless, i am so looking forward to her return in seoul. His brothers and sisters in laws’ reaction will definitely make my day. What will happen to gu seung jun now though? 🤔

  6. Rian
    January 18, 2020 / 10:18 pm

    I cried so much at that last scene. One step should be okay…

    This drama really reminds me of the old days where yeah the stories were a little dramatic and unrealistic, but they made your heart flutter like no other. The ahjummas and JH’s squad are so funny and endearing. They make you realize that people in North Korea are the same and are just a country split apart. I really appreciate JH as a character, he is kind and while he is cold to others, he’s never necessarily rude and is truly polite, even letting Dan down is still done well. He is one of my favorite protagonists and Hyun Bin did a great job. And Seri…. Oh my god, where to start? Son Yejin was always ambiguous to me as an actress, her roles were never that special to me and I thought she was just another pretty face. But wow does she do a great job here, Seri is an incredibly complex character and really well written, she’s proud of her accomplishments but doesn’t hate people out of spite, especially when her family has been nothing but rude to her. She’s funny and lighthearted even though she was stuck in North Korea for what, at least 2 months now? I really loved her “comeback” story and the flashbacks to her past don’t disrupt the story telling at all.

    There’s still 7 whole episodes so I can only imagine what will happen but I will miss the couple’s interactions with each other. I imagine that they won’t meet again for a while, and honestly my heart would be broken if there is a time-skip, so common in dramas. I hope to see more of Man-bok and what he can do with the watch, and I bet, right his past wrongdoings. I just know these next few episodes will be absolutely heart-wrenching watching them have to essentially mourn each other’s presence. I cried so much this episode and damn I already know I’m going to be crying when they cry. Why did I curse myself by watching an ongoing drama???

    (Side Note: also this drama has made me feel extremely sad over the separation of the two Koreas, I may not know everything history wise, but I truly hope that reunification is due someday. I can’t imagine how many split up families there are and how many people are needlessly suffering in NK. This world is cruel and it seems impossible right now, but I have hope that one day, it will happen, and hopefully before I die.)

    • Rian
      January 18, 2020 / 10:23 pm

      Me again.

      I just realized Lunar New Year is next week and there won’t be any episodes released then.

      Now I hope that ep 10 won’t be a massive cliffhanger but at this rate, I know it’s gonna happen!!! AhhhhHHH I seriously can’t watch any more ongoing dramas, I started this on a complete impulse and even thought it was a bad idea for a show. Who would have guessed??

  7. Anonymous
    January 19, 2020 / 3:07 am

    I’m just curious if JH remembered SR from their Switzerland Trip. Obviously, SR doesn’t recall anything.

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