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Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You! Part 3 is coming up!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Seri gets out of bed and looks at the bookshelf. She pulls out a photo album of Jung-hyeok and wonders if he is a child actor. You shoul dnot be this handsome.

She looks at a drawing he made and thinks his writing is so cute. She flips a page and sees a drawing of him playing the piano. She wonders if he wanted to be a pianist? But you became a soldier?

She opens the piano and starts to play a few notes of the song that she heard in Switzerland.

Cut to Jung-hyeok in jail. He paces around as the real song plays and the sun comes up. Then he sits and waits. 


An officer talks to the Colonel and says that he can arrange his meeting time, but he cannot let him out. The Colonel tells him that he is the head of the police. But you dont’ have that much power to let a bail person out.

The head of the police says that he hit his superior in front of everyone. That is super bad. The state security department is all angry.

The Colonel tells him that he is so late, do you think you can go to the major league like that? He whispers the secret to him. The head of the police is stunned.

The COlonel tells him that he does nto know how he even walked there with his shaken legs. The head of the police says that he wondered if this case was right. You see, hitting with your fist, you shuold hit with thhe fist to make the violent case valid. But Lee Jung-hyeok hit him with his palm.

So it is not hitting! 

Of course not!

Where is Lee Jung-hyeok? I have to take him out.

The COlonel goes to get Jung-hyeok and tells him that he has to learn his lesson. Then he puts his arm around him and says, if anything happens in your life, find your hyung first, okay?

Jung-hyeok tells him okay. His COlonel tells him to come to his place, my wife prepared a meal. Jung-hyeok asks for a request. The COlonel tells him, what is it?

Cut to the wife preparing for the meal with some of the other ladies. Her husband comes home so she looks at him and asks where Jung-hyeok is. the husband says he does not know, he wanted to go somewhere and asked me a weird request.

Cut to Jung-hyeok driving a jeep.


Seri says that Jung-hyeok is good at cooking bcause he takes after his mother. She is suprised, did Jung-hyeok cook for you?

SR – Yes, he also makes good coffee. Jung-hyeok is warm becuase he takes after you.

THe mother thinks back to the wedding meeting where he said he had to keep his promise.

Mother – my Jung-hyeok was a warm boy, but all of a sudden he was not like that anymore. He became cold and gives room for no one. But you said he is warm…that is good.

Jung-hyeok gets to his home and is let inside the gates by the help. Then he walks to his father and asks where she is. I know you took her.

Seri hears him and asks the mother, where should I hide? Don’t worry and just deny everything. His life came too far just because of me. I dont’ want to see him anymore. If I see him, I will just cry. Should I go to the basement?

The mother warmly holds her arm.

Jung-hyeok asks his father, is she dead? Did you kill her? TELL ME!

Father – You dont think about your future at all.

JH – I am thinking about my future, that is why I am doing this. I dont’ want to live my life regreting all the time. If I was faster or if I did better I could have saved her. I dont’ want to regret that anymore. You know what hell it is to live that life! 

Flashback to the father crying over his son at his funeral. 

The father thinks about that as Jung-hyeok continues.

JH – I could not even breathe on the way home. If someone happens to her then I can’t continue living.

His mother comes out.

Mother – Breathe Jung hyeok! Why can’t you breathe! We shouldnt’ let our son live in hell.

She pulls Seri out from around the corner.

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok, you are good at speaking. It is the first time I saw you speak this long.

he wipes a tear and walks to her.

SR – Why do you look like this? Did you get hurt again?

JH – It is nothing.

SR – *teary* You always say it is nothing or you don’t care, why do you always say that?

JH – Sorry I am late

SR – No, I am sorry, because of me. I am the problem.

JH – You are not the problem.

SR – if I did not come here.

JH – No, it is not.

The father sighs and put his hand on his head like he has a headache.



The two love birds sit in front of the parents. The father asks Jung-hyeok, are you happy you yelled in front of your father! Jung-hyeok sulks.

SR – *whispers* Apologize to him. You made all the trouble. You shouldnt’ behave like that.

JH – *whispers* Whose side are you on?

Father – So you think you did the right thing!

JH – It is not….but….if you just told me…

Father – if I told you, what! Because of you our entire family will collapse!

JH – It is my fault, but not her fault.

Father – ah, she said it is her fault. She threatened you, that is why you could not turn her in.

JH – No, I actually did not care about her threat. I just didn’t turn her in.

Father – Why?

Jh – In case it hurts, I couldn’t trust the state security department. You don’t know what happened to her. She might have gotten hurt or misused, or she could have disappeared without anyone knowing. No one knows what will happen. That is why I could not send her there.

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok shi.

Father – I hate you, just go away.

They get up to leave. but then the mother tells him that they were eating. S lets go eat together. She pulls them both away to eat. The father grumbles, concerned.


Seung-joon is sitting with Seo Dan. He smiles and tells her not to worry. I just had a run in with the state security guys, it is nothing. She tells him that she did not ask.

Seung-joon orders something and mentions that he did nto eat anything all day. Then he watches Seo Dan drink a fire shot. He asks her why she is doing that, it makes me scared.

She tells him, when do you think I fell in love with Jung-hyeok? He says he does not care. She tells him, at 17. We were in the same school


Several students clean the floor at school but then one of them yells that Jung-hyeok is there so they all run outside to look a the boy students playing baasket ball. They think Jung-hyeok is so cool. 

SD – Ever since then, I only saw Jung-hyeok wherever I went.

We see her walking around campus and looking at Jung-hyeok.

SD – I never told him, but I thuoght we knew each other. So the family arranged a wedding and I went all the way to Switzerland with happy expectations.

Cut to Scwitzerland where Jung-hyeok is talking to his Swiss friends as he leaves campus. She approaches him and won’t let him pass. But he walks around her.

She says his name so he pauses and calls her comrade Seo Dan. My father told me. It is nice to see you for the first time.

She shakes his hand and says, it was nice to see you for the first time.

SD – First time? He saw me for the first time? If you see a dog so many times you would notice them on the street. I am the first. I am before her. I saw him first and I liked him first. Doesn’t it matter?

SJ – Seo Dan, you are dumb. Those things dont’ matter. Stop drinking.

SD – Do yout hink I am drunk?

SJ – Yes.

SD – How do you know (her behavior changes). I-jashik, you know things.

SJ – We don’t have to talk in banmal

SD – Whatever. *takes another one to the head*

SJ – I dont’ understand, you are so attractive, how can he say he does not like you?

SD – What? *drunkenly*

SJ – Don’t curse anymore. It makes my heart pound. So stop drinking.

he takes her drink away.

SD – You jashik, you know people. You are good.

SJ – Yes, I am good right?

SD – It does not matter, you were dumped by that woman. If you were not dumped then things would not be like this.

SJ – Hey, I am not dumped! And Seo Dan, you ~.

She takes her drink back and chugs it.

Cut to Seung-joon taking Seo Dan to her house. The mother tells her that she is crazy! You drank! Then she goes to the elevator woman who is peaking her head out. She gives her a bribe as she says that she shuold not remember what she saw. 

The elevator woman says that she heard that the fiance is a captain. So the mom gives her more money and the elevator lady says that she does not remember that at all.

Inside, Seo Dan is out on the couch. The mother wonders where that guy is.

We see that Seung-joon has stumbled his way outside as he thinks that he needs to work out some more.


Seri wakes up in the bed as Jung-hyeok comes in. He asks her who she was waiting for? She stis up and says that it was strange sleeping alone in someone elses house and room. I was nervous and could not sleep.

JH – Is that why you played the piano all last night?

SR – Did your mother tell you? Yeah, I was a little nervous and feeling unstable. When I feel a little depressed and nervous, I comfort my hert with that art, it is my habit. *smiles*

JH – *looks aorund*

SR – *scoots closer* By theh way, Jung-hyeok, you wanted to be a pianist. Unpurposefully I saw your childhood dream.

JH – That is all in the past

SR – *goes to the piano* Let me ask you something. I played this last night. Do you know this song?

She starts to play the song again. 

SR – I asked everyone who knows music, but noone knows.

He walks to the piano, his brow furrowed and curious.

JH – How do you know this.

SR – heard someone playing it when I went to Switzerland. It was so nice so I memorized it. But I can’t find out who did it. It was a lake with a snow mountain. What was the name….

JH – Isbert.

SR – Yes! How do you know that!

He sits and start to put his hands on the piano. Then he plays the tune a bit.

SR – Yes, this one! You know it, whose song is it?

JH – In the afternoon, there was a lot of water mist and I was leaving Switzerland after I heard about my brothers death.

SR – What are you ….

JH – I made this song for my brother. I played it for the first and last time.

SR – *stunned*

JH – He starts to play theh song as he wrote it.

The camera scrolls away and shows them sitting ont he dock in Switzerland as Jung-hyeok plays.

Then we see Seri riding the boat up to the dock and lookinga t the man on the dock playing the piano. This time she sees his face.

In the house, Seri looks at Jung-hyeok. He also looks at her on the dock. They look at each other in the house and then on the dock and back in the house.

SR – That day, that person that played the music was you Jung-hyeok. How? *gets teary* That doesn’t make any sense. That day, I was so lonely. I really wanted to kill myself. I at least wanted to go to a pretty place and disappear without giving anyone a hard time. that was the purpose of my trip. But you – were there? You – saved me without even noticing.

JH – Listen to me, tomorrow you will go back home.


Jo meets with a high up military person who is playing tennis and gives them photos. He tells him that he found a suspicious truck. It is with the head of the military at his house.

The high up person asks, she is hiding in his place right? Jo tells him that she should not be there, maybe he already killed her. The policeman around that city is my college friend. I asked him. A car came in and no one came out. If we go act now then we can get something big.

The military person starts to leave and goes to a fortified place. He is let in and also the cars with him are let in as well. The fortified place is Jung-hyeoks family home. he calls the father and says he is in front of his house, can I see you.

He goes inside and sits with the father. Jo is also there. He says that he saw him at Jung-hyeoks hospital bed. Soldiers are int he house. The father says that they should have a good reason to be here. What is it?

The high up says that they heard the persont he state Department is looking for is here. Should I trus that or not. The father asks if hey are searching his house?

The high up says, of course not! It is just inc ase a person like that is hiding here and affects you. The father tells him that he is the only one worrying aboutu him. 

Then Jo givs the warrant and asks to search his home. the high up tells him this is just a formality, you know. Be polite.

The men start to search. But this home is pretty huge so they have a lot to look through.


(part 3 is coming up! It was a long episde today, goodness!)

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