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Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

And, after Hyun Bin’s multiple crying scenes in the last episode, I think it is safe to say that Crash Landing on You has my heart in a cotton candy cage. I love this show I love Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin and all the supporting characters. (Except Lieutenant Jo, he can go somewhere.)

Keep bringing the cute and adorable and touching scenes, drama! Because you have me. Honestly, you had me at, hello. 😎

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Seri walks around the corner in the North Korean town and tells herself that you can’t be sure of anything in your life.

Then she sees two thug looking men. She hides the boxed gift behind her back. But then two more men come behind her and pull her away. The gift drops on the ground.

Cut to her inside the truck with one of the men offering the phone to her and cocking their gun for her to say whatever he tells her.

She calls and Jung-hyeok answers.

JH – Where are you? Whose cell phone is this? Why don’t you come back?

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok, I am leaving. Of course, I told you I am going to go back with Koo Sung-joon.

JH – Right now?

SR – Yes, that is what happened. the schedule is faster now

JH – Where are you? I will be there.

SR – No, I am already far away. Sorry I couldn’t say a proper goodbye, but we already said a proper goodbye many times so we don’t have to do it now.

JH – No, we have to do it again. Just tell me where you are. Don’t hang up, listen to me. Tell me what you see, I can go there now.

SR – *teary* Lee Jung-hyeok, I love you.

The men try to take the cell phone away from her but she wants to keep it an the gun accidentally goes off.

Jung-hyeok is in the woods and tries to call her back. He looks confused and powerless. SO he calls Seung-joon, but his phone is off.

He walks around until nightfall and gets another call. It is one of the towns ladies who tell him to come back home. So he runs back home. The ladies tell him that the state security department is searching his home. They are looking for you.

He runs inside. The ladies peer in and think that he is angry, right? They all agree.

Jung-hyeok sees his tomato plant on the ground inside. He starts to fix it. Jo comes out and asks where the 11th department special officer is? I need to take her with me.

JH asks what the reason is. Jo tells him that he knows everything, she is not the 11th department. She is only the evidence that will destroy your father and your family.

Opening her mouth is my specialty. So don’t worry. I can hit her until she dies or electricute her for a few days. Jung-hyeok punches him, he falls on the pyongsang.

Then Jo’s men hit Jung-hyeok with their guns and Jo puts his hands in cuffs. Jo tells him, I told you, you are done. take him away.

They take Jung-hyeok out, all the ladies are worried as they watch. The entire town is watching. One of the ladies says that they need to tell her husband that they can’t just take him like that.

Meanwhile, Seri is still being taken away inside the truck. She tells herself to think about good things. Something happy. So she thinks about Lee Jung-hyeok making Guksoo noodles. Lee Jung-hyeok who didn’t know a perfumed candle from a normal one. Now he can do that.

We see images of Jung-hyeok making noodles and carrying a candle and tucking her in and putting the heater on her.

SR – Lee Jung-hyeok who put a blanket on me when he went to drunk water.

In a falshback, he says that he does not need things.

SR – A lot of things happened but he just bluffs and says he does not need it.

Jung-hyeok tells her that it will be safer for her around him.

SR – He is not an Avenger, but he always says that he can do anything and find me. He always says that he can do it. He is so showy. I miss him.

She starts to cry and looks at the gun shot in the roof of the truck.

Cut to Jung-hyeok thrown into a solo jail. He looks at the stars.

Seri also looks at the stars through the hole in the truck.




Seri wake sup inside a house attic. She wonders where she is and tries to get out. She knocks on the door but no one is out there. So she thinks that if they open the door with her banging on it, then they would not put me here to begin with.

then she starts to put two and two together. She thinks that someone kidnapped her and put her there. But why? Maybe they are watching me?

She looks around and sees a camera. So she asks them, who are you?


Jung-hyeoks team visits him in jail. Chi-soo tells him, as he knows it is not easy for normal soldiers like us to come here. But my childhood friend works here so. the other soldiers all say this is all bcause of someone. You hsouldn’t brag about it. 

Joo Myeok mentions that the other day Seo Dan’s mother came. he told everything about Seri. Chi-soo says, not everything.

Joo-myeok continues and ays that he heard the mother is super rich with her own department store. Maybe she used some people and kidnapped her.

Chi-soo thinks she shouldnt’ be. Joo-meok tells him that it happens in South Korean dramas all the time! he sighs deeply and explains that South Korean rich peole throw money in the face or slap people. But our country people use kidnapping and make an example. 

But they think she wouldn’t ….

Jung-hyeok thinks back to Seo San warning him. He asks the soldiers to do him a favor.

Cut to Seo Dan talking to Jung-hyeok across a table in jail. She tells him, so the first time you wanted to see me was in jail?

JH – She is gone.

Dan – So what?

JH – I think you know who did it. Where they are, and how she is doing.

Dan – It is funny. the guy who is about to get married looks like the world collapsed because of another woman. 

JH – *looks away*

Dan – that is good, you can stay here in jail until our marriage, come out when we get married. See you.

JH – My father….*stands*…. he told me not to do anything I should regret. Who did you visit to make me regret? I don’t think you went to the state security department. Your mother shouldn’t have done it. Did you met my father? My father took her.

Dan – Yes. And killed her. She is not anywhere, so give up.

JH – Tell my father, if anything happens to her father will lose his only son.

Seo Dan looks back at him with daggers, then leaves.

She gets into the car with her uncle. he asks if Jung-hyeok is doing okay? Does his father know about this? Why is he in jail? His father will be ~.

Seo Dan says, don’t do it.

the uncle asks, what? It is almost time for your marriage.

Seo Dant ells him, I had to put him in jail, then I could get married.

The uncle tells her to explain it to him in a way he can understand.

Cut to Man-bok. His son is waiting for him and tells him that some people kidapped that pretty noona from South Korea. She dropped this. He hands over the boxed gift and we see a flashback of the boy seeing Seri being kidnapped.

man-bok looks startled to see the box. he opens it and sees the watch. Then we cut to a flashabck of JH’s brother who was wearig that watch when he helped Man-bok.

Man-bok asks his son if he showed it to anyone? Don’t tell anyone. His son agrees and asks if he thinks she is okay?


CHi-soo thinks that they really don’t know about people. We have been together for a long time but he lied to us? Guang-bum tells him that their captain is not the kind of person to brag about his family background.

Chi-soo says, yes, but he is hiding this big thing? Our captain is son of the big guy, I still can’t believe it. His father, the top military man of the country, will not be happy if he knows that his son is in jail.

Joo-meok thinks that thye should do something. Chi-soo remind them that the Captain says that it is a secret among us so shut up. they head out, but actually they were speaking near the barracs and lucnhroom so all the other heads peaked out of all the soldiers.

The four soldiers leave and wonder if it worked. Did they speak loudly enough? DO you think the rumor will spread? Chi-soo tells them that you don’t need 100 bees to blossom 100 flowers. Even a dog on the street will know about it by noon.

They all nod. But Chi-soo thinks that the problem is whether it is true or not

Cut to JH telling them to do one more thing. You need to spread a rumor about my family. My father is the head of the military. Chi-soo started to giggle. The other soldiers are like, um…okay. 

Jung-hyeok tells them that if his father knows about it, he will let him out. I need to have a way to spread this rumor, so help me.

Chi-soo whispers to one of the soldiers that he said Jung-hyeok had a brain injury when he was shot. JH tells Chi-soo that it is all true. Colonel Kim Ryong-hae needs to hear about this rumor.

Chi-soo hopes this is not a joke. Guang-bum tells him that their Captain is not that kind of person.


The ladies of the village find out and think, what? The son of the head of the military?! Wow! Yes, he was a little different than others. How he looks is revolutionary and what he says and how he walks is too confident as one captain.

Ok-geum says He had broad shoulders too, that is nothing normal. Think about it. His shoulders are so broad because of his background. If he was growing up timid, then his shoulders should not be that broad with confidence!

They all agree.

Cut to an alarm going off. All the soldiers run off on alert. At home, Colonel Ryong-hae talks on the phone about what the emergency is. He says that all he soldiers are ready. He asks where Jo is – what Pyong-yang? Why is he having spy education now? Okay. He hangs up.

His wife asks him if he heard about Lee Jung-hyeok? He went to jail. her husband chuckles and says that those young guys shoud not hit their superiors. He won’t be out for awhile.

The wife asks, aren’t you curious why Lee Jung-hyeok did not honor his superior. The husband asys it is becuase he doe snot have good manners. Last time he reported to the other department, that is why I was under investigation. He is a headache poking around everywhere.

Young-ae asks, why do you think he is so confident to poke around and report you? The husband says to be straight and tell him. So is wife asks him, have you seen the head of he military?

he says, of course I don’t see those high ups, why? Does someone know him? She asys yes. But someone cut all the ties. The colonel asks who!

She tells him YOU DID IT.

he hops back startled. Lee Jung-hyeok was born with the spoon of the head of the military person!

The colonel says, huh? 

She tells him, HE IS HIS SON! *she pinches him several times* I told you to take good care of Jung-hyeok! You said he wont’ see the sun anymore? YOU WON’T SEE THE SUN ANYMORE. What are you going to do!




Two men comes intot he attic and pull Seri out. She is taken downstairs to see – Jung-hyeoks father!

he tells her to drink the tea. She smells it and says that this is Seon-i mushroom tea (an expensive tea). It smells good, thank you but I will not drink it. Ii am not here as a guest. I am not a stupid person that will drink when I am told to drink.

He asks, where do you think you are? Seri says, you are his father right? Don’t be surprised, you look the same as Seo Dan.

He looks at her like, what? 

She tells him, your mouth and nose and especially you eyes staring at people. Exactly the same.

He asks, do you think so?

She tell shim yes, I am very sensitive about those things

He chuckles.

She tells him, actually, I was angry and curious about who would do this. Now I understand.

You understand?

You think I am blocking your daughter future. I am bothering their relationship. Okay, you can think that way.

He sets down his cup and asks, okay, tell me what you want and approached Jung-hyeok.

SR – I had no purpose, with the big tornado and the little error between North and South caused by that tornado made me a victim of the momentary void in the military border.

Father – What?

SR – It was an accident, father think about it. I am a business person in South Korea. Not just a small business, a large business. I sound like I am bragging, but I have 14 oversees branches. Why would I come here for a certain purpose? It is because I owe too much. I also though, can I use up all my money e=before I die? I was a Seoul Citizen who thought about how to use my money. Lee Jung-hyeok helpe dme with his humanity.

Father – So this is all because of Lee Jung-hyeok.

SR – No! Why would you say that! He is innocent.

Father – He is innocent? He hid an unidentified person from the South.

SR – he wanted to report it in the begining but I threatened himand said that if he turned me in then I would tell all about how him and his people did not do his job guarding the boarder. So for his soldiers he had no choice.

Father – that is all that is between you and him?

SR – Actually, I like him a lot. It just happened. Ii am really sorry. But it is not with him. It is one-sided. He thinks I am gone so he will not worry about me at all. So, father, help me.

Father – Me?!

SR – you kidnapped me and it seems like you have that much power so that is why I am telling you. For me to go back safely, please help me. Actually, you know, Le Jung-hyeok is just a captain. He has no power.

Father – *clears his throat*

SR – Abonim, if you help me then I will guarantee to pay you back for your favor.

He looks at her and then we cut to her being pulled away back to the attic pitifully.

She sighs back upstairs, though she is brought up a really good dinner. She wonders, what is this? I am trained with intermittent fasting.

But her stomach grumbles and the soup is so fresh that it is still boiling. The mother comes in. Seri tells hers that she is not going to eat anything.

The mother tells her she did not eat all day. Are you worried that it is poisoned? Should I try it first?

Seri asks, who are you? First of all, why am I here?

She tells her, sorry, but we had no choice. The food is safe so you can eat it.

Seri asks, I wonder – is Lee Jung-hyeok-shi okay? He shouldn’t be in trouble just because of me.

The mtoher asks, do you like Lee Jung-hyeok that much?

Seri says, well, it is not that it is just ….

The mother holds her hand and tells her that it is not good for a woman to stay in this cold place, then she leads her out to a better room where she says she can sleep for the night.

Seri asks who the owner of this room is? When I see the bookshelf Ii can guess what kind of person that is but this is very similar to a person I know.

Seri remembers Seo Dan’s mother from the hospital and tells this woman that she is not Seo Dan’s mother. Are you – Lee Jung-hyeoks mother?

In his study, the father looks at a news article about Seri that already reports her as dead. So now he knows that she is a chaebols daughter. He wonders why she is there meeting with his son.

One of the officers is with him and says that he can never send her back. If she goes back to the South like that then the issue will get bigger. You will be responsible for something in the end. Also, the other military man will do something. If you give me the order, I will quietly take care of it.

He tells the officer that tonight is too late. My wife wants to at least let her sleep soundly one night. Lets see what happens tonight.


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  1. Anjana
    January 18, 2020 / 7:53 am

    Thank you very much for quick recap. Appreciate it 😊

    • V
      January 18, 2020 / 1:43 pm

      You’re welcome, Anjana!

  2. WPB
    January 23, 2020 / 6:13 am

    I only caught up to ep 2 on Netflix so I won’t be posting about the current ep. However, I enjoy the show so far. The storyline in North Korea is so much fun to watch. I actually skipped the South Korea storyline development for now just to see how their relationship grows. Hopefully to catch up the show this weekend and comment some.

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