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Crash Landing on You: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Inside the mansion, Seung-joon is so upset that she ran away with the car. Cheon tells him that he pretends like he is super smart, but this happened. Seung-joon is all like huh? Cheon tells him that there is another problem. Seung-joon asks, what problem?

Outside, Seri says that she came out there because she did not want Jung-hyeok to die on the street, there is not other meaning with it. So I will take you home and nothing will change between you and me. What I said is all true. So from now on you and I can go our own way.

She starts to start the car again, but it does not start.

VO – The car that Yoon Seri took does not have any gas. So I already asked for the gas. In this snow, they will die.

In the street, Jung-hyeok tells her that the snow will not stop too quickly. She asks what they should do. He tells her that there are no houses around, but there is a school. We can make a fire. Let’s go.

They get out of the car and head to the school. he has a flashlight so he leads the way.

Elsewhere, Jo Cheol Kang thinks and thinks and thinks. Cut to a flashback where an officer tells him it was difficult to make that appointment. He tells him that Jung Hyeok’s father is the falling son and the new person is the rising sun. So be careful if you do not want to get burned between those two stars, okay?

Jo tells him not to worry. So the officer asks him, do you know why the new guy wants to meet you? He wants the falling sun to fall quickly, but it is not going down so he is angry. He needs a critical weakness for the head of the military. If you give him something proper, then everything will go well. Don’t forget about me then.

Jo snaps out of his thoughts and bows to a car that is driving up to him. He is outside in the weather and meeting under a bridge. He sits in the car with the rising sun general.

This man asks him, so the son of the head of the military is protecting an unidentified South Korean woman? Jo tells him yes. The rising sun officer asks if she is under the 11th department? 

Jo says that she is not unidentified, it is that I cannot check her identifications. We have to go through the proper channels. I only have suspicions so I cannot check it. Especially because he is related to the head of the military.

This general asks him why he wants to see me. Jo tells him, if you can get a special order, then everything is simple. Betraying the country is the easiest thing to involve him in. Even though he is the head of the military, we can take care of him right away.

The generals says, but that old fox does not know that his son is doing that. if he knew it then he would not just let it happen. Jo tells him that under the lamp is dark, so the smartest person in the world can be betrayed by his own son. I am risking my own life also.

The general tells him that they need evidence first. Bring me the south Korean woman. 


Jo calls his go to wire tapper. The wire tapper tells him that Ri Jung-hyeok did not come home yet. His soldiers came home. He left the hospital a long time ago, where is he? Jo tells him to tell him when he comes home.

Jo made this call in the hospital with the doctor in the CCTV room. he has the doctor at gunpoint. The doctor shows him the video that Jung-hyeok saw that showed Seri and Seung-joon getting into the car. Jung-hyeok got the license plate number.

Jo sees it and is all like, wtf?

Meanwhile, Seung-joon calls Seo Dan and tells her that it is difficult to search for him in this weather. Are you listening? Seo Dan tells him that she is listening so he tells her that she should do something for him.


Jung-hyeok starts a stand alone stove fire in the school and they both sit by it. He asks her if she is really going to get married to him?

Seri – it is on paper, it does not matter

JH – Even though it is on paper, marriage is no joke

Seri – Our situation is not a joke

JH – Anyway, I don’t think you should marry like that

Seri – Well, I heard your fiancé that you will marry knows everything about me. Did you know that.

JH – I know.

Seri – What if she called the police? Then y’alls marriage will also break.

JH – Are you worrying about my marriage?

Seri – I am worried about you life. Your life can be broken just because of me. I hate it.

They keep sitting by the fire.

Seri – I Seo Dan your first love? Did you go to the same middle school?

JH – No, we did not know each other at school at all.

Seri – Then who is your first love?

He doesn’t answer. A lovely song plays.

Seri – Ah, your style is a natural born solo.

JH – I don’t know what you mean. But it sounds insulting. *looks at her*

Seri – *looks at him* Yes, what you think in right. It is an insulting word. *smiles*

They watch the fire again.


The camera cuts away to Man-bok looking at the snow at home and having a cigarette. His wife comes out and asks why he is drinking this late. He tells her that she can go back inside and sleep.

She sits and asks, do you worry about Ri Jung-hyeok? He asks, how do you know that? She tells him that she has been a wiretappers wife for ten years, of course she knows. He asks, is that so. 

She tells him that he is just doing his job. If something happens, that is not your fault right?

He takes another swig of his drink and asks her if she remembers Captain Ri Moo-hyeok? She tells him of course I remember him. He was so nice to our family.

He explains that he made him die. She says that he was just doing his job. Man-bok cuts her off and says that Jung-hyeok is his brother. She says, really? he tells her, if something happens to him also, I do not know how I can live. I make people die who treat me as a human. I have to be loyal to someone who does not treat me as a human at all. If that is my duty to my country, if that is my life, then that is too unfortunate right?

She cries and holds his hand. He also cries.


Jung-hyeok is sitting against the wall sleeping. Seri goes up to him and thinks that he has a fever. How can this soldier sleep like this.

She sits next to him and lowers his head on her shoulder to make him for comfortable. She also puts his jacket over him and holds his hand.

He dreams about his brother. We see him as a high school or college kid walking with his brother. His brother tells him to leave, he will be late. Jung-hyeok gives him a watch and says this is his gift. He bought it with the prize money he got.

His brother says that he should buy something for himself. Jung-hyeok tells him that he heard that the border has so many trees so there is no sunshine. You should know the time. 

His brother tells him he knows the time without a watch. but he puts it on and says that it is really good. Thank you Jung-hyeok. Jung-hyeok tells him that he is thankful to him. Then they have a nice goodbye as Jung-hyeok gets into the taxi.

But when he looks back he doesn’t see his brother or anyone there anymore and calls out his name as he looks around for him.

Then he wakes up. It is morning and Seri is patting his face with a towel. She tells him that he should go home or back to the hospital. Let’s go.

Meanwhile, Seo Dan tells Jung-hyeok’s father that she has something to tell him.



Cheon complains as he waits for the supply truck. he wonders why it is so late. But then they see a truck. However it is not the right truck. It is Jo who tells all his soldiers to search the house.

Jo gets out and hits Seung-joon across the face. Seung-joon tells him that he should not do this to him. I am your guest, I deserve your service! Jo holds a gun to his head. 

Seung-joon tells him to do what he wants, you will not get any of my money. Jo tells him that he does not like money, he just wants things he can buy with money. For example, the power to kill anyone I want at any moment. 

But without that power, it is still easy to kill someone like you. You are a useless and meaningless person in South Korea. if you die here then no one will care. Where is Yoon Seri?

Cut to Seri and Jung-hyeok catching a ride on a farm truck. Jung-hyeok looks pretty tired.


The soldiers are in jung-hyeok’s house talking to each other. Chi-soo tells them that he should not have done that. Guang-bum asks him how much he remembers?

Chi-soo wonders how much he said? Eun-dong tells him that he said everything, what will happen to the Captain? The soldiers all say that both sides of the family will crush him. His marriage will break. Maybe Seri will be in danger as well.

Chi-soo thinks that he lost to drinking torture. Joo-meok tells him that he so actively told her everything. Chi-soo tries to explain that that woman knew he had all the information and was the highest rank as soon as she saw me. So she interrogated me! How can I win.

They tell him that he is the easiest among them. Chi-soo tells them not to think about it. Just take care of what happened now.

Chi-soo says that he leaved a little bit of truth. But if Jung-hyeok does not know about it, then everything will be okay. Please do not tell him. The soldiers all shake their heads and leave. Chi-soo runs after them and says that they are comrades!


Int he apartment, Myung-eun also looks like she has a hard night of drinking. Seo Dan asks her where she went last night. ME tells her daughter that she went to town, she called the hospital and they said that he was not there so I thought he went home.

I went to his house and only saw his troops, not him. One guy had a very loose mouth so I investigated things. Seo Dan asks what she heard. ME tells her, I heard everything! But…I don’t remember it.

Flashback to that night with a super drunk ME talking to Chi-soo.

Int he present she says that she heard super big news! But I don’t remember why it was super big news! I was determined, but I don’t know what I was determined for! Argh!

She grabs her hair and Seo Dan sees her mothers arm that has notes written on it like Memento. She reads “Sparrow from South.” Huh? Sparrows are all from the south right? That seems unnecessary. “Eats meat twice a day out of three meals?” What? Sparrows eat meat?

Seo Dan tells her she does not know.

“The flower smell on the top of the head?” Ah, I don’t know!

Seo Dan asks her what she wants to know so much? Her mother sits up and says that she just wants to check to see if her daughter will have any trouble with the man she wants to marry. I want to make sure that my daughter is happy and if he likes you. I wonder about that so much.

She holds Seo Dan’s hand. Seo Dan tells her, umma, do not worry about anything. Whatever happens, I will marry Jung-hyeok and live happily.


Cut to Jung-hyeok sitting up in bed and taking a pill from Seri. She wants to go to the hospital, but he says that eh just needs to take that pill and sleep. She tells him that he still says that.

She is about to leave so he lightly holds her arm and asks where she is going? She tells him that she is not going anywhere. I just want to tell you that today is Christmas. Just sleep and recover.

Man-bok is listening in and looks very happy about something. But then he gets a call from Jo who asks if Jung-hyeok came home with Seri? he tells him, no! No one came yet!

Jo tells him, if anything happens, then tell me. He hangs up and tells his people that they should go to the military housing town.



The military wives in the town all do their chores and think that it will be winter break for the kids soon. Wol-sook thinks that it will be a nightmare to prepare three meals a day.

then they see their kids and give them big hugs. Wol-sook tells her son that before he goes home, let me see your exam.

Myung-sook’s kid tells her that he scored 100 pts. Ok Geum’s daughter tells her that she only has a few wrong answers.

Wol-sook’s kid is reluctant to give up his report card. He tells her that it will be embarrassing. She yells, ARE YOU THE LAST AGAIN!

Young-ae tells her that someone has to help him study. She tells them that her son had a tutor from Kim University. All he mothers listen in closely. YA tells them that this teacher is famous so I just snatched him up.

Wol-sook asks if she can introduce his son to him. YA says no, he only accepts one student a year.

Young-ae’s kid runs up right then. All the mothers think that he can go to Kim University medical school. They ask him what his score is. He says that he thinks he got a 100. She looks at the score results, it is all low, but all together it might add up to 100. 

her son tells her not to look at the individual papers, just add them all up, all together it is 100.

All the moms are like, oooOOOooo. They all walk away quickly. Young-ae runs after her kid with something to hit her with, which is when they run into Seri. Everyone stops.

Cut to them all sitting with Young-ae at her house. They all ask Seri if she knows what happened? Seo Dan is here and is preparing the honeymoon house.

Seri’s face drops. Ok-geum tells them that they have a big TV and rice cooker and lots more. they even have a big playground size bed, I have never seen a bed that big. 

The other ladies motion for her to stop.

But Seri tells them that she knows, she is not there permanently, she is just stopping by. She actually wanted to give presents to the people who helped her.

They ask her, presents? I thought you did not have any money? You are the poorest of us all.

But Seri shows her diamond ring and they all gasp.

Seri takes it to the second hand shop man and tells him all the details about this diamond ring. The other ladies come with her and guarantee that it is a wedding ring. 

So they all barter and ask for the deal. Seri tells him to start with $500. if you ask me one more time then I will increase it. He says something so she says $510, $520…

He pulls out all the  money he has and says that he does not have a lot of money. As I told you before. I take leather jackets or hair or something you can eat.

Wol-sook tells him to be a little flexible, she ha a story. She whispers in his ear. What about exchanging it with something you own here?

Seri looks around and sees the expensive watch.

She walks off with the watch in a pretty box. The other ladies happily walk behind her. Seri asks Wol-sook what she told the pawn shop owner. Wol-sook says not to worry about it.

But in the flashback, we see that Wol-sook told him that she was dumped and is insane now. So take the ring so that she will not come back.

Seri is super happy with the watch as she walks off.


The insurance guy and the employee go to the police and try to tell them that the voice on the recording is Yoon Seri’s voice! But the cop says that her brother says no. Chang-sik tells them to use the voice fingerprinting.

The cop tells the that they tried but the sound is low, and she is already officially dead. I saw it in the news. Didn’t you see it?

Soo-chan and Chang-sik go to a cafe to listen to the voice. Chang-sik say that he has goosebumps, see, my body remembers this voice. Soo-chan wonders how the family members don’t know this?

Chang-sik tells him that this family is famous for not being good to each other. One day, her brother called her and she blocked his number. The life insurance guy wonders why?

Chang-sik explains that they cant imagine the life of a cheabol. I saw a lot. For them, kinship is after stock share. Soo-chan thinks that the parents should be different. Let’s go to her mom, she should know.

Chang-sik whispers that it is not her real mom. So he asks, what about the father? Chang-sik thinks the insurance guy is crazy, how can we meet the chairman?

Cut to them trying to meet the chairman as he leaves a building. But it is the youngest brother instead. They try to walk away, but the brother tells them to come to him and asks why they are here? This parking lot is for our VIPs only.

then the father comes up and asks why they are there. The brother says not to talk to him, he just wants money, I am taking care of it. But the insurance guy yells, Yoon seri is still alive!

However, the chairman has already gone inside. Chang-sik yells as well, Yoon Seri is still alive! I have goosebumps! Ii heard her voice!

The son tells them to be ready to see his lawyer. But the chairman comes out from the elevator and sees the men all struggling with the two guys. he motions for them to let them go.



Jung-hyeok wakes up and slowly walks to the living room where he sees a Christmas tree all decorated. he looks at all the handmade ornaments and smiles.

Then he steps outside and takes in a breath of fresh air. But right then he gets a call. It is Seri so he asks her where she is? Why don’t you come back? And whose cell phone are you using?

She says that she is leaving. I told you that I am going back with Seung-joon. But her voice is shaky.

He asks where she is right now? I will come to you. he puts on his shoes and starts to walk off.

She tells him that she is already far away. i am sorry that I did not say a proper goodbye. We already say goodbye a lot already so we don’t have to.

But he says no, we have to do it. Where are you?

She is actually kidnapped and is at gun point. She tells him that she is far away. I am okay.

He says it is not okay, I will go to you.

But she tells him that she wants him to be happy and have a nice marriage and a good family. She sniffs away some tears and tells him to forget about everything that happened with her. Please.

He is running through the woods right now and tells her to listen to him. Tell me what you see. I can find you.

She tells him, I love you.

Then there is a loud noise? Or maybe she hangs up. Everything goes quiet.

Jung-hyeok still holds the phone to his head as he looks around in the woods.

The familiar lovely song starts to play as he takes in that he really lost her this time.

♫ Sitting face to face with you
and singing this song together
I remember the song we sing together 
face to face ♫

Seri is driven off in the military car. We see the lovely countryside.

♫ The time I am trying to put you in my eyes.
Alone here, we walked together
I call your name ♫

Several tears trickle down Jung-hyeok’s cheek.

♫ In the cold winter
and dark night
I smiled because we were together ♫

He lowers the cell phone

♫ That spring we prayed for eternity
Like a little picture stored in the eyes
You remain there ♫



It is Christmas in South Korea. Everyone is running around int he snow and having a lovely time. An employee is writing in his book, I am sorry daughter, I want to go home.

Seri is working hard as her employees all want to go home ON Christmas. Seri asks them for the marketing data for next year. She tells Chang-sik that she asked him to prepare one.

He asks if she is really going to do this? It is Christmas Eve. She asks if he is Christian? he tells her no. So she asks, so so what? Why do you care about someone else’s birthday?

Then we cut to her making the Christmas tree for Jung-hyeok. But she voices over herself from one year ago.

VO – This is actually someone else’s birthday party. Why are you celebrating it with making ornaments and putting up a tree? Celebration and cards…

Seri happily smiles while she makes these things

VO – …why do you give gifts? It is there birthday. that is a funny thing right? It is all stupid.

Seri happily prepares the gift she got for Jung-hyeok. Then she walks around the corner and says that people never really know what is coming. that is when she is approached by two men at gunpoint. She hides the watch behind her back.

Fade Out


Love this episode so much! Ahhh, the feels are here! And I’m talking my feels. How can anyone not love that song that is played at the end of this episode? Actually, I think this song has been laced through several episodes whenever there is a bonding or heart melting scene.

Oh, this ending was so good. And, excuse me, but no one can painfully cry as much a Hyun Bin. Can we just give him the award for best cry of the year right now? He is going on my list as a contender. He just has that stoic painful sob that looks like he has been holding it in for years and finally is letting a bit of it go.

But he has so much in to come out that it just looks so deep and trying to even let it out. The river of tears is not flowing, it is being held back by a damn of suffering. Sigh, Hyun Bin, stick to romantic-comedies and keep the ladies heart fluttering for a few more years, please.

Then get married so we can see all your cute kids.

Now back to Crash Landing on You, who thinks that his father is the one that took Seri away? Because that is what I think!

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  1. Rafidah
    January 12, 2020 / 12:34 pm

    I was 1st here yesterday when somebody shared a link to your blog in Soompi forum. And I am glad I found you. Your recap is superfast & easy to understand. Keep up a good work & always be happy!

  2. Jane M
    January 12, 2020 / 1:43 pm

    The loud noise was a gun shot, right? So Jung-hyeok will believe that Se-Ri was killed? I think that his father and Dan are actually behind this, too, but – oh!- when that shot rang out my heart stopped. And then the tears started. This show is SO good and all the actors are knocking it out of the park. Thanks for your very quick recaps. Now I will go wash my face and watch it again.

  3. Jane M
    January 12, 2020 / 1:52 pm

    I haven’t loved a drama this much since Goblin. I forgot how much fun it can be!

  4. Night
    January 12, 2020 / 5:01 pm

    Hyun bin ah Hyun bin
    What do we do with you
    What will we do when you stop doing dramas
    Both Leads are at their absolute best in acting
    Put this story on paper and it’s so cheesy I’ll laugh my socks off but now ,.. I’m in tears. I Swear I can see and feel Hyuk’s heart Breaking into a million pieces when he heard that shot. What a way to end ! I bet this episode will hit a rating high – it’s impossible not to tune in.

  5. Becca
    January 12, 2020 / 7:16 pm

    I loved this episode too, and yes, Hyun Bin can make me tear up, but so can So Ye-Jin. I feel SO BAD for them. When Se-Ri told him how she loved him, and the gunshot sound went off– I … tears! Buckets filled tears poured out.
    I’m guessing it’s JH’s father too. I am so worried for everyone at this point: Captain Ri’s team, Se-Ri’s people Hoon-Sik and Soo-chan, and especially Seung-Joon (he’s my bias). I’m also very eager for the next episode!

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:20 am

      I know! How can this silly show make me go all emotional. I love that.

  6. Belle
    January 12, 2020 / 7:40 pm

    Omg this episode has all the feels and the drama gets better and better. Everyone is so good in it and fits the role perfectly. The 2 leads are daebak! To the max! And what a way to end the episode… The confession of her love, her deep sadness and fear and that sound of the gunshot … and the music oh dear… we worry for them

  7. Rebecca
    January 13, 2020 / 9:05 am

    Does anyone know the soundtrack or the song when they guy looks at the tree ? It’s the same one as the ending scene with seri’s voice over? Ts very pretty and I’ve been dying to know!

    • Jessica
      January 18, 2020 / 8:11 pm

      I been wanting to know that song too! did you find out!??

  8. Idona
    January 13, 2020 / 11:30 pm

    Thank you for your dedication! Now I don’t have to feel alone trying to make it to the weekend to watch CLOY. Thanks for this superfast recap. My Fangirl heart sends many thanks.

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:17 am

      Aw, thank you so much! We are all in this together with this show. So much love!

  9. YY
    January 14, 2020 / 3:49 am

    What song in the end episode?

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:17 am

      We need to try and find all the songs. I will try and get the OST list up.

  10. Odila Maria
    January 15, 2020 / 6:33 pm

    I was late on the readings. Thank you for your recap!!! You are doing a great job! I love this show!! I think that his father are behind this too. I’m worried about them … and I’m making several theories to get them out of this situation. My craziest theory is that her mother is a northern korean spy and her father’s know about it and he will help her somehow.
    Do you do that too?

    • V
      January 16, 2020 / 11:16 am

      I definitely make up crazy theories! I love yours! I wish that happens! I haven’t come up with any super fun theories for this show yet. I need to think of some!

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