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Crash Landing on You: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

The love has been spoken! By Jung-hyeok! I love that! We had a confession last episode to Seo Dam of Jung-hyeok’s feelings to Seri and I couldn’t be happier in his honesty with her about it.

Of course Seo Dam was all like, shut that up, lock it, and throw it into the sea because she is leaving and we are getting married. You know, I really like Seo Dam, that woman is willing to put up with a lot and so far hasn’t taken any of it out on anyone.

Except that magazine page. She ripped the @$^%! out of that magazine. ♫ Let’s see what happens today! ♫

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Dan shows the magazine page to Jung-hyeok in the hospital and asks him to tell her, did you know about her real identity?

He says, I knew it.

Why is a South Korean woman here?

JH – It was an accident and a coincidence. She will go back.

Dan – You are hiding her?

JH – Yes.

Dan – You can lose everything you have to hide her. She can kill you. is that okay with you?

JH – I don’t want to die. No one wants to die. But I can’t help it.

Dan – What do you mean?

JH – I experienced losing someone I love the most in the world once. (Flashback to a lot of scenes of him and his brother and then his brothers funeral. Jung-hyeok is crying his eyes out.) It is better to die.

Dan – So…?

JH – I have to send her back. I think if anything happens to me, it just happens.

Dan – Even if you die? You don’t care?

Cut to Seung-joon talking to Seri in the mansion.

SJ – It does not matter if something happens to him because of you? He had a gun shot wound. (flashback to gunshot). This time you had soldiers breaking in (flashback to the soldiers at the hospital). You don’t even know what will happen to him after the gunshot wound and soldiers.

Seri – Are you threatening me?

SJ – I am not threatening you, it is a fact. Think about it Seri. if you are thankful to him or like him, then you should disappear like this. But you want to contact him even though you do not know what will happen? Do you want to pour gasoline on a fire? Think rationally. You were just lucky. if anything happens, the person who hid you or helped you can all get in trouble.

Cut back to Jung-hyeok and Dan

JH – I have to go, please step aside.

Dan – So you said you will save her for any cause? Me too. I will do anything to save my fiancé. I won’t let you die on a suicide mission.

He walks by her.

Dan – I am warning you! Do not do anything you will regret.

He keeps walking.

In the hospital, we see the head of the hospital talking to his wife and telling her that he cannot go home so he can let the son of the head of the police can use my phone.

Then Jung-hyeok knocks on the door so the doctor hops up at attention. Jung-hyeok asks him if he can use anything in the hospital as if it is his? The doctor says yes! Please use it.

So Jung-hyeok hops into an ambulance and drives off. But he is barely recovered and looks like he will pass out at any moment while driving. But at least he has GPS so he can follow it.

VO by SJ  – After you were involved in his life, his life should also change now.

Dan leaves the hospital and goes to the payphone.

VO by SJ – He is already off the course and in unchartered territory now.

Jung-hyeok almost passes out and goes off course and has to slam on the breaks at the edge of a cliff.

VO by SJ – Where do you think the end of it is?

Jung-hyeok gets out of the ambulance and walks to the edge of the cliff and looks over.

VO by SJ – What will be waiting for him?

In the house, Seri looks around, worried.

Vo by SJ – aren’t you afraid for that?



The soldiers wonder if she was kidnapped as they stand around Jung-hyeok’s bed. He has returned to bed as well. The soldiers wonder if this guy is her boyfriend? She knew him from South Korea.

But Jung-hyeok says it is not like that. She thought she would hide a little bit after she saw the state security department soldiers. Chi-soo thinks that she should contact him.

Guang-bum comes in with Jung-hyeok’s cell phone. It is fixed. So Jung-hyeok takes it and gets a call. They all look at it to see if it is Seri.

He answers, but it is Seung-joon. Seung-joon asks him if he is waiting for Seri? Jung-hyeok says that he knows that he has Seri, I will be there. But Seung-joon says that he is just calling because an injured person was just looking around without knowing where he was looking.

Jung-hyeok tells him that he is just asking where he is. Seung-joon says that Seri is with him, very safe and comfortably so I will take care of the rest. Seri also wants that. 

Jung-hyeok grits his teeth and says okay, but let me talk to him. However he hangs up.

The soldiers all wonder who she is with and think it is the South Korean boyfriend. Jung-hyeok sighs.

JH tries to call again, but he cell phone is off. The soldiers wonder why she is not calling him in person. Chi-soo thinks it is because she is embarrassed, that is why she is not calling and asked her boyfriend to.

Jung-hyeok side eyes him. Guang-bum thinks that he should call again. But Chi-soo thinks we don’t need to because she is with the boyfriend and wants to forget about the past. Yay! She is out of our life! Cheer for us!

But Jung-hyeok takes in a deep breath and says, it is not her boyfriend! You don’t know. That is a bad habit saying things that we don’t know. Jung-hyeok looks all sad and pitiful.

Chi-soo says that he he from South Korea, but Jung-hyeok says no! They broke up so he is not her boyfriend.

The other soldiers are shocked, what? So, they were engaged? Chi-soo says that it looked like they were in a deep relationship.

Jung-hyeok tells him that they are not in a special relationship! They are worse than a normal relationship! Don’t you know, breaking off the marriage! When the marriage is broken then you are worse than strangers!

Chi-soo is all like, why are you so angry?

When did I get angry! Your bad habit has always bothered me. I am just checking it.

Then the door knocks and a patient comes in to tell them that they are so noisy. Lower your voices. But then she sees that he is Ri Jung-hyeok and runs up like she is a fan.

He asks, do you know me?

This is the girl who loves BTS so she asks where the pretty eunnie is that speaks South Korean well? She said that Ri Jung-hyeok is her favorite because he is so attractive (she used contemporary Korean so everyone is confused).

Jung-hyeok tells Joo-meok to translate.

Joo-meok smiles and says Cha-eh means that you are the person she likes/loves the most. So he is her favorite.

Chi-soo tells him he is lying but Joo-meok says that is true and the girl confirms it also. Joo-meo also says that Me-ri-yuk-jun-da is like the cabbage that gets soft with salt so it means that she is super soft with his charm.

Jung-hyeok smiles bashfully. The girl says that she wanted to know who that person is and now in person she can acknowledge it. She tells him to relax and talk as loudly as you want because you are that eunnies Cha-eh. I give you permission.

She hops her way out and Jung-hyeok keeps smiling. Chi-soo asks him if he is smiling so he drops it and says no! I am not! I will find out more about Seri, thank you guys for coming.

The fella’s all walk out. Chi-soo thinks that he might have a head injury after having gotten shot. he was angry and smiling. Is he bipolar? It could be serious.



In the military town, Seo Dan and her mother are preparing the room. They have all the moving people coming in with all the luggage. Her mother tells her that she should look happier since they are getting her marriage house straight.

Her uncle says that it is like that before marriage. You have to think a lot. The mother tells her that she was not like that, she didn’t think anything.

The uncle tells them that his wife was the same. One month before marriage she said that she didn’t want to get married. Seo Dan’s eyes go big.

The mother asks, why? He tells them that she had another man! Seo Dan asks, that happened?

He tells them that he was thinking about a lot of things back then! Her mother, her father, should I ask them! Should I find that guy she loves and break his legs!!!! But you know what I did?

Seo Dan is so into this conversation. Her mother asks why he cuts the important part!

Uncle tells them that he told her, if you like him so much, go to him. I will wish for your happiness.

Seo Dan asks what happened after that? he says that she came back after three days crying a lot. So we got married!

Her mother says, sigh, her fate is bad. The brother actually agrees, lol. But then he says, noona!

Seo Dan tells them that she has a headache and will get some fresh air. The mother watches her leaving and thinks that maybe something happened to her, did they have a fight?


Cheon comes into the mansion and sees Seri sitting there. He is so stunned he stops talking. Seri asks who he is. Seung-joon says that Cheon takes care of the property and takes him around. He is Butler Cheon.

Butler Cheon takes Seung-joon out and tells him that he should not have snuck her in! But Seung-joon reminds him that he said he should not pretend to be a human as a conman. 

Cheon tells him that they need to keep the common law of business even in this situation. We promised it to Jo Cheol-kang.

Seung-joon tells him, hey, with Jo, your commission is halfend. Without him, you get all the money.

Cheon tells him, what I want to say it – lets share this plan. What do I have to do?

Seung-joon tells him, first they need to separate Jung-hyeok and Seri. if we leave him alone then he will do anything to send her to Seoul. We should not let him do it.

Then Seo Dan calls so he goes to meet her. Seo Dan shows him the magazine and says that he knew her. I saw you drinking coffee together so don’t lie to me.

Seung-joon tells her that he does not have to lie to her. Seo Dan tells him that she is not 11th department, she just broke into our country, right? 

He says she did not break in, it was an accident.

She tells him that she does not care, she will say that when she calls the police.

He asks, huh? You are going to say that? Your man will get hurt.

Seo Dan tells him that she does not care about those things. she knows the truth now so she will do that. She gets up to leave.

Seung-joon stops her and says that he knows she wants to separate Jung-hyeok and Seri. Me too. So let’s talk about it. 

She asks him, do you think just saying I am a comrade makes me your comrade?

He tells her that they need to cool off and think about this calmly. The way is simple. She walks off but he counts down as if he expects her to come back. She does.

She tells him, let me hear you simple ways.


The doctors all take Jung-hyeok’s food to him on a silver platter. There are like 8 doctors. But when they get there they see that he has been discharged. The nurse is changing his bed.

The doctor is so sad that he faints. (LOL)



Jung-hyeok meets with a person at the electric plant. It appears to be a person he knows. He tells him that he needs to ask him a favor. The man says he will give him anything he wants. Without you, my youngest would not have had his surgery and would have died. I need to repay your surgery with my life.

Jung-hyeok tells him that he thinks there is a secret welcome place. I can’t check the address so I can’t find it at all. So he is there to search the electricity draw. 

The man says that those secret places usually have their own electricity line Because of the frequent electricity outages. We have three private lines. If there is a secret place, then it might be line 30 which goes into the forest.

Jung-hyeok starts to walk into the forest and follows the numbered trees where the electric line is hung in order to get there. But he still looks pretty drained and sick.


Inside the mansion, Seri remembers Jung-hyeok telling her about the wire tapping and how it is everywhere. So she looks around and starts to check all the wire tapping locations where Jung-hyeok found the wire taps.

She is actually able to locate several of them and goes through all the motions that Jung-hyeok went through. She takes all the wiretaps to Seung-joon and asks if he did not know about this?

Seung-joon and Cheon say that they didn’t know. What is this? Seri says that it is a wiretap. All the hotels have this in Pyongyang. This is like a hotel right? We need to be careful. Do you want me to search your room?

He says no and asks how she knows this? She tells him that someone told her and then tells them to sit and tell them her plan.

As they sit, she wants to know how they will get her back to Korea. You said you will find a safe and secret way. Which route will it be? Land? Sea? Sky?

Cheon raises his hand so she asks, yes Butler Cheon? Cheon tells her that this is super secret. Ba-da-chee-gee. Seung-joon asks what that is? She tells him that she knows. You mean you want me to take a small boat to a big boat on the sea. 

I know about that but it is difficult right now. You didn’t know? You have an alert security on the sea. The new security officer is super strict, calling cards do not work. Cheon is all like, ah, it doesn’t work?

Seri tells them that the only option she knows of ~.

But Seung-joon cuts her off and tells her that he will not sneak her out in a difficult way. He will make her go home in business class. She asks how? he tells her that he has another name. Alberto Koo. I am a foreigner and an English citizen.

Seri asks what about it.

He tells her that she can become the same. Marry me. 

She thinks he is crazy. (Alberto, are you crazy?)

He tells her that they can report their marriage and get her passport at the consulate. You can take you airplane as Alberto Koo’s wife, not Yoon Seri.

Cheon tells her that makes sense. But she says that makes no sense. You want me to marry you in a fake marriage? He says that he went out for the documents. Your family members want that.


The soldiers work on Jung-hyeok’s house when Seo Dan’s mom comes up happily and says that she saw the smoke. She pleasantly asks who they are. Do you work for my Captain Ri?

Cut to her giving them a lot of food inside Jung-hyeok’s house. She has a nice spread laid out for them with soju and tells them that she will be his mother-in-law soon. She pour drinks for them all and says that their captain is pretty stiff right?

Chi-soo is glad that she said it first. Myung-eun tells them that Jung-hyeok is a perfectionism that is attractive to other women right? Chi-soo says that he thinks that Jung-hyeok knows it. But all the other soldiers are nervous. 

Chi-soo thinks he is just telling the truth. The mother tells him that she does not drink with too many people, let’s drink together. They click glasses and take it to the head like besties.


Seung-joon tells Seri that it is Christmas Eve, let’s have a party later. She says okay and then thinks to herself that it is Christmas Eve. She looks out the window and sees all the snow.

Outside, Jung-hyeok is still looking around for the house and has found it! There are guards all around the outside of it patrolling. But he fits right in in his all black attire. So he sneaks his way in.

Inside, Seung-joon gives Seri something expensive. Viabis clam or something like that. This makes her remember that she told Jung-hyeok and the soldiers that she only eats Viabis clam. IT was when they all ate clam together.

She also told them that she only drinks a certain type of wine also, but she drank soju with them. It was the first bonding moment between her and Jung-hyeok.

Seung-joon tells her to sit down so she sits and they have a toast. She says it is pretty bitter. he tells her that he asked for a nice wine. Do you want anything else?

She tells him it is okay, I don’t want to drink. 

So he brings up the wedding and marriage and how they need to have everything look official. He pulls out a ring and says that he is proposing to her among the wine and candles. Just think of this as our fate from 7 years ago coming back again.

She tells him not to be moody. This looks like a real marriage.

He asks if it could be real? Seri, I understand this can happen in that peculiar situation. Being lonely and scared and having no one to rely on. But your emotion is not real. It will disappear after you leave. It is fake.

He takes the ring and puts it on her finger telling her to forget everything as he says that they should get married.



Meanwhile, Jung-hyeok is still trying to get closer to the building. But he is right under the CCTV. So he cuts the electricity to it.

Inside, Seung-joon wonders what is happening? I heard we don’t have power outages here. He gets up and goes outside to check.

Outside, the crew gets taken out one by one by Jung-hyeok. Seung-joon and Seri see it and see that this is Jung-hyeok

Seri thinks that he is crazy! He should be in the hospital! She covers her face to keep from watching and then runs to the door.

But Seung-joon asks, what are you going to do? Are you going to follow him and leave here? Or will you go back to Korea together? But he also says that he feels crazy to ask a question without an answer. What he knows is that this is wrong. Don’t answer that door. Do you think he can send you to Korea? he failed.

She tells him not to say it like that. He did his best. I am the one that decided not to go back. We will find another way.

He tells her, okay, you will find a way. But what is the cost? Who will pay for it?

She asks, what are you talking about?

He reminds her that she is in North Korea. If you get back safely, that means that you will not be safe.

She asks, how can you say that for sure?

He tells her that she knows Seo Dan. Ri Jung-hyeok’s fiancé.

How do you know her!

She knows everything. She knows who you are. She will reveal everything about you and Jung-hyeok. Then Ri Jung-hyeok will die here. He will die. if you just ignore him now, then everything will be fine. It will all go back to normal. He will go back to his place and you will go back to yours.

She sniffs away tears as she thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Jung-hyeok has beaten up everyone outside. They are all passed out on the ground.

Seri goes outside and asks him what he is doing there? He asks if she is okay. She asks, who is worried about whom! A gunshot wound is no joke! Didn’t you hear the doctor! You have to be really careful for 2 weeks to a month. Why are you here so late!

He tells her, I am here to take you, just in case you were waiting for me.

I am sorry, but I am not waiting for you. Just let me go home.

JH – I will find another way.

Seri – You did not find the way, you failed. I trusted you. Seung-joon has another way. We will get married and I will get the foreigner passport and safely go back. He proposed to me.

Jung-hyeok sees her ring.

Seri – I will do it. So, let’s stop seeing each other. We, is a funny thing to say. We are nothing at all. We are illegal to be together. I am sick and tired of this place. I just want to go so don’t drag me. What you are doing now, I really hate it. IT is too much stress.

He walks right in front of her and softly asks, are you sure?

She nods lightly, I am sure.

So he tells her, okay. I understand. He wipes a few of her tears away and tells her not to cry. Then he turns and leaves. 

Seung-joon tells the other men not to follow him, it’s okay. He tells her that they can go inside. But she tells him that he can go inside first. I want to be alone. He tells her okay, it is cold so don’t stay out too long. He goes back inside.

She stays outside and cries.

Jung-hyeok walks the long way back to civilization on the street.

Seri keeps crying and mumbles that she is so cold, why is it so cold. What if he passes out walking back? This is driving me crazy.

Inside, Seung-joon hears a cars engine revving and then goes outside to see Seri taking off with one of the cars!

She drives off in this snow storm looking for Jung-hyeok with so many tears. Then she sees him standing in the street with the snow flying all around him.

She hops out and runs in front of him and tells him, hop in first, I will take you back. He pulls her into a hug. She stays there a moment but tells him to let her go, I am not here to do this. But he keeps holding her and she hold him as well.


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  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2020 / 8:41 am

    Oh no!! I am crying a lot for them. Does Seung Joon love seri? I hope he would not bring Seri to Jo.

    • V
      January 12, 2020 / 9:19 am

      I think he does!

  2. Anonymous
    January 12, 2020 / 11:54 am

    Part 2 pls

  3. Robert Regli
    January 12, 2020 / 5:07 pm

    Why doesn’t she just bribe the NK government to send her back?

    • Anonymous
      January 13, 2020 / 6:44 pm

      How can she have the guts to do it since she is powerless in NK

      • V
        January 16, 2020 / 11:19 am

        That would be pretty gutsy on her part and they might just keep her there just because?

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