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Crash Landing on You: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap of Crash Landing on You!


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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



they all go back inside Jung-hyeok’s room. he went back to sleep so they all wonder if he is really recovering? He looks so pale. Seri tells him he does not look different. 

Chi-soo says that he should not pretend like he is fast, how did he get shot?

Jung-hyeok clenches his fist. Eun-dong tells him not to say that, he is in a hospital bed right now, he should be embarrassed.

Chi-soo says that he got shot while on a mission? Seri asks what he heard? He got shot because he was protecting me. He got shot instead of me. Chi-soo mentions that he could not avoid it. It is not like he got shot for you, it is just that the bullet was too fast and he could not sway it. We know, it is not a movie, you can’t avoid bullets.

Seri looks at Jung-hyeok as if she is thinking about his heroic rescue that might be only a coincidence and then tells them all to leave so he can sleep.

Then, once they all leave, seh tells him to open his eyes. Why are you pretending to sleep? He opens his eyes and asks if hey left? She tells him yes. So he says that he was just sorry to see them.

She asks if he could not avoid the bullet? He starts to roll over but she pulls him back. He says that he did not not avoid it, he got shot because he did not avoid it because he did not want her to get shot.

She thinks that it was alike a movie then, but don’t do that from now on. If it happens, don’t pretend like you are cool, just avoid it.

He tells her not to do it. If this happens again, just leave. Don’t stay for me. She tells him that he is always saying things. He tells her that he is truthful, you could have gone back to Seoul now, but you are still here.

She tells him that she has a plan. Seung-joon will tell my family about me. I think they know that I am alive.


Cut to Seung-joon getting into his car in the tiny military town. he tries to make small talk with Seo Dan and asks what game she is playing on her cell phone, he will instal it. She tells him that he can’t.

So he asks why not? I can find it at the app store. She says there is no app store when he goes to Pyongyang. You have to find someone and ask them at a market. 

he asks if you really have to buy an app from an offline market? She tells him not to bother her so she can focus. He tells her that she should worry about her fiancé, it is not the time to focus on your game.

She says that she was not that focused. So he says that they should go eat noodles or something, aren’t you hungry?

Cut to them eating noodles. he asks her how she met her fiancé? She says that it was decided a long time ago. It was an arranged marriage. He asks if she has a date? She tells him next month.

He asks, so the fiancé is in a hotel with another woman? Dan tells him that it is not like that! They have separate rooms and everything is separate. She is under a secret mission.

He asks if she got a proposal?

She tells him that they will get married soon.

He says, Hey, hey, hey, I told you on the rooftop. This sounds like I am only talking about facts too much. But you and your fiance will never have soleda.

She asks, why not!

He says it is because you will get married.

What about it!

Why are you speaking in banmal? Anyways, people feel soleda because you do not know what the end is. We dont know if we will keep dating or not. Will it be a sad ending or a happy ending. You never know and you want to think and are nervous. Your heart is all contracted. It makes people soleda.

She tells him that they have the date so they will not be soleda to each other?

He says, I am telling you that before you have love, you already set the date. that is why you do not have soleda feelings.

She asks for more soju and sighs.

He tells her that everyone eats together and drinks tea and watches movies and fights, only to set the date. They break up and all those things. But you have the date, you have nothing to do. The heart is not excited.

She angrily opens her alcohol and starts to pour it as she tells him he does not know.

he holds her bottle to pour it for her and says that he almost had an arranged marriage, but it did not work out. After the marriage broke, my heart started to beat again and he started to think of her. he takes a drink.


Seri turns off the light and starts to sleep on the floor of the hospital, right next to the bed. Jung-hyeok tells her that it will be cold there because of the floor, just sleep here.

She asks, should I? Okay! It was cold last night.

She hops into his bed right as he hops out so she asks what he is doing? He says he will sleep on the floor. he is fine doing that since he slept in much colder patients than that.

she tells him that he is not in training now, you are a patient. 

He asks her if they should share? She tells him not to think too much about it. There will not be a war so long as we keep our boundaries, okay? 

he tells her that is what he wants to say as well and curls over to his side.

that bed is so tiny and uncomfortable looking as they both lay awake. 

She asks if he is sleeping already? Can you sleep in this situation? 

He is actually awake as he tries to pretend like he is sleeping on his injured arm side.

Later on, Seri falls to sleep so he gets up and covers the blanket back over her. A lovely song starts to play as he tries not to wake her up as she curls over to him.

He brushes her hair away from her face and looks at her sleeping for a long moment.


Jo finds out where Jung-hyeok is and gets all his military people together to go there.

Meanwhile, Seri goes outside the building and calls Seung-joon at a payphone. He answers and is so stunned that this is Seri. He asks if she is okay?

She tells him, what I asked you about telling my father about me, did you tell him? He says that he called her many times about that, where are you? We should not talk over the phone. I will come there!

She hangs up and sees Jo show up with all the military people. They all go inside quickly.

Jo goes to Jung-hyeoks room and tells him that he could not find him for awhile due to him not telling the hospital about himself. He tells everyone to leave and then show the weapons checkout list.

He tells him that this was him right? You had this automatic weapons and guns right? Are you going to have a war? Your bullet is the same bullet that attacked my soldiers. What does that mean?

Jung-hyeok says it means that I shot them.

Jo smiles and tells Jung-hyeok that he shot our own people to protect a South Korean spy?

Jung-hyeok tells him, I shot people who where trying to shoot at my girl and creat an accident on purpose.

Jo asks what the evidence is?

Jung-hyeok asks his for evidence that she is a spy? Because of that guy that works for the reunification department?

Jo is stunned.

Flashback to Jung-hyeok talking to his future Uncle in Law, the 1 star general. He tells Jung-hyeok that the person that works for Jo introduced reunification department to Jo. It was about the 11th department. Did something happen?

In the present, Jung-hyeok tells Jo that to find the 11th department secret spy you need to go through the proper channels in the law book. So can I ask to check everyone for that?

Jo tells him, hey Jung-hyeok, it seems like you have a lot of things to say. Lets see if you can say them all in our interrogation department. He tells a sergeant to come inside and arrest Ri Jung-yeok.

But Jung-hyeok’s father comes in and asks if it is this urgent to bring a patient with a gun wound in? He looks at Jung-hyeok.

Outside, the nurses all talk about how today is so exciting. The #3 person in Korea is here! I heard that his son is in our hospital! The nurses all wonder, is it that tall and handsome patient with the gun wound? He is the son of the head of the military?

Wait a second, Ii will marry him and make our hospital into a big hospital. But the other nurse says that it seems like he has a woman. Another nurse says that having a goal keeper does not mean that you cannot score goals.

Seri was listening in on the nurses but then hears Dan and her mother so she starts to push a random patients wheel chair away. The patient is all like, what are you doing? So Seri tells her to be quiet, I saw you watching a BTS music video.

The girl apologizes so Seri apologizes also and says that they are sorry to each other so lets keep it quiet.

In his room, Jung-hyeok’s father yells at him about the girl that should go on the airplane with the track team as a reserve! That is what you wanted! So why does the state department want to investigate you! Tell me why!

His mother tells him to just stop for now.

But his father tells the mother to stop talking! What kind of dangerous thing are you up to! A lot of poeple want to destroy me! If you make any mistake!

The mother speaks up and says, why can’t I speak! It is my son! He had a gun shot wound and was about to die! He is your only remaining son! You should be thankful that he did not bring us to his funeral and just to the hospital! 

He is a good boy to be alive. You should comfort him and ask him how he is and how he fells. Why are you pushing him. Are you a state security person or just his father?

The father is silent. Then Seo Dan and her mother run in. the mtoerh frets over him and checks that he still has all his body parts. then she tells the family that maybe Jung-hyeok shuold change his careet. It is enough for me to be the widow in the family.

She keeps talking and says that he used to be an artist and was like our beloved actress. he has art in his blood. That is why I pushed the marriage to the second son, not the first son.

Dan yells at her mother to stop and apologizes at how she is acting.

Jung Hyeok tells them all that he is really sorry that he made everyone worry. The surgery went well, I just need to recover.

Seo Dan looks at his uniform and sees the heart there.

Meanwhile, Jo leaves the hospital with all the military guys. Seri witches places with the patient so she is sitting in the wheel chair now.

When Jo and the army leaves, Seri thanks her. The girl asks how she can speak such perfect Seoul accent. Seri says that she practiced it by looking at tv. the secret is to stick to the basics.

This patient tells her that she is the biggest BTS Army in pyongyang and shakes her hand. She then tells her that she likes Jungkook the most. Seri says that she likes Ri Jung-hyeok. He is so attractive, he’s my favorite.

The Army girls is all like, what?

But then Seri leaves and hops in the car with Seung-joon who showed up right then.

In the hospital room, Seo Dan asks Jung-hyeok if he has another person taking care of him? Who is this person? 

He says it is the person she is thinking off. 

Seo Dan tells him that she heard she is his coworker, so why is she taking care of you?

Jung-hyeok quietly tells her, Seo Dan, I have to tell you something. I lied to you.

Seo Dan asks, what did you lie about?

Jung-hyeok tells her, I like her. 

Seo Dan asks, do you think you lied to me? You didn’t lie because I was not tricked.

Jung-hyeok says that he thought he could marry her without liking her, but I cannot marry you if I like someone else.

She tells him, I heard he was leaving soon, isn’t that true?

Yes, that is true.

Then that is the reason! Because she is leaving now. That is why you are more eager and are afraid of not seeing her anymore. that is why you heart is palpating. You are mistaking it as love!

I am not mistaking it.

We don’t have love because we have the date. Our heart is not beating! That is the thing about arranged marriages!

What are you talking about?

Anyways! Our marriage will not change. If you like her, fine. But after she leaves everything will change.

Seo Dan leaves angrily. Jung-hyeok thinks about what she said. outside, Seo Dan tells herself that all those things will go away. her mother asks her if she is done talking to him already? You should talk to him more.

Seo Dan tells her mother that they should prepare her wedding dress now.


Seri thanks Seong-joon for picking her up and says that it ws hard to stay there. So, where are we going right now? He tells her that he is taking her to the place he is staying at right now. You can eat something there.

they get to his place and Seri is stunned that he is living in a place like this. She asks if he told her father. But he says that they cannot call Korea from a place like this.

He sits and tells her that he contacted his friend in a foreign country. They told them and your family was so happy that you were alive. Your mother and father and brothers.

She tells him that he is lying. Her brothers shouldn’t be happy that she is alive. But he says that family is family. You were missing with paragliding.

She tells him he really contacted them. 

he says yes and asks if she landed there on accident? 

She says it was a peculiar accident. Paraglider are not caught by radar because there is no engine.

Seung-joon says that is why they could not find you. They even hired a private investigator to find you. So don’t try to go back too quickly. Do to the politics and how known you are, they are looking for a way for you to come back quickly. They will also delay the board meeting because it is pointless without you.


But in Seoul, they are all arriving at the board meeting as we speak. It is a huge event.

In the  meeting, the father tells everyone that they need to clarify something about hsi family. His daughter is missing with an unexpected accident. We have been looking for her secretly but could not find her.

Everyone in the room starts to murmur. 

The father tries to say that they will follow the law and accept her death, he pauses and catches his breath as he says that they already registered her as dead.

The news comes out all over Seoul. The insurance guy, who is happily walking up the street, sees it and is about to pass out.

In the board meeting, everything moves along with the board meeting members voting on who will be the next heir. The majority vote is for Yoon Se-hyung .


Cut to Seo Dan and her mother sneaking into a secret wedding venue that looks like it is in a basement cellar? I don’t know, but once they get there it is fabulous.

The woman in charge looks fabulous as well and shows them a new wedding magazine. The mother says she ws so worried after sneaking in there, but now she feels good about it. 

The wedding lady talks about Seo Dan and what dresses would look good on her. She has a nice line on her face so she will look good.

Seo Dan looks through the magazine and sees a photo of Seri! Seri has an entire spread that talks about her and how she is missing and has not been in public since the 14th and all that.

The mother asks her why she is looking at that? Look at the wedding dresses. But Seo Dan says that seh has to leave right now and go somewhere, She takes the magazine with her.


Meanwhile, Jung-hyeok is looking everywhere for Seri. He and his soldiers cannot find her.

Elsewhere in the hopsital, the head of the hospital comes back and hits himself that he did not see the #3 person in korea after going on a ski trip! i shouldn’t have gone! 

His right hand man tells him that they still have his son here! So that brightens the doctors mood. He said he wanted to see the CCTV.

They go to the CCTV room with Jung-hyeoka nd tells him that they copied everything, he can watch it all in his room if he wants. Jung-hyeok tells him it is okay. You don’t hve to stay here, you should be busy.

The boss asks, is anyone busy here? AAll the doctors says, no no no, we don’t ahve any work so do your thing.

Jung-hyeok lets out a big sigh and then starts to look at the vidoes again. Luckily they find footage of Seri getting into Seung-joon’s car right away.

jung-hyeok asks if he can use the doctors phone. The doctor smarmies up to him and says he does not have to ask! Between you and me =, please use everything as if it is yours.

Jung-hyeok calls the 1 star general and asks him if he got the license plate number? the general says that it is a fake number. I looked into it, it is a state security number, but it should be destroyed already. I do not know what is going on.

Jung-hyeok asks where the location is so the Uncle in law gives him the GPS location to the mansion but says that it will not be easy to find. It belongs to a welcome house.


Seri wakes up at night suddenly and goes to the kitchen. She sees Seung-joon there and asks if she can see his phone. He tells her to sit and eat something. She wants to use the phone first. 

He asks why seh wants to use the phone? She tells him she wants to tell her bodyguard where she went. Seung-joon tells her that she does not need him anymore.

He also looks spooky as he says it.


Jung-hyeok puts on his clothing to leave. But as he is walking in the hallway he sees Seo Dan who is walking inside. She asks him if her name is Yoon Seri?

Jung-hyeok is stunned.

In the mansion, Seung-joon tells Seri that she can stay with him there in the mansion. Why do you want to go back to him? You ran away from him. Today’s situation was dangerous for him right? You can live here and leave but what about him? He has to live here. It is too dangerous for him right? Because of you, he could die.

Seri thinks about this.

In the hospital, Seo Dan holds up the image from the magazine and asks if this is the image of theperson he likes? Tell me, did you know about her identity?

he says he knew it.

She asks, why is a South Korean woman here?

He tells her it started as an accident, but later it became a coincidence. She will go back.

That is why you are hiding her?


You can lose everything you have to hide her. She can kill you. Are you okay with that?

He thinks about it.

In the mansion, Seri looks at Seung-joon and 

Seung-joon looks at Seri and 

Jung-hyeok looks at Seo Dan.


Seri’s ex boyfriend gets out of his car looking fabulous. They go inside a building together smiling. Inside, they drink and she asks her boyfriend, since he studied classical music in school, do you know this song?

She starts to play the song for him on the piano. But it is a simplified version of it.

the boyfriend asks him what that is? She tells him that she does not know, she heard it somewhere on accident and does not know who the composer is. I looking into it and asked people in the music field, but no one knows.

he tells her to play it again and listens closely. She plays as much as she knows. But he does not know it.

She tells him that she wants to hear it one more time, but no one knows it. He asks where she heard it. She says that she heard it a few years ago in Switzerland.

Flashback to her riding a boat in Switzerland

Seri – Back then, I did not want to live. I thought it would be nice to spend my last moment around good scenery. I realized while traveling that I did not want to live, but I also did not want to die. I just needed comfort. My life is not a life that can be loved by loved ones. But, at least I can continue to keep living. I want someone to tell me that. But back then, like receiving an answer, I heard that music. I can survive. I felt like it was comforting me.

She hears the song that Jung-hyeok wrote for his brother as her boat comes to the pier. She sees the piano  at first and then sees someone playing it, but not his face even though she keeps looking at him all the way to the dock.

Fade Out


The secret is out! The stakes are big! And our moment of separation has arrived! But how long will it last? Hopefully only until tomorrow because I need my couple to be together 😍.

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    This show will be the death of me. It is so perfect and is tearing at my heart in the best way. Thanks for your recap!!

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      Me too, and your welcome!

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