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Crash Landing on You: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

And we are finally back with Crash Landing on You! Who else missed it last week? But I am happy that they are taking time to get things write on a safety and production level when it comes to filming. Now let’s get back to finding out what happened after that huge cliffhanger you left us with!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



We open on the car chase with Ri Jung-hyeok on the motorcycle shooting at the monster truck of doom. 

Yoon Se-ri and Guang-bum have to stop their truck and another monster truck shows up so Jung-hyeok jumps his motorcycle over to their street and slides it into the monster truck which makes a huge explosion when he shoots his gastank.

He checks Seri to see if she is okay. But then a soldier comes out and shoots him in the back and Guang-bum in the leg! Jung-hyeok is able to shoot the man quickly, but then he starts to pass out.

Guang-bum hops over to her and asks what they should do? We have to catch your plane! She tells him yes, we have to and tells him that she can drive, give me your key.

So she starts to drive them up the street and asks Guang-bum if he can find a hospital if they exit. He tells her to go to the airport. But she asks if there is one or not? He sys yes so she exits.

Guang-bum tells her not to do this, you need to go to the airport. But she tells him that he could die! So she swerves to take the exit and follow the signs. Guang-bum thinks they will die from a car accident at this rate.

Seri slams on the breaks as she looks at construction signs on the street. She asks Guang-bum if he knows what movie she likes the most? Mad Max Fury Road.

Then she revs the engine and takes off through the barricades. Cut to her making it to the hospital. The doctors and nurse take over and start to prepare Jung-hyeok for surgery.

Guang-bum tells Seri that she should leave. You can still make it to the airport. But the nurse says that they don’t have blood, we have to find it! Seri is all like, what? You have to find blood?!

Seri asks Guang-bum what his blood type is? he tells her it is O. So Seri says that she can give him her blood. Guang-bum tells her that if she does not go now, she will not be able to go.

At the airport, the team is giving their coach the passports. One of the coaches sees that the reserve is not there and he cannot contact her anymore. The head coach looks at Seri’s photo. They wait for a moment and then head out.

Seung-joon looks on with his handler Cheon. They notice that she is not there. Seung-joon wonders if that means she is stopped by Jo? Cheon thinks so, he is really good at his job.

Cut to Jo asking about his people. What about the ones with gun shots? He is told that all his people got shot but not critical. So the shooter had good skill.

Jo asks where Lee Jung-hyeok is. One of the soldiers tells him that he checked and he is out of town visiting an army base. That is why he went to Pyongyang. 

Jo tells him to submit a request to the main branch to find him. Also, get the record of him renting the weapons.


Seri stays with Jung-hyeok until he is taken into surgery. Guang-bum hobbles up to her. It looks like his injury was taken care of. She thinks that they should call Jung-hyeoks family since they do not know what the result of surgery will be.

Guang-bum says that Jung-hyeok’s phone broke. So Seri tells him okay and to continue getting his treatment, she will wait there for him. So she takes a seat in the hallway and looks at Jung-hyeok’s things. 

She looks at his broken cell phone and his bloody army jackets and sees the extra photo that he kept of her. She remembers that he said they do not need a photo to remember each other and starts to tear up as she thinks he is a really strange guy.

Cut to Jung-hyeok in surgery. The surgery looks like it is going well. Then they wheel him out and tells Seri that the surgery went okay. He did not have a large artery injury so his pressure should go back up. Be careful with any other injury.

They roll him to a private room to rest. Seri sits next to him as he sleeps and tells him that she is not use to these kinds of things.

Seri – I am not used to things like this. I am used to hating myself and liking myself and protecting myself and not protecting myself. I just had myself. I am not use to this kind of thing. I have someone else, except me. Someone to make eye contact with and listen to my story and smile with and eat together and keep the promise until the end even though we do not have a contract. Someone protecting me. You did all that and I had you. I am usually not scared of much. But I am a little scared now. Anything that happens to you. You are not an easy person to me anymore.

She continues sitting next to him and we fade out to Jung-hyeok playing the piano at a concert.

he is dressed in a sharp black suit and on stage finishing up a classical piece. The crowd claps and he takes a nice deep breath as he takes in the moment and stands to bow and looks around. It is a packed house.

Then he leaves the stage and walks out to the lobby area where a friend greets him and says that he had an urgent call from Pyongyang. Your brother died, you have to come back asap.

Jung-hyeok is schocked. We cut to him looking out over the water with all his things on the side next to him. His piano and luggage are all there. A little kid comes up to him and asks if the piano is his? Can you play it? Can you play something for me?

he looks over at his piano and tells her that this will be his last time playing the piano. She asks why? He tells her, well…I had a song that I made for my brother. Can you be my last audience for my performance? She nods.

So he sits at his piano by the water and starts to play the song he made for his brother. But he stops for a moment and takes a deep breath. Then he starts to play it again. 

He draws a tiny crowd of people looking on as he plays and the little girl is really happy to listen as well.

He wakes up from his dream in the hospital room and looks around and sees Seri at the window. She turns around and is so stunned to see him awake. She runs to his side and asks if he is okay?

He asks why she is there and starts coughing. She tells him not to move, you had surgery. He sits up and asks if she missed the airplane? But it’s not really a question. She says she could not. She could not go there due to the situation.

He says that she should have gone there! She tells him she should have, but I couldn’t. He tells her, to send you to that plane, we put our life in danger. Do you know what that means?

She says she knows.

JH – You know that but you are still here? You screwed up our effort. How much are you going to put us in danger and give us a hard time and then feel sorry to us?

Seri – You are not recovered from anesthesia yet. You are not fully awake and are saying what is on your mind. You should be stable in this situation, but you should not be angry. So I will be gone for now. Let’s talk when you are better.

She leaves quickly and then tells the nurse that the patient woke up. The nurse says that she will call the doctor. Then Seri leaves.

The doctor goes to Jung-hyeoks office and tells him that he is lucky because he had the blood transfusion. Everything went fine. But dont move too quickly for the next couple weeks.

The nurse tells him that he and his girlfriend have a God givn fate. Your girlfriend matched your blood type. If she did not give you a blood transfusion then you could have been in big danger.

The doctor asks where she is? I told her not to cry so much after the transfusion. The nurse says that she cried so much when he he was unconscious and now she cries because he woke up. She smiles. The doctors think she might be off crying somewhere, but they say it lightly like she is a lovebird. They leave

Jung-hyeok looks on pretty shocked.

Seri is crying outside pitifully and thinks that in this kind of situation she should leave and go somewhere in a car, but she has nowhere to go, sigh, my life.

She turns around and sees Jung-hyeok standing behind her so she asks how he can stand there? You just had a gun shot wound! he tells her that sh will get cold in this weather.

She tells him that they should go back inside, hold onto me. He tells her that what he said before was not truthful. I am sorry I went too far. She says okay. I will accept  your apology. You are not dead. I am so thankful that you are alive. Forgiving you like this is nothing so lets just go.

But he isn’t moving. She asks, what is it? he tells her, you really wanted to go back, why didn’t you go back?

Seri – I really wanted to but I couldn’t. At least once I have to save you. Don’t look at me like that.

JH – Maybe we have a misunderstanding, I just looked at you.

Seri – No, for a short moment you were romantically looking at me. See, you are still looking at me like that.

He leans in and kisses her. She is a bit stunned. Then he kisses her again. A nice soft long kiss.

Elsewhere, Lieutenant Jo sees that Jung-hyeok checked out weapons. he tells his soldier to call all the hospitals around, even tiny ones. This is an emergency.

So all his secret force start to call all the hospitals.


Seung-joon tries to call someone while at the mansion. But no one answers, so he asks Cheon what happened. Cheon tells him that tey used their truck team to stop them from going to the airport.

Seung-joon asks if they have those kinds of troops? Cheon tells him that they are Jo’s personal troops that he has with his own money. Seun-joon asks, so he created a car accident with that truck?

Cheon tells him yes, but Seri disappeared. So now Jo is looking for her. He will find her. Seung-joon grows upset and tells him that they should not have caused an accident! What if they get injured?

Cheon tells him that the goal is for her to not go back to Korea right? It does not matter if she is dead. Seung-joon is pretty shocked. Cheon tells him that he must be busy. You are a conman but you behave like a human.


Back in the military town, the ajummas are working hard doing daily tasks when they see Seo Dan and her mother show up. They peak behind laundry hanging at them and wonder who they are. Young-ae says that is that B from earlier. As soon as Sam-shook left, she shows up.

Young-ae says that she will draw a lot of tears from her. Wol-sook says that she will draw a lot of blood. Young-ae thinks that based on her mother, it might be a difficult task. But we will get their respect. They all nod at each other.

The mother comes up to them and says that she heard that the head of the people is right here. Wol-sook smiles and heads out. She tells her that it is her, who are you?

Myung-eun says that she is the mother of Jung-hyeoks fiance and wants to find a place here to stay. Wol-sook tells her that she cannot. The mother asks why not? Wol-sook says that they do not have a proper house for her.

Myung-eun says that she heard that the high rise is empty. Wol-sook is all like, so? Myung-eun steps to her and says that she looks younger than her so why is your language so short? She propers her leg up.

Seo Dan tells her mother that they should go. Her mother says not to pull her so Seo Dan says that she is not pulling her. Wol-sook and another woman start to chuckle

The mother tells them that they went too far even though they are not culturally educated in this little town. Young-ae comes out and tells them to stop! Myung-eun asks who she is?

Young-soon steps to her and says that she is the colonel’s wife who is Jung-hyeok’s boss. So Myung-eun puts her leg down and says, nice to see you. You are an important person. Dan, say hi. Lets have a nice drink and talk peacefully.

Young-soon says that they do not have to drink, why are you here? Myung-eun says that her daughter will marry Jung-hyeok soon so they need a house. Young-ae says that she knows their situation.

Myung-eun says that she runs a department store. I have all this in my purse and it is so heavy. She gives them all beauty products and says that she will give Young-ae another one soon.

So they change their tune and take her to the hotel in the town and mention that marriage should follow what the parents arranged. It is good to listen to the parents. Then they go to show them around the hotel room.

All the ladies actually go inside and show them around the hotel and Myung-eun gives them more face products as they do.

They head up the elevator in a group, but then the elevator stops. Myung-eun asks if this happens often? The ladies start to joke and talk about how you can walk to the fifth floor and then force the doors to the elevator open.

They tell Myung-eun not to worry and pull her up so that they can walk up the steps to the room. Cut to them all looking in the room. The mother thinks that it looks nice, the fridge is a good size.

But when she opens the door we see that it is actually being used as a bookshelf and storage. The ladies tell her it is because the electricity is on and off.

They show the bathroom next, but there is a goat living in there, lol. They tell her that this is an earth friendly way to raise a goat. My aunt is raising it to have a party when the sun goes to college. But he is not good at studying. Poor guy. We could eat it now.

Seo Dan goes to the balcony and is shocked to see chicken there. Ok Geum tells her that eveyone raises chicken on the balcony. Where do you raise them in Pyongyang?

Seo Dan asks her mother if they are still looking around? I will go see Jung-hyeok.

Meanwhile, Seung-joon calls Seri to see where she is. But she is not picking up so he wonders if something really happened. He is sitting outside Seung-Joon’s place in his car. That is when he sees Seo Dan walking up.

She starts to get her hair in order as to if it should be up or down when Seung-joon walks up and taps her on the back. He wonders why she is here again? She says this is her fiance’s house. he is pretty stunned and says that he knows this house.

She asks if he knows Ri Jung-hyeok? Seung-joon says yes, he is waiting for him. He is not at home, so would you like to wait in my car? It is cold. Also, it is better if your hair is down. It is prettier than tying it.

She asks what he is talking about. he tellsher that she shuold know and unlocks the door for her.


The nurse tells Jung-hyeok that he has no fever, so why is your face so red. He says it isn’t. Seri is all like, um. The nurse asks if he saw something he shouldn’t? he says no.

She tells him that she saw something she shouldn’t see this morning. it was dark and some young people had a long kiss. Seri and Jung-hyeok are both uncomfortable. Seri says that everyon was asleep. 

The nurse says that they were not asleep. it was a rainy day as well. Then she sees that Jung-hyeoks pressure is going up and his heart rate is increasing. He tells her it is okay. 

She tells him it is not okay, I will call the doctor. She hurries out. OS the love birds are left alone feeling awkward.

He asks Seri what she said, Seri says that she did not say anything so he says okay and then asks what she is doing. She says taht his clothing had a gun shot so I cleaned all the blood and am patching it. Actually, I am the person who controls the fashion industry in Asia.

But then she puts the clothing on the couch and says, seriously that they have three options. First, we can pretend like nothing happened and behave like we always did. second, we dont’ talk about what happened yesterday at all. 

he says that is the same thing.

She tells him it is a little different.

He asks what the third one is.

She says that they are not high school students, they don’t have to pressure each other for these things. We can be cool to each other.

he asks if that is also a little different?

She tells him yes.

So he says that they should do the third one.

She smiles and asks if what happened yesterday was too much for him? Then she says okay, lets do the third one. Anyways, it means that it was a little bit burdensome for you. Yes, you got shot and had surgery and are still recovering and it was raining and I was crying, maybe you could have done it without thinking, it could happen.

He tries to say, No…

But she cuts him off and tells him, Dont’ think about it, I dont’ give meaning to tiny skinship so lets be cool to each other. I will return this sewing kit. She leaves. 

He wonders what is goin on and sees that she sewed a heart on his jacket.

In the hallway, the soldiers all run up to her and says that they heard what happened. They were so surprised. She tells them that it is okay don’t worry. Chi-soo tells her that the biggest sad news is that she is still here. It is tragic news for them.

Joo-meok tells her that Chi-soo worried about her a lot after they heard the news. Chi-soo pretends like he did not. They give her side dishes and she tells them that she also made a lunch box. they wonder what a lunch box is so Joo-meok has to translate it to them.

Chi-soo is pretty stunned that she made a lunchbox for Jung-hyeok and fed it to him. It is like alunch box bomb. (A freedom fighter did that to the Japanese government. He literally put a bomb in a lunch box and threw it at the japanese Governor during occupassion times). 

Seri sneers at him. Chi-soo tells her that she should think of others.



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      Thank you so much! Part two is great as well!

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