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Crash Landing on You: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of Crash landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Jung-hyeok walks to the street to look for her. he sees her walking with Seung-joon and chatting happily so he walks on the opposite side of the street.

He continues to watch her smiling and chatting. They pass y a buss, but he does not see her come out the other side of the bus so he crosses the street to keep looking for her, but it is as if she disappeared.

He grows a bit frantic as he looks around.

Seri is still walking with Seung-joon pleasantly, they are in the park now. While walking, a policeman goes up to a woman and tells her that her hair is too long. 

Seri is so shocked, this is not the 70s, why are they checking the hair length? they are about to walk off, but then they are stopped by a man who asks what their name is and why they aren’t wearing the company flag.

Seung-joon shows him his ID and says that he is an English diplomat that does not speak their language. The man tells them to keep walking. Seri gives him a high five since he handled that well.

Then Jung-hyeok walks up to them and tells Seri that it is time to go. Seri tells Sj to call him and then leaves. JH asks what number she gave him? She says she gave him JH’s cell phone number.

JH is all like, my number? She tells him not to be angry, you are my bodyguard. 

He asks how he can be her bodyguard when he is not around to guard her? You need to be somewhere I can see you.

So what happens if I am where you see me?

Then you will be safe. If you stay where I can see you.

He starts to walk off again. She starts to walk next to him and says, you are not an Avenger, you don’t know what will happen. How can you be so sure? Do you always win?

I do not have a memory of losing. 

But then he closes his eyes as if he did not want to say that.

She tells him that she would like to try a North Koran beer. Do you know a good place? 

They walk to a restaurant where they can have beer. Seri tells him that she has not have chicken and beer in a long time.  So they order chicken and beer.

Seri drinks a ton of beer in one go and tells him that she had so much stress. i want to drink today. He tells her that he thinks she got to drink before. She explains that today is not a normal day. I got my passport taken and I am going to leave soon.

Suddenly, there is a power outage. JH explains that it will be back on soon. No one is surprised, the waitresses pull out candles for all of the tables which creates a very romanic atmosphere.

The lights turn back on and it starts to snow. It is the first snow of the season. Seri tells him that love is realized if you see first snow together. Didn’t you hear that before? He says never.

She leans in close and tells him, in Seoul, all the cellphones go out when there is a first snow because people in “some” want to meet their crush because when you see a first snow, your love is realized.

He asks, is it?

She says yes, but you and me should not have a love realized because that would be big trouble. 

He agrees. 

She asks why? Is it because you have to be with you real fiancé, but you are with me? That is the trouble?

Sorry, but do you have a disease? That happy sad disease?

No, is that bipolar?

I don’t know what you want, you just say this or that thing.

I don’t know myself, how can you know as well. I get happy and sad. that is my drinking habit. Let’s just toast. 

She clinks his glass and starts to drink again. Then she rests her head on his shoulder. He pushes it away with a finger, but he ends up leaving it there when she asks if she is heavy?

He tells her no.

If my small head is heavy, why do you have this wide thing? Remove your muscles. Just wait a little bit. My head is heavy because I have a lot of things in my head.

Why do you think so much? You will go back soon and be happy.

Because I am happy. I am happy so I think a lot. I am happy. You don’t know things.

A song starts to play as she rests her head on his wide shoulders and they look at the falling snow together.

The camera cuts to scenes of South Korea in the first snow with everyone happily calling loved ones and looking around and eating happily and looking at the snow.


In a chicken restaurant, the insurance friend, Soo-chan, and employee Chang-sik are so happy that they did that big thing by finding Seri’s recording. The insurance guy hopes that she comes back safe!

Chang-sik sys that he hopes she comes back alive and happy, but if she is alive then she does no have to come back too quickly. My life is so happy, i have an evening now. 

But the insurance friend, asks, what about the family, huh!


Cut to the 2nd brother wondering why Seri is in North Korea. His wife is at the desk. The 2nd brother tells one of his henchman to take care of his sister. The henchman says he can bring her back safely. 

But the brother says, no, just make sure she can stay there safely. Make it so she can stay there forever, do you understand?

His wife tells the henchman that they will send money to his account if he signs the document. It is very simple. Listen to us, we want Yoon Seri to stay there forever and to never come back. If you can do that then we will make it so that you never have to worry about money for your entire life.


Seing-joon’s handler tells him that they have to make it so that Seri will not come back to Korea. If you can do that then Se-hyung will forget about your troubles with him.

SJ sarcastically thinks that is one great family. So cold blooded. They say that they can get their money, but they need to see Cheol-kang first who has the biggest power there. Where is he?



Cut to Lieutenant Jo eating happily while in an office. Another officer comes in and says that he is really eating happily, I have never seen that before. Do you know how serious this is? Look at your phone records! You talked to the military engineer a lot who has a huge suspicion for this case.

Jo says that is not evidence. The officer hits Jo’s head on the table and asks if he thinks he will give him a break because he works for them? 4 people died and three of them are tomb raiders who you asked to be there. You did it to quiet them and use the military engineer.

Jo tells he officer that they have a relationship. The officer says that he never saw him before. Just answer my question. Jo tells him that he knows him. before you came here your daughter got married and your daughter has a big apartment somewhere. It was $100,000 high rise.

The officer yells for the other soldiers to leave. Then he asks Jo how he knows that. Jo tells him that he sold a lot of antiques for his daughter marriage. If you are wondering, ask me. I have all the evidence. Not only you but everyone up and up the ladder. Most of them took my money. Family is nothing. Sharing things is family. Let’s survive together, that is family.


The colonel asks Jo what he told them to release him. This is not an easy place. Jo says that there is nothing that is free. There are no free meals and happy endings. The colonel says that he asked him a question so answer it. You took my money so you should be doing your job.

Jo tells him that he is an orphan, he does not have a family. You are my family, colonel. The colonel asks, is that so? Jo says that he will be loyal to him. Family should go together. 

The colonel asks why he said that so scary.


Seung-joon meets with Jo at his place and they talk about all the things that happened. SJ asks if he can keep one more person here? he hands over the photo of Seri and asks if he knows her? Cheol-kang asks who she is?

Back in the village, Seri meets with the village ladies who all ask if she is leaving because of that B? Did she just grab your hair or something? Seri asks if they do that here also?

The ladies are all like, when you fight, you grab hair, where else would you grab? Seri says yes, that is true. We are all the same country. So, she did not grab my hair. I just don’t want him to have a hard time.

They do not want her to be separated like the story of the two lovers who had to make the bird bridge. Seri says that true love is carved in the heart. One of the ladies said no to carve it in your heart, carve it in your brain, it hurts less. Your memory will be gone over time. Find a better man!

The ladies tell her to always be healthy. I don’t know when we will see you again. Perhaps it is good to break up early since you will have to break up anyway.

Seri asks why? We could have had a happy ending. But Wol-sook says no, first off, you are not a good couple. second, you are not a person that older people will live so you will have a lot of in-law trouble. So this is better than getting divorced.

Seri says that she is so nice to old people. But Wol-sook says that Seri smiles and talks back. I just want to punch you in the face when you do that. I don’t do that because it is me. Seri asks, why not? Wol-sook tells her to look at herself, I just told you that you are hat kind of person, you should change! Ah! My blood pressure is increasing so much!

Seri says, me too! We should just stand up due to our blood pressure! I am leaving first! No, I am leaving first!


Cut to Seung-joon telling Jo that Seri is his friend. She is a rich person in South Korea who grew up nicely. Jo asks her if he knows that she is leaving this Thursday? I heard that she is going to Korea. Seung-joon tells him to stop her!

So Jo goes to Man-bok and tells him about Seri and how they need to stop her from leaving Korea.


Seri meets with the soldiers for ramen and tells them that she is really really going back this time. They ask if it is presents time again? She tells them that she is not Santa Clause.

They all ask who that is. So Joo-myeok tells them that Santa Clause is someone who goes into people’s chimneys. Eun-dong asks if he is a robber? Joo-myeok explains that he is the other way, he leaves gifts.

Seri tells them that they can stop talking. I am really going back so let’s go on a picnic to celebrate. Chi-soo tells he captain to say something since Seri is speaking in nonsense.

He tells hem that their break is in two days so let’s do it. I will get permission for the four of you. Chi-soo opposes it, but they end up going and we cut to all the soldiers bringing lots of things for the picnic.

Seri asks them why they are bringing a shovel, are you going to bury me? Chi-soo says he would really love to do that. Seri asks where Jung-hyeok and Eun-dong is. they say that Eun-dong is making a fire and Jung-hyeok went somewhere.

Seri wonders if he went to prepare for his marriage. They keep walking. She tells them that this is so romantic on the beach, ah, look at that cute pig. Chi-soo tells her to cut its throat when she is ready.

She is so shocked and asks why? Eun-dong says that they started their relationship shooting at each other, they should have a good ending. But we don’t have a fridge so when we have a picnic we BBQ a while pig.

She says she can’t eat it, I had eye contact with him! They tells her that she said she eats meat 3 meals a day. she says that is true, but I can’t eat it now. they ask what they will eat then?

They all end up fishing in the river and cheering happily when they catch a fish. Seri looks at them pleasantly.

The soldiers continue to grab whatever they can like crab and fish. they end up getting a lot of crab and make crab soup. they all eat it happily and chat and have a good time. Seri loves it and says it is her first time eating something so delicious.

After eating, the soldiers tell her that today is her last day so this is their goodbye celebration. She asks where her presents are? They tell her that Chi-soo wrote her a poem. She tells them that she is really okay. Are you going to read it to me? Just give it to me, I can read it later.

Chi-soo stands up to read it. Seri rolls her eyes.

Bye bye to the woman

The nail goes in when it meets the hammer

and persimmon falls when the wind blows

This woman does whatever she wants to do

She does not die if we shoot at her

She does not die if we poison her

She is a headache

Seri asks if he can just stop

But, she is leaving

SO listen to my wish


Do not get injured

Have a good live

Do not forget about us

Even if you get caught.

Never ever say my name

Seri – I will tell your name first, you will see.

He scowls at her and sits down. Another soldier says that once she leaves, they will never see her again. Can you sing?

She tells them that if she sings, they will truly never forget about her. She starts to sing. Jung-hyeok walk up while she does. (Here is the original song)

When the cold wind blows

Above the wind passing by

Living only with the feeling of missing

When the leaves fall

think that I have left

our memories are on the fallen leaves

When the cold wind blows

you will get lonely

But don’t think about me anymore

Once your warm gaze

shook my young heart

The camera cuts to an image of the tomato plant that Jung-hyeok has now put inside his home by his kitchen window.



Seri asks Jung-hyeok if he is really not coming with her? She stands by a truck. He tells her that they should separate there. Be careful.

She nods and tells him that she will miss him. I think I will remember you once in a while. No – actually, very often. But we can’t even say hi to each other. That makes me mad.

He tells her to forget about everything and have a happy life in her world. Just think of it as a little nightmare.

He puts out his hand to shake.

She asks, let’s not shake hands, can I hug you instead? Since it is the last? He keeps his hand out there to shake, so she shakes his hand and nods.

Man-bok starts to cry while listening in on them and tells his superior that they left.

Morning comes. Guang-bum drives Seri out. He sees a very big scary truck behind them, it is the monster truck of doom and is come up on them very fast.

Guang-bum swerves to the left and to the right. But then there is another truck of doom coming in front of them. They are doomed.

Suddenly, a motorcyclist drives up and starts to shoot the trucks with his hand gun, gangster style. The monster truck starts to shoot back with a machine gun. The motorcyclist miraculously does not get hit? 

Guang-bum gets stuck in the middle of the road. So the motorcyclist drives up, it is Jung-hyeok! He does not have his helmet on anymore and starts to shoot the monster truck and slides his boke in front of it. The motorcyle explodes.

Jung-hyeok then turns around to see if Seri is okay. She runs out to see if he is okay.

JH – Are you okay?

SR – I am okay, what about you?

A man gets out of the truck and shoots JH. He falls to the ground and turns around and shoots the other person. Then he passes out in Seri’s arms.


Jung-hyeok tells Guang-bum to drive the car for Seri tomorrow. GB asks about him? Jung-hyeok says that he will follow secretly because he has to prepare for an accident. It is double protection.

Jung-hyeok tells him to go first, he has to prepare something. So JH goes to a motorcycle shop and supes up his motorcycle with new springs. then he checks out several weapons from the artillery. The soldier asks him if anything is wrong?

JH tells him that hopefully everything is fine. Then he goes to the road where Seri should be driving up and waits. Then he puts on his helmet and starts driving.

VO – I promised to her that I would protect her as long as I can see her. He riding along the side road to the main road where the truck with Seri is driving.

Fade Out


I accept everything that happens in this show. It does not matter how ridiculous it is. 😎

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  1. Anonymous
    December 29, 2019 / 9:16 am

    Always appreciate your work, V. Thanks for quick recaps. I stay tuned for your update.
    This episode will give more sadness, I think. My heart just break up. JH always responsibilities and care to Seri. When they were Switzerland, since the beginning JH already care to Seri. I wonder if he remember Seri. And he protect her again and always.

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 2:12 pm

      I really want to see the episode dedicated to Switzerland! Surely they didn’t film in Switzerland only for those tiny flashbacks, right? 😘😘😘

  2. Hawa
    December 29, 2019 / 9:24 am

    I just feel sad for him. Can they be together? 😢

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 2:12 pm

      Right! I wonder how they can make it work.

  3. Jane M
    December 29, 2019 / 7:37 pm

    You said “I accept everything that happens in this show. It does not matter how ridiculous it is. 😎” That about sums it up. I am so in love with this show! Thanks for recapping it.

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 10:20 pm

      It is some kind of magic that this writer has to make ridiculous things acceptable 😁.

  4. Linwe
    December 29, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    The first half of the ep was a bit slow but oof! that second half! Jung-hyeok’s got it so bad my heart bleeeeeeds for them. That inevitable separation is going to hurt so bad.

    I also don’t care how inaccurate this show is, I’m all in. It’s soo cracktastic!

  5. Anonymous
    December 30, 2019 / 4:51 am

    I need only one thing at the end of the drama, want them to be together. Can they?.😔 I really appreciate your recapping without you I couldn’t enjoy this drama. Thank you.

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