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Crash Landing on You: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

We have finally combined one storyline into another! I wondered how we would get the scoundrel to meet the princess in North Korea, and now we know. In the hotel y’all. Plus, we had hand holding and repressed passionate rage to boot. win-win!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open in the studio, Seri wanted to take a photo with Jung-hyeok as a souvenir. But he says that he does not want to remember this moment. So she backtracks and says that she just said that. 

He pays for the passport picture, it is 5 pictures. Jung-hyeok asks for one more, just in case. The person tells him all the details on the photos he needs, so 5 is enough. But Jung-hyeok asks, just in case, can I have one more?

In the hotel, Seung-joon runs into Seri and pulls her away to the elevator. Jung-hyeok sees this and stops the elevator. He looks at Seung-joon holding Seri’s hand and pulls his hand away and then pushes him up agains the wall.

Seung-joon tells him there is a misunderstanding, I know Seri. Jung-hyeok asks him why he is in this country and asks for his ID. Seung-joon has his arm tied behind his back by Jung-hyeok.

SJ asks Seri who this guy is. Seri says he is my bodyguard, let him go Mr. Lee. When my bodyguard gets angry, it is hard to stop him. So, let him go Mr. Lee (she talks to him like she is talking to a dog). 

Jung-hyeok looks at her like she has lost her mind, but he lets SJ go. They get out of the elevator and SJ talks to Seri about how surprised he is to see her in North Korea of all places. How did you get here?

She asks if he heard anything about her? He remembers the brother saying that she is dead but does not tell her that. He says he heard nothing and tells her that he is actually in a hurry. Can I see you at 7pm in the coffee shop?

She nods. SJ gives Mr. Lee $100 and tells him good job. JH just stares at him so SJ puts the money in his jacket and tells him it’s okay, take it! then he hurries into the elevator.

Seri then looks at JH, he asks her, bodyguard? She tells him it is kind of true, you are protecting me. He says he is not protecting her, he is surveilancing her.

That is the same thing

That is very different, I am not a guy following you and protecting your *protects her from luggage* you know, it is different *protects her from the crowd* how dare you call me a bodyguard *protects her from a ball*

Lee Jung-hyeo, this is what a bodyguard does *walks away smiling*

Meanwhile, Seung-joon has to escape from several people trying to get to him. he manages to do it, but then he gets stopped by his handler at gunpoint.

in the coffee area, Jung-hyeok asks Seri what kind of relationship she has with that guy?

Seri explains that she is a chaebols daughter. He says she told him that many times. She continues and says that being nice to their parents is good business. Who we have breakfast with is also business. What I do well does not matter. I have to be better than my older brothers and they have to be better than me also. So there is no sibling comfort.

Jung-hyeok repeats, what is the relationship with that guy? She tells him to listen to her. When you compete and your competition is too hard then you want your competitor to disappear. So my brothers wanted to marry me off to that guy because he is Korean-English. 

They wanted to send me outside of Korea. Far, far, away so they would not see me anymore so that they could keep their things. I did not listen to them. Of course I won’t do that. But now they will be happy because they think I am dead.

JH tells her that is stupid thinking. It is a matter of person and family whether you live or die. How can you say that cruel thing just because you did not have a good relationship or because you are competing. they will worry about you and regret it. They are waiting for you to come back.

A random woman in all red sees Jung-hyeok having tea with Seri and wonders what is going on? She calls Seo Dan to tell her that JH is having tea with a random woman in a hotel. Seo Dan tells her that she knows that and she knows the lady he is with. they are good friends. I will meet them later. Thank you for telling me friend.

She gets off the phone and looks pissed. So she tells her mother that she has to go somewhere right now. they are at the salon currently. She tells her mother that she needs to meet Jung-hyeok. Her mother says, That is a good Idea, ya! 

Seo Dan tells her mother to contact the restaurant, I will go see him first. She gets up and leaves quickly as her mother tells her that it is great fall foliage to walk around! then she tells the hair dresser that she wants to be fabulous tonight. So the hair dresser gets to work!



Seung-joon is on his knees at gunpoint on the rooftop and tells his handler that he went too far. I am sorry. Seung-joon talks to the brother on the phone who tells him that he has no room to be forgiven. Seung-joon says that he will give him big news.

He takes the phone and tells him that the Seri that he thought was dead is still alive. She is alive, I saw her. The brother asks where she is.


Inside the hotel, Jung-hyeok and Seri go into a hotel room. He shushes her and then looks around the hotel to find all the bugs that are around. There are bugs in the fire alarm and the remote and the TV and bathroom and everywhere. He turns them all off.

Then he tells her that she can talk. She asks, there are all wire taps everywhere? he tells her that it is default in this hotel. She is stunned to hear it and asks if he really removed it all? 

He tell her that he is staying next door, so if anything happiness I will come right away. But only if it is very important.

She asks if she will get her passport tomorrow? He says that they will give it to her right before leaving. She asks if she will do well? He tells her that she should be unseen and not speak.

She tells him that people always notice her, she is so noticeable. he tells her to take a nap, it seems as if you are not yourself. She wants to know why she does not just ask Seung-joon. He is here on business so if he can take me with him, that is the best. Even if it does not happen, he can tell my family.

He asks how she can trust him. She thinks that is true, but meeting him here could be fate. Jung chuckles and asks if fate is that easy for her? She says it is not easy to meet him here. Jung is all upset and says, what about me! I caught you falling from the sky! You ran away and I see you in front of my house!

She says that was coincidence. he tells her that is not coincidence! What just happened is coincidence! She is all like, um, why are you so angry with this thing. he clears his throat and says he is not angry, I am just clearing up the proper use of that word coincidence and fate.

She smiles and asks him, do you want to be fate with me? 


Okay, let’s make it fate. We did cross the border together. I will take it as that.

No, you shouldn’t!


Seo Dan gets to the hotel and asks the hotel staff where Jung-hyeok is. they tells her that they should not. Seo Dan calls someone and then gives the phone to the hotel staff, she is surprised to talk on the phone to such a high ranking person and then gets her the room.

So Seo Dan catches Jung-hyeok leaving Seri’s hotel room and tell them that she should be angry that this happened twice. I came here because someone told me that you were here. The owner of this hotel followed me around in Russia.

Seri tells her that she might misunderstand but they are not sharing the same room. Seo Dan says that she does not care. Seri says, okay, you two have a nice conversation. She starts to back away back into the room. She gives him his room key.

Then Jung-hyeok goes into his room with Seo Dan. She tells him that he should have called her, didn’t you think about how I would feel that you are with another woman in Pyongyang? he apologizes for making her embarrassed.

She asks if he has an appointment this evening? You should not because we are going to have dinner with both our parents. is there any trouble? He says no, he promised to her that he would cooperate with her and do anything he has to do. I will do it. Do I have to do anything more? I will do it.

She tells him no, meet you at 7pm at this hotels restaurant. Then she leaves.


Seung-joon is still on the phone with the 2nd brother. The second brother says he does not trust him. Where is Seri? SJ says that he can’t tell him that right now. I should have my own card. 

The 2nd brother asks if he wants to die over there? SJ tells him, if I die over there then you will not know where your sister is. The brother tells him that they can make a deal. Seung-joon says that he can give the brother half the money. Your only sister, the one you thought was dead, I am telling you where she is and how she is. I think it is worth that much at least.

They leave and the handler tells the guards to watch him on the rooftop. Seo Dan walks past them and goes to the rooftop herself and sees Seung-joon all beaten up.

She asks him if he is there to jump? Go to the other building, it is higher. He saddles up to her and asks her if she recognizes him? You should. She thinks about the guy that took her to the village.

He tells her that it is nice to see her again. Then he says that he is English and is here for business. So dont’ just call the police. She tells him she does not care about another man.

He wants to know if the guy she is interested in is making trouble right now? The rooftop is the place for that. She tells him that her fiance came to the hotel with another woman. 

He is shocked and says that is big, did you catch him! Well, dont’ worry too much about a man. If you are moe worried, then he will leave you more. Why? Becasue men do not want to be next to a woman who is having a hard time because of him.

So what should I do?

Just ignore it now so that you will not be ignored later. In men and women relationships, in the first power of the relationship, it lasts forever.

You are so smart, so why are you here?

Because I love money so much.

In people and money, the first power relationship is important. You should ignore it and misuse the money in the begining, then it will come more. But if you are charing ahead only for money, the money will say, Catch me if you can, and run away all the time.

So we have things to teach each other. I am Koo Seung-joon.

Seo Dan.

They shake hands.



Seri tells Jung-hyeok that he looks good. I thought you would be shot, she had Superman laser eyes. She then tells JH that Seung-joon should be okay, He is not a good guy but he can’t be too bad. 

JH tells her that you should take off the hands of roasted crab and then eat them. She asks what he means. He says it means that a loose person like you should be careful for everything. The person that you think you know well, betrays you first.

She says that is dangerous. He asks what? She tells him, your melo eyes that are worried about me. he is all like, what? She tells him not to be attracted to her, it is troublesome.

He checks her forehead for a fever. She tells him to stop his skinship and don’t be attracted to me. He sighs and wonders what she is talking about.

They get to the cafe area and Seri sees Seung-joon with all the guards around him. She think she looks handsome. Jung-hyeok wonders what she is looking at because he does not think so.

She thinks everything is okay and runs to be with Seungjoon for their drink.  Jung-hyeok goes to the cafe to drink with Seo Dan.

Seo Dan meets with her newly made over mother who created her look to look sharp to the in-laws. His family better not look down on me even though he is the head of the military. I will grab all the cash, before they did the money, but now they ae delaying the marriage. she walks in, determined.

Seo Dan walks inside as well and sees Seung-joon sitting with Seri, she pauses for a moment and then walks after her mother.

In Seri and SJ’s conversation, he tells her about his business dealings in the area. It is all lies. She asks, what about my oppas money? SJ tells her it was all just a misunderstanding. She tells him he is lying. he says that she can’t talk on the phone here, right? It is all true.

The handler takes photos of their interactions.

In the other cafe meeting, Jung-hyeoks mother says that she heard that they saw Jung-hyeok. Myung-eun smiles and sarcastically says that he is really considerate and slowwwww, hmm. Dan is so pretty. Yesterday she was prettier. Every day, day by day she is getting old, her cells are dying. Today’s cells die tomorrow.

JH’s mother is all like, huh? Myung-en says it is a national loss that these two pretty young men and women get older, that is what I think. JH’s mother says that they should be more considerate.

ME tells them that the marriage was delayed due to the oldest brothers accident. 3 years is okay, but now 7 years have passed. Seo Dan tells her mom, MOM!

The father says, next month, last week. The mother says, that is good for us! The father tells them that he will move Jung-hyeok to Pyongyang and get them a house and supply all the basic things.

Seo Dan’s mother is amazingly happy now and starts explaining all the appliances that you need for marriage now like a robot vacuum and cabinets and all that.

JH’s mother asks him if it is too quick? He says that they promised this for a long time, so they should do it. her mother asks for champagne. Seo Dan and Jung-hyeok look at each other blankly.

Seo Dan goes to the restroom and sees Seri. She tells Seri that her mission must be important. She has one man in her hotel room and another man she drinks with. You are either very friendly, or too easy.

Seri smiles and says that she also had coffee with the man she came to the hotel with. SD asks, did you? Well I set a marriage date. The last week of next month, we are going to get married.

Seri looks surprised but plays it off and says that she would love to attend, but I will not be here. SD tells her that her not being there is the biggest marriage gift for her. She leaves.

Seri mutters that screwing up other people while smiling is my thing, why did she do it first? Then she starts to fix her hair and wonders why she looks so countryish right now. I need welcome hair, not goodbye hair!


Seung-joon calls the 2nd brother and tellshim that he saw the photo, she is the one. She is not a lookalike. Don’t hang up. Seri comes up and starts to talk to Seung-joon. The brother recognizes her voice. They take a walk so that she can continue talking.

SJ asks how she got to North Korea. She says it was an accident, she can’t tell him now. She will tell him later and will go back to Seoul soon. If you came here for business, will you leave soon?

He says yes.

She asks him a favor, can you tell my father that I am alive and to follow things according to plan? You have to tell him before the board meeting. 

Seung-joon says yes, he will tell him, don’t worry.


Jung-hyeok sends his parents off along with Seo Dan’s family. Then the uncle turns around and asks, what happened to your face! The motehr says that she did this for the marriage. The uncle tells Dan that it is good that she has the marriage date.

Dan asks if she is the only one happy? Her uncle says her mother is also happy to. You mother and daughter get your wish ewll. He starts to laugh. Dan tells JH that she will see him later and gets in the car.

Jung-hyeok looks at Seri and Seung-joon walking away. He is still talking to the Uncle. Suddenly, Seri and Seung-joon disappear around the corner.


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