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Crash Landing on You: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Jung-hyeok calls everyone to attention at the base, but he does not see four people. SO he asks where they are. One of the guards says that someone took them to the state security department.

Cut to Geum Eun-dong crying on the floor of Cheol-kangs office . CK says that he will only save one of them, only the one who tells them the truth. You will not have another chance after that. if you tell me the truth then you will survive. You want to survive right?

Jung-hyeok shows up to the base and is let in.

Int he office, Cheol-kang tells Eun-dong to tell him everything he knows. Where did that woman come from and what is Jung-hyeok hiding? Why are you four making his water well? When you are ready, tell me.

Eun-dong asks, I am the last right? So Chi-soo, Guang-bum, and Joo-myeok came first and you still don’t know? I also dont know.

Cheol-kang punches him. Jung-hyeok comes in right then and tells him that if he has a question about him, make an appointment. He says that he does not want to. Jung-hyeok says that the person int he investigation is the one that can tell the truth. So you are going to say the truth by yourself.

Cheol-kang asks what he is talking about and then gets an urgent call. Jung-hyeok checks on Eun-dong. On the call, the man says that he got a report that Cheol-kang should be under investigation along with him! Why am I going there! You said that you will be responsible for everything!

Jung-hyeok tells him that it looks like he is busy. I will take my person with me. He walks out with Eun-dong and sees Man-bok who quickly hides a form that says “wire tapping record”. It looks like Jung-hyeok saw it.


In the town, Seri sees a kid getting bullied for being the son of a wire tapper. Seri yells at them to stop bullying them and tells them that she is an agent who knows South Korean so well. One of the boys says that he is the son of a wiretapper!

Seri tells them that it does not matter what the job is. You will be Pyo Chi-soo if you bully weak people. They ask who Pyo Chi-soo is. She tells them an ugly guy. If you bully him one more time then I will call Jung-hyeok. they ask who Jung-hyeok is. she tells them that he is a big guy, you will all be in trouble.

All the boys run away. Seri stands up the bullied kid and says that he needs to fight back so he won’t get bullied. The boy says that he is supposed to be friends with others. His father said that. She tells him that he has a good father. But you need to protect yourself from mean people in the world. If someone tries to hit you, you need to hit them.

He asks if she was like that as well? She says yes. No one tried to abuse me. Being lonely is better than being hurt. Then she puts his bag backpack back on him.


the insurance person and Chang-sik go somewhere and listen to a radio recording of Seri from her distress signal. It is really her voice! So they say that they will go to the police to report it!

Meanwhile, Yeji goes to her mother in laws house to speak nicely to her. She talks about her father who built a resort in Bali and how he can reserve a building only for her and abonim. Bali is good!

The mother faintly smiles in a polite dismissive way. She tells Yeji, don’t you know we sleep separately for the last 20 years? Yeji says that she did not know, you should be very lonely. the mother tells her that she should be tired. You should go back, I want to rest.

Yeji tells her that they should live there! I can be your daughter, you dont’ have a daughter! The mother asks, what did you say? I dont have a daughter? yeji says she has one, but not now. 

The mother asks, do you think Seri is dead? Yeji says she is not, she is in our hearts. And has a pitiful look. Yeji then tells her to give them her shares. But she gets kicked out.

Yeji calls her husband and says that she got kicked out, I don’t know why! She is strange, that is why they sleep in separate rooms. You need to catch that conman. if you younger brother catches him, then the game ends here.



Cut to the younger brother in CHina. He had someone kidnapped and beat up to get information about Seung-joon. he tells this guy that he will give them ten times what that guy gave them.

So the North Korean gets a call about this. At first he is against it, but then he finds out that it will be 10 time more so he tells seung-joon that they should go to Pyong-yang.


In the village, Jung-hyeok feeds all his soldiers ramen. they ae all beaten up, poor things. But they say that the ramen is more than enoug and not to worry about it.

Seri says that she wants to give them something but has no money, so can you take this? She reaches in her pocket and pulls out finger hearts for all of them. They all have blank faces.

While leaving, they all wonder why they all got finger hearts. Does she just give it to everyone? Does it mean nothing? In capitalism, hearts don’t mean anything. But she gave it to you twice.

Jung-hyeok tells them to be careful and says that he has to go to Pyongyang to take her passport photo. then he goes back inside. She tells him that sh should nto have aeaten Ramen, her face will be all swollen.

he looks at her, all grumpy. She asks why he is just standing there. He asks her if she has many different hearts?

She says that no one has more than one heart (like literal heart).

he says, forget about it. I will use the bed today.

But my back!


he wonders why he is like this.

He goes inside to his room and sulks in his bed. He looks at a finger heart and calls it a capitalism heart then grumpily curls up under the covers.



In Myung-sook’s house, she tells Man-bok that the spy lady beat up all the other kids that were bullying their son about wiretapping. So wiretapping is not a bad job okay? Man-bok says it is not a good thing. She mentions that it is a job that they asked him to do, not something that he wanted to do.

Man-bok tucks his son in and then sits next to him deep in thought. he thinks about getting beaten up nine years ago for being a wiretapper. they are beating himup for wiretapping them and telling the state department that he had drugs.

they ask if he was the one or if it was another wiretapper? if it was someone else, then I will release you. Then one of the men says that his ear is the problem, without your ear, you can’t hear.

But then Jung-hyeok’s brother kicks this man and rescues man-bok. He tells them that he will give them something to do if they really have nothing to do! They all run away. The brother smiles at Man-bok and helps him up.

In the present, Man-bok thinks about this and cries.


the next morning we see peopel singing and clapping on a train because there is no radio. So a woman walks up and down the aisles singing with many other people. It looks really pleasant.

Jung-hyeok and Seri are also on this train. They happily buy something to eat. Seung-joon is also on this train in one of the food carts. he asks for all the beet they have.

In a booth, Seri eats a boiled egg as Jung-hyeok looks out the window. she asks if they can only take a passport photo at that hotel? He says that is a Nationally appointed building, so you can only take it at that place.

She says okay and then asks, if I am lost in Europe. Will anything happen to you? Nothing will happen right? 

Flashback to the talk Jung-hyeok had with his father. the father says that if anything happens to the persont hat Jung-hyeok recommended, I cannot protect you. And I would not want to. Jung-hyeok says he understands, he will be responsible for everything.

In the present, Jung-hyeok tells her that nothing will happen to him. She says that is good.

Btu then the train stops, they have a ten hour delay for construction. He says it should not be ten hours, it will probably be more like 14, 15, 16, 17 hours, something like that.



Elsewhere in the train, Seung-joo is super angry that they are delayed. His handler tells him not to worry, look at that.

they look out the window and see a ton of people running to the train. Seung-ho asks what this is? Why are they running?

Seri asks Jung-hyeok the same thing. He telsl her that they are grasshopper merchants. She asks him what they sell?

Cut to the merchants selling food and blankets and basically everything you need through the windows.


At nighttime, everyone leaves the train and makes fires and campsites in the field next to the train. Seri thinks the train will be warmer and is reluctant to go out.

Jung-hyeok sets up a nice hay seat for her that she looks like she loves and also starts a fire. Seri looks at the family next to them and thinks, ah, they have a blanket, is it for sale?

Cut to her surrounded by blankets that jung-hyeok must have purchased or her. She tells him it is like they got upgraded. then she sees a corn and potato. he sighs and stands up. 

Cut to him cooking corn on the fire. he gives it to her. She tells him to have some as well. She asks for warm water. he asks if she is just going to live here? Why are you so greedy? She scoffs and says that it is only like 10cents. I have money, I will pay for mine.

He asks where seh got money. She says that she put her watch in the pawn shop. they weighed my expensive brand watch and gave me money. But I only have 50cents left. 

She mentions that she found a really expensive mans watch there. Are you listening to me? Sigh, people do not listen to what I say.

She tries to grab anotehr corn and says that it is hot. So Jung-hyeok starts to shuck it. She tells him he is a good person. that is what I think now. Later, you will be a good husband and father. 

He says that he does not think about the future. 

She asks why not.

He says that if things go against his plan then he is not happy.

She asks, did that happen before?

He thinks back to his happy time in Switzerland and tells her, yes.

Did it hurt your heart? *She pats him on the back and smiles* I heard an Indian proverb. The wrong train can sometimes take you to your destination. It happened to me also. My life was always a wrong train. One time, I wanted to stop everything and not go anywhere. I tried to hop out of the train. But see, now? it was a super duper srong train and I crossed he 38th degree line (the North and South border of the two Koreas). *giggles* But even though it does not go according to plan. Think about the future. I want you to be happy after I leave. Whatever train you ride, I hope you arrive to your destination.

Meanwhile, Seung-joon is all wrapped in a blanket as well as his handler falls to sleep on him. He shoulders him off and wonders how he can live for ten years like this. then he looks up and sees Jung-hyeok giving Seri his jacket.

She is sleeping so he sits down next to her and rests her head on his shoulder softly.  He looks pretty uncomfortable himself though.  But he is able to stay sitting like that as she sleeps. he pulls his jacket over her more to keep her warm and looks at the stars.




The train starts to run through the countryside again and arrives in Pyong-yang. Seri gets out amazed at everything.

Wow, really different!

Don’t look around, you look countryish

What? Me? I am the polar opposite of countryish. Are you not listening Let’s go together.

Seri keeps looking happily around. Seung-joon gets off the train as well with all his luggage.

Seri gets her photo taken, but he only takes one photo. She says that she would like to take another one, she thinks she closed her eyes. Jung-hyeok tells her that the purpose of this photo is identification. 

She tells him that her photo has to be super pretty so that they can identify her. She also asks if he would like to take a photo together? He says that he does not think they need a reason to take a photo together. She looks slightly affronted but hides it and ays that he is right, she just said that.

Meanwhile, Seung-joon looks at his handler getting everything ready. It looks like he might think something is up? Maybe not. They go to the hotel and Seung-joo goes to the bathroom. While there, the handler calls his person and says that they are int he hotel, but can they trust them, will they really pay them 10 times as much? We need the money first.

Seung-joon puts his huge gun up to the handlers head and tells him to give him his cell phone. then he starts to talk to the person and says that he took all his money, why are you dong this? Who will pay you ten times as much!

Se-hyung takes the phone and tells Seung-joon that he is so smart, that is why he could not find him. When you come here, you are dead. Give me all my money. Seung-joon sys that he did not mean it, Ii was running a business.

But then he looks to the right and sees Seri. He asks how Yoon Serii is? the brother says she is gone. She is dead. Seung-joon is all like, huh? Dead? How? The brother says it is none of his business, you will see her in Heaven.

he hangs up and pulls seri to the side to ask what is going on. he is holding her hand as he pulls her way to the elevator.

the doors on the elevator start to close, Jung-hyeok stops them and looks at Seung-joon holding Seri’s hand. He then looks at seung-joon, noticeably pissed.


Seri sits across from a handsome guy who looks like he wants to tell her something. She tells him that they should break up. then she sits across from another guy and tells him that they need to make sure that she said to break up. I dumped you. You can tell people that you dated me, but you cannot say that you dumped me. You know that chaebols are scary.

Her latest boyfriend tells her that she is always like this. if you think that you will get hurt, then you dump first. If you think that you will wait a little bit, then you leave first. you should meet someone just like you who will make you wait forever. he leaves, angrily.

she thinks that will never happen. i will never wait for someone alone. 

Then we cut to her waiting for Jung-hyeok to come home as she drinks all the beer.

Fade Out

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  1. Anonymous
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    Thanks for quick recap. Can’t wait for tomorrow! This show made me overdose!

    • V
      December 28, 2019 / 9:25 am

      It is a good show to binge! 😘

  2. Anonymous
    January 3, 2020 / 9:15 am

    Does anyone know what the song is at the end of Episode 5?

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