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Crash Landing on You: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

I think the love is definitely in the air for our Crash landed duo as the little smiles and glances start to ramp up. Plus, we had two sudden kisses and a lost in the market candle light scene that was straight out of Disney. Give me more of this, drama, I’m eating it up.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Seri is lost in the market and then a little light comes on in the distance. She sees it and starts walking towards it. Jung-hyeok is holding a scented candle looking for her.

They both walk up to her, he tells her, this time it is not just a candle, it is a perfumed candle. Is that right? She says, yes, that is right.

In town, Seo Dan goes to Jung-hyeok’s house. SJ tells her it looks like she is dumped. She thanks him for the ride and says she will stay there. He smiles and says, until fate brings us together again and drives off.

Meanwhile, Seri and Jung are walking back along a tree lined road. Seri asks, how come we saw each other at that time and that moment. You made me solege in that moment. You have done that before. In South Korea you would be hitting on me.

Jung stops and looks at Seri, he thinks about what Joo-myeok says about this being love in the SOuth. Jung tells her, it should not be. I am just telling you that because you are soleda. So, just in case, to prevent confusion I need to tell you that I have a woman. I have a fiance.

She says, wait, what did you just say? He says, I have a fia~.

No, before.

I have a wom~.

No, before, before.

Just in case, to prevent confusion.

Yes, that. That makes me mad. What confusion? Me? I am not confused at all. If you have a woman or not, I don’t care! I have a lot of men in Seoul!

A lot?

Yes! People will be super sad because of me. They might kill themselves. I have to go back.

Are you going back to meet men?

Yes! And I have to go back bcause I don’t live here.

if you ask me to do that then I won’t

You made me mad. You drew a line because I might cross it?

Good analogy.

Don’t worry. I always keep the line well! When I drive I stay in my lane, I don’t look around or look back!

When you drive, you should see what’s on your side also.

That is not important, is that the point?

She starts to walk ahead of him and humphs. meanwhile, we cut to SJ who is being driven. One of the guys asks how he can speak North Korean so well. SJ tells him he is a con man. I can speak any kind of way.

But then he passes right by Seri and Jung-hyeok and tells them to stop the car. He thinks he knows that person. But when he gets out, they have continued on. He says thathe is sure he knows that person.


In the town, Wol-sook and anothe woman see Seo Dan standing in front of Jung-hyeoks place. They ask her who she is and want to see her ID. She hands it over. They ask what her relationship is to Jung. She says that she is his fiance.

They are both like, wah? What did you say? She mentions again that she is Jung-hyeoks fiance.

Cut back to Jung-hyeokand Seri walking back. Seri tells him that he has two fiance’s. It will make the news. He says that he thought she would disappear in a few days back then. She mentions that he still has two fiances. What if she comes here? Dont’ you think?

He says that she is in Russia studying. I am not stupid, she will not be here. He walks ahead and sees his fiance standing at his house. His eyes grow wide.

Then Seri walk up next to him. Seo Dan looks from him to her and then says, that is he thing you said would be screwed. You are stupid Jung, what are you going to do?

They both walk up to Seo Dan. She says that it is nice to see him. He asks when she came back. She says that he used her uncles car so she is here to take it back. My mother was thinking about you and asked about you a lot. She wants to have a family dinner together.

he says that it is dangerous to drive back alone this late. Also, the streets are rough, not like Pyongyang. I will take you home. She is my comrade who has the same mission as me.

Seo Dan looks at her adn asks, are you? Serii says yes. Seo Dan tells them, after you meet your goal, are you going to continue meeting her? Jung says that they will never see her.

Seri says that is true, we are just in a strategic alliance. After our work, we will not see each other ever. Please don’t misunderstand. My pronunciation is a little weird, actually I am from the 11th department. So just think that I have a story.

Seo Dan says that she does not care. Seri says that if she does not misunderstand then it is good and excuses herself. She starts to walk away. But Jung grabs her and pulls her to his gate. He tells her that this is her house, don’t walk around and secure the door. I will be back soon.

Then he gets in the car with Seo Dan to drive off. But he looks at his gate in his rear view mirror as he does and lets out a heavy sigh. Seo Dan notices this.



In the car, Seo Dan asks him if he knows how many times they have met each other? This is the seventh time today. We met four times with our parents. When we met the 5th time, we got engaged and that was 7 years ago.

He says, wow, that much time has passed. She tells him, engagement and marriage, that is the step. But don’t you think that one thing is missing? 

He looks at her briefly.

We don’t have love. We should love each other if we are going to marry. I am going to do everything following the proper steps. Please cooperate with me.

he asys, I will try. She tells him that she will call mother since they are going back together.

In the city, the 1st general looks at a fashion show by his sister as she tries to find which dress is best. he is not into it at all. She tells him to pay attention, I am meeting my son in law after many years! 

the first general says that he is not her son in law yet. You just need tobe formal and welcome him.

She comes out in a while hanbok with black trim. Her brother tells her to wear that, he will be so surprised and think that you are a ghost. She kicks him and tells him to wait outside. What if he dropped off the car and leaves! Find him and take him back home!

Jung shows up outside so the 1st general drags him all the way inside. Seo Dan walks behind him. There is an elevator operator who is sleeping but hops to attention and sends them to the 13th floor.

She asks Jung if he is going to sleep there tonight? if you do then I need to get your registry together. He says no, he is just stopping by. The first star general tells Seo Dan and jung that they should be super happy to see each other after many years. Jung-hyeok even drove you here.

he continues and says that Jung-hyeok is quiet but a truthful guy. For other guys, if they dont see you for several years, of course they would have another woman. Some guys have 2 or 3 women. Some bad guys take a woman to the house and live together.

Seo Dan tells her uncle to be quiet.

they get to the house and Seo Dan’s mother comes running around to welcome them. She does not have her shoes on which is a sign of respect because it means she was in such a hurry to welcome him that she was not able to put them on.

She is so happy to see him and says that he is not late at all, it is his marriage that is late. She tells him to stay for dinner. he says he is okay. She tells him that it is already ready. then she pleasantly tells him that they always eat this late, so don’t be too formal, just come in.

The Uncle says that he just ate. His sister snaps, aren’t you going home? then she tells Jung-hyeok to come in.

Cut to them sitting for a very fabulous dinner spread. The mother tells him that they eat like this all the time. Then they all start to cut into their food as the mother talks about match makers coming to the house to ask about her.

The uncle says, what? i never heard about that. No one came. The sister is about to hit him over the head but puts a huge slice of meat in his  mouth to shut him up. Jung looks at his watch, it is after 10pm.


Cut toSeung-joo who is thinking about seeing Seri in the woods. He wonders if she is a doppleganger.

Then we cut to a flashback with Seri who is eating lunch with Seung-joon. She tells him that her nickname is short mouth princess, she cannot eat three spoonfuls unless it is super good.

He tells her that he knows the chef. he can have something else made next time. She tells him that there will not be a next time. he says he hopes there is. She mentions that she heard he is good at shooting and good in investments. My second brother trust you a lot.

Seung-joon thanks her. But Seri says that she is not stupid. I see everything. You are working hard to get a big reward. You want to get a big thing after marrying me. That won’t happen. I am so good at reading people because I grew up thinking about others eye gaze so much. So just take my second brothers money and end it there.

She takes a sip of wine and says it is also not good. In the present Seung-joon mentions that Seri was the smartest in the family and wonders how she is living now.


Cut to seri who is pretending to read something when she heard an oise and runs to the door to see if it is Jung-hyeok. But it is not him so she walks backa nd wonders what she is doing? People will think I am waiting for someone. Ha, that is funny, so funny.

But then there is another noise so she runs back to the door to find all the ladies of the town at her door looking pitiful. They mention that they heard about the other girl. In this kind of situation, we have to drink!

So they start to eat dried fish and beer (in South Korea, it is fried chicken and beer). So they all go inside and start to drink and my goodess these women can tip up a cup.

Ok-geum says that they always talk about how Seri does not have manners, but the one that we met today was so unmannered. Seri says yes, we have a word in the south for it, no manner sagaji, she says about 4 or 5 synonyms on how to use sogaji. 

The ladies talk about all the curse words in the south and mention that this woman said that she is his fiance. He took her in a car and left! Are you dumped? Seri bites her tongue. The ladies says that she is dumped.

Seri thanks them for worrying about her and says that they will take care of their own problems.



But one of the ladies says, no! We have to break his neck if he is engaged to another woman while also being engaged! We have to give him a lesson. For our universal good. Seri says that they can calm down. But the ladies says that they should not just stay calm and they toast again!

Seri mumbles that people who used to like an entertainer and stop liking them are scarier than anyone. they ask what she is talking about. She mentions nothing and they toast again.

Man-bok is still listeing in and mutters that you cannot tell people from their look

The ladies mention that Jung-hyeok cannot be captain with these behaviors. Seri tells them that actually, her parents are pushing the marriage to jung-hyeok. Seri says that she is actually like Romeo and Juliet, but they ar enot familiar so she says Gyun-woo and Jick-myeo (which is the Korean Romeo and Juliet). They all get that.

So Seri says that she is Jick-myeo. They love each other so much, but the wall of fate is super high. She simpers. the ladies says that their love is n ot progressing because of their parents?

Seri says yes! Very good summary, it is like that. He is a good boy who does not go against his aprents. So I understand him. 

The ladies hold her hand and tells Seri that she has a super nice heart who protects her man who took another woman to Pyongsang. You are a very good woman. Lets drink.

They all drink happily.


In pyong-yang, Jung-hyeok heads out. they tell him that he can spend the night. Jung-hyeok says he can go by himself, he has to go there tonight and he can take a cab. He walks away. Seo Dan looks at him walking off.

Jung-hyeok takes a taxi to ohis house which has armed guards at the gate and an ostich in a birdcage outside.  he walks inside and asks why they have an ostrich?

His mother says taht raising ostriches instead of guard dogs is popular. the voice is larger than a dogs. He ask about abogi. She tells him that he is inside, lets go.

So they sit with his father. His father tells them that he should get married to Dan this year. The mother thinks that might be too early? She just came back and he is at the border. if he worked in Pyong-yang, then that would make sense.

he says that he will do it, but he asks for a difficult favor.


All the ladies start to walk out of Seri’s house. One of the ladies tells her that if she needs a magpie bird bridge to connect them two ( it is in the story) then she can help.

Seri says that if Jung-hyeok is successful, then maybe his parents heart will melt a little bit. Just in case he gets a nice star to connect the stars together.

The lady says, ah, that is what you are talking about, don’t worry. I will talk to my husband!

Then Wol-sook drunkelny comes up and says, break up! When you are married the man you loved disappears! Love, you should put it in your heart, then it will never disappear!

they ask her if she is super drunk? Wol-sook holds the other ladies face and asks if she really loves her husband? Or do you love the colonel rank? Without the rank, he is just an old raccoon! Am I wrong!

All the ladies try to pull her away as she yells, raccoon! Raccoon! They literally have to carry her away.

Seri goes back inside and finishes up her drink until bright the next day. Jung-hyeok finally comes back. She tells him that he slept outside last night. He says that he didn’t sleep so technically he did not.

She says that if you do not come back, that means you slept outside.

He is about to step inside, but she tells him not to cross the line. He almost steps on a row of beer cans that mark the line. She tells him that this is the demilitarized zone. Lets keep this line so there is  no war.

he asks if she is angry and mentions that she shoud put away her knife. She starts cutting her apple with it and tells him that she could not sleep last night. So she did some calculations as to when he should have come home. You should have been back at 1or 2am. But now it is 7:30am?

You said you would be back soon, but you did  not come. She starts to cut the apples.

I had to stop somewhere. 

*she ignores him*

I want to include you in the national track team.

What did you say?

Then you can go to Europe by airplane.

You looked for that?


Well, you should tell me on the way back in, that makes me embarrassed.

He comes in so she tells him that she is good at running, but she is not good enough to make it onto the national team. he tells her that she will just be reserves. You do not have to run. As soon as you get there you will turn up missing. then you can go back home.

She asks when the plane is?

Cut to Man-bok listening in.

the plane is next Thursday. They need to take her picture. She says that she can make it to the board meeting if it is next Thursday. He says that Pyong-yang is different from this area. To not get suspected, you need to change a lot.

So she goes to a salon to get a hair style. One of the ladies asks if she should shave her head, then Yang-o will forgive me. They tell her that whatever she does, she won’t forgive you.

She gets her hair done and then goes to the market for clothing. it isi a mini market fashion show as she tries on a lot of different outfits. Though these outfits are mitched and matched. Seri says that these clothes are out of fashion, but strangely hip. I think I saw these pants in New York fashion week.

they give her a scarf and tell her that she can go to Pyongyang now and face a Pyongyang woman. seri says that she does not have to put on makeup. She already embarrassed her without doing anything.

Wol-sook tells her that she did not look embarrassed at all.



Seri grabs another blouse, but the lady tells her to put it away if she does not have money. seri tells her, this is the first time I have said this, I do not have money.

They go to another merchant. It is a pawn shop person. Seri thinks about giving up her necklace with a feather on it, but gives up her watch instead. She says all the things about it that make it expensive. He weighs it and says it is light.

She says yes, it is light. It is $20,000. He tells her that he can give her $19. Seri tells him it is $20,000.  Then another man comes with a belt that is pretty heavy so he gives this man a lot more. Seri asks why his is more? Mine is more expensive.

the man says it is too light. She tells him that is technology! Making it light! She tells her, if you don’t want it then leave. I can give you $20. they take this. Seri tells him not to sell it, I will come back.

he puts it with the other watches. She looks at another watch there and says it is real! Wow, maybe someone else with my situation. The man says that a person gave him that without money. He wanted me to hold it but he did not come back.


Man-bok tells Cheol-Kang that seh is going to leave out of the country on the track team. They are going to go to Pyong-yang to get a passport. I heard that a lot of 11th department people disguise themselves and have to get money.

Chel-kang asks if she is really 11th department? Man-bok says yes, he did not hear anything suspicious about her. Cheol-kang says, okay, since you are the expert. then he asks, why wasn’t Jung-hyeoks brothers watch there?

Man-bok has a flashback to Jung-hyok’s brother helping him after he got beaten up.

Cheol-kang asks where the watch is? I searched everywhere. Just in case Jung-hyeok has it, we are dead, so find it okay?


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