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Crash Landing on You: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap of Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Elsewhere, Jung-hyeok drives in a military car with Guang-bum who tells him that Seri went to a birthday party. He asks why she went to a birthday party all of a sudden. GB tells him that she wants to support him to get promoted. 

Jung-hyeok smiles and mutters, so she thinks she is my fiance. GB says that she wants to leave this country but you are too low in rank and don’t have enough power which is why she is still here.

JH scoffs and mumbles something. GB asks what he said. Jung-hyeok says nothing. GB asks why Jung-hyeok is going to the engineering battalion? JH says that the car accident was not a coincidence. he thinks this place has the truck that is in the rumor. He will search the car maintenance records.

Cut to the soldier saying that they will not give him the records. But GB tells this soldier that they need to investigate it. So Jung-hyeok walks around and sees everyone making the metal that goes on that monster truck car. There are also plans for the monster truck car lying around. Jung-hyeok imagines that they might keep it in a hidden area.

Jung-yeok goes out right when the situation starts to get heated and tells them that they can leave now. He was able to sneak out a piece of metal.


Lieutenant Jo sits at a restaurant with the other guys cousin who works for reunification department. the man says that he heard about him, you want to investigate someone in the 11th department. 

Jo says yes, he wants to investigate the fiancé of a captains wife who is under me. She is in her 30s and based on how she speaks, she stayed in South Korea for a long time. She came back recently.

The man says that it is banned to reveal the identity of secret people. Only a few people have that much security. I can filter a few names. He mentions that she is 30s with SK accent and also asks what her name is.

Cut back to Seri  saying goodbye to the birthday lady. She tries to sneak in compliments and talk up Jung-hyeok and how he respects the Colonel so much. He can’t express it. 

The birthday lady says that she will tell the Colonel. Seri calls her eunnie and asks if she can call her eunnie? I don’t think our age difference is that much. Are you younger than me?

The lady is so flattered and says that she can say whatever she wants to say.

Jung-hyeok rides past several times on a bike as he tries to plan riding by when Seri comes out. It takes three tries of going past and then backing up and going past until she walks down the steps at the proper moment.

She sees him and he looks surprised that she was here. She says that she wanted to make sure he got promoted. Jung-hyeok tells her that hse is misunderstanding, to me power … you know….I have…~.

She ignores him and looks at the saddle on he bike and says it is strange, do I dit here?

Cut to them both riding on the bicycle with her in front. hey banter back and forth about how dark it is and how she shold come home ealry she asks if he worries about her, he says he is not worrying about her, you just bother me. She smiles and says that is worying about me. He tells her no, she says yes.


They get back to his house, the soldiers are there  doing something. She asks, dont you have to go back? They tell her that their Captain said they would work late here so they don’t ahve to.

Then they set a lot of clams on the ground and light them on fire and then eat them like that. Chi-soo shows how you can put soju in the clam and drink it.

Joo-myeok offers her some. She says that she does not eat clams except in a French meal. But she eats it and it is good. She asks if he put in sugar? it is sweet. he says no. 

Eun-dong asks for some too, but Seri says he is too young and takes his and drinks it.

They roll out even more clams and drink and have a good time as they cook them and takes clam shots of soju and laugh and chat and the music plays and its a fun time all around. Jung-hyeok looks at Seri smiling and laughing which makes him smile. Though he tries not to show it.


Seri’s family eats dinner quietly. Then the father tells Se-hyung that he can take over the company. The youngest thanks him loudly and bows. The father says he does not have to work hard, he has to do well. So he says he will do well.

But Yeji thinks that shouldn’t be it. When you were in jail, my husband took care of all the dirty things! Sang-ah says that the oldest wasn’t discrete about that. Yeri tells her to shut up.

The father says that he wants them to be quiet, he can only tolerate so much. the oldest asks if something happened in jail? Why give it to the younger son? Se-hyung says it has nothing to do with that, the most capable has the company.

They keep arguing. The youngest says that the oldest wanted to tell the world that Seri was an extramarital daughter! the oldest says that the youngest wanted to make Seri super embarrassed so she did not want to live in Korea!

They both think that the other is worse than expected and start to mention how the othe was happy when Seri disappeared andn how Seri has never been their family and for their mother to say something about it. No one here accepted Seri as our family member. Everyone treated her as an outsider. Abogi is the one that brought her into the family so you should have wanted to abandon her right, if father wasn’t here?

Their father tells them to shut up. The mother stands up and thinks back to a little girl counting on the beach at night. In the present, the mother tells them that she thinks they are wrong. We do not know what happened to Seri. it is too early to look for her replacement. that is my opinion. I believe that Seri will come back.


Cut to a very drunk Seri and the rest of the soldiers playing a drunk word game. All their faces are flush. Chisoo might have won. They say a word that means taxi so Seri says that they have taxi’s in South Korea.

Meanwhile, Man-bok is listening in on their conversation and writing the word play words. 

They keep playing the word play game. Seri wins this time. Man-bok secretly listens along and looks like he might be enjoying his time with them as well.


Jung-hyeok roasts coffee beans early in the morning. The smell wakes up Seri who slept in the bedroom that night. She hops up quickly and goes to the kitchen where Jung-hyeok is making coffee the Swedish way.

Seri thinks he is so fancy and asks how he has this. He says that he got this while he studied overseas. She asks, Switzerlad? What did you study in Switzerland? He does not respond but gives her the coffee. 

She thinks that it tastes amazing. he tells her that coffee is best for hangovers. He also made bean sprout soup for her hangover.

He headsout to go to work. She thanks him outside and says that she wanted to give him something. Then she pulls heart fingers from her pocket and smiles. He looks at that super confused.


Cut to him asking his soldiers what this means. Chi-soo says that is crushing a bug, she wants to say she can kill you like this. Joo-meok tells him that is a heart, it means that she wants to give you her heart. Chi-soo is all like, why would she want to give you a body part?

Joo-meok explains that this is love in South Korea. Chi-soo tells him not to lie to them. But Joo-meok says it is true and also says that something should happen between them after he said he was her fiance. Did anything happen between you two?

Joo-meok thinks about the kiss. Joo-meok says that for them it might feel like nothing, but for her it could be like her heart dropped. Jung-hyeok looks suprised. Joo-meok asks why he would be surprised, it should not be the first time women like you.

Chi-soo explains that it would also be surprising no matter how many times it happens. Though he says it as if it happens to him a lot. Joo-meok says he thinks Chi-soo has never had anyone like him.

Chi-soo ignores that and tells Jung-hyeok that he is a man of integrity, she will go home soon. It is not like you have a fiance. But Jung-hyeok looks at him as if he does so they both are all like, YOU DO????


Cut to Seo Dan walking through a department store. her mother owns it so she is walking through it with her mother and her Uncle the 1 star general. her mother tells her that she went to Russia to study and came back so skinny.

Then a woman comes up to them and says that she had a great time here, thank you so much! She says it all in English. Seo Dan asks her mother if she learned English? I thought you hated English because America speaks it. 

The mother says that she needs to know the enemies language. The uncle says that she was embarrassed in a meeting by not knowing English so she learned it. She tells him to leave right now to a meeting so they talk back and forth like brother and sister for a moment. She basically treats him like a little brother.

So the mother and daughter go try on clothing for Seo Dan to meet her fiance. Ten anotehr woman comes up and starts to talk to them as if she knows them and mentions how skinny Seo Dan is and how someone else in their social group had twins and is nursing them now.

The woman pulls the mother away. The mother tells Seo San to go and make that lady embarrassed. Seo Dan says that she can do that in any clothing. She walks off determined.

The two mothers stay and talk. One of them says that Seo Dan is too skinny. The mother says that she lost weight on purpose and basically says the same thing her daughter told her about not eating everything she wants or being called a pig. 

The two ladies starts to talk back and forth. The mother mentions that Seo Dan has a fiancé. the other lady says that she heard he does not want to get married, that is why he went to the border. The mother says that she will get married this year!



Seri walks through the market in the town and sees the colonels wife so she runs up to walk with them and holds her arm. 

A shop woman shows them a new product hat is only for exporting to Europe. She also shows her something from the South with is the best selling one in the south. Seri recognizes it as something her department store sells and is so puffed up with pride.

The woman asks what is inside this product. Seri looks at the shop lady expecting her to say what is in. But the shop lady does not know, so Seri takes it and starts to explain everything about beauty to it.

The shop lady asks why she has an accent? The other ladies whisper something to her so the shop lady says, ah, a special agent. Okay, then you should know about this well.

Seri then tells the merchant that she should highlight that this product is good for moisturizing and shine. You need to do this properly, it is a 20 million seller.


The insurance friend is still flipping out with Chang-sik about how he thinks Seri is still alive. She might have landed in the DMZ. Maybe she lost her memory or something. 

They run into Se-hyung and Sang-ah and sit with them to talk about how they need to investigate more in the DMZ or certain islands based on the wind gust.

On the day that she paraglided she said that she would climb somewhere very quickly. She said she would climb to the top. I am not sure what that meant but maybe it meant North Korea? Maybe she felt what was coming.

Se-hyung tells the insurance guy that he knows that he worries about this a lot do to the insurance money, but yo cannot spread rumors like this. If you keep doing that then you will hear from my lawyers.

Sang-ah asks if she can see Seri’s company details.



Seung-joon shoots disks in the air (or birds) for sport. he says he did it a lot in the SOuth. His handler tells him never to mention he is from the South, peoples lives are on the line. Seung-joon says okay okay, but does not look all that concerned about it.

Meanwhile, Seo Dan has gone to the large town next to the boarder town and goes to a taxi driver. But the taxi driver says that the border town is too far away. he can’t go there and come back empty handed.

So Seo Dan starts to give him American dollars. He asks for more and more money so she gives it to him and he happily drives her.

On the way, the taxi driver happily sings and dances to folk music. Seo Dan puts in her ear phones and might listen to piano music. She pulls out a photo of Jung-hyeok & her from years ago and smiles.

But then the taxi stops in the middle of nowhere. The taxi driver asks to use her cell phone, but there is no signal. SO the taxi driver says that he needs to bring someone back from he town to help so he gets out and walk back up the hill.

Seung-joon’s car drives by at that time so he tells them to stop when he sees Seo Dan and mentions to his handlers that a broken car is too dangerous for a woman alone.

The handlers don’t want to matter, but they end up talking her to the border town. 


Seri is still in the market and asks why there are no lights here. But when she turns around, she sees that she has lost the women, she asks where they are.

Elsewhere, Jo gets a call and finds out that there is no case of a female of her age from the 11th department. One woman came in, but she is in her 50s and I know her. There are no others. Jo thanks him and says he will repay this favor.

In the town, two ladies run to tell Jung-hyeok that they lost Seri in the market. It was dark and we could not find her. Jung-hyeok immediately takes off running. he ladies are all a pitter pat at Jung-hyeok racing off to find his lady.

In the market, Seri is pretty worried as she walks around looking for everyone and is lost. It takes her back to when she was a kid at the beach counting. She counted 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-…

She continues counting as Jung-hyeok looks around the market for her. he sees a scented candle as he does this.

Meanwhile, Seo Dan has arrived at the village.

In the market area, Seri starts to walk again when she sees a light. It is Jung-hyeok holding up one of the scented candles. He walks around holding it up and looking for her. She sees him and walks to him. A lovely song starts to play.

She gets to him and he lowers the candle so it lights both their faces. He tells her that this time it is not just a candle. it isi a perfumed candle. Right?

She says yes, that is right.

He smiles his signature Binnie smile at her and she smiles and giggles because no one can resist it.


Jung-hyek opens a box from the top of his shelf that has the Swedish coffee instruments. Then he unwrapps a camera.

Cut back to Sweden. Jung-hyeok is taking photos on the bridge. Seri is ont he bridge as well. She is reording her last words and says that she has no regrets. To my brother and my mother, I am going on a long long trip. Once in awhile, please think about me.

She sniffs away a few tears and then is about to possibly hop off the bridge. He looks alike he is about to go to her as he lowers his camera, but then Seo Dan steps into his view and asks if he is just taking photos of the scenery?

Behind her, Seri loosk over the edge of the bridge. Seo Dan tells him that her father told her that they need to get closer to each other. He sys that he heard that, but it is difficult to be close to someone that you have only heard from once.

She says that seh agrees, but we should at least take a photo together. He agrees. 

So he goes to Seri and asks her in English to take a photo of them. Seri is so scare to stand on the bridge and tells them in English to that she can and that it is so scary here, do we have to take it here?

So they walk to the side and take a photo with the gorgeous Switzerland background.

Fade Out


Fluff at its finest. Though it looks like there is danger on the horizon for everyone involved? In the preview it looks like one of the cute soldiers is possibly being tortured to give up information on Jung-hyeok. Poor thing!

I do have to admit that it was pretty heart dropping to see Jung-hyeok run off to find Seri right away. I definitely agree with the ladies about that. I also love that there was a call back to the scented candle.

Actually, I think this show does product placement the best out of basically every drama I have seen. I love all the South Korean products showing up in the market on the sly and for really high prices. It was also really fun when Seri saw her own product there and wanted the merchant to know more about it.

I have confidence that the next episode will have some growth with the relationship because this episode was really great on building the glances and moments and smiles and building romance. Yay! Bring on the love!

If I were to describe this show, it would be as a Hallmark love story, especially a Christmas one. Will they possibly have a Christmas tree somehow? Perhaps not, but if they did then it would definitely be a Hallmark Holiday love story.

We have to run to holiday things right now. I will try and get the Review+Preview up this evening!

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  1. Yun
    December 22, 2019 / 9:35 am

    Thank you for live recapping. Kyaaa….. They start to fall in love each other. I think the next will be more serious. Then the women will see each other. Can’t wait for next episode and Im deal with torture for a week. XD

  2. Jane M
    December 22, 2019 / 12:47 pm

    I am falling in love with this preposterous story! So far, it does seem like a perfect holiday Hallmark tale and I especially love the North Korean villagers. I am not looking forward to the dark side that is going to develop, but no conflict, no glory, right? Thanks for recapping it.

  3. Candi
    December 22, 2019 / 3:25 pm

    I find it very interesting that the Mom is the person that you would think miss Seri the least but actually is the one who misses and loves her the most. I think Se Ri will be surprised by this.. I think the Mom is regrettful of her actions towards Seri and is scared and misses her daughter.. you can tell she is the one who is most distraught by Seri missing. I found this to be touching to be honest because even though Seri is illegitimate, that is her daughter and she loves her, I think.

    • Bright Bouquet
      January 26, 2020 / 9:29 am

      Hello! Please let me know the title of the song when they were eating clam bulgogi. Thanks a lot!

  4. California Girl
    December 29, 2019 / 10:53 pm

    Thanks for the recaps! They really help when I watch the episodes before the eng subs come out. Do you happen to know the name of the song that is played during the scene when they are cooking the clams? TIA

    • Anonymous
      January 4, 2020 / 3:02 am

      I also want to know this.

  5. Anonymous
    January 27, 2020 / 6:45 pm

    it was Switzerland , not Sweden

  6. Ambrosio
    March 23, 2020 / 8:11 am

    What is the piece of piano music that sounds in the taxi (episode 4) after “the potato song”?

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