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Crash Landing on You: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




On the boat, the officer tell the ship Captain to open the boat. Jung-hyeok tells Seri not to be surprised. Then he leans in and kisses her right when the Captian opens the door.

The coast guard person is so shocked that he closes it. Jung-hyeok and Seri stop kissing and look awkward. But then the coast guard person tells therm, open it again!

So Jung-hyeok has to suddenly kiss Seri again and pushes her to her back a little bit. The coast guard soldier tells them to comes out!

Once they are all out the boat person tells the coast guard guy that he told them they wanted to fish at night! The soldier says that what I saw wasn’t fishing. So the boat captain says that when young people say that they are going to picnic, they are not just going to picnic! 

That is how kids are! Seri smiles and starts to talk in a North Korean accent when she says that they were in a hurry. The captain says that thees are just our young North Korean youths.

So the soldier tells them to go back. Seri says that they have something else to do but the Captain tells them to go back. They can see their boat in the distance, but they cannot go to it.

Seri looks at the loarge ship as the coast guard ship drives off. Jung-hyeok tells her that they cannot go to it now. He sits on the side of the boat. Sh runs to him and says that she has to go, even if she dies.

He tells her, if you want to die as you go back, then it is okay. But do you think the smuggler will agree with you?

Cut to them back on shore. She stares at the water. He walks to her side.

She tells him that people can have big or little accidents. I know someone who could not turn left or leave the highway when they were learning how to drive so they had to go all the way to Daejun.

It is same to me, I came all the way to North Korea. But distance wise it is similar. he asks if she is getting in. She tells him that this is a little detour, I will be positive.

She asks if she can go next week? He says no, that is not possible. She tells him that she knows it is difficult. But there should be a way. He says that there is not way. Once they block the sea, it takes 10 to 15 days at least.

Seri asks, how can you say that in this situation! he says he is only telling her the truth. She yells that she does not want to hear the truth! He asks if she wants him to tell a lie? She says, not a lie! You should comfort me! 

He tells her that he cannot give her false comfort. She calls him dispicable. He is all like despicable? She tells him to not tell her that he has never lied ever. You are good at lying, why can’t you lie this time?

He asks, when did I ever? She quickly tells him about saying she is his fiance. he says that was unavoidable. So she mentions the kiss! But then she back tracks and says that was just a little kiss, it is just a greeting in Paris, but you need further explanations!

He said that he had to do something. She asks if smething was a kiss! They start to go back and forth about this kiss. She is super exagerated about taking about the kiss and he is super calm as he talks about it and going to Hollywood and he says he has never been to Hollywood and she says to promise to her that naxt week I will drink expresso at the hotest cafe in Gangnam.

He asys that he cannot promise something impossible to her. She grumbles and walks off.

Back at his house, he hears something late at night. Then he goes into her room and sees a note that tells him – thank you for everything, I will find my own way.

He starts to run off to look for her.

Cut to Seri with her hangliding gear on. She thinks that she will try to do this at least. She talks on her walkie talkie but it is all staticky so she says that she will still try it.

But Jang-hyeok is right back there huffing and puffing. She looks at him and says that she snuck out while sleeping, not even birds or rats will know about it. He huffs and puffs and says that he knew, she slammed the door so loud.

She asks how he found her, he asks if she dragged this on purpose so he would find it? She tells him that she does not want to be a burden to him anymore. He tlels her that she came here on a storm, it will be difficult to get back. The radar won’t be able to see this glider, but people can see it.

She asks what will happen? He tells her to use her imagintion. So she does. he tells her, as soon as they find you, you are dead. North and South together. She imagines both sides shooting at her.

But then her radio pop[s with static so Jung-hyeok asks, how long was this radio on!


Cut to a soldier talking to Lieutenant Jo about a radio signal that they heard. This person tried to talk to the South. Lieutenant Jo tells them to block off everywhere and search, this is an Emergency!

Jung-hyeok tells Seri that the search team will come in 10 minutes. He says that wherever they go, they will catch them. he starts to look around.

She tells him that he can hide and she will go down. He tells her that she cannot be caught, the state department thinks that you are my fiance. She asks, what can I do, I can’t go anywhere.

He looks off over the mountain and tells her that they have to go this way. She is alllike, this way? What are you thinking? He tells her that he is thinking of where they can go with this hanglider.

Then he runs to the edge of he cliff with her and jumps off. They fall and fall and then the wind catches and they start to glide away. he holds her tightly.

She tells him to hold her tight. He says that he has to. She tells him that she did that because she was angry and mad. He tells her that he knows. She mentions that she is actually thankful for everything, He says, I know. She tells him that he always says I know.

He continues to hold onto her tightly.

The soldiers get to the edge of the cliff but they do not see anyone.

Cut back to Lieutenant Jo who is back at their prison like offices and says that the signal came from there, what happened? Did they fly away? But then Man-bok comes in so he meets with him.

Man-bok tells him that they came back to his house early this morning. He does not know why. Man-bok gets up to leave. Jo gives him some money and tells him not to be so formal. he mentions Manboks son and tells him that he is at an age where he gets hungry all the time.


Man-bok leaves and goes to a meat place to buy meat for his son. he asks for a good piece. Then he hears Jang-hyeoks voice who is at another merchants store. he asks him for coffee beans. The merchant says that he would need to order it in advance.

But then another man runs up and grabs Man-boks wallet and runs away. Everyone sees this. Jang-hyeok starts to chase after him. The merchant says that these are gangsters! The soldier will not be able to match them, he might die tonight!

Jang-hyeok follows the thief all the way to an abandoned part of the market where there are 4 or 5 guys. they tell Jang-hyeok that they are all ex-military. Jang-hyeok takes his belt of and starts to fight them all with it.

He beats them all up, but there is one more that comes up behind him with an ax. However Man-bok throws something and hits that ax man right in the head, knocking him out.

They both walk back. Man-bok is so thankful to get his wallet back. Jung-hyeok tells him its no problem. There are a lot of pick pockets here so be careful. he walks off.

Man-bok looks inside his wallet pulls out a note.


Back at the house, the other soldiers tell Seri that they heard what happened. Son’t worry, our Captain is looking for a way.

Seri looks bummed and tells them that she does not eat all the time, she intermittently fasts, sometimes she will eat organic Canadian oatmeal and put organic Canadian maple syrupt in it.

The soldiers are all like, what is she talking about? She continues and tells them that she only ate dinner with famous people and would eat three spoonfuls. My nickname was short mouth princess. I was like that. But why is this burnt rice with sugar so delicious?

The soldiers tells her it is always good. She asks why she ate five of them. Chi-soo says that she is making their Captain bankrupt. Seri thinks that she is too well adapted to this life, she needs to go back now. if they only trust Jung-hyeok then nothing will happen. She sighs.

The soldiers are all like, yeah, where is Jung-hyeok? She says that he went out early in the morning. Joo-meok says that must be why he wanted us to come here and watch her.

She tells them that nothing will happen is she is alone there. But she is kind of happy that he wanted them to come over. She asks what else he said. They tell her that she should not be alone. She is all like, ah, I am not a little kid! What else did he say? She is smiling as she asks them.

Chi-soo tells her that he was so happy she left, but you came back again. she is all like, you be quiet. But she also says that she does not want to say this, but I need to have the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash returned to me.

He refuses and sys that it was fine when he did not have it, but now I cannot live without it. I never felt this smell on my head. And in our country, you cannot give something and take it back.


There is a knock on the gate. Seri goes to it to see the ajummas there. They tell her that they are there because it is our comrade Young-ae’s birthday. seri asks who that is so hey tell her that she is the highest ranked soldiers wife. They are throwing her a happy birthday party.

Seri thanks them for the invitation. They tell her that they gather and 3pm and make food and ~. But Seri says that she does not go to someone elses birthday party and closes the gate.

The ladies scoff and think that she has no manners.


Jo talks to the guy that interrogated Jung-hyeok in Pyongyang. he is in his office at the border town and asks Jo if Jung-hyeok took his revenge on him? Jo says no. This guy wonders if he should apologize to him? I should do something right?

Jo asks if he came there to see jung-hyeok and not me? The soldier thinks that he should at least do that. I have insomnia, I have to take medicine. Jo tells him that Jung is not that kind of guy who will take revenge on someone. He will quietly prepare it.

The man says that is even more scary! I should kneel in front of him. Jo asks if he has a family member in the reunification department? He says yes. Jo tells him that Jung-hyeok has a fiancé in the 11th department. This soldier thinks that Jung is invincible. His father is the #3 guy and his fiancé is in the 11th department?

Jo tells him that he has suspicions with the woman, she wants to check to see if she is real. I will go with you, so let me see your family member.


Everyone is outside getting fruit and peeing food. Seri asks the soldiers who that scary guy was that came to their house. They tell her that he is a high ranked person. She asks about Jung-hyeok.

Joo-meok says that their Captain is below Lieutenant Jo. Seri thinks that Jung-hyeok does not have a high enough rank. Is there a way he can be promoted quickly? then he can do more. Otherwise she will stay there forever.

Chi-soo says that there might be a way – byo-re-byul. She ask what that is? Joo-meok says it is a chance for special promotion. She thinks that is cool, who gives it?

They tell her that the colonel does. Seri asks if he likes Jung-hyeok, do you think he will? The soldiers say that all the superiors hate him. Seri understands and asks who is the closest to him.

Joo-meok says that the colonel only listens to his wife. Seri thinks, wait, the wife is that woman?


Cut to the birthday party. All he ladies are standing outside to give their gift to Young-ae. Wol-sook stands by to inspect the gifts. the ladies start to give heir gifts. One brought medicine from South Korea, the next one brought a gift which seems like she did not get the theme of the party which was good for health or good for beauty.

Then the next gift comes from Myung-sook. She made her a dress that is very comfortable. They kind of giggle at this gift. Then Seri shows up and says that she is here for the birthday party

Cut to all the ladies sitting and chatting inside. Seri stands there. The birthday lady tells her to sit next to her. Seri says that her rule is that she does not sit next to two pretty people. I will sit here.

Then she pops down next to Ok-geum. The ladies all laugh and say that she has strange rules. Seri sees that Myung-sook is hiding her gift. Seri picks it up and says that this is a fashion trend in the world. Neutral.

They are all like, neutral? Seri asks if she can make a few modifications to it? Then we see the birthday girl and Seri walking out with the dress with added flower ruffles on it. Seri says that flowers are the latest trend. This is like a Greek Goddess.

Seri says that the clothes that Myung-soo brought were very good which is why she could make these changes.

The birthday girl asks for Seri’s name. Seri looks around and sees a label of a singer and says that her name is Cha Sam-sook


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