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Crash Landing on You: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Live Recap for Crash Landing on You!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to watch Crash Landing on You: Netflix

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Jung-hyeok is at the military camp and calls his four guards to him. They go to another room to talk. They all wonder what he said to get out of that situation. He says that he just said some things.

Jung-hyeok tells them that he told them that she is his fiance. There was no other way. The soldiers says that they did not know he could lie that well. The korean drama soldier tells them that men and women hug all the time when they are in trouble, and they kiss. that is the South Korean way of getting out of trouble.

They ask him what happens out of that. The soldier says that they drama gets more interesting. They spend the night together. Then they all look at Jung-hyeok and say that is why he did not come back to the base and stayed with her.

Jung tries to say that she was in the living room, I was in the room. The kdrama soldier tells them that this is 100% how you fall in love. I never saw any drama where they did not. Jung-hyeok asks him, are you bragging about watching a lot of kdramas in front of your captain? he apologies.

They all straighten up. Jung-hyeok tells them that it will all end tonight, so be ready. they need a $20 phone card to sneak her out. You all wrap up what we sere doing yesterday, people are interested in the house so block the people from watching.

They ask what he will do, he says that he has some other things to do.


The military guys all go tot he town. But we also see that the microphone to eavesdrop is also being put up and pointed to the house. They can hear everything. man-bok is listening in.

The Kdrama guy tells her that he has a secret thing to tell her. He starts to talk to her about another Kdrama, but we don’t know that it is another Kdrama. he asks her why someone has to die in the drama. she tells him, why are you talking about old drama? To me, she should die.

He is all like, what? Why? She loved Jae-woo forever. The woman says, if she lives, he will only see the woman he loves, loving another man. You have to think about it.

Man-bok starts to write so many things down and make a diagram. He writes that she says that she did not kill him and he is obsessed and it is all in the past. He wonders what they are talking about.


Elsewhere, Jung-hyeok drives to another base in the mountains and is then taken to a spot where three Russian trucks passed. The soldier tells him that it is uncommon that large trucks are unloaded and drive around. They should not waste our expensive gas.

He remembers back and says that the truck was empty when they left the base so he thought they were going to grab something. But the truck was still empty on the way back.

They also talk about a woman who died who was from another province. It seemed like she wanted to hop on another car to go to another city. She might have been hit by accident because it is so dark.

Jung-hyeok says that she might have been a witness. The man says that the trucks had armor on them, they were not normal. It looks like a special steal. No car would survive a crash with them. they shouldn’t be able to put that armor on everyday. Perhaps you should go to the mechanic.

Jung-hyeok tells him to say nothing to anyone, just in case someone asks. Just says that you don’t know anything just in case it could get your in trouble.

Meanwhile, Jo goes to Seung-joon’s house to meet with him. he welcomes him and introduces himself. Seung-joon sits intead of shaking his hand and tells him that a lot of people in South Korea want to kill him. And then tells him that he was about to get killed on a rainy street because you do nothave wiper blades. I did not spend that much money to be treated like this!

Jo says that he followed the contract to protect people and he can also kill people. You said that a lot o money want to kill you in the south, maybe I can make money by turning you in.

Seung-joon changes his tune and says that they are comrades, don’t make jokes among friends. he smiles.


Cut to Yoon Se-hyung who is driving to the family house while talking on the phone. He thinks that Seung-joon is in Macao. His wife says that he is not in Macao. So they start to bicker over where Seung-joon could be. She thinks that manager Oh is helping Seung-joon and he is familiar with China.

But the husband thinks that is dumb to say because he knows everyone in CHina. Seung-joon would not go there. The wife thinks that seung-joon knows that he thinks that way. She thinks that he will go somewhere that seems impossible.

They get to their house. The husband calls his person and tells him not to go to Macao, go to China. then he repeats exactly what his wife just told him.

In the front of the place, husband and wife talk about how he is the second son. He says that he is always being disadvantaged. She tells him that he needs to use what he has well. Me.

So they go inside the and meet with his brother and father. The brothers try to talk to their father and sound great while their wives sit next to them. They think that he should talk rationally at the board meeting. They are saying exactly the same thing almost as if they planned it.

The older brother says that the stock will go down if Seri is the heir and she disappeared. they can stop small news from spreading but not big news. Yeji talks about how she is so sad about what happened to Seri. She can’t eat or sleep.

The younger brother starts to chuckle so the older brother tells his wife that everyone is sad, you don’t need to say that. Then they start to talk about what to do in this situation. the youngest brother thinks that they can solve this problem together with his wifes family.

The older brother brings up the $100 million he lost and asks how he will explain it? Sang-ah tells them that they can sell Seri’s department store and use that money.



The two company people for Seri start to walk about Seri and what if she is dead. But then the insurance guy comes up and says that she is not dead! He looks worse for wear and as if he has stayed awake for several days researching this situation.

He says that there was a similar thing that happened in Australia! So he starts to talk about how she might have crash landed somewhere and is waiting for their help! I can’t give up!

Chang-sik tells him that her family members have already given up. But the insurance guy keeps saying that there is hope! I have not given up!


While outside, Seri sees that someone is stealing their uniforms! Then they all see that a little kid is stealing their things so they chase after him. They get their uniform back and Seri gives him a bag of rice that he dropped. the boy tells them that he needs that rice for his sister who is sick.

So Seri goes inside and gets a lot of food to give to him. But one of the soldires says that this little kid is lying. Jung-hyeok comes out and asks what is going on. The soldiers fill him in.

Jung-hyeok tells the litle boy to clean his face and hands. You have teo eat with clean hands so you wont get sick. They installed the pump, so he washes his hands with that. then Jung-hyeok tells  Seri that she has to get ready.

The spy person listens to the music from the village as we see all the happenings in the village. We also see the little boy happily running to where his sister is to give her a lot to eat and drink. he also has a scarf for her so he happily puts it over her like a blanket and feeds her.

Later on, Seri talks to the soldiers inside and says that she will give them all awards. They are all like, huh? What awards? She gives Geum Eun-dong an award for being the kindest. She says that he can pick his prize. Do you want the reunification version or the right away version. If we are reunited then you can get $100,000. Bring me this award and I will give you the money. But what you can get now is corn.

Joo-meok got an award for liking Kdramas. She says that after the country is reunified, you can have lunch with *an actress*. He is super stunned. She also says that he can have the TV. But the kdrama addict says that he wants lunch with the actress!

The #3 award is next and is very important. it is an award for park Guang Bum. You are the handsomest among everyone. Chi-soo asks what the standard is for handsome is. She tells him, whatever it is it is not you. Then she continues and says that Guang-bum can have a date with Miss Korea or a hug from Seri.

Jung-hyeok looks like he does not like it. Guang-mub says he will not take either. Seri says that he is so chic, yes, handsome guys are always so chic. Okay, just take this certificate.

She also gives Chi-soo hair and body things. Chi-soo is so confused why you need all this. Seri ends the award ceremony. Jung-hyeok did  not get anything. He gets up and leaves grumpy.

She pulls him outside and  shows him a special thanks award. then she shows him a plant. She says that someone came to the door to sell things so she bought a tomato and exchanged potatos for it. She says that today is the last day. She is thankful for him so she bought it.

He asks why she bought things for him using his own potato? She tells him that later, when he eats tomato because of me, don’t regret it. You want to say thank you but I won’t be here.

He tells her, first I do not like tomato. Second, I do not want to grow plants and might not be good at it. She tells him to think of it as a pet. Give it water every day and tell it nice things everyday. Don’t yell at plants or they will die (she recounts something about onions).

Man-bok is listening in and takes notes about not yelling at onions. then he gets a call and tells the person that the fiance is pretty weird and is going back to Pyong-sang tomorrow.



The soldiers all eat corn outside and look at the moon as they think that they might actually miss Seri.

Seri gets in the fancy car with Jung-hyeok and they drive away.

They ride up the road pretty quietly. She takes off the scarf he tied her hair up with and folds it to give back to him. She thanks him and tells him that she will never see him again, right?

He tells her, maybe. She says hat people can go to Africa and the North Pole, but you live here. He says something and they both kind of smile but not really.

He drives her to the small smuggling ship and they meet with the uncle. Jung-hyeok gives him the calling card. The man asks if he is going alone? Jung-hyeok looks at Seri and then says that he will go as well. 

So they both ride the boat to the bigger boat. Seri says that this trip has felt like years, even though it has only been a few days. He says that her family members will be happy to see her. 

Seri says that we shall see if they are happy or embarrassed. But then she wonders why she told him that. She thinks she told him that because they will never see each other again.

He says that they will never see each other again so I will tell you one thing. It is a stupid thing to say that you can play For Elise on a piano and that is it. Don’t tell people that, don’t tell anyone.

She sighs and tells him that she won’t see him anymore, so she will tell him, my name is Yoon Seri. He says that his name is Ri Jung-hyeok. She tells him that her family name is actually Hae Joo-yoon, so that is in North Korea right? H

He says his is Jun Joo Lee, so that is South Korea. She smiles and says it is pretty ironic. He smiles as well. But then an alarm sounds and the coast guard tells them that they need to come back right away.

The captain tells them both to hide, he will take care of it. So the two of them hide underneath the ship and the coast guard comes up. 


The coast guard tells him that there are no ships right now and asks to see what is in the bottom of the ship. The captain says that he is good friends with the other guard. This guard says that the other guard got fired due to bribery.

In the ship, Seri is freaking out. Jung-hyeok tells Seri that he heard that in South Korean dramas there is something that can overcome this situation. I thought it was nonsense, but maybe this is the onlY way.

She tells him to just do it! Why are you talking about it. So he kisses her quickly.


MAN-BOK listens in on the conversation and wonders if onions die if they curse them? Then he gets a call and tells them that the fiance does not look too normal, but there is n othing suspicious. They are going back to Pyong-yang tonight. Wait a minute, Jung-hyeok is saying somehting!

He stats to listen again.

MB – Son, flower, morning dew, cotton clouds, three colored cat…what is this? I don’t know. Maybe a secret word.

Cut to Jung-hyeok talking to the tomato to tell it ten good words a day like Seri wanted him to.

JH – flower…hawk…good wind…piano….

He ends on piano and rocks back and forth as he look at the tomato plant.

Fade Out


Well, it looks like they will not be escaping on that barge tonight. But at least we got a good surprise kiss in which I think they will use to say that they needed to get away from everyone in order to get a bit of hanky panky in.

So, they need another way to get Seri out and it could quite possible be by using her hang glider once again!

I’ll try and get the review+preview up soon! But right now I am going to take a nap. Have a great day!

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  1. Chester
    January 6, 2020 / 7:31 pm

    Hi! Would you know the music being played on the background? #6

    “The spy person listens to the music from the village as we see all the happenings in the village. We also see the little boy happily running to where his sister is to give her a lot to eat and drink. he also has a scarf for her so he happily puts it over her like a blanket and feeds her.”

    • V
      January 7, 2020 / 10:32 am

      Hmm, I’m not sure. We might not have a chance to go back and check. Just in case, can you give us the time stamp for when it happened? Maybe someone else might know!

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