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Crash Landing on You: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 3 Recap - Part 1

Our duo is busted already! So a little lie had to be thrown at the birds to scatter them. But how will this lie play in to getting Seri back to the South? And what happened in Sweden all those years ago? Let’s find out!

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Jo Cheol-kang has busted Seri and WOl-sook asks her who she is over and over again. But Seri does not answer, she just holds her hands up. Jo says that when he takes people to his agency, everyone speaks.

But then the very official car drives up and Jung-hyeok hops out and walks up very quickly to lieutenant Jo. he asks him what he is doing to his fiance and tells him to remove his gun from her.

Jo asks, you have a fiance? The situation is still tense, but he removes his gun. So Jo pulls Seri behind him. Jo tells him that his fiancé should be from Pyongyang. But we need this for our process. Give me your Pyongyang citizenship and travel pass.

Cut to the other soldiers wondering what is happening. They are in their own house and think that everything should be okay. But they are worried.

Outside, Jo asks for the citizenship and travel pass. Jung says that she does not have those things because she is from South Korea. Jo asks what he is talking about. He says she is *some word*

So Wol-sook asks, so she got an honor medal from the government? What kind of mission did she do in South Korea?

Jung-hyeok tells them that they should know that this is first degree information so I cannot say.

The soldiers in the other area says that Jung-hyeok is so upright, he cannot lie.

Outside, Jung tells Jo and everyone that he came back there and is not use to this environment. Wol-sook asks, so this late? The two of you are int his house? 

He says that she is tired and Seri lives it up a bit and kind of swoons. Everyone gasps.

Later on, they walk back inside. Jung pushes her head away and says that no one is looking now so you can stop. So Seri sits up and starts to talk in her usual bubbly way as she says that she was in to pretending and that the ajumma with bug eyes was so shocked.

They go inside, she asks Jung why no one said anything when he said that this has to do with the 11th department? Is that a high thing here? he gievs her something to drink and tells her to calm down. he says that they do this inspection every once in awhile, but I did not know that it was today.

She says it is okay, good timing. He asks if she was hurt at all? She tells him that she is fine. So he continues and tells her that the 11th department is a special team in South Korea. But it is super secret.

She is all like, what? You made me a spy? He tells her that she looks strange and behaves strange, so what else could I say. But you will leave here tomorrow night.


But then there is a knock on the door. It is all the ajummas coming by this late with something to eat for him. One of the ladies says that they want to take care of him so they all give him food and swoon for a bit on how he needs help to take it inside.

He tells them that he can carry them in. But then Seri peeks her head out and starts to carry the food. They all back away from her like she has a virus. Then they ask her if she is his fiancé and that she is an 11th agent. So, what did you do?

Seri tells them that it is all very secret. What she did and where she was is all very secret. But you should know that. They all laugh and says yes of course they know, it was a silly question. Okay, goodbye.

So they go inside happily. The ladies start to say that she is not pretty as they are on the other side of the gate. Seri is all like, huh? The ladies also think that the captain does not like her because he looks like he worried a lot. They also think her hair is like an unmarried ghost. Seri scoffs.

She goes inside to eat and thinks that this is good, I am a spy and your fiance. But what am I going to do in the future. After I leave, everyone will ask you. Especially the woman with round eyes.

He say that they will not ask him. No one can ask me personal information. Seri tells him that it does not seem like he has that kind of position where he cannot answer since people break into his house. You are like a bottom rank.

He tells her that he is not. She tells him that he should know what is more important between men and woman, why you break up. He asks what she is tryin to say. She tells him that it is obvious, when people ask why you broke up, just say that you are dumped.

He says that it is not improtant. She continues and tells him that the reaosn he is dumped is the difference in personality. The 6 months where you don’t see anyone after whould be 6 months.

He sighs.

She tells him, yes! Just like that. You should sigh and look super sad so people will think that you are dumped and miserable. are you chuckling?

She starts to eat her food and says that she might not go home. So he tells her that they can do it. he is about to leave. She asks, what are you doing What if people break in because you are the lowest rank? You stay in here, I will use your room and you can sleep in the living room.

Cut to her sleeping on the floor. She says it is so great, great manners, I have never slept like this before. he tells her to be quiet and sleep. She continues and tells him that she can’t sleep. She was dropped from the sky and woke up in North Korea and I was about to get shot twice and I am engaged. I am so awake right now.

He is trying to read and puts his book away with a sigh.

She then asks him if he was been to Switzerland? I didn’t mean to, but i looked in your library. Libraries tell what kind of person you are. You have a lot of dark books. But I saw something that was not like you at all with the piano notes and flyer and the music school.

Cut to Jung-hyeok playing the piano as if he is commitioned to. It is a brief memory as he smiles and starts to put the items back on his bookshelf.

Seri tells him that she is good at the piano. Did you play the piano? he looks at his hand as if it got injured. She asks if he has a girlfriend if she plays the piano? Hmm…maybe he does.


Cut to So Dan, who gets off of a flight looking rich and fabulous. She walks through the airport and accidentally bumps into Seung-joon. Seung-joon thinks, wow, what they say is true. Southern men are good and Northern women are good (Southern men and Northern women). he smiles. 

Cheon tells him to be quiet. he is the broker. Seung-joon tells him that they should write their contract again so he does not nitpick what they do.

Seo Dan goes to her Uncle who is  1st star general Ko. her is her mothers brother. He is happy to see her and tells her that she studied so hard in Russia. You look so skinny.

She tells him that she is on a diet. He tells her that she has no weight to lose. 

They get to the car where we see that somoene stole a wiper blade on a car. The 1st star general says that wipers are not the problem, people getting stoel are the problem. Then his driver puts another wiper blade on the car.

Sodan asks, what is this car? Her uncle says that someone is using it. She says that is not he kind of car anyone can borrow. Who dares use it? Her uncle says that Jung-hyeok is using it. So she is all like, ah. Well, do we have to go there to pick it up or will he return it?

Then she says that she will go there to pick it up after her concert. He shuold know that I am here. But her uncle says that he did not tell Jung that she was here. he did not ask at all so i did not bring it up. He asks if she would still recognize him? It has been a while.

She tells him that no women would not know there fiance’s face. She gets into the car. Her uncle thinks that the world changed in ten years but her temper does not change.

Cut to the robbers who are stealing wiper blades on more cars. They steal it off of Seung-joon’s car as well. Though they do not notice.


Seung-joon starts to be driven away and is starts to rain. But there is no wiper blade. Seung-joon is all like, what? You don’t have wiper blades? I gave you this much money and you don’t have wiper blades? 

The man says that he was in such a hurry, he forgot to take the wiper blade off. Seung-joon tells him that they cannot see anything. Cheon tells him that they are used to it so they can still drive.

Seung-joon tells him that they are driving 10 Km an hour! Then we cut back to see them creeping along.

Cut to a military base. lieutenant Jo goes inside and walks to a secret bunker part of this building. Everyone salutes him. A man stands up to salute as well and is brought out.

This man asks why he is all the way there. Jo says that Ri Moo-hyeok’s brother is on the border, Ri Jung-hyeok. You need to find out why he is there.

The man says that they have a new microphone, they do not need to put it in the house, they can find out everything from a distance. Jo says that there is also a woman in the house. Jung-hyeok says that hse is from the 11th department, but there is something else. It is easy to destroy people who are high up with one little thing.

If we do a good job, with that woman we can destroy the entire family. it is time for you to stop wiretapping people. You can work on the bright side. You have to educate your smart son at a nice place is Pyong-yang.

Jo walks back to his car and heads out. the man looks at him leaving. 


He is working in this spy area and listening in on conversations. It looks like he is wire tapping the brother. The brother says that his brother is in Switzerland. he is a piano prodigy and has a concert. Everyone was standing up and applauding him. Once of us should be a soldier after our father, but he played the piano so I bcame a soldier.

He is asked if he liked to play the piano too? He ays that he liked playing it but he was not as good as his brother. Jung-hyeok made a song for me. When he comes back to the country he will play it for me. When I think about him, I feel happy.

The man man tells the person he is talking to that the brother will be there in 5 seconds. The brothers truck gets hit by another truck and then the monster truck of doom comes and runs into them. The man listening in starts to cry.

In the present, he thinks about this.


All the towns people look at the jaguar that Jung-hyeok drove to their city. They love it and are looking all around it. It is something that no one has ever seen before.

Seri peeks out the gate at the m looking at the car. She wonders why people are looking at his car, it is just a sedan. he tells her not to go out. But Seri says that the ajummas did not see me because it was dark. that is why they said that. 

He asks why it is important, they will never see you again. She says that is why it is important, because she will leave a good impression. She starts to open the gate. He stops her and tells her that it is her hair. Only two people walk around with their hair like that (not tied up), either a foreigner or a crazy woman.

She tells him that she will be a crazy woman and starts to leave. But he stops her and ties her hair up. then they go outside. Seri happily dotes on  Jung-hyeok and tells him that he has something on his chest. He is all like, nothing is here.

She tells him to touch her hair.

He does not want to.

She tries to make it look like she is sending him off well. But he is not cooperating. But he lightly touches her hair and starts to leave. She tells him that he ha to wave his hand.  She waves her hand at him happily. He kind of waves to her.

So Seri gives all he ladies a pleasant look and hops back inside the house.

All the ladies meet up to make kimchi and wonder how that woman can behave just as she looks. Oneof them says that she is pretty, but the other ladies tell her that she does not know what is going on. then they wonder if she ate all the meat that is in the salt. they also wonder why she is not helping them.

So they go to fetch her and tell her that they are in a Kimchi war. Seri is all like, what? When you have kimchi it is like you are in a war? Wol-sook says it is figurative. Seri tells them that she is not going to eat kimchi, she does not like it, and closes the door.


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  1. Yun
    December 22, 2019 / 3:08 am

    When he ties her hair remind me on the summer scent show that her hair was tied by Song Seung heon.
    Can’t wait for next episode. Thank you for fast recapping. You are the best.

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