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Crash Landing on You: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our recap for episode 2 of Crash Landing on You!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Jung-hyuk shows his ID and goes inside the gate. Then he walks inside the official building which is a jail. He goes inside the many different gates inside the jail and finally to an office. Hold up, this is the state security office? So maybe not a jail.

This office is the office of Colonel Kim Ryong Hae. he tells Jung-hyeok to sit and have a stick coffee from the south. But JH tells him that he does not want it. The colonel asks if it is because it is from SOuth Korea? I also did not want it at first, but it has a sweet bitter taste.

JH tells them that he has a report, he heard that the tomb raiders are dead from a car accident. Lieutenant Jo is there as well and says that he heard it too. I think he need to investigate what happened. 

Jung-hyeok says that they need to find out who is doing it and why because it is repeating. Jo tells him that he has a lot of curiosity. Then he tells him to do it. He will report it to the law department in their group. He then tells Jung-hyeok to go to Pyongyang office (the main office in the capitol city).

Jung-hyeok leaves. The colonel asks Jo if he thinks it is all fine. Jo says that the law person is his friend. The colonel wonders why Jung-hyeok is so stubborn, who is behind him? Jo says that he has not seen his identity or anything and does not know who he is. Then he says that he thinks they will open a new account.

There is a guy that has $100 million in corruption. he is avoiding the police and went to the Philippines and China. He has money an does not care about spending it for himself. So he is a good target for us.

Cut to Koo Seung-joon walking into a Chinese restaurant to meet with someone. He is to sign something that will get him to North Korea safely. Start from $20,000 per month for the basic package and $100,000 per month is the most expensive package. That is 1.2 million per year. You will have security and a private house and private guards and servants and chefs and driver and gardener. If you want, you can play gold and hunt and also go to the casino. Would you like to sign up for that one.

He says that he wants to pick the $20,000 package. One year is $240,000. But yo should not change your terms. Do not forget that all of my accounts are outside the country. If I am injured at all then all your money will disappear.

The man says that a lot of people spend their statute of limitations under our protection. Seung-joo says he knows, that is why he is here. The man says that they do all the illegal things risking their life. We should not do it without trusting each other.

Seung-joo tells them okay, okay, you are so serious. He signs.



All the kids in the village are playing a game. Their moms come out and tell them to go to bed, it is way too late. One of the kids fathers comes out so he hugs him happily. The father brought him a donut and they happily go off.

Inside the house with Seri, she finally gets out of the bath and all the lights suddenly turn off. She is all like, um, what is going on? Do I have more things to be surprised about?

We find out that there is a power outage or it might be power out time. Everyone else turns on their candles. and small burners for light.

But Seri freaks out and calls Jung, but he is not picking up so she starts to look around the house and sees a person with a flashlight outside. This person tries to come inside so she hides and grabs a vase.

She raises the vase to hit someone over the head with it – but it is Jung. She is so scared and asks why he came back! He holds up a candle and says that hse needed one. You said that you needed it to sleep and needed bath things.

She sobs and tells him that this is just a candle, I needed an aroma candle, *sob sob sob* I am sorry *sob* it is something that you don’t expect *sob* but for me this situation is overwhelming.

Across the town, families spend time with their families and people turn on thier lanterns and light their candles. One of the people has a personal generator though they hide their window to keep other people from knowing.

The mom is happy and tells her son that he can study now. He tells her that it is a power outage so he can sleep. She hits him and says that his father brought a tank battery secretly, so do your homework. If you are last in class then I will kick your butt!

He says that he is not last, I have Namsik behind me! The mother is all like, good for you, you have Nam-sik! then asks her husband about his promotion. He says it is all on the colonel for his evaluation.

The mother, Wol-sook, asks why this colonel is so hard on him. He says that she should be good friend with the wife. Wol-sook tells him that she is working so hard to be good friends with the wife.

But the husband says that the majors wife brought a lot of things to the COlonels house. So Wol-sook goes over to the house with potatoes and sees many of the wives watching a Korean TV show.

Ok Geum is bicycling to run the generator so that they can run the TV to watch the drama. Young-ae asks how her legs are? Ok-geum says, so long as you enjoy the TV show, my leg braking does not matter! She keeps peddling happily.


Cut to South Korea where Ye-ji is bicycling for exercise int he gym. Sang-ah is there as well so they talk to each other briefly about the situation. Ye-ji mentions that Seri is such a poor woman in her young age. Abonim signed that he will give her the position. She thought that was happening and then that happened. Bad timing.

Sang-ah asks what she is talking about? Yeri says that they all know that abonim did not mean that. He just did it to stimulate us. the oldest son will get it anyway. 

Sang-ah turns on the news which shows that Seri’s Choice is strong in the stock market. Yeji mentions that it will collapse if they knew what happened to her.

Cut to North Korea were Seri tells Jung that he does not know stock and stuff right? Millions of dollars move up and down in a day. I trusted someone at the beginning and invested 3 million and it became trash. *Sob* But now I am more sad then that time *sob* I am more sad and overwhelmed than losing everything I have. I didn’t even know where North Korea was and now I am here. How come I am crying in front of a stranger.

He turns off the candle and tells her not to worry, he does not see her now. Good and bad are all tangled so a good thing will come soon. She asks if he is sure? He says he is sure.

He gets up to leave and says that he has to take a train in the morning to Pyong-yang. But he brought all the things that she needs and perhaps his team will see her.

He starts to head out. She asks what his name is? She will remember his name and repay him for his favor. He says that she does not have to repay his favor because he did nto give her any favor. As you promised, do not say anything you see here. It would be better if you forgot everything.

He leaves.

She lights the candle again and then looks inside the bag he brought. There is shampoo and conditioner inside and a Korean serum for her skin. (Lol, this is how they do PPL). She puts it on and asks when he bought it.

Cut to Jung going to a market and getting help from an ajumma as to what things to buy. He tells her that he wants it all. He goes to another merchant and is embarrassed to shop for women things so he tells her to just give him anything.

Seri looks at the bra and is all like, wow, he thinks I am this big? She smiles and says that it will kind of fit.

Then she thinks that he pretends to be tough. She also starts to think that this might be a dream. She falls to sleep and we see her with her eyes closed while in a very posh looking room. 

She wakes up in her bed room at home, super surprised. She runs into her bath room and hugs her tub and looks at her candle and thinks that of course it was a dream! That was nonsense! 

She happily frolics to another room but then sees a photo of Kim Jung Il and Kim Jung Eun and thinks, hold up, that should not be there. Everything slowly starts to disappear so she tells herself, don’t wake up! I don’t want to wake up!

But she wakes up and drops her head on the table



Police officers are all around directing traffic in the capital city and everyone walks around with their typical day to day life. Jung gets off the train and has his ID randomly checked. One of the men asks if he is Captain Ri Jung-hyeok? He turns his head and yells, he is here!

Then two men come to him. Jung says that he is there for an investigation. But the men tells him that he is the subject of the investigation, lets go. They pull him away.

He goes to the interrogation room and is put in the super scary looking seat with all the ties. The main main tells him that they can talk first. So Jung takes off his hat and tells him to start.

The man says that he heard that Jung dishonored people who were making foreign money, especially in front of South Korean soldiers.

Jung tells him that they were illegal tomb raiders. It is not right to make foreign money like that.

The man asks where the relics are? Jung says that they all died so he does not know. This officer tells Jung that if he lets Jo take care of it then everything would have been taken care of but you made this issue come to Pyongnam. They are dead with an unknown cause so we have to suspect you.

Jung looks at him and says that it is common knowledge that someone who gave the permission does the investigation. Do you think that what you are asking makes sense? 

This man chuckles and asks, common sense? Jung says not to guess, where is the evidence? The other man asks if he thinks they need a gap to put in the nail? When yo put in the nail, you gave the gap. We can blame anyone without evidence! 

Jung asks, is that it? You need to be responsible for what you did. The other officer starts to yell at Jung right in his face about all this. That is when yet another more superior officer comes in and asks who they are interrogating now. But he looks super shocked when he sees who it is and runs inside to kid the other man.

Everyone salutes him. This new person asks if he is crazy! You dont’ know what is going on! This new officer helps him up softly and asks if he is okay and then Kicks the other guard again and yells for them to take Jung to his room!

The last officer asks who he is! This new officer says that this is the only son of the Minister of the Military! Your life just ended! The officer that got kicked is about to pass out.

Cut to Jung walking in slow motion through the hallway as everyone gives him room.

In the other office, the man calls Jo and yells at him about the situation and if he even know who Ri Jung-hyeoks father was? Jo says that he did not check it because his family history was empty. The man yells, why do you think it was empty! It is because it is so big!

Jo asks what he is talking about, tell me. This man tells him not to pass out! Ri Jung hyeok is the son of the Minister of the Military! Jo is all like, what did you just say? The man repeats himself and says that he is not only the son, he is the only son! What are you going to do! 

Jo tells him that he will call him tomorrow. The man says that he hopes he is still around tomorrow! Jo hangs up and looks quietly alarmed. Then we see a flashback where he remembers meeting Jung-hyeok and his older brother a long time ago.


In the Village, Joo-myeok asks Seri, so, does Daegil live or die? (OMG this is from CHuno!). He says that he only got to episode 14! She tells him…..Daegil….(Spoiler alert)…..chugo! (End Spoiler)

Then she tells him that this is a ten year old drama, how can you get upest now?

The other soldiers come in with their shovels. Chi-soo says it is to dig her grave. But Joo-myeok says it is to dig a well. They just need an excuse to come over there to watch her.

Chi-soo and Seri starts to bicker back and forth. He asks her name. She tells him he is stupid, she is not telling him her name. Then she asks why the captain went to Pyongnam?


Cut to Jung talking to 1 star general Myung-seok. he apologizes for what happened today. Jung-hyeok says that is okay, but he wants to find out who did that with the truck. The General asks if he thinks it is related to his brothers accident? Jung says it was a 2011 car accident 2013 car accident 2014 accident…all Russian trucks. And everyone died. 

There is a rumor that there was a truck behind it. But the state security department did not look into the case. I checked the security camera and saw that 3 trucks passed by.

The general says that trucks are common, they run everywhere. Jung asks if he thinks it is just a coincidence? The general says that when he has his own answer already, everything is suspicious. Dont’ you know when we have eyes in front of us. Just look to the front and put the past in the back of your head. Just stop looking back.

In the village, the other soldiers talk about *Spoiler alert* what happened to Daegil in Chuno *End Spoiler*.  They are all walking back and see a officer Jo who tells them that he is going to inspect all the homes tonight since a lot of people are going back home.

Joo-myeok hiccups, Chi-soo tells him that is a good plan! Then they all run off to sleep. Chi-soo calls the captain quickly and tells him that Jo is checking all the houses for smugglers. But the problem is that I told Seri not to pick up any phone call just in case. We cannot contact her.

Jung goes back to the 1 star General and asks for a favor. Then we see him zipping off in the generals fancy car. He is a 1 star general’s car so the police stop all the traffic for him as he goes by and salute.

They also call all the police ahead of them and make sure that the car does not stop all along the route.

He drives the car all the way to the military town and is let in right away because only high officials have this car. he does not even have to stop.

In the village, Wol-sook is inspecting the houses for people who have outside things. One of the women has a talking rice cooker. The woman says that is nonsense! But then the rice cooker says that all the rice is done.

She tells her to give her a break. Wol-sook says that she wondered who was stealing all their electricity? the woman says that she went crazy due to the rice taste. You can take the cooker! 

So Wol-sook covers the rice cooker and tells her other people that the this house is clean.

They go to the next house and find two people hiding. One is under the bed and the lady is in the closet. The man is the one under the bed. So Wol-sook tells him that his wife is supporting him by having a long distance business! 

He says that he was lonely. Wol-sook is all like, if you don’t want to be lonely then confess in front of everyone! why do you have to be naked at nice with this strange woman!

They go to the next house which is Jung-hyeoks. Wol-sook applies a bit of lipstick before walking there.


As they walk there, they meet Jo who says that Jung-hyeok went t Pyongyang. Wol-sook says that his light is on. Perhaps he is back already?

Cut to the inside of the house which shows Seri looking around at all the books on the shelf. She also see piano music and notes and books on Mozart. A file falls so she picks it up and sees an application form for something from 2007-2008 academic year. She thinks that photo looks familiar and sees a concert image. She thinks that photo looks familiar.

But then a knock is on the door and Wol-sook yells that they are checking! Wol-sook tells Jo that no one might be home. But Jo tells them to open the door!

They storm inside with several soldiers and start to look around.

Jo sees a photo and sees that Jung is really the brother from his memory. Another officer comes up and says that someone was here! But they go to the kimchi storage area and see Seri there!

They tell her to come out! Wol-sook asks who she is, why were you hiding in the cellar? But she is  not saying anything. Jo tells her that someone without a mouth will say something at the state security department.

But then the very official car comes driving up and Jung gets out and goes walking up to Jo and Seri. Jo has a gun on Seri.

Jung looks at him and asks what he is doing? She is my fiancé. Please remove your gun from her.


We open on a Switzerland landscape. Seri is inside a lovely looking building and talking to a woman that says that this is in violation of their institute regulations. We cannot administer the euthanasia that you requested.

Seri asks why not. I heard that I can end my life here. Sure I have no physical pain which makes ti difficult to maintain my life, but I am still in extraordinary pain in my mind. Depression and panic disorder and eating disorder and insomnia. Do you need more?

The woman says that she always recommends for people to sight see Switzerland to our visitors. Seri says, if she thinks she would be better after sight seeing, I would not have come here.

The woman tells her that 70% of people who want to die, always go home after seeing this beautiful scenery. Seri says she has no home to go back to. The woman tells her that she does not know why she wants to die, but you will die anyway.

Seri thinks that she will not be in the 70%. But she starts to sight see around anyway and sees people paragliding. She is mesmerized as she watches them.

Then Jung-hyeok walks up next to her and looks at the hang gliders as well. They are both amazed as they look on at the hang gliders performing all their tricks.

Fade Out


Another super adorable episode! I did not expect that Seri would be found out so quickly, but I do like this turn of events. I also like that Jung is basically North Korean military royalty so they are equals in that regard with influence. Though he is more incognito with his family.

Oh, I just love this show so much! I can’t wait for next week! The review and recap will be coming up in a separate post some time today.

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