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Crash Landing on You: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

The first episode was all kinds of wonderful. I love the banter between the two, I love the pretty on the screen, and I love the comedy. Let’s see if episode 2 continues with it!

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We open on a 100 days celebration for a little baby.

VO – This is the first time in the world that I made my own choice. Other people picked money and something else. I held my fathers hand. That was a good choice for a cheabols decendent who will have a fight against her siblings.

Cut to a grown up Seri cutting the ribbon on her shopping mall at a large event.

VO – For the choices that need luck and sense, my choice was always right.

Cut to the North Korean fork in the road where she had to pick right or left.

VO – My once in a life feeling, I believed my feeling as always. I thought I was right, but this time I was wrong.

Seri is looking around, stunned, in the North Korean town. The truck comes drivingn up with the commandin offier inside. Jung-hyuk pulls her away and hides her from it. 

They both look at each other.

VO – I am in North Korea now. 

They keep looking at each other

VO – This was an accident. When we have an accident, we need people the most. And, this is the only person I know here. I should be good to him.

SR – Omo! How did we meet each other like this!

JH – I thought you went back home.

SR – Yes! Where you surprised? I am also super surprised. I was lost and found my way here with North Korean ajumma and North Korean cows and North Korean school kids. But I am so happy meetingn you again like this.(Yes, you are just a man even though you pretend like you are tough. See, he can’t make eye contact. He is a little more innocent than he looks).

JH – (She came here accidentally, maybe? And accidentally crossed the border. As a rule, I should turn her in. Should I kill her?)

SR – Is this your house? Really? Can I ask you a question? Do you have rice?

JH – (Should I kill her?)

She giggles and he looks at her wondering if he should kill her.


Seri looks in the mirror in the bathroom and sees that her face is all dirty. She thinks that he should hve told her that her face was like this and starts cleaning it and wimpering. But then she thinks that this is a good experience. Something that you cannot buy with money.

Cut to jung-hyeok making his food from scratch. Like seriously. he is making the noodles from scratch as well from a machine. She makes it all and gives it to Seri on the table.

She tells him that she does not know how they do it here. But in South Korea they offer the first spoon to the house host like this. She holds up a spoonful to Jung-hyuk and tells him that this is manners that the owner should eat first. 

He asks her if she is doing this because she thinks the food is dangerous? Do you think something is in the food? She tells him that she is sorry to ruin the mood but he has to understand her, it is difficult to believe anyone in this situation.

He tells her that she came to the DMZ with a high wind gust and a glider. And you crossed the border when the electric fence did not work. And you infiltrated into military housing. So it is kind of dumb to believe that you are only a civilian.

She asks, do you think I am a spy? He tells her that he is talking to her about possibilities. She kind of laughs and says that she is not a spy. If someone does not know about me in South Korea, then those people are the spies. If I tell you my name and yo search it then you will be super surprised. That is why I don’t tell you my name.

He explains that there is no internet here. She thinks that is the biggest problem. People don’t even know that I am here without the internet. They should be searching for me. All of Korea should be shaken.


Cut to the mansion where the entire family is sitting around the living room quietly. The older brother says that they searched the area. The chairman tells them not to rely on the police only. use our own chairman. Also, be careful with security so that no reporters will know about this.

The other brother says that they checked on it, his father in law did a lot of work for this. His wife says that her father called the head of the police in person. Dont worry. 

Then the oldest brothers wife, Ye-ji, says that this happened during work so the people that work for her that day should know about it. the older brother, Se-joon tells them that he already called them and with all the lawyers they wrote a secret oath. His wife says he is great, so meticulous.

The mother asks if they are having fun? The kids tell her that they are not. The mom repeats that it looks like they are having fun.

Meanwhile, Seri tells Jung-hyeok that it will be a big problem in South Korea. We can have a war because of me. If anyone knows that I am here then my government and the military and the UN will come.

He says that he can do this secretly and keep it a secret to everyone that you are here. She asks what he means? Does that mean that you will kill me secretly?

He says that is one way. She asks if that is a North Korean Joke? He looks at her without smiling. She laughs and mentions that she does not know how you guys joke here, that sounded funny. What I want to say is that you misunderstood why I am here. I made it too difficult.

What I want to say is what happened to Hung Boo (an old Korean story). Hungboo fixed the broken leg of a swallow and got a big reward. On the other hand, the brother Noboo broke the swallos leg on purpose. So what happened? he went bankrupt.

JH asks what she wants to say. She asks if he wants to be Hungboo or Bolboo. He asks if she thinks she is the swallow?

She says nooooo, not just a swallow, a super luxurious swallow who repays favors. i usually don’t say this but..

He tells her not to say it.

She is quiet for a moment and continues – I am 0.0001% high class. I am a chaebols daughter. And the ownder of a fashion company.

He tells her that he does not care. She says that the important thing is that Hungboo took care of the swallow until it flew to Gangnam (south of the river and also home). So just help me and you will get a big reward.

He asks if she is negotiating with him now? (lol, they were in a movie called the negotiator). She says yes! he refuses. She asks why! I will repay your favor! He says that he is not going to give her any favor.

He takes the noodles and then goes to his front gate where one of his soldiers is. The soldier smiles and ays that he was looking for him and thought he was at home when I saw the smoke. I have good news, you dont’ have to worry about th South Korean woman, she is dead. Are you surprised? Me too. This morning there was a car accident on the street and an unknownn young woman was killed.

Jung-hyuk says it is not~. But the friend says no, no, my sense is as good as a shaman dancing on a sword. Otherwise you can kill me. Also, let me use your restroom. ii feel soo good! Eundong in his young age does not have to be discharged dishonorably.

She comes out while he is talking and taking off his shoes. He continues and says that no one will have to know that  Joo-meok watched Korean dramas while on duty and they won’t know I was drinking or that you lost her in front of you.

JH just sighs and sits. The soldier hops up scared when he sees her. She tells him, you were the one! You fired at me! You almost killed me! The solder hides behind JH and asks what happened? She is dead!


Cut to the three of them sitting around a table. Chi-soo says that South Koreans are great. How can they infiltrate all the way into North Korea. Seri tells him that she told them many many times that she is not a spy. I did not come here on purpose. Are you someone who cannot understand what people say?

He smiles and asks the captain if he has a shovel or axe? Just give me some time, we have mountains and rivers, so many places to bury her. She is all like, who will you bury? You will get buried! 

He tells her that she really does not know what is going on. We are not merciful to our enemies. She tells him that he does not know what will happen. If anyone knows that she is here, she is not the only  one that will die. We will all die together. Eun-dong will be dishonorably discharged and everyone will know that Joomeok was watching a South Korean drama on duty and the Captain will go to a labor camp and you! you should not drink while on duty!

Chi-soo runs to the captains side and asksk how she knows everything. The captain rubs his nose and asks him how he thinks she knows? Then glares at him.

More soldiers come to JH’s house and tell him the story of the good news? The young woman that was on the street? Jung-hyuk tells them that it is not. Then Seri comes out and asks if he is Eun-dong? You shold not be dishonorably discharged. Then she asks joo-meok ifi he is Joo-meok and says yes, fists are good for fighting (his name means fists). She asks him what drama it was. 

He says it was Stairway to Heaven. She tells him that was an older one. ii am good friends with both of them. She is my next door neighbor. Joo-myeok is so happy about that. But another soldier tells him that is not important.

Seri tells them to all come insid and says that they can take her to where she landed. Then seh can do the rest. But they say that is not possible. CHi-soo mentions she should be fried after crossing the border. Then you will know that the electric fence is this dangerous.

Joo Myeok says that the generator was broken yesterday, but now it is all fixed. She says that is why she is asking them to take her there. You are the soldiers. This is your area of expertise.

Jung-hyuk tells her that they already ended their shift. They are off for two months. They just came back to base and cannot go back for 2 months. She tells them that they should not say there is no way, let’s come up with a plan.

Chi-soo says that they can bury her. She tells him to just shut up. he curses her so she tells him that is a North Korean curse. Do you want me to curse to you in a South Korean way? We are also good at cursing.

Jung-hyuk tells them to stop. This is  not the time to argue about who curses better. She says that she was so angry and sits to talk. She asks if she is the first person who has flown in from South Korea? Don’t you have a manual.

Jung-hyuk tells her that according to the manual, you should go to the interrogation department. She asks if they are like the police or NIS or something? They say it is similar. So she asks why they did not turn her in.

Ah, I see, if I tell them what happened, then all of you are in trouble right? That is why you should cooperate. We are ll in the same boat. Joo-myeok raises his hand. She calls him Stairway to Heaven and says, tell me.

He says that his uncle runs a badachiki. Seri does not know what that means. So CHi-soo explains it is a small river that meets a big sea. So his uncle runs a small boat that meets a bigger smuggling boat at sea. (that might be how he has South Korean DVDs).

She thinks that is a good idea and says that she will get the actresses address for her. When does he leave? Joo-myeok says it is every 4 days. She frets about it and says that actually she has a baord meeting. it is very improtant for her. The most important day in her life.

Jung-hyuk tells her that she is misunderstanding something. You caused all this trouble. You should be sorry to affect everyones life here. She says okay, I am sorry. Jung-hyuk tell sher to choose. If you want, I can take yo to the state security office.

But everyone says no not a good idea. Jung-hyuk thinks that she will go back home after interrogation but there is no guarantee. She ask what the other option is. He says that she needs to follow their order. 1st, you cannot go out while you stay here (she says of course, where can I go?), 2nd – dont’ talk to my soldiers and dont’ talk about how good South Korea is (good good, you don’t tell me also). 3- dont say anything about what happened here after you go back to South Korea (dont’ worry, dont worry, I won’t tell anyone. As soon as I go back, I will have amnesia).

Jo-meok tells them that when you watch Korean dramas 9 out of 10 people have amnesia. that is a very common disease in Capitalism. They are all like, really? Is that because of American COke? Do they drink too much of it? I believe it.

Seri asks them for a personal favor. I always eat meat for 2 out of 3 meals a day. CHi-soo tells her, dont’ like you South Korean! Seri si all like, okay, that means don’t lie?

They are all trying to figure out North vs South way of saying “DOn’t lie” so the drama lover confirms that it is the same thing. So CHi-soo says that she is lying, she is trying to say that SK people eat meat 2/3 meals. That is all lies!

She tells them that she did not eat for two days and walked a lot and can’t see well now so can I eat meat? She turns on a bright smile.



At a cafe, Soo-chun and Chang-sook talk. SC says that he was so busy and just got back. He tells Chang-sik that he is his most important person since he introduced him to his CEO. No one can touch me at work after that deal. I am even against the manager but he can’t say anything.

Chang-sik asks SC why he did that? But SC says that he can do it. he is not the Park Soo-chan that can be fired at anytime. i have a 10 million dollar life insurance policy. I think I will get promoted.

Chang-sik tells him that his CEO disappeared, she might be dead somewhere. It is 24 hours after she disappeared due to an accident. So you need to behave well at work! I should not have introduced my CEO to you.

The friend starts to take a huge swig of drink.


Yeji prays for God to please appoint her husband as chairman as you planned for him. the people who will die, will just die.

SC – NOOOOOO, that is not right, it should not be.

Soo-chun is praying int he church at the same time in the pew across the aisle.

YJ – That person does not have to come back.

SC – Just make her come back! Just come back.


All the people in the North Korea town start to get going about their daily activities of cleaning cobwebs and trying to catch bugs and making kimchi by washing the vegetables in the sea which also adds the salt to it.

One of the women gives the orders tot he other women and asks if today is the day? One woman says that today is the day. Ri Jung-hyuk has come back from the border! 

One woman says that all other captains served at the border, why is he so important? Wol-sook says that his face is important! All the women in town want to preserve his face. 

Then the ladies mention sending a lot of firewood to Ri Jung hyuks house and sending him salt and dwenjang and gochujang and how he also has meat in his salt.

Cut to Jung-hyuk preparing food, he is digging through the salt. Seri asks him why he has meat in his salt? he tells her that food does not go bad in salt. the other side dishes are in the basement. Seri asks what this is? Joo-myeok asks her, don’t you know what a kimchi basement is?

Seri is all like, no, I dont’ know. He tell sher that this is where they keep all their kimchi. They put kimchi and everything here so the food does not go bad. Seri tells him that this is so organic. So everyone has this, not a kimchi fridge?

Jung-hyuk tells them no more talking so Joo-meok walks off while Seri still looks on amazed.

Cut to them cooking. They cook the food with coal so Eun-dong says this is so cool. Jung-hyuk tells him that his home town will be able to burn with coal soon.

Seri asks, so if you burn with Natural gas, would that be super futuristic? But then she says that she is just talking to herself. Don’t cook too much, I like it rare. then she tells them that she is just talking about her preference.

While they eat inside, everyone eats but Jung-hyuk does not. He tells her that they have to go back to the base so don’t leave the house. She asks, what if I need something? Do you not have a hand phone?

Chi-soo says that they have it! We don’t hve one but our Captain has one and some of the high officials. Seri says that if you have one then it is good. Ii will call him. 

Jung-hyuk tells her that he cannot use it on base. So Seri asks what if she has an urgent matter? Cut to him introducing her to the old school land line phone. He says that if she presses 5 it will connect her to his phone in the base.

She says this is like a hotel concierge service. that is just my example. He tells her he hopes she does not use her examples anymore. And to call only when it is an emergency.

Cut to Seri calling all the time. She calls for where the body wash is. He says to use soap. She calls for the shampoo? It is an emergency! He says to use soap. She calls again and says this is just in case, but do you have an aroma therapy candle? One of those smell good candles? When I sleep or take a bath I always use. CLICK. She calls and says there is no hot water! This is an emergency.

Cut to her having to boil her own hot water for the bath. She also does not know what this vinyl thing is for. He had to tell her that it is a bath tent, just hang it over the bath and then cut a hole for air. You can take a hot bath that way.

She hangs everything up and wonders if this is like a personal bath sauna? That is cool….do I really have to do this….should I just not wash? But then see that she actually enjoys the bath. She calls him again. But when he answers he realizes that it is one of his soldiers.

They start to talk about the car accident and how all the tomb raiders where killed during that accident. So Jung-hyuk goes to the official building. A voice over says that this is not the first time, do you think this was a coincidence? Do you think the rumor is true that the state department has their own secret truck?


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