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Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 3

Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our recap for Crash Landing on You which is brought to you by The Kthree! Join them for an After Chat party TODAY at 1pm PST on their YouTube channel!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



Seo Dan is in her honeymoon house as the men move all the things out. She is thinking about Seung-joon. She remembers when he was living there and he told her to come outside in 3 minutes. So he hurried to get his clothing on.

They drove away in their Land Rover. He told her that 3 minutes was too short. how do I look? This is my first date with you. She tells him that it is just a normal day. He told her that he likes it. How is it when the flower blossoms? He tells hr that he will come her with hr when the flowers blossom.

She told him that she was not coming. He told her that he hopes she comes. Then he starts to sing about flowers blossoming. She smiles.

In the present, she holds his jacket as she thinks about him and starts to cry. Her mother sees her and sadly looks on.

Later on, Seo Dan walks along the bridge that they walked on before and thinks about Seung-joon. He told her that she was pretty and that he wanted to be a good person in front of her. You are a good woman. then they kissed.

She starts to cry on the bridge and sinks to her feet as she sobs. She is till wearing the ring he gave her.


Jung-hyeoks mother meets with Seo Dan’s mother in their home.

She tells Myung-eum that she wants to meet her and thanks her for coming. ME says that the personwho has something to say should be the one to come visit. Then ME stands and bows to Jung-hyeoks mother and says that she has to say something to her. I have to apologize to you in advance.

ME – My Dan does not have fate with your son.

Mom – Did you hear anything?

ME – I don’t need any other story or reasons. My Dan says that she is not marrying Jung-hyeok anymore. I think about the last 10 years, and I am sorry.

Mom – I am sorry about that.

ME – DO not be sorry to us, I am sorry to you. Jung-hyeok who went to the border while being married and you guys who did not tell me anything. i was angry. I wanted you to apologize to me. But now it is different. Because I am telling you that this marriage is broken because Dan does not want to get married.

Mom – I am sorry, we did not consider you enough. We had a lot of things that I cannot explain to you.

ME – I will explain to you our story. Dan likes another man. That man loves Dan more than his own life. So what can I do? *tears* 

Mom – Yes, you are right. 

ME – isn’t it.

Mom – Yes, I am really sorry. Thank you.

They both lightly bow to each other in their seats.


Jung-hyeok gets ready at home to go in to work. But then there is a knock at the door. It is Seo Dan. So they sit to talk.

JH – I think I told you I would visit you this weekend.

SD – Yes, that is true, but I wanted to come here. I came here once before when you were not here.

JH – You came here?

SD – *nods*

Then she thinks back to Seung-joon staying at Jung-hyeok’s place and giving her the ring on bended knee.

SD – i came here with Koo Seung-joon

JH – Ah, he helped me a lot, where is he? I cannot contact him.

SD – He went far away to a place he will never come back.

JH – Why?

SD – I dont’ know the reason. You dont’ know why all the things happen in your life. When I went to Switzerland to see you. Back then I did not know the reason. I went there to see you but the reason you were taking pictures of scenery only.


Flashback to Switzerland. Seo Dan was walking with Jung-hyeoka nd asks if he awnted a coffee, but was only taking pictures.

They ride on a train later and Jung-hyek just looks around and does not looka t her. he doesn’t even try to tocuh his knees to her’s when they have to sit closely. He just takes photos outside.

they go to the top of a mountain where there is snow and he continues to take photos. 

In the present seh says…

SD – The last time when I came here, I kind of new the reason.

She gives him his cell phone and says that she found it on accident while I was looking for a candle.

SD – I hated that camera so much in Switzerland so I noticed it right away. I took it to throw it away. I lived as your fiance for the last 10 years so I deserved it right?

he smiles and says that it should be broken since it is old.

SD – I fixed it and I saw it.

JH – What?

SD – In Switzerland, the reason you didn’t see me. *smiles* Everything was meant to be like this.

Later on Jung-hyeok looks at hisi photos. It is a digital camera so he flips through it.

Cut to Switerland. Seri was taking an nap on the train behind Jung-hyeok (like this is Comrades the Hong Kong movie). She runs off.

She is also in the next elevator when they all get off to look around.

And finally she is on the bridge recording herself. He took her photo on the bridge. He looks at this photo and touches her face on the screen. 


Seri gets another text message and wakes up to check it.

VO – Today is planting day.

SR – Was he a farmer in his past life…Ri Jung-hyeok…

VO – SO, a vase will be delivered for that.

A vase is delivered with soil already in it.

VO – You will see what it is. It is a sensitive plant, but if you follow the instructions well then it will grow in a couple weeks. You have to water it, but not too much. a moderate amount.

She eats dinner and waters her plant. Though she wonders what a moderate amount of water is.

VO – It needs sun, but not too much. A moderate amount.

So she puts the vase in the sun and works.

VO – The most important thing is you have to tell it 10 good words a day.

SR – *sigh* this is tiring….stock market….sold….best brand…stock market….high return…#1 in market….Ri Jung-hyeok.

she smiles and then sees that her plant sprouted.

In the north, Jung-hyeok looks at his tomato plant that is alive and well on his shelf.


The secretaries sit and talk about how strange Seri is now. But in a different way. She is happy. 

Cut to Seri singing and dancing at work.

Text – Don’t work all the time, sometimes you can stretch or excercise.

Seri tells everyone that they can talk about things after her business trip. As you guys know, we are collaborating with the Chinese company. We have new patterns.

VO – Before seh was super sensitive. Any sound woud bother her during a meeting But now….

A persons phone goes off. It plays a classical song by Chopin

SR – It is Chopin? I like Chopin’s Nocturne. Okay, just talk on the phone, we can have a good ecuse to have a break.

They all leave quickly for a tiny break.

Seri looks on her phone and sees the texts from Jung-hyeok. He told hr that he likes Chopan, especially Chopan’s Nocturn.

VO – His texts continued, even though the seasons changed.

On anther day she gets another text.

Text – Today is the day to eat Samgyetang (chicken soup to eat in the end of summer). 

She takes her company team to eat chicken and beer for a season meal. She tells them to enjoy it and go home early. 

VO – I hope you do not miss little happiness in your life.

SR – He never has pring together or went through Summer together, but these texts come every few days as a present. I feel like we are spending the seasons together. In case I am sad, he will be sad so I try my best to smile and be thankful and happy.

On another day, it starts to snow. She gets a text.

Text – It is midnight on your birthday, happy birthday.

SR – Thank you.

Text – This is the last text because the scheduled messages are only valid for one year. Also, it is time for me to leave.

SR – Really?

Text – I wonder if the flower blossomed?

SR – It blossomed 

Text – It is an Edelweiss flower

SR – I know

Text – Lets see each other in the country where the flower blossoms. No guarantee on the date, but I will try hard and you can try hard and our fate can take us there.

R – What is this? So vague…

She looks at the flower.


In the village, the tubu person comes to sell the tubu to everyone. The ladies all get their tubu and then talk together about today being the day. 2 months was a long time.

Wol-sook and the ladies start to talk about the town without Jung-hyeok and joke that it is not the same. So they think about buying eggs and boiling them and bringing party food. They will met at lunch.

All the women get all dressed and ready to greet Jung-hyeok. They put on their best clothing and make up, lol. Wol-sook wears a shockingly red lipstick. Ok-geum tells her that it looks liekk gochujang sauce.

Young-ae comes last looking gorgeous and says that it is like Spring is coming. They aren’t wearing jackets to show off their clothing, lol, so they are all freezing.


Cut to dinner to welcome the soldiers back everyone is there, even Man-bok. Young-ae says that she will prepare dinner often for them as an elder of the town. it is good to be together like this.

Jung-hyeok thanks her and also says that he will be more thankful if she doe sit for the new captain.

they are ssurprised, huh what?

JH – I am summoned to joint he national orhestra.

Yong-ae almost passes out.

WS – All of a sudden?

JH – Yes

WS – What is goin on?

MS – I am so sad about it.

JH – The new captain will use house this please help him.

YA – Who is he new captain?

Jung-hyeok looks at his soldiers. They all look at Guang-bum. But they say it isn’t him. then the soldiers motion to chi-soo who smiles greatly.

They area ll like, um…him?

Chi-soo happil introduces himself and tells them hat he heard that they are so good. The meat is always filled in the salt. I am lookin forward to it.

WS tells him that is a rumor the other ladies say tha they are no that good. We dont give things. But Chi-soo says that he looks forward to it.

The ladies ask when they will see him again if he leaves like this? He sys that they will see him. If I have a performance then I will invite you to Pyongyang.

They are all sad.

Jung-hyeok tells them to enjoy the food. The ladies make sure that all the good food is in front of Jung-hyeok and all the side dishes are in front of Chi-soo.

They all happily eat and chat and laugh andn eat some more.

Jung-hyeok leaves that night and gives his place one last look before walking off.


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      You’re welcome, Vza! No one should wait for 24 hours to know what happened on this finale!

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