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Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The father gets word that the soldiers are back. He goes to the living room where his wide is sitting. She has pills in front of her. He asks what she is doing. She asks if he is going to pick up Jung-hyeok? Please bring him back alive.

He tells her that he is not only her son. She tells him, if something goes wrong with Jung-hyeok or you, I will follow. So don’t be weak just because something might happen.

The bus stops in the woods and the soldiers all get out. The #2 gets out of a car. Jung-hyeok stops in the front and asks why they are being dropped off here, we are going to Pyongyang.

The #2 tells them that they are destined to die anyway, after the military trial. So don’t affect your family members, it is good for you to just die here.

JH – If I die, then I want to go under trial. And the people behind me went to the military olympics and came back a little late. It is different from me. I committed the crime.

#2 – That is not important. Just inc ase you feel lonely dying alone, I am just sending you all together.

The military men circle them and area bout to shoot. Man-bok runs up in front of Jung-hyeok and all the soldiers cirlce around Jung-hyeok so he won’t get shot. Jung-hyeok tries to protect the youngest.

Gun shots go off. It is other men from Jung-hyeoks father! Many men come out of the woods and shoot the other soldiers. Then Jung-hyeok’s father comes out and tells #2 that he told him not to execute them without an investigation and trial because it might create unfair victims. Especially when I see my son among them about to die in front of me. That should not happen.

The #2 pulls out a gun to shoot him, but the father kills #2! he is stone cold about it too, dang. All the soldiers look on alarmed.

But then we see Jung-hyeok riding home pleasantly with his father in his fathers car. 

Jung-hyeok apologizes for making him worry. The father tells him, at least you came back alive, that is good. Th efather asks if she is o kay. Jung-hyeoks ays yes but then is about to start to cry. The appa asks if he is crying? Jung-hyeok doesnt say anything and just tries to hold it in.

At home, the mother hears someone coming in and was about to take the pills before anyone takes her away. But then she sees that her son walks in. The runs and gives him a big loving tearful hug and happily calls him her son and her baby and thanks him for being alive.

Man-bok also walks back to the village. The kids aer all playing red light green light when his son sees him. The son calls to the mother who drops everything she is doing to run to him. She asks why he did not contact her at all, I thought you were dead. Why didn’t you contact me. 

he apologizes tearfully and they hug. She thanks him for being alive.

In Seo Dan’s house, Seo Dan lays in bed all the time. Her uncle and mother think that they have to at least talk to her, she will get sick this way. 

So they go to her room and asks if they can do anything for her. Seo Dan says nothing. Please leave. But her mother sits her up and tells her that they can cry with her and listen to her stories. We can go through all these difficult moments together.

Her uncle passionately yells from the door, I can find you a better man! The mother looks at him as if she wants to beat the &*^% out of her brother. Seo Dan tells them she will lay back down, please leave.

The mother runs out and whisper yells at her brother, are you crazy! But then Seo Dan comes outa nd tells them, mother, uncle, I want to get my revenge.

The mother takes a breath – Okay, that is our specialty. Right? she hits her brother.

The uncle says yes!

So Seo Dan tells her that they need to find someone for her first.


Cut to Cheon looking all beaten up as he talks to Seo Dan in the lobby. He apologizes for Koo Seung-joon as he drinks his tea. She tells him that she heard that the people who did it are still inside their country. Cheon nods in aggreement.

She tells him not to worry about anything, just tell me. They will not leave this country alive. And, who gave money to those people?

Flashback to Seung-joon saying that Seri’s second brother is greedy. The easiest thing in the world is hooking those greedy people.

In the present, Seo Dan mentions that she thinks Yoon Seri’s second brother is the one who gave the money.


Cut to SOuth Korea, the brother is driving away with his wife. He tells her that they need to wrap this up. I never ordered to take Koo Seung-joon. You ordered that. Koo Seung-joon died because of the people that you hired. So it has nothing to do with me. 

When the broker said that we can use Jo Cheol-kang and kill Seri. I was angry and left the meeting. You are the one that asked Jo Cheol-kang to take seri. Don’t you agree?

She picks up a recording and says that a recording without the other person’s permission does not hold up in court. I did everything for you.

he tells her not to say it was all for him. Look at the result! I am about to get kicked out and go to jail!

She tells him to calm down, Koo Seung-joo died in North Korea. The thing that happened in North Korea has nothing to do with the SOuth. I took care of all the money we sent and the phone call list so no SOuth Korean people will be able to figure it out. And Jo Cheol Kang that tried to kidnap Yoon Seri, he just died. There is nothing disadvantageous for us.

he asks, are you sure?

They go to the parents house and see Seri there. The bother asks when she came. She tells him that she came as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. Sit down.

She is sitting with their father and tells them that she just went under NIS investigation. She thinks she will be indicted.

The brother and wife are happy. They think that she infringed on a lot of national laws. Be sure to write a good statement.

The father tells him that their lawyer will take care of it. All she did is not report the soldiers. The lawyer said it is not a big crime so she will just be watched or bailed out. 

the brother says that this was not a small crime father. One line in a newspaper….

The father tells them to worry abotu themselves, you will not just be watched.

They ask, huh?

Seri tells them that if they know the law so much then they should investigate it better. you knew that someone was a criminal and was about to commit a crime. But you gave them money and locations. that is a 10 year sentence.

The brother asks, what are you talking about?

Seri asks for them to bring him out. Then we see the NIS officer bringing out the broker. he apologizes and tells them that the North Korean broker sent all the money and account information and everything through China. I just did what you told me to do.

The brother and wife yell at him about being crazy.

The NIS officer tells them that it seems like you two will have to tell me a lot. This case has murder and kidnapping involved across borders. There is so much to indict so the NIS and police will investigate this together. Let’s go for now.

The brother whines to his wife that she side it would all be okay. He gets handcuffed. The brother asks if the father will just let them take him like this? What about the company?

The father yells, shut up! Don’t you know that I am cutting you off. Before it gets more rotten, I am cutting you away. He walks off.

Seri looks on sadly as the brother and wife are led out in handcuffs.

Seri finally gets home and sees all the notes that Jung-hyeok left for her as to how to make certain foods. She opens her fridge and sees all the food in there.

Then she looks at her counter and sees all the food in a place where she can reach it. She starts to tear up and cry.

That night, she plays his piano song for her as she tries to sleep. She gets a text right then and checks it. then sits up quickly.

Text – Are you still not sleeping? Are you checking this text, so that means you are not sleeping.

She asks, how can this be? Lee Jung-hyeok?

Cut to a flashback where the NIS officer gave Jung-hyeok a cell phone to add a message to send to Seri in advance. So he put a date and time to send the message.

Int he present, Seri gets another message

Text – I learned how to send a message in advance. I still worry about you and I still have a lot to tell you. I will write the things I want to tell you here. The thing I want to tell you the most, I left in your shelf…

She goes to her book shelf and sees the first word of the books on the shelf

Books – Yoon Seri I Love You

VO – This is my answer for what you did. 

She looks on lovingly.

SR – Is he a primary school student just following everything I do…

The next day, she is getting ready to go and gets another text and happily checks it.

Text – Good morning, don’t go out on an empty stomach, at least eat an apple.

So she eats an apple in her kitchen and imagines him eating it in North Korea next to her.

VO – Just in case, it is good to keep the line when you drive, but don’t only look in front of you, look around also.

So she looks around while driving.

Jung-hyeok rides his bicycle in the Village in the North.

VO – Also, happily eat your meals on time

In South Korea, Seri happily eats with her secretaries and with someone. Eat happily with others and enjoy the time.

Jung-hyeok and his soldiers eat with him at his house. They look happy and chatty.

VO – Why don’t you take a walk for 30 minutes at 12:30?

she goes for walk.

VO – I will also walk around at that time.

We see him walking around in his soldier outfit. She tells him, it is nice to walk around Jung-hyeok. He tells her, it is nice to walk around Yoon Seri.

The soldiers sit together and eat potatoes. Chi-soo tells them Gam-ti. So Chi-soo asks them, dont’ you know gam-ti is fried potato. Joo -meok asks, French Fries? Then Chi-soo says another South Korean word that is outside crispy and inside is soft – Go-pa-so-choke.

They all oohh and ahhh and tells him that he is almost a Seoul person now. Chi-soo says it fits him well.

Joo-meok tells them that actually, this morning I was waiting for hot water after turning on cold water. i was so surprised to see myself waiting for hot water. Guang-bum says he was surprised that he did not have electricity. Chi-soo says not having electricity is right. Eun-dong says he is okay with everything else, but no internet is a new hells gate. When I lay down at night I see the game screen on the ceiling.

They all sigh and thinks about the south then lay back and eat their potato pleasantly.


In the village, Seo Dan’s mother shows up and greets everyone. they ask her why she is here without notice? The mother tells Young-ae that the honeymoon house is closing today. I am so happy about it.

SO the ladies tell her that they should talk about it inside. They all go inside an Seo Dan’s mother tells them that seh went to England and found limited edition products that they might like. she gives it to them.

The products actually look like the ladies. It looks like a painting of the ladies. They ask what happened? Myung-eun tells them that these area all new products from Seri’s choice. the ladies are so happy, so does that mean that Seri made it! But they are worried about Myung-eun.

Myung-eun tells them not to worry about her, I have no feelings to the swallow from the south. You know, I dont’ see her. If I saw my enemy then I could break her leg but I don’t see her and can’t meet her so I have no regrets. It was a short relationship but she made these kidns of things. She is not a bad person. Right?

Thy all say that she was a nice person. Then Myung-eun tells them that Seri’s choice limited line is called “Longing” or “Missing You”. The ladies are so touched by the name. They all put their initials on their individual boxes and go outside to talk about Seri.

They are all happy that she is doing well and has not forgotten about them yet. They want to tell her that they recieved it and thank her. How can I say that. Myung-sook tells them that she should know without them saying it. Then they sniff and say that the sun is making them cry.


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