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Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

It is the last episode! People are dying! Bawl! What is going to happen, y’all? (Okay, I feel like I just wrote a haiku.) I mean, I have an inkling that it will turn out on the upside because this is a romantic comedy and the writer has not done anyone wrong in her other dramas (that I know of). So this should be okay? Imma just go on ahead and believe that until proven otherwise. Also, today’s episode is a rumored 2 hours, so get your snacks now and buckle up for a fun ride ahead!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



Seng-joon is shot in the warehouse but he is still able to shoot the bad guy. He falls on the ground and Seo Dan runs to his side. He starts to cough up blood.

She tells him to wake up, he tells her that he is okay. She grips his jacket and yells his name.

Then we cut to him being rushed to the hospital.

In South Korea, Seri is in critical care and being worked on. Jung-hyeok runs to her room. But he can’t go inside due to the blood poisoning (like sepsis?). She flatlines almot as soon as he gets there. So they have to start CPR on her.

They use the dfibrilator on her as Jung-hyeok looks on in pained silence.

In North Korea, Seung-joon is being rushed to the hospital in the ambulance. Seo Dan tells him not to lose his consciousness. You told me later, with your better self – 

SJ (flashback) – With my better self, when I come to visit you, just in case you are still single, please give me a chance.

Seo Dan tells him in the ambulance that she was about to give him a chance. I was going to wait until you visited me.

SJ (flashback) – I like you Seo Dan, so I want to have direction in my life. I will live my life like that.

Seo Dan tells him that she was happy because he told her that. I was happy.

He tears up a bit and removes his mask.

SJ – What did you like? Me or another person?

Cut to another flashback with Seo Dan and Seung-joon eating together. She says that she liked it. But he did not know what she liked. The ramen or another man or me? She chuckled.

SD – It was you, I liked you.

SJ – I knew it…

He tries to touch her face but his hands go limp. Seo Dan starts to call his name. The ambulance man checks his pulse and then takes off the mask. She tells him to do something, he is just unconscious. So something for him, he is a poor guy. Please, anything! Wake up! Please! Don’t die!

She starts to cry over Seung-joon.

In South Korea, Seri’s pulse comes back. The doctors give her a full amount of oxygen. Jung-hyeok takes in a full breath. A tear falls. 

The doctors tell the parents that she is stable for now, but they will still have to wait. The NIS chief came by since they heard that Seri was in critical condition. But it looks like she is not in critical condition again. The mother asks if Jung-hyeok has to leave? She might go into critical condition again and she might look for him.

The father also asks to keep Jung-hyeok there. They all look at Jung-hyeok who is looking at seri with tears.


At the NIS building, the soldiers are happy to eat together in the cafeteria. it is almost a party. But Chi-soo tells them not to relax, they will think that we are convinced with capitalism. Don’t think that their evil plan has ended. They do not want to let go of the best soldier in North Korea. He came by himself.

They also care about the food. I already have bait. The American empire is scouting.

Cut to a flashback of the NIS agent telling Chi-soo that he can go back if he wants or he can stay there if he wants. Chi-soo is all like, hum…

So he tells the soldiers that the south wants him. Capitalism is like when it is sweet your swallow, when it is bitter you spit it out. They want my sweet ability.

Joo-meok tell shim that he relaly hates Capitalism but knows a lot of South Korean words. They asked all of us that.

Chi-soo looks around, all of you? Well, maybe he asked you because he does not want me to be along. they all shake their heads.

Guang-bum asks them if they saw their captain? They shake their heads. No, the inspectors don’t tell them anything.


The bad military man in North Korea (the #2 guy) asks Jung-hyeoks father if he asked South Korea to exchange people with us? The general says that they have south Korean spys that they would like to have back.

The #2 says that their people that we have already have a sentence and are serving their 9 years. it is different.

The father tells him that they should be honest with each other between you and me. You did not even investigate them at all when you gave the sentence. Some people have an unfair sentence.

The #2 tells him that you cannot hide a needle in a bag. You just want to hide the fact that your son is crazy about a South Korean woman. Because of that, you want to make a disadvantageous deal for us.


The NIS team is having the same kind of meeting. They say that they know it is disadvantageous for them, but they still want to have those people back?

The chief NIS guy says yes, but the deal is ASAP. It is also a secret. There will be a 5 year secret document for it because I think they are a little sensitive because there is the son of a high official.

Another man asks if they are sure that they did not spy on South Korea while they were here? The chief tells them yes. If you check th data that they have and the confession they gave, except their gun fight with Jo Cheol Kang, nothing happened.

A man asks about the soldiers?

The Chief says that they all want to go back. 

So the man mentions that they should do what they want. An unofficial exchange. it won’t make our citizens too happy anyway. The other military man agrees. Especially because this deal is favorable for the South.

But they think that they still have to make a deal. We should have a family meeting with the families that were separated.


But in the North, the bad #2 guy says that the South wants to make a deal. How will you be responsible for this? The father says that he has a plan. He throws a manila envelope on the table for #2 and tells him that he has South Korean evidence. Jo Cheol-kang made all the crime in the North and disappeared when moving to the jail contacted you continuously. Did you ask him to do that?

The #2 says it isn’t true…

The father tells him that his son would never betray the country because of a woman.

#2 asks, so do you want to just keep this quiet on both sides? Is that it? … Okay. But I have a condition. Our military department will process everything for returning the soldiers. You should not say no to that.

The father looks a bit hesitant.


Seri is up and about in the hospital. her 3 secretaries come to see her. She tells them to sit. Her mother comes to see her as well and asks when she woke up. seri says she just did. So the mother asks for privacy to talk to her.

She tells her that she just heard, his return is decided. She asks when he is leaving. She tells her, right now.

Seri is at a loss for words. Now?

Her mother tells her yes, right now.

Seri thinks back to Jung-hyeok telling her that it was more difficult to see her than losing his entire life. She tells her mother that this is good. At least he didn’t lie. So he can go back because the result of the investigation is good. I am very very happy for him.

Her mother asks if she woul dlike to go there? I can take you. 

Seri shakes her head no. We already said our last goodbye so many times. I have nothing to say anymore. If he sees me like this then it will give him a more difficult time to go back. I dont’ want to tell him that I was sick.

Her mtoher says, you think he didn’t know. But he was here the entire time.

Flashback to Jung-hyeok watching Seri oing to surgery and hanging around the hospital.

Mom – All the time you were in surgery…

Jung-hyeok watches Seri in her recovery room after the sepsis. he stands here like a statue while people come and go. Yeji also shows up with her husband and sees Jung-hyeok so she wants to stay and says that she thinks she needs to be there a little longer. But the big brother drags her out.

Jung-hyeok stays there until he is all alone. The NIS agents watch him from a distance. The mother also comes and watches him.

Mom – He didn’t eat or sleep for many days when he waited for you to wake up.

finally she wakes up. he is quietly happy. When she turns her head to look at everyone, he hides off to a side and takes a deep breath. Then he walks away to the NIS agents and heads back.

But he gives her one last look as he walks away.

Mom – After he saw you opening your eyes, he left.

Seri starts to cry as her mother tells her this.

mom – Even though you said bye to him many time, you should miss him. Don’t you want to go?

SR – I will, please take me, please. I really really miss him.


The North Korean’s are being driven away in a bus. Jung-yeok looks out the window. Chi-soo tells the quiet bus that it is good that she woke up. We didn’t even know that she became like that. The soldiers all start to talk one by one. Eun-dong says that if they leave like this they won’t know how she is but I am happy that she woke up. They all tell him that she should be okay, Captain.

Chi-soo then tells the NIS that they put a lot of clothes next to them since they are leaving. It should have been difficult for you. The NIS chief tells him yes, we did. he smiles.

Manbok looks out the window and says that it is raining. We will never come back here, but I will remember it.

Cut to the mother telling Seri to hold on tight. Then the mother zooms off to try and catch the bus. 

The chief gets a phone call as well. he is surprised but he tells them that they have timea nd looks abck at Jung-hyeok.

They get to the North and South border crossing check point and go across. Then they get to the point where they can’t drive any further and stop.

Joo-meok asks, so that is the border right? The soldiers all say that they think so. After crossing that line, it is North. So it is time for them to hop out.

The soldiers all get out and look at the border line. Jung-hyeok looks at it as well. Birds fly overhead as the North Koreans drive to their side of the border in their vehicles. Such a stark difference with everything.

The South NIS officers walk their team across to meet with the North. 

They all stop on the thick yellow demarcation line for the North and South. But the NIS chief tells them that they have 5 minutes. But the Noth officer tells them that they should do it now.

So the chief says okay and looks abck at the road. No one is coming up. So he says, lets do it.

The South Korean prisoners walk across the border at the same time as the North Koreans walk across the border to the North.

But then Seri’s mom comes zooming up. The Noth Koreans  are being handcuffed inthe North. 

Serii takes off running to him. He yells, why is she running. Don’t run! He pushes away the North Koreans and runs to ive her a hug as the North Koreans and South Koreans pull their guns on everyone.

They have a big embrace in the middle. But Jung-hyeok tells her that she is not recovered, what if you go to the hospital again? You should care about it.

She asks why they are being handcuffed? I can’t let you go. Can’t you not go? Jung-hyeok tells her not to worry, don’t you know me. Nothing will happen.

But she is worried that they are dragging them away. What if something happened bacause of me? he tells her again that nothing will happen. If anything does happen, it is not your fault. I have no regrets. i am just thankful that you came into my life as a gift.

SR – Me too, I am also thankful for you.

JH – It hurt me when I told you those harsh things. I was so sorry. Don’t keep it in your mind.

SR – No, it was nothing. Don’t worry. But, we don’t see each other again ever, right, ever? How? I miss you so much Jung-hyeok.

JH – *chokes up* You asked me if we wait and pray with our whole heart then we will meet the person that we want to meet. Then we can see each other.

he wipes her tears away and tells her, I love you.

She tells him that she loves him too and touches his cheek.

They are about to hug again, but then he gets pulled away and has to reluctantly let go of her hand. The South officers pull him back to the border.

He takes one last look at her and then walks across he line and is handcuffed then led away.

Eun-dong gives Seri finger hearts with his hands cuffed. CHi-soo says goodbye. Joo-meok tells her to stay healthy. And they are all led away. 

She whispers goodbye through tears for them all to be safe and not get hurt. then the soldiers get into their bus and are driven back to the North.


While you Wait for Part 2!

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  1. Kk
    February 16, 2020 / 8:15 am

    Why se jun was killed.
    I had seen whole episode on insta hoping for a miracle

    • V
      February 16, 2020 / 10:05 am

      That is the one bummer of the episode! But at least they eluded to Seo Dan getting her revenge of everyone. I think they ran out of time with that storyline.

    • Anonymous
      February 16, 2020 / 12:21 pm

      I’m so sad that they let him die 😫😭

      • V
        February 16, 2020 / 1:07 pm

        Me too, that was a bummer 😩

    • Anonymous
      February 17, 2020 / 6:59 am

      He died a happy man with his love.
      Best thing is Dan became happily single successful musician. She is very strong n likeable

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