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Crash Landing on You: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

Crash Landing on You: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In North Korea in a hotel somewhere, all the kidnappers are sleeping and Seung-joon is tied up. Cheon wakes up and cuts him out of his bindings and then tries to tell him to tie him up instead! But he does it without saying anything so Seung-joon has to figure it all out. But he figures it out quickly and leaves.

Seung-joon starts to walk through a bustling market. A man tells him that there are no taxi’s there, you need to go to the train station. SO eung-joon has to figure out a way. But he sees that the men are following him so he hides.

Two begger children see him and might ask for money. He tells them to be quiet. Then the kids start to sing a song for money. The song says that they have no parents and no siblings, I am an orphan. If I die then no one will bury me.

Seung-joon thinks that this song basically describes him. One of the kids tells him that the men are gone. Seung-joon wipes his tears and tells him that they are in the same situation, I dont’ hve parents or siblings. No one will be sad even if I die.

He gives the kid all his money and tells him not to lose it and don’t let other people take it from you. Can you use it safely? It is the price for my life so go and eat a meal with your sister. He gave him a roll of 100s. Then he leaves.

he thinks back to Seri and Jung-hyeok in the car when he drove them away. he asked her where the proposal ring was that a good and loyal person like him gave her. She told him someone has it momentarily, someone at the pawn shop in the market.

In the town, Seo Dan looks Seung-joon. But he is not there.


The NIS have a briefing about how they followed Ri Jung-hyeok based on his cell phone GPS. Thse are the improtant files.

They show him holding the door open for a lot of people at the mall. The boss asks what he is doing? The briefing person says that this became viral that a the mall had a face genius doorman.

Then They show him saving a baby whose cart had gotten away from its mother. The guy says that he is very quick in response to things.

The chief tells the briefer that JH is a special forces officer! He used his good reactions for that! What if he uses it for something else? Anything else?

The briefer shows another image in a park where Jung-hyeok is getting a balloon from a tree. The chief at first thinks he is sharing his spy connections, but then he sees that he just got a ballon for a kid.

The next one, he helps an old man push a cart up a street.

The chief tells the briefer that they are not picking a good citizen award, why are you showing us this? The briefer tells him that they only have this information.

So the chief goes to talk to Jung-hyeok and tells him to be honest from now on. Why did you come to South Korea illegally?

JH – To take Yoon Seri to North Korea.

Chief – What is the reason?

JH – Yoon seri came to North Korea on an accident and is a chaebol in the South. I tried to make her stay in the North, but I failed.

Chief – What about your men?

JH – They have nothing to do with this. They came here for the military Olympics. I stopped them from going back. 

Chief – the reason?

JH – I wanted to convince Yoon Seri but I wasn’t enough.

Chief – You are using your men to take her back to the North?

JH – Yes, but everything was on my order. They do not have any will.

Chief – Ri Jung-hyeok, shi, thank you for telling us this. But do you know what will happen to you if you accept everything like this? 

JH – You told me to tell you the truth, so I am doing that.

in the hospital, the chief tells Seri this. She tells him that he is lying. He never told me to stay in the North. Drom the begining, he tried his best to send me back to the SOuth. He tried his best. 

We see a flashback of Jung-hyeok trying to get her to the SOuth Kora and all the m ethods he used like going via the track team to Europe and the gunfight and all that.

SR – He didn’t have any duty or any reason to do it, but he risked his life and protected me. he never tried to convince me or use me. As I told you, Jo Cheol Kang tried to kill me and he came from the North. he came here to catch Jo Cheol-kang who committed a crime. He voluntarily hid me….I also want to send him back safely. I will take care of the rest. I can gt punished or whatever.

The chief gives his brief to everyone. He tells them that what the two say is very different. One officer asks, so what Yoon Seri said makes more sense. No hostage will get shot for another.

The chief also thinks that JH did this to protect her here. So the officer asks about the other 5 soldiers.

Man-bok says that whatever JH told them is my answer.

Eun-dong says, how many people did you ask? if you did not get the answer, then that is why you are asking me. I can’t tell you.

The NIS guy sighs.

Gunag-bum doesn’t say anything.

Joo-meok asks, is my captain here? Is he hurt? I just wonder…is he still alive???? You know, SOuth Korean dramas, the main character often dies. I am nervous!

Chi-soo tells them, I could tell you many times but it is a wasted effort. 90% of my weight is in my mouth. My mouth is very heavy.

Cut back to the brief where the chief says that the solders refused to talk. So the officer tells them that they need to put JH and Seri face to face since they have a different response.


Jung-hyeok walks into a open room where Seri is sitting. He tells the NIS guy that he said he wont do a face to face.

SR – What you say and what I say are very different. So we should at least do it once. We both know the question.

NIS – Okay. We are recording you, that is your reminder.

He leaves.

Seri asks if JH is going to just stand there? Sit, it is difficult for me. So he sits on the opposite side of the table. It is pretty stiff between them. JH looks out the window.

SR – Jung-hyeok shi, look at me. Look at me, please.

He reluctantly looks at her.

SR – I know why you are doing this. Bcuase of me. If everyone knows what happened then I will be in trouble. I will have a hard time. You want to be responsible for everything.

JH – It is not that.

SR – If it is not…

JH – Listen to me. As you already know. My father is the head of the military. I am not just nobody in the North. Do you really think I hid you and helped you only because of personal reasons? You are so naive. if you didn’t reveal your identity then I would not have done it at all. Because you are an important person, I have a reason to use you.

SR – *sighs* Just stop lying, you are not good at it at all.

JH – Of course, we spent time together. I can’t tell you it was all lying. I had feelings for you also. That is why I am telling you this as a last word for our time together.

SR – Ri Jung-hyeok shi…

JH – I came here to use you. The person who landed in the North on accident. I used your weakness as a hostage.

SR – you hid me in the North, that is why I am hiding you here! That is all my decision. I am not your hostage! You – used me? Someone that was about to get killed with a gunshot and risked your life to protect me and came all the way here?

JH – No, I am not here to protect you. *leans in* Jo Cheol-kang is my brothers enemy and I am here to pay him back for that. So stop misunderstanding.

SR – Jung-hyeok shi, are you going to ruin your life? Don’t you want to go home? If you become responsible for everything, then you will really be a criminal. Do you know what that means?

JH – Yoon Seri – it is more difficult for me to see you than ruin my entire life. So please just go, please.

She reluctantly understands.

Seri – Jung-hyeok, No, It is already so difficult for me.

She stands and leaves reluctantly. But she can barely walk away. She stumbles and collapses in the hallway outside. Her mother runs to her side and she is piggybakced away by the NIS.

The chief goes inside to talk to Jung-hyeok and asks him why he said such a harsh thing to her.

Chief – She came here even with her injury. She collapsed and moved to the hospital, I told her manyt imes she is not in a good condition…

Jung-yek gets up and runs off to see her. He sees her being carried off by the NIS men and  has to hold back his feelings as he watches them.

Seri is taken to the hospital and has to possibly have another surgery. The doctors check her and the tell the mother and Seri’s secretaries that Seri has acute blood poisoning. They are giving her antibiotic treatment.

The mother asks if she will be okay? The doctor says that the blood poisoning has a 40% death rate. We have to see how it goes tonight.

In the NIS building, Jung-hyeok does not eat anything. He just sits in front of his food and looks stoic and worried. Like the entire world is collapsing on top of him.


Young-ae asks Myung-sook if there is no contact with her husband? Why does this keep happening? Actually that fortune teller was really good. They think tha they should visit her. But Wol-sook says that she got arrested last week.

They wonder what happened. Wol-sook says that one of the state security departments agents wife went there for a reading. The shaman knew that the husband had an affair. 

All the ladies think this shaman is really good. How did she knows? Wol-sook explains that the husband took his revenge out on the shaman. Then think that the shaman is good but she still can’t see her own future.

They wonder if the blood stone that the shaman mentioned is over. They think it should be. Then all the kids come u and says that they are hungry so the ladies go outside. 

While there they see Seung-joon and recognize him as the English man. He explains that he saw the kids and smelled the food, it smells so good. Where you cooking? I am not here to eat but can I charge my cell phone?

They invite him in and say he can eat dinner also. So he practically runs into to eat. they look at him suspiciously while he eats all the food.

Ok-geum asks him if people use a South Korean accent in England? Seung-joon says yes, becuse we have to disguise our identity. This is really good kimchi! They tell him to eat more. Eat slowly, no one is following you.

He is all like…yeah…haha.

They ask him, it is not true right? No one is following you? 

He laughs and says no, of course not! Hahahaha. But the ladies are not convinced.

Later on, he gets a call from Seo Dan who asks him where he has been and why his cellphone has been off all day? He tells her that he is at Jung-hyeoks palce. So she goes to the apartment. he pulls her to his side and tells her that he cannot turn on the lights, this is the only place I can hide.

She tells him that he should look for a candle and lights one. Then she thinks, she has finally come to her fiance’s house like this. He says yes, I am here without the owner, but he will understand, i did a lot for him. I was a broker and got him a korean cell phone and am on the run like this becuse I helped him.

She asks who. he says that he is hiding from the people that Yoon Seri’s oppa sent. Chinese gangsters.

Seo Dan asks, how dare those people come. Lets go to Pyongyang. He says that he does not want to ask her for any favors. I have my own reasons to survive.


Meanwhile, Seo Dan’s Uncle and Umma talk in her place about Jung-hyeok having another woamn! How dare he have another woman! the uncle reminds her that she said that they are not married yet so it is not an affair, it is only love.

The sister tells her brother that he is all bad, but the worst thing is remembering unneccessary things for a long time! She hits him on the arm and tells him, listen, Jung-hyeoks woman came from the South.

The Uncle tell sher, hey noona, R (Seung-joon) came from the South. That is a double standard. She grumbles. He mutters to himself that he did not expect 10 years of waiting would end in them both having an affair. But, what should we do? R is also about to leave.

The mother asks him about that. The Uncle says that he looked into it. R already bought the ticket to England. We should let him go right?


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