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Crash Landing on You: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

We are at the last two episodes! Can you believe we have made it this far? I can’t, it feels like we just started this show last week and all of a sudden we have two bullet wounds a couple hospital stays a surprised birthday party and a ton of guns all pointed at one person. How time flies, y’all!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



Seung-joon runs to the rooftop and tries to get away, but there is no escape, he is trapped. he yells as he looks over the edge and thinks to himself, ah, i am here eventually. But then he thinks, even though he is here, he is thinking of her.

The men run to the rooftop and stand in a line. Then Cheon comes out with a shotgun and points it at Seung-joon. 

Cut to a man who is looking at an email that says, the response from the head of the military is a lot more flexible than expected. Even though we showed the picture, he says that it was to make Yoon Seri on our side. The head of the military confirmed that Ri Jung-hyeok would come back in a few days. You take care of him over there. If you do not, then do not come back.

Jo is reading this message. He is all sweaty and worse for wear. He closes the computer and starts to pack up to leave. But he can barely hobble away.

Then Jung-hyeok pulls his gun on him.

At the same time, the NIS surrounds the building and tells Jung-hyeok to put his weapon down and listen to them. If you listen to us then we will consider a good sentence. Put down your weapon.

Jo tells him that the sky was on his side when he was born, but now it is on my side.

All the red gun lights focus on Jung-hyeok. Jo turns around with his hands up.

The police tells Jung-hyeok if he shoots then they will shoot him.

Jo tells Jung-hyeok, Our noble Jung-hyeok should not die here.

But then Jo pulls a gun from his jacket and turns to shoot. Jung-hyeok dodges to the floor and all the red lights focus on Jo with the gun and start to shoot him. He gets a ton of bullets in the chest and falls.

Jo – You can’t go, I sent everything. You and that woman and all the evidence. If you go back then your parents will be executed. Why didn’t your father investigate when your brother died, if he investigated to the end your father would be there. That is why he didn’t. That is he same reason your father wanted you to die here.

Jung-hyeok tears up and he listens. it angry tears.

Jo – You and me have nowhere to go. If you go North or if you get arrested here, your parents will die. Lets go together.

He reaches his arm out to Jung-hyeok, but does in the process.

Jung-hyeok closes his eyes for a strong breath and then sits and thinks. he holds the gun to his head as if he will shoot himself. But then the snipers swing into the room and hold the gun to Jung-hyeok. They yell for him to put down his weapon. So he does. He keeps looking at Jo then closes his eyes.


Man-bok and team wait at the hospital with Seri. It is raining outside so Manbok wonders if their town has rain too. Seri asks him if he was thinking of his family? Where is Ri Jung-hyeok, is he not here?

She tries to call, but the phone is off. It storms outside.


In the village, wol-sook has her hair out so that they will shave her head. The ladies are all like, do you really want to shave your head? And why shave it at my house? Why not at your house? 

Wol-sook says that she wants to remember it happening at the scene. Okay, do it! They are about to shave her head but then a woman yells for them to come out! There is big trouble!

Outside, Myung-sook and her son are being dragged away. Young-ae and the other ladies come out with pitch forks and other household weapons to see what this is about and yell for thes men to stop whatever they are doing! This stranger did not report to me! The people leader of this town! I cannot just let this happen!

The men says that they are from the state security department.

The ladies stammer and asks, are you? Well, then, can you say that my Young-seok is the head of the state security department branch?

The men kind of couh and say, yes we will. They start to take them away.

But Young-ae tells them that her yong-seok is the head of another department! You dont’ know your bosses name! Myung-seok, come to this side! 

They pull her to them and tell the men to leave otherwise we will tell everyone that you lied as State security people!

The men reluctantly drive off.

The ladies all ask Myung-sook what is going on and Young-ae tells her and her son to come to her place since it is the safest in the town right now. They all head off.


Se-young sits in the stairwell and thinks that he is done. His wife comes in so he tells her that he id one because of her. She tells him that he is not done, there are still more cards to play. he asks, what cards?

Sang-ah tells him that Yoon Seri did something, she has those people from North Korea with her. I talked to Jo CHeol-kang about it.

Cut to the soldiers looking at a vending machine where hot milk comes out of. Eun-dong is so amazed by this. Chi-soo explains that a person is inside and will boil the water. But he winks at the other guys.

Eun-dong is all like, really? Chi-soo tells him that is how scary capitalism is. How can a person stay here day and night and boil water. Joo-meok tries not to laugh. Eun-dong knocks on the vending machine and tells the person goodbye. 

They start to walk away, but then the other NIS people show up and chase them! The NIS also start to search Guang-bum and Man-bok. Seri says she can explain. But the NIS people take them away.

Man-bok tells her that they are okay, don’t follow us. She tries to follow, but her injuries prevent her from doing that quickly.

Chi-soo, Eun-dong, and Joo-meok hide in a closet. They talk about how they cannot go to the NIS, once you go inside there, you do not go out. They all fret about that. Eun-dong say that they will pull his fingers out and Joo-meok ays that they won’t feed us. 

Chi-soo says that he can die since he has no one, but Eun-dong, you should live to see your parents and Joo-meok, your family gave us a lot of food. You should serve your parents first after being discharged. I will lead them away. You two save yourselves.

Chi-soo runs off and starts to head in a opposite direction. But the NIS don’t follow him becuase he is going up a dead end. So they just tell one guy to wait until he comes back and then look for the other guys. They catch them all.

In the lobby, Seri finally catches up to all of them and tells them that theyc an take her with them, she can explain it all. Her brother and his wife look on from the balcony.

The soldiers tell Seri not to walk aorund like that, you will be injured. But Seri tells them seh can explain it all, it is all because of me. Investigate me first. They tell her that they will schedule her investigation, your doctors says that you can’t come out now.

She says she can go now.

But Chi-soo yells at her to listen to her doctor. Then they are pulled away.

Her mother comes and stops Seri from going after them and tells her that it will be okay. Then she gets her back in bed where she is checked on by the doctors.

Jung-hyeok is also taken away by the NIS team.

In a bus, Chi-soo tells the other guys to give it to him. The poison so we can just all die at once. You should have something. Man-bok is all like, what poison? They didn’t even give us a gun? Chi-soo asks why he doesn’t have a plan?

They mention the other spy in the green outfit and says that they shouldnt’ be too worried. But Chi-soo was all like, didn’t you see how he was? Flashback to the spy acting crazy.

Chi-soo asks, how much suffering do you think he had to become like that? All the other men hang their heads in agony. Chi-soo thinks that he was under a very scary electric torture. That is what I think.

One NIS guy turns his head and looks at the, which quiets them all up.

They all go inside a huge cavernous all white room. Their clothes and shoes are set up in the middle of the room.

One of the NIS guys tells them to change into these shoes. So they slip them on. Then they tell them to pick up one of the boxes and follow them.

Cut to them having their photo taken as they wear the clothing that was on the box.

They wrote their name on the forms and also go through a round of medical inspection where they get their height and weight and blood taken.

Then they get a lie detector done. they are all so confused, though they get it done together.

Chi-soo is the first with the lie detector. He tells them that he will not say anything, you are wasting your electricity! But this is a lie detector, not electric torture, lol. So they see that he is lying. The instructor says that it seems that he is very nervous.

Chi-soo scoffs, nervous! Ha! I am not afraid of this torture!

They tell him that he is lying, this is a lie detector. 

Chi-soo is all like, huh? 

They ask him if he hungry since he has been yelling so much? You can eat something.

He says, No! I am not hungry!

But the lie detector shows that he is hungry. its a super big lie.

Cut to Chi-soo eating happily in the cafeteria. Eun-dong comes there to to eat. Chi-soo checks him to see if he is okay. Eun-dong is super okay. he apologizes. Chi-soo says that they just think they can feed us well.

But Eun-dong says that they already know everything. They even know my hometown.

Cut to an NIS officer showing Eun-dong his hometown on the computer. The village music starts to play as he looks at it happily and starts telling them this is my school, and this is the hill with flowers, and this is my house were I live! Right here! Do you see my mom? Ii want to see my mom!

In the present, Eun-dong happily wonders how they knew his house. They didn’t do any electric torture on me, they were kind.

Chi-soo tells him it is a mental game, just be ready for it. He looks around at all the NIS looking at them eat. But there are only like 4 of them.

They ask where their captain is.


Cut to Jung-hyeok sitting in the interrogation room. He is very quiet and stoic. The younger NIS agent says that they dont’ think Jung-hyeok will say anything. The older guy mentions that he did not eat anything, so let him rest a little bit.

They also wonder if their intel is that he is the son of the head of the military. If that is true then this i daebak for us and North Korea. We should investigate it. But, he is so calm. Is he thinking about other things. You know, like the parents in the North and Seri and all those people that helped him. He will take all the responsibility and die. He looks like that.

The NIS officer asks if he can read minds. The other one says this is his experience.


Jung-hyeok’s father finds out that Jung-hyeok was arrested by the NIS. Now it is out of our hands. The father asks if Jung-hyeok is okay? The officer says yes. Jo Cheol Kang was found dead at the site, but Jung-hyeok is okay. Ii will find out more. But just in case, you should get ready.

Meanwhile, Seung-joon is driven away by all the men who took him from the rooftop. In the car, he tells them that they are good at fighting.  Then he asks Cheon if he doesn’t like him anymore. Cheon tells him to shut up.

Seung-joon tells him that when he was arrested to the State security department, I worried about you a lot! Cheon covers his mouth with tape and tells him to shut up. Though he looks a bit remorseful about it. He tells him that they have to drive many days to the Chinese border. It is late so lets sleep here.


Se-joon and his wife Ye-ji happily drink wine and toast at a restaurant. They chat about being happy, but then the brother asks, why does it feel like I am not completeed though. It feels like my feeling has not ended yet.

Yeji thinks that his father should have called him by now to tell him that he is the best. *singing* I am returning to you. Why was it so difficult to come back to you! The brother says, now I know, *singing* Until I die I cannot leave you my song! He should say that. Why is he so quiet.

She thinks it might be airplane mode? he says that isn’t it.

Cut to the 2nd son talking to the father. he tells him that until now, when Chaebols’s trouble happens, it is more like bribery and sneaking money and gambling r drug problems, but Seri violated National secutiry law. This is a different league. Koo Seung-joon will come back soon so everyone will ~.

But the father cuts him off and tells him, sorry, but I don’t want to talk about my family issue with non family members. Leave my house.

The 2nd brother tells him that the guy that was the bodyguard that had the affair is a North Korean spy.

The father says that is not concluded yet.

The sons wife tells him that she knows he is angry at them, but there is no excuse. You need to see this case rationally. We will all collapse if we go with Seri.

The father tells them, in my age, you remind me that I did not live my life well. You two should think about your own future. He stands to leave.

The wife says it is okay, Koo Seung-joo will come, when he comes then we will ahve a lot of get involved in.

The oldest brother ad his wife are listening in.

They hurry to Seri to ask her if she wants to kill them all??? Seri tells them to be quiet, I have a head ache. So Yeji apologizes and speaks quietly. The brother says that he was so embarrassed to see what they did. But are they on drugs? They are super evil.

Yeji tells them that their scenario is that they didn’t want to kill you, they wanted to protect the country. They are protecting Koo Seung-joon now. Was he really hiding in North Korea? How did you see him. Was it fate?

She says it was not fate, just coincidence. is Koo Seung-joon arrested?


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