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Crash Landing on You: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 3 + episode 15 Preview

This is part 3 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




the news hits the internet that Seri has a new man which is a scandal in Korea. Her oldest brother and is wife think that Seri is really back now that she has a scandal, and even in her hospital bed! Yejin thinks his back is so broad, daebak. Her husband grumbles.

But Yejin thinks that back look familiar! It is the bodyguard. I knew it! Why else would the bodyguard look so sad when the family was so normal. Look omonin! She shows her the photo.


In the hospital, all the soldiers are happy that Manbok covered the window. Seri says this is not so bad. Chi-soo asks, what could be more than this? Seri tells him not to imagine too much.

Then they look at Jung-hyeok, he tells them it is nothing like that.

Seri looks at the photo and says this is nothing. I am a patient, I was leaning on him due to the pain. Eun-dong tells her that she was smiling too much to be in pain. Seri thinks, well, we have to do it for a medical purpose? She looks at them, they kind of think that might work.

The online search for her and her bodyguard are top 5.

  1. Yoon Seri’s bodyguards face
  2. Yoon Seri’s hospital bed fashion
  3. Movie bodyguard Yoon Seri bodyguard

Seri is actually happy reading it. she tells Jung-hyeok that people really wonder what he looks like since his back is so broad. Or course. This paparazzi knows things, he got the really good points. Your shoulder line and the two of us, I like this picture.

Chi-soo mutters that she should have been injured somewhere else.

Outside, Hong fields phone calls to tell them that it wasn’t really a hug, she just had to brace herself on him to withstand her pain. My CEO smiles when she is in pain. it is not a disease, it is just…well…the other person is really a bodyguard.

Then Jung-hyeok comes out. Hong tell shim, I did not see you like that Hyeok! A young guy like that, you are yashinga (like an ambitious person). The other guy tells Hong not to yell at Hyeok. then apologizes to Hyok for having a lot of stress.

Se-hyung shows up with some other men. Jung-hyeok tells him not to come in. Se-hyun asks if he is he one with the scandal with Seri? So now you are brave since you had a photo with Seri?

He tells his men to remove him. Jung-hyeok beats them all up easily. they all crumple to the ground. Se-hyung starts to yell at him about wanting to talk to his sister and pushes Hyeok. 

Hyeok ties up his arms and pushes him against the wall to tell him that her first order is to keep her family members from going inside. So her brother tells him that he won’t go inside then. he storms off muttering for him to wait on what he will do to him

Jung-hyeok then goes back to Hong and asks if he had something to tell him. Hong is all like, oh, did I tell you something, um, I want you two to have a cute love. Jung-hyeok thanks him and walks off. Hong mutters to the other employee that Jung-hyeok is a scary guy. The other guy says he knew it.

Cut to Jo Cheol Kang sending an email to his boss letting him know that Jung-hyeok came to South Korea as he planned. But JCK looks horrible, he is sweating a lot and his face is pale. He says he will send his person he evidence. I will also bring Seri with me to North Korea and destroy the head of he military. You will become the head of the military.

At the NIS, a man looks at the photos of Seri and Jung-hyeok that the paparazzo took.

The NIS guy then tells the father that Seri was almost kidnapped at work in the basement parking lot. The CCTV was all erased by Yoon Seri’s order. We got the black box footage. Have you seen this man? He show a photo of Jo Cheol Kang.

The father says that he does not know him. The NIS man tells him that they checked him. He came to the South from North Korea. The father is shocked. NIS tells him that he thinks some people came to the south from the North and are targeting your daughter. We need to investigate this.

In the hospital, Jung-hyeok leaves Seri’s room and sees her mother there. he bows to her and they both hesitate as they look at each other.


They go to the Angel-in-us cafe to chat. 

Mom – You are the bodyguard right?

JH – yes

Mom – When did you become in that relationship?

JH – *pauses*

IN the background we see the soldiers peeking over their seats to have a look. They think the mother is scary. Joo-meok tells them that he saw this a lot in South Korean dramas. As I told you, south Korean moms meet the person dating the daughter and either slaps him or…

She grabs her water glass and they all pause and gasp.

But she just takes a drink of it. Joo-meok continues and says that she will give him a lot of money and tells him to go away. But the man will say, who do you think I am? I am not taking this money. Chi-soo asks why they do that? Why not take it? Joo-meok says he doens’ know. Chi-soo smiles and says, I hope out captain gets the money.

Then they see Seri’s mother taking something out of her purse. It is a small card. 

Mom – Seri does not have anyone with her. I am also not with her even though I am her mom.

She remembers how Jung-hyeok was looking at Seri in the hospital. 

Mom – Please be with her. I think that is a good thing. If I have to know something for Seri, or you need help. Then call me on this number.

JH – Why can’t you be with her? If you are with her then she will be happy.



Seri is still in the hospital with her recorder. her father comes in with the NIS man. Seri asks what is going on without notice? The father says that he is there due to this case. They think that the shooter came from North Korea. Seri, do you know anything about it? Is it someone you know?

Seri – If I know the shooter, can you catch him?

NIS – You know?

Seri – Can you catch them? That is my question.


The 2nd in command General meets with Jung-hyeok’s father and shows him the photos he got from South Korea that plainly show Jung-hyeok in South Korea. He asks if he knew about this.

The father sets the photos on the coffee table.

The 2nd in command asks the father what he thinks will happen if he reports it? The guy that realizes the end, after seeing the end, is stupid. But you should not be like that.

The father tells him, what do you want?

The general tells him to resign quietly. For a health reason. It can be smooth. Then I will bury everything quietly. You know, the sun goes down and a new sun comes up quietly, You decide yourself.


Seri is in her hospital room with her family, she says that she has to tell them something. The clue to solve her case is in here. She holds up the tape recording and starts to play it.

Se-hyung and the sister-in-law are talking about the case and mention that Seri survived again, now it looks super suspicious. We could lose everything. He says that she is the one that involved Jo Cheol Kang! I did not want to be involved with it. She tells him that she waited for him to do everything but you could not wait and met him and screwed it up. If you left it alone then he would have taken care of everything. He says there is no evidence, I paid in cash. 

Everyone is stunned at this recording. The oldest brother is all like what? You! His wife says, wow, daebak.

The father tells Se-hyung that he is out of Queens group as of today. We will have an emergency board meeting to change the CEO. You are not my son anymore, go away and never come in front of me again.

Se-hyung tells them that his wife did it! Abogi, you didn’t do anything right anyway. You should have divided and gave everything to us so it wouldn’t be like this! His wife tells him to stop. But he keeps yelling about the money and power and all that.

His mother stands up and slaps him. The NIS tells them that the police are investigating this case together so please cooperate. How do you know Jo Cheol Kang?


Jung-hyeoks father laughs and asks the general if he did not know that? I sent my son to Seol. If you dont trust me then ask Park Seung-gook. He appointed my son as a spy to attract a South Korean Chaebol. 

Then he shows the newspaper article and sys that this woman in the picture is a South Korean chaebol. You know that we are having trouble due to the economic sanctions. We have a good chance to have big money from Korea. We should not pass this chance. It is a secret mission. We could not share this with the military. You should understand. My son will come back soon. you can investigate it then.

He asks when his son will come back.

The father tells him, within a week. The military olympics ended. All out military athletes came back, but our spies are staying a bit longer. He will come back with them. 

the general tells him that he does not think he is lying with this important matter. If you are lying then resigning quietly will not solve this problem.


While walking away, the NIS agents walks past Jung-hyeok. He stops. Jung-hyeok feels something but keeps walking. Then he checks his phone call. 

Text: we found where the hunting dog is.



Seung-joon is on his balcony in the apartment complex when he sees a lot of men running inside. So he tries to escape and ends up going into a person’s apartment. 

But he pretends like he is drunk to buy himself some time and then escapes down the stairwell.

But a hit man comes up the stairwell so he has to go to the rooftop! But there is nowhere to go from the rooftop. He tells himself, ah, Ii am finally here. But why are they here? Did she do it?

He signs and looks over the side. the door opens to the rooftop, he turns to accept his fate, but then his mouth drops.

In South Korea, Jo Cheol Kang gets on the phone and asks if his order was delivered?

In North Korea, two men ask Myung-sook if she is Jung Man-bok’s wife? Please come with us, he was in a car accident in Pyongyang.

In the South, Sang-ah calls Jo Cheol Kang and yells at him for screwing it all up. But then he tells her something so she finds the NIS officer and says that she has to report something to him.

Upstairs in the hospital, Jung-hyeok asks his soldiers who is inside the room? They tell him that her family members are still in there. Jung-hyeok tells them all to stick around. SO they ask if he is going somewhere? He tells them if he is late coming back, still don’t go anywhere. 

He turns to leave but then stops and tells them, if I am late, in case I am late, you should go back. You all have family waiting. They all look worried.

Jung-hyeok leaves and takes a taxi somewhere. The NIS people follow him in vans.

Inside the vans, they talk to each other and tell them to call the emergency medical team just in case there is a gun fight. We have to capture them quickly. But to stop the fight quickly, we can shoot them. thy all load their guns.

Jung-hyeok sees the NIS people following him. 

He gets out and mets with the Korean-Chinese thugs that have free rent. they tell him that they think the mark knows that they are following him so he is packing up. They point him in the right direction, Jung-hyeok sees the handler getting into his car and follows him as he runs away to find Jo Cheol Kang.

All of the dozens of NIS officers and military get out of the vans and follow.

Inside, Jung-hyeok finds Jo Cheol Kang and holds a gun to his head. JCK asks if he is going to kill him? You can kill me but you are also dead. You lived a good life because you were born with a good father. Now you won’t have your father to protect you. Everything will be destroyed.

JH- Jo Cheol-kang, you are not the one without a future. I also put everything on the line for this.

The NIS burst in and yell to put their weapons down. Jung-hyeok keeps it pointed at JCK.

JCK smiles and drops his bag.

JCK – The sky that was on your side when you were born is now on my side. Put your gun down. You can’t shoot me.

Jung-hyeok keeps his gun pointed at him.

All the laser pointers aim at Jung-hyeok. He has like ten on him or more. They tell him to put down his weapon, otherwise we will shoot you.

JCK turns around with his hands up, but then he reaches into his pocket and pulls something out and swings around to point it at Jung-hyeok. A gunshot goes off.


Seri sits up in the hospital. She sees a yellow note that Jung-hyeok left for her.

Note – Listen to it when you can’t sleep.

She wonders when he put this note here and then plays the recording.

JH – Yoon Seri, you can’t sleep again?….

SR – yes, without you I can’t sleep anymore.

Flashback to Jung-hyeok seeing all the sleeping pills in her place.

JH – You have a lot of medicine…

He sits at the piano and plays the song that she liked.

JH – …when you an’t sleep, dont’ take medicine, just listen to this music. You said that you wanted to continue living after hearing this song. That comforted my past.

He looks in her fridge and her cabinets and doesn’t see anything so he buys a lot of things for her kitchen.

JH – …. I wanted to continue living as well, so why don’t we live today as if we will meet tomorrow?

He puts all the groceries in her cabinet but he thinks about it being too high for her so he thinks about her height and puts the miyuk and other things on the lower cabinet.

JH – …Eat well and sleep well. We can spend one good day. When tomorrow comes we will meet again as if we will meet the following day also. Why don’t we live happily?

He continues loading up her fridge and puts a lot of instruction out for her on post its.

JH – …. If you like your life and are happy, then forget about me one day.

He looks around her place.

JH – …. I am okay.

Fade Out


Ah, this show is he air that I breath. IT IS SO GOOD! I love it so much, I need a megaphone so I can tell everyone on the street to watch it! Its on Netflix!

One more week to go y’all. Just one more week and then we will have to say goodbye to our cute couple and their adorable soldiers and the lovely village ajummas. There are so many cute people in this show. I mean, when I saw the insurance guy all chocked up, that really tugged at my heart! Poor insurance guy with his heart on his sleeve.

There wasn’t’ a preview at the end of the episode today. See, y’all bright and early next week!

Update, we have a preview!


English Translation

SH – The bodyguard that Seri had an affair with is a North Korean spy

VO – Who are they?

Officer – It is out of our hands

Dan – How come your cell phone is off all day?

SJ – I have nothing to do with that woman so if you take her or whatever, I don’t care.

SR – It is not done yet, I have a hidden card

MB – We are okay! Just stay there!

SR – I have to send him off safely also

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  1. Elle
    February 9, 2020 / 10:03 am

    Thank you for the recap! I don’t have Netflix so I have to wait for it to come out on-line. When it does come out I need English subs. So I really appreciate the recaps!

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 1:59 pm

      You are welcome, Elle! 😘

  2. Jane M
    February 9, 2020 / 1:01 pm

    I think I am out of words to say how much I love this show. I am confident in this writer to knock it out of the park in the next 2 episodes and then we will all be suffering from Crash Landing on You withdrawal! Thanks again for your recaps.

    • V
      February 9, 2020 / 1:59 pm

      YAAAAAS, we will all be CLOY junkies who need rehab.

  3. Nina
    February 9, 2020 / 9:22 pm

    Thank you so much for your endless efforts to recap this fabulous magnificent drama. Don’t mind the typos at all, knowing how hard you guys recap every episodes, you all are daebak 👏👏👏 if the ending of this drama is as awesome as it went through week by weeks, I don’t think I can move on. It’s too good to let it go, we don’t know awesome drama will be here again 🤔 Thanks to all of your hard work dramamilk friends, you’ve done a good job 👍🙏💙

    • V
      February 10, 2020 / 2:36 pm

      Thank you so much, Nina!

  4. Achns
    February 10, 2020 / 1:36 pm

    Thank you for your live recap.
    But honestly I stop watching it. It’s so boring !
    I don’t see any chemistry between them.
    The story is flat. This perfect guy doesn’t exist in this world.
    It seems that this drama is for desperate housewifes who dream of the perfect lover.
    Sorry ! I don’t want hurt anyone.

    • V
      February 10, 2020 / 2:35 pm

      Desperate housewives who dream of the perfect lover is my genre of choice! 😍

    • Beez
      February 11, 2020 / 6:28 pm

      Haha! That’s what 97 percent of Kdrama is! The remaining 3 percent are OCN shows. 😄

      • V
        February 11, 2020 / 9:37 pm


    • V
      February 12, 2020 / 8:48 am

      Here you go!

      SH – The bodyguard that Seri had an affair with is a North Korean spy
      VO – Who are they?
      Officer – It is out of our hands
      Dan – How come your cell phone is off all day?
      SJ – I have nothing to do with that woman so if you take her or whatever, I don’t care.
      SR – It is not done yet, I have a hidden card
      MB – We are okay! Just stay there!
      SR – I have to send him off safely also

      • Anonymous
        February 13, 2020 / 8:53 pm

        Thank you, V.
        See you tomorrow evening!

        • V
          February 14, 2020 / 8:53 pm

          See you then!

  5. JoJo
    February 13, 2020 / 2:16 am

    I hope our couple will have a happy KDrama ending together. It will be anti climax if they are written one. And I hate being left hanging at the end. I so sad it’s coming to an end and I’m wondering what I’m going to do with myself after this. LOL. I’ll not watch the release of ep 15 and watch the final 2 episodes back to back. 파이팅!

    • JoJo
      February 13, 2020 / 2:17 am

      I mean “It will be anti climax if they aren’t written one.”

  6. mason green
    February 15, 2020 / 6:08 am


    I cannot believe 6 mins into the show and I am stalking your blog

    • V
      February 15, 2020 / 9:02 am

      LOL! I love it! Stalk away 😘

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