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Crash Landing on You: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Crash Landing on You!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Both brothers say that they can put their security teams in the hospital and then glare at each other about it.

The oldest says that he has an ex-judo silver medalist in shooting. 

The 2nd brother tells him that his team used to serve in the Blue House. So just go away.

But then Seri moves her finger so they all look at her. Her eyes start to wake up so they all point and say that they see her eyes! The oldest brother tells the nurse to call the doctor, she woke up.

Yejin looks on and asks, gun shot in Korea? I thought you were in Hollywood.

Seri olds up her hands and then motions to come closer.

Yejin leans in so she tells them, go away. All of you go away.

Yejin tells them, seh wants all of us to go away.

So they all leave. Yejin happily tells her brother that she is normal. The mother runs up and asks, is Seri awake? The oldest brother happilys ays she did and then that she told us to go away. She is looking for someone else.

Cut to Jung-hyeok answering his phone.

SR – Why did my bodyguard disappear without my permission? You told me to stay where you are as long as you see me then I am safe. 

JH – I am on my way back, right now *tears*

He runs back into the building in slow motion and then runs up the stairs to her room. He runs around the other guys and right into Seri’s room.

They both look at each other with teary eyes. He looks at her in her bed and then looks away.

JH – Why did you step into that dangerous place? Why are you so fearless? You could have ben dead? What if you are really dead? How could I live my life?

SR – What the f you are funny. If people hear this then they will think I am the only one. You did the same thing. You almost died for me.

JH – that is different!

SR – It is the same.

JH – I told you I am the one to protect you. 

SR – I just woke up and you are talking all this nonsense. How long are you going to be angry?

She holds up her hands for a hug. He slowly walks to her to give her one and starts to cry even more in her arms. But he tries not to.

Jh – I love you.

She looks at him with all his tears falling on his cheeks.

JH – I was so afraid that I could not say this.

SR – I was also afraid. This dream is so long. But in my dream there was no Ri Jung-hyeok. I really wanted to wake up.

They hug each other again.

Then the soldiers ruuuuuun to the room but they stop when they see Jung-hyeok hugging Seri and just look on at the door. But Seri tells them to come in.

So Joo-meok runs up to give her a hug to, but Jung-hyeok stops him and says to just give a handshake, it is not good to hug her yet. So he gives her a handshake.

Chi-soo asks, who was the person you hugged then? A log? he is about to hug her but Jung-hyeok stops him so he shakes her hand too. Eun-dong asks if she is okay now? She says she is not okay yet and whimpers. 

Jung-hyeok tells her that she should lay down again. Everyone should leave. But she says it is okay. Jung-hyeok asks how they knew she was okay, I did not call yuo.

Everyone looks at Monbok, he says he is sorry then he pulls the wiretapping machine off her bed and says that Seri was not protected and the Captain could not come in so I was worried.

In a flashback, theh doctor told the mother, outside the room, that Seriis in the VIP room with a lot of security. But in the background we see Manbok dressed as a custodian and sweeping his way into the room, lol. While in there he sneaks and puts the wire tapper under the bed.

While everyone was sad outsdie the hospital and crying, Manbok let them know how the surgery went which made them stop crying. he told them about all the details and ow it was a lung problem. Then he pulls out hsi wiretapping stuff and motions that he is listening.

Then we cut to Chisoo listening in on the room as well. he finds out that Seri’s father is the CEO of the hospital. They all take turns listening in. Joo-meok finds out that the second daughter in law is really bad. And the second brother is also so bad! 

Chi-soo asks to listen and says, that jashik!!!!

Cut to Man-bok acting out what is going on inside the room with the father asking Yoon Se-hyun, did you really not do it. Then he acts out Yoon Se-young who said, appa, you really dont’ believe me, am I really your son?

Then he pretends like the father is slapping the son by the is acting out the slap as well as who is getting slapped so its hilarious.

While at Subway, Eun-dong is listening and finds out that she is awake! They all stand up int he middle of Subway and cheer! Yay!!!!! Then they rush out.

In the present, Seri asks, so while I was unconsious you wire tapped me? he pulls out the small recording and says that there is something that she must hear, so just listen to it.



Seung-joon thinks about Seo Dan. he remembers telling her that he is really sorry to tell her about Jung-hyeok and Seri. He is sitting at the apartment. 

Dan is in her room. He asks her if she can come to the bridge where they met. But if he waits too long he will misunderstand her. She looks at her phone and wonders why this guy is so crazy. She goes to her sitting area and starts to pick something pretty to wear in her hair. But then kind of wonders why.

She goes to the bridge to meet him and asks why he is here this late? She asks if he thinks Pyongyang is a joke? The state security people will be everywhere. Are you afraid of that?

He says that he was worried about it, but I am also worried about you more. You cried becuase Jung-hyeok went to Seri so you can think of me asJung-hyeok, hit me. It will make you happy.

She tells him, if I think of you as Jung-hyeok then I can’t hit you. No woman is happy hitting the person she likes.

Seung-joon tells her to just think of me as me then?

She punches him quickly. He huffs and grabs his stomach and tells her that hr punch is strong. But you are pretty. She asks if he can be serious for one moment?

He says, I am serious.

She asks, so I am attractive?

He asks if she thinks Jung-hyeok left her because she is not attractive?

She says, that is not it, it is just that, after he left, I have to think like that.

He says, I told you that I will not lie in front of you. So listen to me. First of all you are pretty. When you tie your hair or not tie your hair, you are still pretty. When you come out without makeup after waking up, you are like a goddess.  When you rescued me, you were my girl crush, you were even cool.

She asks, and….

He continues, you are dodo-hada (coy and prim) but I still can’t hate you. You are actually cute. I wonder what kind of man he is for this woman to like him so much. I want to be a nice person in front of this woman. You are good enough for me to think this way. You are a good woman. If you cry like that, then I can’t think of anything. It drives he crazy.

She leans in and kisses him. hen slinks away a bit embarrassed. He holds her face softly and kisses her gently.


Seri listens to the recording in her room. it looks like she is alone.

Seri’s Mom – Seri, when you were gone, I wished I could have you back. I want to tell you everything that I want to say, but that time I could not say it. So am I getting punished now? When I met you, you were less than one year old. You always loved me as a mom. But I never accepted your love to me. And, that day….

Flashback to when Seri woke up and was driven to the beach and dropped off. She asked hre mother where she was going. Her mother told her that only they were going to see the sunrise. Aeri asked, without oppa’s, just you ane me?

VO – You were so happy that only the two of us were traveling together for the first time. I abandoned you. As a young girl you were waiting for me and passed out. I didn’t come back.

A family finds Seri on the beach. Seri’s mother ran back to the beach to find her.

VO – Back then, I went there because I didn’t want to live anymore. But then I realized what I did and came back, but you were not there. I am really sorry. *cries* My life was hell, not because of you, it was because of me. Maybe I wanted to torture myself by hating a person who loved me.

Another flashback to Seri’s mom crying at home. Little Seri went up to her for a hug and told hr not to cry. I will protect you.

VO – Just one more time, can you come back, I want to tell you that I am sorry and I was thankful. Whenever you came back, actually, I was happy.

Seri starts to cry in her bed. Jung-hyeok waits outside the door to give her privacy. But he might have heard everything.


He goes inside later and asks if she is done crying. She says yes. I am so mad because I can’t wear a bikini anymore due to my surgery wound. He tells her  not to wear bikini’s then. She says that it is not easy, my scar is big.

He says that is not a scar at all, it should be this big.

Then he shows her a big scar and says he had 14 stitches. It is a stab wound from tomb raiders when he was in the DMV. It was stitched up without anesthesia. Seri tells him he is super great.

He bashfully says it is nothing.Then he shows her another scar on his shoulder, the gunshot wound. She asks if it hurt a lot?

He shows her another scar on his back from training. and another scar on his head under his hair. she tells him that it shOuld hurt a lot and looks through his hair.

He also tells her that he has a wound here. She asks, here? There is no wound there. He leans in and kisses her. His shirt is half off. 

Then the soldiers come in right then. One of them covers Eun-dong’s eyes. Jung-hyeok says it is not like that. 

Chi-soo asks, as soon as you wake up you take off our captains clothing? Seri says she didn’t do it. Jung-hyeoks ays I didn’t do it. Joo-meok tells them that they should eat outside. But Seri tells them that they can eat here.

They line up all the fried chicken to eat. Man-bok apologizes for eating it in front of a person who cannot eat it at all. Seri tells them it is okay. I asked you to buy it so if I see you enjoying it then I will feel full as well.

Joo-meok cheers with a chicken for Seri’s recovery! they all toast with chicken.


All the important military people have a brief about the underground tunnel that was found that connect to North Korea. it is 9-12 kilometers long. it is very narrow. At least 12 to 24 hours of crawling.

One of the important men asks, so someone crawled for more than 12 hours? The person giving the brief says that is the only thing they can explain. but the important thing is that 2 people came out. They show an image of the first person, then they show the second person a week later and ask if it is related to Yoon Seri’s gunshot case.

Cut to Jung-hyeok looking around the shady parts of Seoul for any signs of Jo Cheol Kang. He goes to PC bang’s and looks inside shady looking buildings. 

he finds an illegal hospital and looks around for Cheol-kang. But he is not there. So he looks around some more.


Seri wakes up and tries to sit up, but Jung-hyeok is right there and tells her not to wake up like that. She asks how she should wake u? 

he says that she should inhale softly and then wake up and dont’ forget to hold my hand. She does it all and sits up.

Chi-soo tells them that they are still there. 

Jung-hyeok tells her that her lung was injured so you should be very careful, your diaphragm could be injured. She agrees and says the diaphragm is important.

All the soldiers decide to leave. But then they come back on a different occasion where Jung-hyeok tells her not to drink juice. She says that she wants to drink something cold. He tell sher that gunshop patients should not drink cold things. That is common knowledge.

She asks when it became common. He tells her when Ho-joon was alive (Ho-joon is a super famous doctor from like centuries ago, it was also a famous tv show. He was born in 1539). The soldiers are all like, um….

On another occasion, Seri tries to turn on the TV, Jung-hyeok says he will do it.

On another occasion, she wants to turn off the nob on her humidifier, he says he will do it.

He opens her milk as well.

Chi-soo reminds him that they are still there. Joo-meok asks, he is opening the little cap because it is so heavy? He will remove the sleep from her eyes because it is so heavy.

Jung-hyeok also removes the sleep from her eyes right on cue.

The soldiers decide to leave again. Chi-soo wonders if he lived too long. I have seen something I should not see. Joo-meok says he is like a racing horse that only sees Seri, he does not look around at all.

Across the street, a paparazzi takes a lot of photos of Seri from the balcony across the way, but Man-bk knew he was there and closed the curtains. However the photographer got a good shot and calls a tabloid to tell them that he found Seri’s new man.


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