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Crash Landing on You: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Crash Landing on You: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

This show gives me life. Just inject it into my veins and be gone. I kid! I kid! Stick around so we can gush together!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Seri drives the car in front of Jung-hyeok to protect him from the bullet from Jo Cheol Kang’s gun. She gets shot. Jung-hyeok spins around and sees that she is shot and shoots Jo Cheol Kang several times. But he is still okay.

Jo Chel Kang runs to grab his gun. Man-bok picks it up and points it at him. He shoots. But he misses him. Jo Cheol Kang runs away.

Jung-hyeok opens the door to the car and Seri falls out. She is unconscious. Jung-hyeok holds her in his arms and drops his gun. He starts to whimper and look around for help but he doesn’t want to leave her alone. He holds on to her tights and starts to cry and rests his cheek on her.

The ambulance comes and hurries her away. He holds her hand as the EMS worked performs CPR and chest compressions on Seri in the ambulance.

Meanwhile, the olympics mana calls to tell his boss that they are not coming, something might have happened. How long should I stay? I cannot stay much longer.

In the hospital, the team finds out that Seri has a gun wound, everyone is shocked and starts to work on her. The doctor tells Jung-hyeok that she is in critical condition, we have to have emergency surgery.

Jung-hyeok looks like a ghost as he listens to what he is saying and looks on at Seri.

VO – I had a brother. After his death I had big pain. So I decided to have a life where I lose no one I love. I am going to have a life that is no fun. I will have a life where I do not think of the future and just live my lief like that. After that, I never had a good night sleep, I never jokes, I never played. I loved no one. You landed into my land as a miracle. Until I met you, I was like that.

Seri’s mother shows up and sees Jung-hyeok bracing himself against the wall. All her family is there.

VO – now, I am okay to fear losing you everyday. I want to have a life with you. It is okay that I am in pain because this dream is unrealizable. i wish for my future. So please survive.

He looks at her family going into the hospital room. The mother sees him again and then goes into the room. 

VO – Please survive and listen to my stories. The stories I couldn’t tell you. I have a lot of stories that I couldn’t tell you.

Jung-hyeok continues to look on worried.


Jung-hyeoks father finds out that no one got on the bus. His officer tells him that they waited for than 2 hours from the time but no one came and here was no contact. if the military knows about this, then it can be serious. Only two people know about this outside of you. 

The father tells the officer to prepare for the military olympians reprogramming after coming back from south Korea.

The officer says that the problem is that the other military guy might be connected to Jo Cheol Kang. We need to make a plan for what is coming.

The father hits his fist on the desk and asks, why didn’t they get on the bus, what is going on?


Cut to the soldiers sitting outside the hospital and worrying. Joo-meok asks, why isn’t she waking up. Eung-dong thinks that she might not have any blood. Chi-soo says that She was bleeding a lot. Her blood type is O, right? I can give her mine? Guang-bum says that the captain has the same blood type, he can give his. Joo-meok tells them that South Korea has a lot of blood so that should be okay.

Chi-soo asks, why didn’t she wake up after 3 days. Maybe something bad happened? He starts to cry. We see a  flashback of Seri giving them the credit card so that they can freely use the money but they didn’t use it right. So she prepared more gifts for them. She bought them all clothes and hopes they all fit.

She went out to get the clothes which are all really nice suits. They all put them on and she looks at them and says, ah, this is super handsome, clothes are wings.

Chi-soo reminds her that they just don’t dress up, but if they do then theyare better than Seoul people. Seri tells him people will ask you for directions, you are just like a Seoul person. Eun-don says his are warm, he really loves it. man-bok apologizes for being there. She tells him that is not true and thanks him or making a difficult choice.

She tells him that she met his son, he told me that you told him to be good friends with kids. I told him that he does not have to because the world is not that great. If someone tries to hit you, then you should hit them first. But in my heart I wanted what his father said to be right.

She continues and says, I wish the world was really this happy land. Then at least we can say hi to each other.

In the present, they all cry and worry as they sit outside the hospital.


The police ask hong what happened? the car drove in between the car fight? He says that is what he heard. The employees wonder why she drove into the scene and not away from it? The insurance man is there as well. 

Hong says that she is not that kind of person. The cop asks if this man (the insurance guy) is the person she saved. The insurance guy bursts out crying. Hong says it wasn’t this guy. why are you here? The insurance guy says that their CEO came back with all that hardship and now she is l ike that again. Please catch that bad guy!

He starts to beg and the others have to pull him up. Poor insurance guy.

The police head out to look for the witness.

Jung-hyeok is still outside the door. The two sister-in-laws leave and see Jung-hyeok. One of them ask Hong, who just showed up, who that guy is. he says he is Seri’s bodyguard. One of the sister-in-laws remembers that Seri has a boyfriend and asks for his resume.

Hong asks why. She tells him to just do it, do not ask back. Hong tells her that he does not have his resume, the CEO has it and even if I had it I cannot give it to you without her permission.

Yeji cockily tells Dang-ah that Seri’s Choice picks good people and walks off.

Soon, the cops interview Jung-hyeok, they ask to see his ID so he hands it over. It is a Chinese ID. They ask if he is Chinese Korean? Jung-hyeok asks if they have another gun shot victim? Hve you searched unauthorized medical facilities? The criminal also had a gun shot wound so he should not go to a regular hospital. I think he will go to a place like that.


Cut to Jo Cheol getting worked on by an underground doctor. The doctor also has a North Korean or Chinese Korean accent. The broker is there and worked this situation out. Jo Cheol Kang asks him, why did you save me? 

He tells him that he did not want JCK to die before he got paid. You also have to pay for the surgery. Jo Cheol Kang laughs and tells him that Capitalism saved me. The broker tells him to go back to where he came. You shuold not be here. If you die here then it could cause trouble.

He asks what happened to Yoon Seri?


The family is in the room with Seri who is still unconscious. Dan-ah thinks they should fire the bodyguard because he was at the scene and is not trustworthy. Se-hyung thinks they shuold fire him as well.

The older brother looks at them suspiciously. Se-hyun says he was so surprised, he didn’t think of it.

Outside, Hong tells Jung-hyeok that he is so surprised and apologizes to Jung-hyeok. He says that their CEO is like that so they can’t do anything. He wonders why they think about the CEO so much now. They want to switch to their people.

The insurance guy is also there and starts to burst into tears. Hong tells him to stop crying, but Hong is also pretty sad. 

Jung-hyeok goes outside and looks at the building like a tall statue.



In North Korea, Young-ae’s kid runs and tells him that father is coming. His father comes around the corner looking all beaten and happy. He extends his arms for a hug. She runs to him and smacks him!

Then she yells, I told you not to be related with Jo Cheol Kang! I told you he is crazy!

Her husband apologizes. She continues yelling and hitting him and says that their son is dumb because he is just like you! Her son says, mother is right, when I don’t use my brain and answer in a straight line, my grade is the best.

She pinches her kid. The father happily tells his son that he will live a good life and not use his brain. Then he pulls them all in for a hug.

The ladies all get a nice meal going for Young-ae who puts on the dress that Myung-sook wore for her and Seri re-made. They tell her that she is as good as the department store woman, but not as flashy.

Young-ae tells Wol-sook that they need to be careful today with what is coming out of the mouth. Wol-sook tells her that she does not need to worry. if I drink and talk about stupid things then I will shave my head.

The department store woman shows up so theya ll start to eat together. Myung-eun looks at the spread and says, ah, lots of fresh local food. I also brought champagne! This food should fit with it!

Everyone looks at it, they actually don’t know what champagne is. ME tells them that she will bring champagne cups next time. They all start to drink it and think that it isi so sweet! it is good!

They thank ME for her help, she says it is no problem, you are like family for Jung-hyeok so I have to help in any way that I can. (It seems like ME got Yong-ae’s husband out by using her brother to help).

Cut to all the ladies being drunk. Wol-sook is also drunk. hr face is all red. But only Wol-sooks mouth is all loose as she starts to talk to ME about how she thought she was scary like a tiger and noisy. You are a little noisy but not that scary.

ME says, I am a little noisy, haha. Yong-ae tries to stop Wol-sook from talking. Wol-sook tells ME that she is a really good person. The marriage is almost broken but you are still helping us like this. Ok-geum tries to stop her from talking. Wol-sook says, I am not the only one saying this, everyone is saying this. That guy does not look like her nephew.

ME tells them that he is her nephew. Wol-sook yells NEPHEW NEPHEW. Young-ae yells as well. Then they all try to take out Wol-sook. But Wol-sook resists. ME telsl her to tell him what she said.

Wol-sook says that her daughter looks better with the English guy. ME says, no, before that. Wol-sook says, ah, an affair? They both are having an affair?

ME asks, affair? Jung-hyeok had an affair? Is that it?

The ladies all look at each other and try to smile pleasantly. Wol-sook asks, what did I just say? Where am I? Who am I? ME says, Jung-hyeok had an affair? With WHO!!! she hits the table.

Then she remembers what Chi-soo said when he was drunk, finally, lol. He said that she was in the dmv, a swallow from South Korea, she eats meat two meals out of three meals a day, she lies and says she has a short appetite but eats so well….

ME hits the table and stands up. She thinks about Jung-hyeok telling them at the dinner table that their engagement was a long promise so I should honor it.

The mother leaves and also remembers asking Seo Dan why she looks like that in her honeymoon house. Her daughter told her that no matter what happens, I will marry Jung-hyeok and be super happy.

The elevator doors open, ME gets out and Seo Dan greets her, surprised. She asks, why are you here? The mother says that she has been drinking so she couldn’t pick up the phone. 

Inside the house she tells Dan not to think about her, just be happy. Dan asks what she is talking about. Her mother lays on the couch and tells her daughter to just do what she wants and be happy. that is what I am telling you.

Dan asks why she is sleeping on the couch? Just go back to your room. Her mother sys to be happy. How can I die if I am worried that you are not happy? I am afraid of that. Dan sighs and covers her mother with a throw blanket. But she looks happy about what she said.


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